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  1. At 225 mine generally take every minute of 5 hours and occasionally more. I pull ribs when they're done, not after an arbitrary length of time.
  2. A little science justification. The Akorn, a fine product that I've owned myself, is metal so it will rust and you will have to replace it eventually. Also, it's steel, which reflects heat back to the inside. While this makes it more efficient at burning it also allows the actual fire to burn cooler. At the wrong temps, this can be a problem. Ceramics will radiate heat, making them less efficient but also allowing the fire to burn more consistently. Low temp cooks can occasionally result in a bitter taste to your food due to the fire not burning properly. This is not routine but it can happen, happened to me. Ribs turned out tasting really bitter for no reason. If you burn a little hotter you can get around it, it's just something to think about.
  3. As luck would have it I have at least 2 of those. I'd love to get one of them to you but am traveling at the moment and won't be back home til the 14th. If you want to figure something out between now and then I'd be happy to e-mail you. I don't need anything for it, it's literally sitting on a shelf at home.
  4. Happens to me a bunch but I just knock it a little and deal with it. I chalk it up to just part of the deal with grilling with high humidity.
  5. Ship to store for free, valid til 2/26/2018 http://www.acehardware.com/product/index.jsp?productId=17897126
  6. For the record: There's no such thing as a stupid question, just stupid people. edit: That was in no way directed at the OP, just a satirical swipe.
  7. It's like you're asking the converts why they converted. Look a kamado will do you good whether you want to grill up steaks or smoke a brisket for hours. The versatility is unmatched among grills and the Akorn is no exception. There is a learning curve but you can get it. Happy grilling!
  8. I started with the Akorn with no real background in grilling and the first time a friend of mine came by while I was cooking a brisket he got curious. He was used to stick burners that you had to tend to constantly. We were outside for probably 2 hours drinking beers and chatting it up when he was suddenly like "Hey, you haven't even looked under the lid this entire time". The idea that you didn't have to manage it every 20 minutes was completely foreign to him. Then he had some of the brisket and said it was the best he had ever had. I have converted 2 close friends who are now on this forum, my brother and one guy at work. Safe to say, I've done my part to evangelize.
  9. Interesting they changed up the grate, it's the same size surface so you could buy that one for the metal too if that's your thing. Thanks again for the pics and review, I find this to be a very interesting development. I've preached the gospel to all my coworkers about the Akorn and this just makes options even better.
  10. Out of curiosity, what's that metal thing in pics 7&8? Also, a look see at the hinge would be nice. Thanks. Edit: Never mind, realized they were the casters.
  11. This is just me trying to help out: Looks like you have the bottom tray on sideways?
  12. That's awesome! Did a smokin' stone come with it and/or is it the same as the metal cooker? I do believe there will be a lot of interest in this specifically in this forum. Nice amateur review, better than I can do.
  13. Yes, you can also see Char Griller's info, which is minimal here. A guy in that thread ordered one so we should get a better look soon.
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