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  1. I just re-watched it. All they said was I may be in the chat...Which is where I left it was Steve
  2. He said I’d be IN the video? I must have totally missed it. Do you happen to have time stamp on that? Yeah, right now I do not have a review unit. That could change at the Expo next week if I fall in love with it and Dave doesn’t want to haul one back, but that’s not the plan right now. Frankly, Dave doesn’t need me to review it. He’s working with some huge youtube channels these days.
  3. Hey Charles, He never asked me to be in that video. Steve asked me to help moderate in the chat, but I had stuff going on (I think my son had tennis) and couldn’t commit to it. That may have been what he was talking about. The only other time I remember him mentioning me was when he said I said the Summit was a minivan...and then he said his grill is a Mercedes. I said the minivan thing MONTHS ago and I meant in a positive context...I find it to be insanely convenient with everything I need but 14 cup holders. Lol. I could see how him going on and describing his grill as a Mercdedes may have sounded like I was endorsing it but that part was his words, not mine. That was a completely different conversation. In fact a huge reason I wasn’t interested is because I love my Summit and frankly I’ve got an embarrassment of riches right now with kamados (thankful) and don’t really need another. Once I told him that, he respected it and we didn’t talk about the grill much. He send me pictures of cooks and the emblem and stuff but like I said I learned most of what I know from that video. In retrospect I probably should have listened a little more beforehand but frankly i’ve had a really rough six months so I’ve been focusing a lot of my family and personal stuff. I will say this. One thing about Dave is he is very thorough. He extensively tests everything and usually invests pretty heavy in prototypes and he’s really picky. Whatever they end up coming out with will not be half baked. I’m looking forward to seeing him and the cooker next week. I know Rus seems to really like his.
  4. I don't have a ton of thoughts on it. It was a big "meh" for me at first because like Packer said it looks a lot like every other Auplex kamado. Then I watched the same video you guys did and realized it uses better ceramics and 304 hardware which are both important to me. Also it's a lot bigger than I realized. That said aside from a few texts exchanges with Dave who (full disclosure is a friend of mine), I got most of my information from that video like you guys which I watched the next day. Hoping to see it next week at the HPBExpo here in Dallas. Sorry I don't have more to say at this point.
  5. I'm just now seeing this. Mine will use the green cylinders. It just wasn't the easiest thing to screw in. $900 is a great deal. I don't think the Summits are moving as fast as expected so I'm hearing about more and more deals like this. Hopefully Weber will get the hint and lower the price so more people will be able to afford it. Congratulations!
  6. No, not really...but more known than I've ever been. lol. Thanks for watching.
  7. LOL, thanks. I sorta can't believe anything that has happened with all this, but it's fun.
  8. Thank you very much...and I know exactly what you mean about some people being readers and some being watchers.
  9. Hey Charles, Hope you are doing well, my friend. Yes, it's sitting in a box on my counter. They are sending a tech out to install it. I could have done it myself but at least this way if there is an issue (related or otherwise), it's all in their court. I'll report back but I anticipate this is the end of it. I'm tired of talking about it all and ready to go back to business as usual so this was a nice bookend that wraps up several issues I've been dealing with. Looking forward to 2018.
  10. I wanted to share this video with you guys but first say, Youtube is crazy. 2 years ago, I was literally googling "How do I record video with my DSLR?" and "What is final cut pro?" and yesterday I got a call from the president of Weber regarding some of the issues I've been having with my grills. It's fun but nuts. Anyways, here's the video about it if you guys are interested.
  11. Hi, Welcome to the group. Unfortunately all the red one's I've seem have turned pink over time. You may want to stick to black. Also, the rust issues that really get you are internal because the Akron catches water in the rain. It's a great cooker but it's not a lifetime grill. I have a friend who keeps his in his garage and it barely shows any signs of wear after a long time of owning it. I have another friend who lives in Hong Kong near the ocean and after 2 years, he is starting to think about replacing it. It really boils down to keeping it out of the elements.
  12. Yep, the biggest factor in being successful is location. Crappy restaurants can last forever in good locations and great restaurants go under all the time because they are in the wrong place. The really good restaurants spend a ton of time and money to find the right locations and the ones that go under lease the place that is already built out (because the previous place failed) in order to "save money." Ironically, if you want to know a good location for a restaurant, a general rule of thumb is find a McDonalds. They have a reputation for doing the research so there is a really good chance that's a great spot (if you are just curious what a good spot looks like.)
  13. Yeah, the last time we did this experiment, we found that to be the case as well. I think what matters a lot is the quality of meat to begin with. Leaner cuts in my experience benefit from wrapping because it helps with moisture. The really good prime meats don't need it.
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