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  1. I was just pondering a cheese-steak build, and I really like your approach on those sandwiches! I also enjoy cooking with the liquid from pepperoncinis, pickled jalapenos and even sauerkraut - hard to let any jarred food liquids go to waste, since they often pack a lot of flavor. Thanks for the added inspiration!
  2. Ha! Thanks to all, and yes, I did go big on the KJ (stand-alone stainless even!), but only after a few years on my UDS (MCM inspired, thanks John) and my Weber kettle. As I watched John S. transition from his Weber and UDS, to an Akorn (I could swear I remember him having one, but it's all a blur and the move to KJCC altered my path to the past!) and then to a KJ, so went my own interest in eventually making the big jump. Now I get to combine my love of outdoor cooking with another long-term obsession, baking. I never did get around to building a wood-fired oven, and now I can kick that one way back on the project list. I'll hope to have some results to post soon, though the 35-45 mph sustained winds today are making the most likely cook day tomorrow. I'm trussing a boneless shoulder today (need to source bone-in), picking up some fresh lump, and hoping to have some of my first meat off the KJ then!
  3. Howdy - Pacific Northwest lurker here, finally stepping into the light. I just got a Big Joe after a few years of wringing my hands over the investment, but I couldn't be happier now that it's here - more importantly, the better half feels the same way. I'm looking forward to learning more, and at some point giving back to the folks that have contributed to teaching me so much about one of my favorite ways to cook. To start, for any newbie like me that had spent lots of time trying to figure out where the kamado was going to go, I'd like to add to the recommendations on the tried-and-true Grill Dome design for a table (XL). I used pressure treated wood, both new and salvaged, for all but the top and some trim pieces, where I used cedar instead. I also added a 4x4 cross piece at the bottom of the table legs at each end, to provide side grain attachment for the stainless 4" casters I used - that idea came from work bench plans I found while shopping for casters. I spend close to $350 when all was said and done, but most of that was due to my preference for stainless parts, being that I live in coastal Oregon, so rain and salt-air are constantly working at destroying all things that oxidize easily. I followed all dimensions on the GD design, with the exception of the 2x6 support-shelf planks, which I felt better about supporting the grill over time. Fire bricks added the finishing touch prior to lowering the Joe into place, my preference over the provided 'feet', to provide more shielding between the wooden table and the bottom of the cooker. I used 'water-seal' on all horizontal surfaces. For anyone wanting a cover, after building a GD-designed table, you might also consider the appropriately sized GD cover, as I found that the XL cover fits my KJ Big Joe / table just shy of perfectly.
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