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  1. To buy or not to Buy?

    It's like you're asking the converts why they converted. Look a kamado will do you good whether you want to grill up steaks or smoke a brisket for hours. The versatility is unmatched among grills and the Akorn is no exception. There is a learning curve but you can get it. Happy grilling!
  2. I started with the Akorn with no real background in grilling and the first time a friend of mine came by while I was cooking a brisket he got curious. He was used to stick burners that you had to tend to constantly. We were outside for probably 2 hours drinking beers and chatting it up when he was suddenly like "Hey, you haven't even looked under the lid this entire time". The idea that you didn't have to manage it every 20 minutes was completely foreign to him. Then he had some of the brisket and said it was the best he had ever had. I have converted 2 close friends who are now on this forum, my brother and one guy at work. Safe to say, I've done my part to evangelize.
  3. Interesting they changed up the grate, it's the same size surface so you could buy that one for the metal too if that's your thing. Thanks again for the pics and review, I find this to be a very interesting development. I've preached the gospel to all my coworkers about the Akorn and this just makes options even better.
  4. Out of curiosity, what's that metal thing in pics 7&8? Also, a look see at the hinge would be nice. Thanks. Edit: Never mind, realized they were the casters.
  5. This is just me trying to help out: Looks like you have the bottom tray on sideways?
  6. That's awesome! Did a smokin' stone come with it and/or is it the same as the metal cooker? I do believe there will be a lot of interest in this specifically in this forum. Nice amateur review, better than I can do.
  7. Stainless steel grate

    That's actually not bad at all, good recommendation.
  8. New akorn

    Yes, you can also see Char Griller's info, which is minimal here. A guy in that thread ordered one so we should get a better look soon.
  9. Anybody know what this is?

    FYI it looks as though this is a Lowe's exclusive. Here's Char Griller's extensive info (sarcasm intended) on their website: https://www.chargriller.com/akorn-ceramic-6020. I feel like they're getting their feet wet before jumping in.
  10. Anybody know what this is?

    For sure!
  11. Big Joe or Classic

    My two cents: 1. I have a Big Joe, I love it. However, like you mention it's larger than I really have need for most of the time. It doesn't necessarily use more fuel, that I've noticed, but it does take longer to heat up the whole space. Most of the time that's not a problem but you have to plan for it. I use my Akorn Jr a lot for smaller cooks, it's just quicker and uses far less fuel. 2. Warranty as others have mentioned. It will last forever so long as you take care of it though, and I've actually heard others getting warranty issues handled after buying used. 3. They are both the same thing really. For me, I absolutely hate BGE color. Like really can't stand it. Also, no divide and conquer out of the box which is a great cooking method a lot of the time. In the end they are totally comparable and similar accessories for both really make the price kind of a non issue unless you're buying brand new and get a KJ at a roadshow, which will save a few hundred. Honestly if I had it to do over again I probably would go with the Classic. I very rarely, although do occasionally, need the space the BJ has and could have gotten by just fine with the Classic. Char Griller is also coming out with a ceramic Akorn, probably in the spring, and it looks to be a solid option as well as it's sized a bit larger than the Classic but smaller than the BJ and priced very competitively ($600). Hope that helps and welcome to the community!
  12. Umai or not to Umai

    I don't know the answer to that since this was my first foray into dry aging. My science background tells me to only change one thing but I think I will do a lot of things differently next time. I aged it 42 days because I read that had the best taste to the most people. I will probably only do 30 days next time.
  13. Umai or not to Umai

    I never got back on my results here, just had life stuff happen. I did end up having them aged at 42 days without Umai bags and the results were... interesting? First, the short loin is a bad cut to dry age, too much waste. I ended up with basically a bunch of very small strip steaks. Second, the taste is... different. Not bad, but not really what I was hoping for. I still have a few in the freezer and they may stay there a while. My daughter, who is a steak fan, didn't care for them and I was less than impressed on the taste. I think in the future I will indeed use Umai and probably a bone in rib roast. The taste may or may not have been because of the refrigerator I used and I think the bags will help with that. And a bone in rib roast looks to be the most common cut to dry age due to outer fat and the bones to reduce waste.
  14. Anybody know what this is?

    KJ has the ash bin going in the bottom damper hole so the only air leak you get is whatever the bottom damper has. Didn't even consider 3 legs on a ceramic, that does seem to be a bit of a possible problem. And a big one at that. I have an older gen KJ so I didn't get the new gasket, which is better. I hope to find the parts to make the change someday in the future though.
  15. Anybody know what this is?

    Also, it probably hasn't been promoted yet because "grilling season" won't start for a few more months. We all of course know there is no grilling season with kamados but there is in grill sales.