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  1. Anyone know about the Akorn ceramic grill ?
  2. What do you think and what size for a classic 3 ? https://soapstoneproducts.com/product/soapstone-pizza-stone-3-4-thick
  3. mori55

    Ordered one !

    I just ordered the classic 3 with JoeTisserie. I’m really curious haw it all works , sloroller Joetisserie. Really excited about the JoeTisserie, not sure if the sloroller is a big deal or not. Seem a lot of post were people are usin the rotisserie for everything. I also understand people are paid to make things look great too. It worked on me.....
  4. mori55

    What cover

    Does the classic lll use the same cover as the ll ?
  5. mori55

    Joe 2 or 3

    Well I can be jealous ! Great videos !
  6. I have a Akorn about 3 years old. It’s been a great grill for smoking or grilling burgers. But now the bottom where the ash pan goes on is rusting through. I keep a cover on all the time. But it’s metal. I’m in the same boat as you. Should I get the 2 or 3. Can’t make up my mind. About 400 difference in price. Not sure what I’m doing. Plus as you I’m grilling a lot more than smoking. But once you use a Kamado your hooked.
  7. So it just burns up in the firebox ? No greasy mess in the bottom ?
  8. mori55

    Joe 2 or 3

    Must be nice !!
  9. mori55

    Joe 2 or 3

    Where did you buy yours ?
  10. mori55

    Joe 2 or 3

    It’s actually 400 difference between the to. What others area do you think are you referring to. Just was wondering. Will they be coming out with a SloRoller for the 2 ?
  11. mori55

    Joe 2 or 3

    It’s only about 200 difference. I have plenty of deck. It’s just do I really need SloRoller and other things on the joe 3. Like how much of a difference does really make ?
  12. mori55

    Joe 2 or 3

    I really can’t decide which one to get. I’m not sure if the SloRoller is that big of a deal. I also don’t like the idea of Teflon on it. I know don’t heat it so high , but how many time have you over shot a temp heating it up. I’m not even sure if I need all the different heights of the grill. I use it for grilling burgers steaks and smoking pork butts ribs and briskets. Sometimes these accessories is just more stuff to sit around or rust up over the winter. Kinda of reminds of the latest greatest iPhone. And I’ve been down that road
  13. no ring of fire or volcano. Just use lump and one fire starter. Ring of fire is for a Weber or something like that. Just use lump and one fire starter. Really it's just practice. If you get the fire to big it'll take along time to get the temp down. I did a 14 he burn at 225 and learned not to chase temps.
  14. I had one and sent it back. I'm now finding it easy to just use the vents. The secrete is to let it get up to temp gradually. After awhile it's really east to set it and forget it. You reall only need to open the bottom just a tiny amount and the top just little to keep it low. I found the tip top more of a pain to use.
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