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  1. That was a fantastic first video. I think the only suggestion I would make is to try to get a microphone closer to your face when you are standing away from the camera. I finally broke down and bought a wireless lav mic. Not only does it keep the audio consistent but it also takes out alot of the ambient noise. Congratulations.
  2. Interesting. Yeah, I know a guy who sells a fantastic rub and it didn't seem worth the trouble after he explained it all to me. He doesn't have the same social media presence as you though.
  3. Nice cook, John. I still think it's cool you are selling your own rubs now.
  4. Thanks alot! :-) Unfortunately I didn't see anything there that day. That doesn't mean it doesn't exist but I didn't see it. Similarly there is apparently a metal heat diffuser I didn't see for indirect cooking. Looking back there are several questions like that I would have asked had I had more time to prepare but this was definitely an off the cuff thing. Thank you! Yeah, they did a good job with it.
  5. A couple weeks ago, I got a chance to interview Nick from Blaze cookers. He gave me a walk through of the Blaze kamado. Nick is the guy who was in the tannerite video. He's a funny guy who sounds like a southern Baptist preacher or politician when he talks. I know you guys are probably all familiar with the cooker but I thought it might be fun to see a walk through of a clean one. lol. https://youtu.be/aiq729NvmOM
  6. I'm just now seeing this. Mine will use the green cylinders. It just wasn't the easiest thing to screw in. $900 is a great deal. I don't think the Summits are moving as fast as expected so I'm hearing about more and more deals like this. Hopefully Weber will get the hint and lower the price so more people will be able to afford it. Congratulations!
  7. No, not really...but more known than I've ever been. lol. Thanks for watching.
  8. LOL, thanks. I sorta can't believe anything that has happened with all this, but it's fun.
  9. Thank you very much...and I know exactly what you mean about some people being readers and some being watchers.
  10. Hey Charles, Hope you are doing well, my friend. Yes, it's sitting in a box on my counter. They are sending a tech out to install it. I could have done it myself but at least this way if there is an issue (related or otherwise), it's all in their court. I'll report back but I anticipate this is the end of it. I'm tired of talking about it all and ready to go back to business as usual so this was a nice bookend that wraps up several issues I've been dealing with. Looking forward to 2018.
  11. I wanted to share this video with you guys but first say, Youtube is crazy. 2 years ago, I was literally googling "How do I record video with my DSLR?" and "What is final cut pro?" and yesterday I got a call from the president of Weber regarding some of the issues I've been having with my grills. It's fun but nuts. Anyways, here's the video about it if you guys are interested.
  12. Hi, Welcome to the group. Unfortunately all the red one's I've seem have turned pink over time. You may want to stick to black. Also, the rust issues that really get you are internal because the Akron catches water in the rain. It's a great cooker but it's not a lifetime grill. I have a friend who keeps his in his garage and it barely shows any signs of wear after a long time of owning it. I have another friend who lives in Hong Kong near the ocean and after 2 years, he is starting to think about replacing it. It really boils down to keeping it out of the elements.
  13. Yep, the biggest factor in being successful is location. Crappy restaurants can last forever in good locations and great restaurants go under all the time because they are in the wrong place. The really good restaurants spend a ton of time and money to find the right locations and the ones that go under lease the place that is already built out (because the previous place failed) in order to "save money." Ironically, if you want to know a good location for a restaurant, a general rule of thumb is find a McDonalds. They have a reputation for doing the research so there is a really good chance that's a great spot (if you are just curious what a good spot looks like.)
  14. Yeah, the last time we did this experiment, we found that to be the case as well. I think what matters a lot is the quality of meat to begin with. Leaner cuts in my experience benefit from wrapping because it helps with moisture. The really good prime meats don't need it.
  15. Yeah, those were great. That was a 11th hour decision that we talked ourselves into while we were shooting a video for his channel. I'm so glad we did it.
  16. So the title sorta speaks for itself. We did a side by side comparison of 2 prime grade briskets from Costco. Wrapped one in foil and one in butcher paper and then compared the difference. This was one of the funnest cooks I've filmed at my house. You'll see why when you watch. People make the difference.
  17. I would love to be excited about that working ^^^ but that's exactly the same thing I've done every time. lol.
  18. That's exactly what I do too. Have you noticed what is different about your link vs mine? Let me try again in a reply here and see if it works.
  19. Lol. For real. I've made a few Skynet jokes since I got this thing.
  20. EXACTLY the same. Seriously. I've tried #2 both ways to see it if made a difference. (It doesn't) I am working off a MacBook Pro and using Safari. That doesn't seem like it should be the issue but it's something that might not be the same. What is it that you do when you fix it?
  21. MAK Grills sent me one of their really nice pellet grills. I didn't know what to expect. In fact, I sort of expected a Stainless steel lil tex and typical pellet grill food (always good but nothing mind-blowing). My expectations were definitely exceeded. Now I'm really excited about this thing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6JZwO0HKhk
  22. ahh! I hope I'm not too late here. I already see potential for a problem. I hope you figured it out. and this message isn't needed. The dome therms on kettles are terrible. Actually, it's not the therms themselves but the placement of it by Weber. The therm is directly over the fire and the meat is on the opposite side and on low and slow the difference between over the fire and around the meat is huge. If your pulled pork is taking forever to cook, that's the issue. You'll need a remote therm next to the meat. Hopefully you figured this out on your own.
  23. Yeah, that's exactly what I like about it. It's not quite as locked in as a kamado, but it's in the ball park for a fraction of the price. The sear side is really nice too. Unbelievable heat (by the way, designed to sear with lid off.)
  24. I know I probably seem like a bias source but I don't get paid to recommend them (except like everyone else on youtube through affiliate links, of course, which doesn't apply here) but I'll still chime in. Yeah, I use it all the time with no issues. I didn't really have any complaints with my kettles before but (while I hate using platitudes like this) the SnS really does take things up a notch. If you follow the directions and use it the way it's intended, I think you'll look up one day and find the versatility, temp control, and consistency make it where you won't ever want to cook without it. Literally the only tough thing about the SnS is writing the check...after that, you'll love it.
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