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  1. I want to get rid of the mesh starter port piece in the fire bowl. If I unbolt it then I have a hole in the firebox the coal falls in. I know I could get KickAsh basket but I really don’t want that. Any ideas ?
  2. I have a joetissorie, I want a kabob wheel for it. Any recommendations?
  3. mori55

    Grate rack

    Does anyone make a grate rack that goes on the legs for storing stones or extra grated ? I saw them for the KJ.
  4. Anyone know about the Akorn ceramic grill ?
  5. What do you think and what size for a classic 3 ? https://soapstoneproducts.com/product/soapstone-pizza-stone-3-4-thick
  6. mori55

    Ordered one !

    I just ordered the classic 3 with JoeTisserie. I’m really curious haw it all works , sloroller Joetisserie. Really excited about the JoeTisserie, not sure if the sloroller is a big deal or not. Seem a lot of post were people are usin the rotisserie for everything. I also understand people are paid to make things look great too. It worked on me.....
  7. mori55

    What cover

    Does the classic lll use the same cover as the ll ?
  8. mori55

    Joe 2 or 3

    Well I can be jealous ! Great videos !
  9. I have a Akorn about 3 years old. It’s been a great grill for smoking or grilling burgers. But now the bottom where the ash pan goes on is rusting through. I keep a cover on all the time. But it’s metal. I’m in the same boat as you. Should I get the 2 or 3. Can’t make up my mind. About 400 difference in price. Not sure what I’m doing. Plus as you I’m grilling a lot more than smoking. But once you use a Kamado your hooked.
  10. So it just burns up in the firebox ? No greasy mess in the bottom ?
  11. mori55

    Joe 2 or 3

    Must be nice !!
  12. mori55

    Joe 2 or 3

    Where did you buy yours ?
  13. mori55

    Joe 2 or 3

    It’s actually 400 difference between the to. What others area do you think are you referring to. Just was wondering. Will they be coming out with a SloRoller for the 2 ?
  14. mori55

    Joe 2 or 3

    It’s only about 200 difference. I have plenty of deck. It’s just do I really need SloRoller and other things on the joe 3. Like how much of a difference does really make ?
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