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  1. Man, that is a much nicer looking top vent! Will definitely have to give them a call and find out if I can still pick one up! Though on the other hand I'm tempted to go with the other replacement that people recommend to gain the rain protection. I can also say that adding a bit of extra gasket material where the OEM top vent bolts are went a long way to help with temp control. I had a hard time keeping the temps below 240-250 during my first low-n-slow cook but after simply adding a couple scraps of gasket around the bolt holes I was able to hold 225 stable with very little adjustment
  2. Damn, looking good! I ate a hefty dinner and you've still managed to make me hungry! I haven't cooked up a brisket in well over a year now (on an old vertical smoker). Might have to pick one up in a month or so unless I convince myself to get one sooner... though I think I want to nail down temp control a bit better before tackling an overnight cook since I'm still new to Kamados and have some mods to seal mine up a bit better planned. Now I'm just wishing I had a larger grill area to work with...
  3. Tell me about it - definitely seems like a steal to me! Sounds like a few folks have picked these up cheap since they were discontinued at BJ's (discontinued in general maybe?) I ended up doing my first low and slow cook over the weekend on a rack of ribs. Came out fantastic albeit a bit overcooked... time to start dialing in my cooking time! Only issue I had maintaining a low temperature was what I (at least in part) attribute to the poor top vent gasket - replacing the gasket is definitely on the top of my list and something I'll be doing before I try to do another low temp cook. I
  4. Very nice, I was grilling last night and while waiting for the burgers to cook I was eyeing the bottom door and came up with the exact same trimming strategy you used. Trim off the sides and maybe a bit off those lower edges to really eliminate the gap. Will have to take some measurements to make sure that trimming off part of those bottom tab things won't cause an opening at the top of the door though... Also very nice. This is probably the first mod I'm going to do aside from new gaskets and lower door trimming/modification. Glad to know the 14.5" grate fits! And I'll also have
  5. I just picked this grill up as well, bought it last week and finally got it set up on Sunday - same price and same reaction... I just couldn't say no! I've only used mine once (and only for a hamburger) but damn what a burger it was! haha. Hope to get some ribs going on Thurs night since I've got Friday off and can stay up grilling all night! haha Some initial observations of the Brinkmann from a Kamado newbie: 1) The bottom vent doesn't (can't) actually close all the way. Initially I wondered if maybe it was a defective part that got cut from some damaged metal but looking at pics on
  6. Indeed! I went and looked into the vents and seals and such and they weren't too outrageously expensive. I'm hoping I can avoid buying too many accessories given that this grill comes with a the cart, cover, baking stone, etc (and I already have a pizza stone which I hope is small enough to fit on the grill!)... though meats & lump will be an ongoing expense though completely worth it! Good call on rolling the ribs, hadn't thought of that! Will definitely give it a try!
  7. Thanks all! Definitely already seems to be plenty of great info flooding in! Can't wait to start grilling!
  8. Brinkmann's not an option on the list I actually mentioned that in my post in the intro thread, asking if mods could maybe add an "other" option to cover all the less popular brand kamados... I don't really want to say "none" but I can't say I have any of the other models listed either. Maybe I should have waited a while rather than signing up and immediately asking for things
  9. Glad to help bolster our numbers! Originally from the south shore but up in the Acton area now. I work down in Marlboro so I'm hoping to move down that way sooner than later.. but I've been slacking on making that happen for the past year now so I suppose it might not happen any time soon.
  10. Evening everybody! I'm Scott from MA - new to Kamado's but not new to grilling/smoking. Been BBQ'ing with a masterbuilt sportsman elite smoker for the past 5-6 years now but that smoker is kept at my folks' place and I've since I've moved further from them so, well, had to get my own setup going! Just got home from picking up a Brinkmann trailmaster ceramic egg from BJ's - $200+tax out the door. A bit smaller than I'd like (esp given the advertised "cooking area" implies it's a much larger grill) but at that price I think I can live with it given I'm not cooking for many people. Can't
  11. Absolutely! Just got home with the grill. Now to convince some friends/family to swing by this weekend and help get the damn thing out of my Jeep! It's a bit smaller than I expected given the claimed cooking area, but whatever. I'm usually only cooking for 1-2 so this should be more than enough... only disappointed as I may have to cut ribs in half prior to cooking if I get a large rack. Now to get it set up, do a test run, and start modifying! Hopefully this doesn't become as much of a time/money sink as cars and computers are! Almost got real PO'ed at BJ's - when I first showed up no o
  12. Good point on the cart. I'll have to check that out. If the rest is just sheet metal maybe I'll look into powder coating it before assembly. I've been looking for a reason to pick up a home powder coating kit and build an oven anyway! And regarding the price - Absolutely. Would never have even considered this at full asking price due to the warranty (or lack thereof) and unknown quality compared to other much more well known brands. But for $200? Worth a shot I suppose!
  13. Thanks, I'll be sure to head over there a bit later! I'll definitely have to do a site-specific search then. I think I found one thread on here via a google search but I'll do some additional digging. And I think I'll be able to live with cheap vents, as long as I can seal them up reasonably well with aftermarket gaskets or something. Worst case I'll try and fab up some new ones myself with the sheet metal I have laying around. Are you referring to the part where I said that "given the comparisons to vision grills I've read, which I've read are very similar to BGE's"? I meant that
  14. Hi folks! New to the forum and new to Kamado's but have plenty of years of smoking and grilling under my belt. Long story short, for a while now I've been thinking of getting an Akorn; I've just waiting to try and catch and end of season sale. I'm a tinkerer and don't mind putting in time/effort to modify/seal the grill myself so the 'meh' reviews that some folks give an out-of-the-box Akorn didn't really scare me off... but as much as I was set on an Akorn, I couldn't stop eyeing a vision grill since, well, as much praise as the akorn gets it sounds like ceramics are at least as well lov
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