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  1. I don't disagree at all, poor word choice on my part. I simply meant that I would like to find a cheaper alternative for my cheaper grill. I then bought a Big Joe.
  2. Interesting development, just bought mine but I could be open to shelling out a little money for this. I think the new gasket is probably superior anyway and being able to have my wife lift the lid might help with four handed cooking. She can not lift the lid as is, perhaps I need an adjustment? Have to look up how to do that I guess.
  3. That looks good, what kind of cheese is that? Looks way better than my mozzarella.
  4. Was going through grill section at my local Walmart and found this on clearance for $5. Probably more palatable price point for most people than the original $20 price tag. I saw them last year and they had a bunch of these left over kind of showing you really have to pick the right price point before putting a product out. May not be everywhere but thought I'd share just in case anyone was in the market. They also had a bunch of various grill covers on clearance pretty cheap.
  5. I was never able to find a suitable stainless option for the Akorn, they were all either too big or too small based on other grills. Would have been nice if Char Griller went with BGE/KJ standard size of 18" then you could use a lot of the accessories too.
  6. Don't know if this is the idea you had in mind but Michael's Custom Grill Works sells custom made grates. Here's an e-mail reply he sent me a while back when I was thinking about it: Yes, the 19.75in grate is one of our most popular.. the standard version starts at $100+ shipping.. that's made with all 1/4in solid round 304L stainless bar stock with 1/2in spacing on the top cooking surface.. add 1/4in spacing for $25.. add an all 3/8in frame for $25.. an all 3/8in grate with 1/2in spacing runs $165 , and with 1/4in spacing runs $190+ shipping.. add an access door for $25, and a locating hole for the upper warming grate runs $15.We take credit card and PayPal as payment and there is a 10 to 12 day turn around.
  7. Just got my Big Joe and it does indeed go through quite a bit more lump than my Akorn did. I did expect that but it does seem to me that it uses a lot of lump.
  8. Pillsbury store bought dough, pulled pork pizza cooked at ~400 degrees. It was darn good.
  9. See if this helps.
  10. Store bought pizza dough is usually 400-500 cook temp so probably too hot. Temp at the dome thermometer means whatever diffuser you have in place doesn't really matter, your pizza stone is going to be that temp too. Go a bit cooler next time, should work out.
  11. So seriously, this is what KJ should have put out. It goes down far enough and has loops to connect around 2 of the 4 legs of the cart. It makes the KJ cover look like a fancy garbage bag that's really just too big. Unfortunately the snow storm came through before I got it to really test it out but I'm sure I'll get plenty of opportunity.
  12. Welcome, you will enjoy it I'm sure. When I bought mine I had a gas grill that I ended up more or less giving away, never looked back.
  13. I bought Cowboy one time. It almost literally didn't burn. Royal Oak is readily available and not that expensive and is very much superior to most other charcoals. BGE trusts them to make their branded lump so that's good enough for me.
  14. It really is a horrible cover, I can't figure out why they put it out there. My Akorn cover was at least form fitting and while not perfect it stayed on through just about all winds imaginable. I ended up ordering this guy, looks pretty solid. Thanks @chaded.
  15. Kind of like that one, may be my choice.