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  1. I wish my wife bought me gifts when I get emotional during Pats games. I just get told to watch my mouth and go watch the game in the basement.
  2. I wanted something to easily do a few smashburgers. I just picked up a Lodge L7OGH3 9.25" handle-less, round, cast-iron griddle. It looks like it should fit that need pretty well and possibly work as a heat deflector as well. Despite what appear to be lower prices online, most of the retailers tack on about $11-$12 shipping so even the low prices come out to about $25 total w/ shipping.
  3. I posted this in the DIY section as well, but this may see more action. Do you folks have any thoughts on using these thinner materials for a heat deflector vs. the cooking stone? I've always thought that part of the reason for using the stones is that they, too, would become heat soaked and help hold an even temperature for a longer period of time. While these metal ones would certainly deflect the heat, I wouldn't think they would be quite as good at holding the heat. Or, does it even matter?
  4. Do you folks have any thoughts on using these thinner materials for a heat deflector vs. the cooking stone? I've always thought that part of the reason for using the stones is that they, too, would become heat soaked and help hold an even temperature for a longer period of time. While these metal ones would certainly deflect the heat, I wouldn't think they would be quite as good at holding the heat. Or, does it even matter?
  5. La Grange Park, IL Ace Hardware had about 10-12 Looftlighters marked down to $24.99 on their clearance shelf. For those looking, it may be worth a swing by your local store to see if they have the clearance pricing as well.
  6. The classic size fits my older classic B perfectly. Being that it is kind of pricey, I pieced it together using Ebay and various sales from Ace Hardware and having the items delivered to store. I can't speak to the quality, but Aura Outdoors has a very similar product at a reduced cost.
  7. Doing some research and came across this. I cannot believe that there isn't an off-the-shelf solution from Char Griller, but these are some nice DIY projects. If only I knew how to, or knew someone who could, weld.
  8. Excellent. Just ordered Lava Lock Nomex from a vendor online for $12.
  9. The link in the first post throws an error, so I'll just throw this out to the crowd. Is the BGE felt still the best way to seal the lower air vent/slider? The slider in my new Jr. is really loose so I can tell that I will want to seal that up a little better to hold low temps. I want to see if the BGE felt is still the best course of action or if people are using something different these days. I also would like to know where you purchase said material. I've followed a couple of links in this thread and they are linking products that are about $30 and that's a little more than I'd like to spend considering I'll be using such a small portion of the material.
  10. The slickdeals effect is real. People also sign up for brickseek alerts which is some sort of membership that gives them a jump on price reductions. There are a fair number of people who will resell just about anything just because they can buy something at a good price. That's one of the reasons I jumped at the $74 price when one was available nearby. For several days after, I kept checking brickseek to find out of they would drop the price on the other 2 to the $35 price. Shortly thereafter, the remaining 2 were gone at $74.
  11. What kind of cook times are people getting out of their jrs when doing low and slow? I think I will primarily be using my new jr for burgers/dogs/steaks when camping, but there is the possibility I'll want to throw down a tri-tip, small but, or some ribs sometime.
  12. Nice score. Even after picking one up yesterday, I keep hitting brickseek every couple of hours hoping that the price drops to $35 and I can grab another. I may have a problem.
  13. For $35, I would certainly grab one. I just picked one up on clearance for $74 and am happy with the purchase. At $35, I might have danced in the store.
  14. Some fantastic work here, folks. Thanks for all of the great ideas.
  15. Very nice. I caved and grabbed on at $74. I need it like I need another hold in my head, but I have been wanting one for smaller cooks and to take camping and tailgating. Now to start scouring the board for mods and other tweaks to make it even better. My first order of business will be finding out about a non CI grill grate. One of my biggest personal issues with the Akorn is the need to upkeep the grate.
  16. I've been wanting to grab a Jr. for a while now. I checked Brickseek this morning and found a clearance pricing on the Jr at a nearby Walmart. $74+tax out the door. Very excited to have a Jr. for smaller cooks and to take camping.
  17. You will have a hard time finding a comparable ceramic at that price. Even with the purchase of accessories, vision brand, or not, you will still be ahead. It's a nice next step up from the acorn. In other words...another vote for keeping and enjoying. Im going on my 2nd year of having a vision b and couldn't be happier. Like almost any grill there's a learning curve, but that's all part of the fun.
  18. That's a real sharp looking kamado. I really dig the darker wood shelves. Something to consider if you're looking at accessories is that the KJ divide and conquer setup should fit in your classic B. It does work in the older version. I really like the split grates and the variety of configurations for the grates/cast iron griddle/deflector.
  19. Welcome and congrats on the purchase. I'm sure you'll love it. My bit of unsolicited advice is that, in lieu of a practice cook, or two, just give yourself ample time to get up and stabilized at your desired temp. Assuming you're doing it as more of an outdoor oven and not a low and slow cook, you'll have plenty of fuel to go for many hours beyond what you'll need. So, a couple/few hours before you really want to get the bird on the grill, go out and fire it up. Keep in mind that it's better to creep up to temp and not overshoot. Poke around here and on google and you can find plenty of great instructional videos on getting the grill up to temp and heat soaked. Once you hit your temp, you should be able to keep at that temp for several hours, very easily. Good luck and have fun!
  20. Exactly. I think everyone's experience will be slightly different due to leaks/gaps/imperfections/etc, but you've got to have both vents open to keep the air moving. To achieve low temps with my classic B, my bottom vent is usually just a sliver of the first set of small vent holes and my top vent is just a sliver open.
  21. Congratulations on your purchase. I'm sure you're going to fall in love with your Vision. I'm another Classic B owner and after a bit of research, I went with the Kamado Joe Divide & Conquer system and it fits perfectly. It can be a bit spendy, but if you're patient, you can find some good deals on the pieces and build it over time. Ace Hardware runs quite a few 20% off and free delivery sales throughout the year and they stock most of the D&C system. You can also catch some good prices on Ebay as well. If heard good things about the CGS spider system, so I think that's a solid option, too. Whatever you decide, hop on in and start enjoying your new toy.
  22. Count me as another who loves the flexibility of the KJ divide and conquer in my classic b. It does get a bit spendy, but if you are vigilant and patient you can piece together the system at a reasonable price. Keep an eye on ace hardware for 20% and free shipping to store deals if you have one near by. Also check eBay. I scored a couple of pieces at a significant discount by catching people/stores selling at a very good price with free shipping. Other than that a remote thermometer is essential if you are going to do overnight cooks.
  23. I think everything I have to add has been said, so I'll just reiterate. 1. Give yourself enough time to cook to temp. You can always wrap in foil and place in cooler for a couple of hours if it is done too early. It's a much better option that sweating it out trying to cook to a time. 2. Wrap some foil around your deflector or use a drip pain. I didn't this last time and my grates/deflectors are a mess. 3. Fill the bowl as much as you can and sprinkle the wood smoke throughout, but more towards where you're lighting the fire. If you're using good lump, you should easily be able to get it cook the entire time without having to worry about refilling the coal and the majority of smoke is absorbed in the first 3-4 hours so having wood that lights later in the cook won't add too much to the flavor. It sure does smell good, though. 4. Bring it up to temp slowly. Give yourself an hour or so to bring it up to temp and let the grill heat soak. This will enable you to park the grill at a temp and you should see much less fluctuation in temperature. 5. Don't chase temps. If it gets a little low or a little high, don't worry too much. Butts are forgiving. 6. Don't freak out during the stall. It will sit at 160 or so for a while. Don't worry. As long as your temp on the grill is good, it will come out of it. 7. Enjoy the process and be prepared for your family/friends to request your services again. Good luck and we expect pictures.
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