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  1. acr

    Drip pan

    I use this. Fits perfectly on KJ classic X-rack. Chicago Metallic Non Stick 14-Inch... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003YKGS4A?ref=yo_pop_ma_swf
  2. acr

    Replacement Wire Mesh Gasket For Pre-2017 Big Joe

    I suspect that the tear is entirely cosmetic. I doubt that it would cause any sort of leakage. That said there is no way I could instal the part with that defect. So I would replace it. Then a year later I would damage the new one even worse, and do nothing about it for years. Not at all logical. But that is just how my mind works. I want new stuff to look new.
  3. acr

    Last Black Big Joe parts available

    I thought that black was discontinued long before the new design (new hinge, new gasket, and new top vent) came out. If that is the case, it does not seem like those pictures can be explained away as old stock. Was there a time when the new design was available in black?
  4. acr

    Last Black Big Joe parts available

    Are you sure black is not making a comeback? I have seen pictures of Black Joe's with the new hinge & new top vent. https://www.4seasons.co.nz/product/kamado-joe-big-joe-ii-charcoal-barbecue-black/ https://www.barbequesgalore.com.au/kamado-joe-classic-d-c-on-cart-series-ii-black
  5. acr

    Soapstone or Cast Iron

    I've had the cast iron griddle for a few years. I recently added the KJ soapstone to my collection. I tend to use the cast iron it in the low position and the high heat burns the seasoning off the bottom. I'm not one to re-season after every use so the bottom of the cast iron griddle is always rusting. My hope was that the soapstone would be more durable. I have only used the soapstone once so far. I was incredibly impressed by the quality of the sear. It seared noticeably better than the cast iron. More golden brown areas and less black/burnt areas than I typically get on cast iron. The steak also made a squeaking noise when it landed on the soapstone unlike anything I have experienced with the cast iron. However I am not so sure about the durability. It obviously won't rust but the stone is much softer than I expected. After only once use there is a slight grove where it contacts the divide and conquer rack. At this point can only be seen with a close inspection. It does not even rise to the level of being an aesthetic issue. But if the grove continues to grow with each use, it may end up wearing out much faster than the cast iron.
  6. acr

    Side table

    Thanks for all of the kind comments.
  7. acr

    Side table

    I like the look of the grill in the factory stand (slightly modified with a granite lower shelf), so I've never wanted to build a traditional kamado table. But I really needed a place to store all of my grill accessories and a place to set things down that is more sturdy and heat resistant then the stock fold out tables. So I built a side table. * Granite top so I can place hot grill parts on it. * Storage for rotisserie, drip pan, pizza stone, x-rack, heat deflectors, and all of my halfmoon grilling surfaces. * A drawer for smaller accessories. * Exactly the same height as Grill opening so you can slide food right onto the grill. * 3 inch casters for mobility. The countertop trim and drawer/door fronts are made out of pecan for a smokewood theme. The other three sides are cedar that matches the cedar siding on my porch. For scale the 4 granite tiles are each 12 inch squares. It's a little bigger than you would like, but that is the size it needed to be to fit everything. If I had more space I would have included a place for smokewood and charcoal.
  8. acr

    Replace Kamado Joe side table

    Interesting idea. Did you consider using this one for some extra temperature resistance? https://www.cuttingboards.net/1-2-black-richlite-cutting-board/
  9. acr

    Whats your favorite charcoal to use?

    A Royal Oak fire lights and gets hot much faster. Which is what I want for grilling. The big dense KJ chunks take a long time to get going, but produce more stable temperatures on long cooks
  10. acr

    Pots and Pans set

    I have come to the conclusion that for most things I cook, "non stick" pots and pans are actually worse than pots and pans without a coating. The problem is that for most things, the nonstick finish serves no purpose and no matter how high the quality the non stick coating is you really have to baby it or you will ruin the non-stick finish. I have one non stick pan that I use for eggs, fish or other delicate foods where sticking is likely to be an issue. And even then only if I am in a mood to be careful and pay attention not to ruin the nonstick finish. For everything else I use an uncoated pot or pan. Most foods won't stick to the pan unless I burn the food onto the pan. And if I do burn the food onto the pan I can just soak it for a bit and then scrub it clean. Good as new. Burn the food onto a nonstick pan and the pan is likely to be ruined.
  11. acr

    Whats your favorite charcoal to use?

    I use KJ charcoal for smoking and Royal Oak or Cowboy for grilling.
  12. acr

    What's your "all-purpose" setup & temp?

    I use two of the cast iron tools that come with the KJ cast iron griddle and grates to grab on to the divide´╗┐ and conquer rack. The hook on the tool nicely grabs the part of the rack that supports the grates in the high position. No gloves needed, but a sturdy fire-proof table is needed to set the rack on. Don't set the hot rack on the wood or plastic KJ side tables.
  13. acr

    What's your "all-purpose" setup & temp?

    To get the heat deflectors out of a hot grill, you can pull the entire divide and conquer rack out.