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  1. Ah, okay. Well that sucks, I'm holding off for a while on purchasing one anyway so hopefully that gets all hammered out.
  2. Looks pretty darn good to me, not sure what gap others are talking about. Me, I gotta spend $300 for the BJ Jotisserie so this looks like an extreme bargain.
  3. Any desire to "market" this a little? Most of us don't have capability to do something like this. Paypal could make remuneration a little easier.
  4. Did you get it yet? I'm pretty curious how well it works.
  5. Get 'em while they last folks!
  6. Happened to be thumbing through grillin stuff and ran across this guy. Seems worthy of looking into, although no reviews currently don't bode well. I bought a BJ and gave my Akorn to my brother so I personally can't benefit from this but thought I'd share.
  7. I should get paid to sell the Jr, I practically force it on my friends who are interested but don't want to spend a fortune ($300 Akorn being a fortune) to try it out. I've found recently that the stone is kinda hard to find so something like this would come in handy.
  8. I'm sure you've seen folks talking about what type of lump to use and almost always, virtually every conversation, says to use Royal Oak. BGE rebrands RO and sells it as their own for a reason. It's the best, most consistent stuff out there by far. Plus, it's cheaper than most others too. If you haven't done a smoke test on the Akorn then do it and check for massive leaks. Otherwise, that thing will hold your temp so long as you're not messing with the vents too much and you follow the start up guides in the Akorn forum. Really, it's best to mess around on an off-grilling day to see what your vent settings are. They're different for every grill and once you figure it out there's really no stopping you.
  9. Had a very successful Memorial Day today. Cooked up a brisket point that I had in the freezer, 2 baby backs and then cooked up some wokked veggies, grilled carrots and even got in some wings in DC mumbo sauce. The Akorn Jr cooked all the veggies and wings while the BJ did the heavy lifting. One noticeable thing on the BJ that I didn't see as much of on the Akorn Sr when I used it is the excessive amount of moisture. It's one of the selling points for sure but man that stuff comes out of the top and the bottom of the grill while I'm cooking. Like it's just coming out of everywhere, hard to contain. In any case, it was some amazing food for all my guests and no one went home wanting.
  10. Cover is garbage, get another one. I recommend this one, tight fit and keeps the rain off. If you search through the forums here you'll find plenty of folks who hate the factory one and went another route.
  11. Like literally sea/kosher salt and coarse ground pepper for both, put both on 12-24 hours before. For prime rib I cook at about 275-300 until 120 internal temp then kick up heat for a nice high sear and internal temp of 130-135. I've had great success doing that multiple times to rave reviews. As to brisket, get the most prime cut you can find and take your time low and slow, 225-250. I usually inject with beef stock to be sure it doesn't dry out. But yeah, literally just salt and pepper.
  12. I know this has come up before just thought I'd stoke the fire. I found this extender this morning and wondered if anyone has ordered/used one for the Akorn Jr. It seems like a viable solution if it's not too tall. https://www.amazon.com/Grill-Dome-GE-4000-Extender-Small/dp/B004JKNNGA/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1495708148&sr=8-10&keywords=grill+grate+10+inch Another idea I came up with is the alternate fire grate for the KJ Classic, made of stainless steel. If I added some stainless bolt legs it could work even better since it would be adjustable. Made something similar for my KJ that works pretty well so I got some experience. https://www.amazon.com/Stainless-Charcoal-Upgrade-Kamado-Classic/dp/B00J95T96S/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1495708148&sr=8-7&keywords=grill+grate+10+inch 10 inches seems like it would probably work well as a grate extender, just wondering if anyone has done this.
  13. I took mine apart and cleaned it but it's really not necessary. It's just carbon build up from many, many cooks. Like Riverfish mentioned you can just open/close a bunch when it's warmed up and maybe scrape some of the crap stuck in between with a wire brush. If you do take it apart to scrape it off just know it'll be a few cooks before it stops leaking just a little. Gunk is good, just not too much.
  14. About 2 months ago I was using my BJ and had to move the firebox divider out for a minute or two. While doing so I dropped it and broke it in 3 pieces, totally and completely my fault. My quick search on the Google machine didn't yield any positive news to finding a new one, so I e-mailed KJ to find out where to buy one. They asked for a front/back photo of the grill and the serial number and then didn't respond after I sent it to them. Fast forward 1.5 months and I get a shipment notice from KJ and today took delivery of a brand new and at no cost to me firebox divider. I openly admitted that I dropped mine and it seems even that's under warranty. Even though their correspondence was fairly limited I do not regret my purchase even a little.
  15. Oahu, Hawaii. Business, of course, but it keeps me from my grill so that makes me sad. Out on my run tonight, I got a pretty sweet picture of the sun setting. Enjoy!