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  1. acr

    Whats your favorite charcoal to use?

    I use KJ charcoal for smoking and Royal Oak or Cowboy for grilling.
  2. acr

    What's your "all-purpose" setup & temp?

    I use two of the cast iron tools that come with the KJ cast iron griddle and grates to grab on to the divide´╗┐ and conquer rack. The hook on the tool nicely grabs the part of the rack that supports the grates in the high position. No gloves needed, but a sturdy fire-proof table is needed to set the rack on. Don't set the hot rack on the wood or plastic KJ side tables.
  3. acr

    What's your "all-purpose" setup & temp?

    To get the heat deflectors out of a hot grill, you can pull the entire divide and conquer rack out.
  4. acr

    What's your "all-purpose" setup & temp?

    For an event where other people who may be less experienced are going to be using my grill to cook who knows what I would do: Direct heat (no deflectors) The things most people are likely to cook are good over direct heat. Plus it will be more similar to what they are used to cooking on a common gas or charcoal grill. 375F-400F, grates in the top position. Higher temperatures and closer to the fire might be better for some things, but that also makes it easier for people to burn their food. Not half and half for deflectors or position. Reduces cooking area and likely to cause confusion. Bottom vent as primary temperature control. Top vent mostly open. People are going to open the lid a lot more than I would. This configuration minimizes the impact of an open lid. I don't want the grill getting too hot and burning people's food when someone leaves the top open.
  5. I made these today. Half in Jalapenos and half in mini bells. They came out great! But my wife suggested that next time I add a sweet glaze. Has anyone tried a finishing ABTs with a glaze? Was it good?
  6. acr

    Outdoor temp thresholds

    I cook year round in Minnesota. Plenty of sub 0F cooks with no issues (other than cold feed when I forget to put shoes on) If you start thinking about the math it is pretty clear that it is not going to be an issue for most cooks. From the grills perspective all that matters is the difference between the cooking temperature and the outside temperature. Even on your record breaking -60F, that is only 150F colder than a nice summer day in the Atlanta, so just add 150F to the temperature and ask yourself if that sounds like it would be a challenge to the grill in a more normal climate. So so cooking at 225 on your coldest day would be the same as cooking at 375 in Atlanta. Totally no problem at all And cooking at 400 on your coldest day would be the same as cooking at 550 in Atlanta. Easily achievable Cooking at 550 on your coldest day would be the same as cooking at 700 in Atlanta. Eats up a boat-load of charcoal but not terribly difficult 700F on the coldest day of the year would be a real challenge (would be like cooking at 950) But how big of a problem will it be to wait a few days for the super-high heat pizza cook?
  7. Was this an Amazon Warehouse Deals used/open-box order? On several occasions I have ordered things from Amazon Warehouse Deals and received the wrong product in the right package. I think there are some unscrupulous people out there that buy stuff, swap out the contents of the box with something similar in appearance but cheaper and then return it.
  8. acr

    New fast start process.

    When I am in a rush to sear a steak or burger I get out the leaf blower. Can go from 0 to jet engine flames shooting out the top vent in like 5 minutes.
  9. acr

    Replacement Wire Mesh Gasket Install Journal

    Thanks for the detailed documentation. Sounds like the use of glue made the task more difficult than it would have been just using the adhesive tape that comes on the back of the gasket. I assume that the purpose of the glue is to hopefully create a more durable and longer lasting bond. Do you think it would work to apply the glue in dashed pattern so the adhesive tape can hold the gasket it in place while the glue drys? Easier installation and still sufficiently durable?
  10. acr

    Time to upgrade?

    23 lbs it was nearly as big as the sous chef.
  11. acr

    Time to upgrade?

    It came out amazing. 18 hours at 200-220 and then 5 hours wrapped in foil at 250. (23 hours total) The part I cut off is pretty indistinguishable from the portion of the flat that was left attached. "Gluing the two pieces with fat trimmings seems to have worked well.
  12. acr

    Time to upgrade?

    I had to get creative to make this brisket fit on my KJ classic. I think it may be time for a KJ24.
  13. I have the classic. I am glad I did not get the BJ, but I do wish the classic was slightly bigger joe. The racks of ribs and full briskets I get from costco are often about 1 inch too long. If the Classic is 18", then I think 20" would be perfect.
  14. The next longest is too long, would need to remove 3.5" but the round/threaded portion is only 1". Cut off more than that and you have a hard steel square rod bouncing around in soft painted aluminum cradle ment for a smooth round rod. I'm sure that would quickly mess up the paint and probably eventually start to cut though the aluminum. Sounds like the answer may be that the cost of a extra shaft is $250 (the cost of a whole new joetisserie)
  15. Next problem with the onegrill rods, - none of them are the right length, they go from too short to too long. The joetisserie rod is just a hair over 24.5 inches. The closest match at onegrill is 24.0". There is a bit of wiggle room but not a full 1/2 inch shorter.