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  1. Thanks guys. @bbqboss I will give that a whirl. To be clear are you saying to open the top vent all the way and to slightly open the bottom vent, and to use the bottom to manipulate the temperature? With past chicken I may have also put the meat on as soon as the grill was to temp, instead of waiting for the smoke to clear from white. Do any of you fellas that own the joetisserie push the coals towards the back of the kamado, or do you just leave them spread all over the bottom?
  2. Question for John and Andy: I am going to pick up my Joetisserie tomorrow for my classic. I would like to cook a chicken for my first go with it. Do you guys leave the lid open when you use the Joetisserie, or do you leave it closed? I have had some issues with chicken being a bit too smokey when cooked on the kamado, so I am hoping to avoid that. Thanks!
  3. Thanks all! Just got back from Costco - got a few racks of side ribs!
  4. Welcome! I am new here as well and it seems like a great forum!
  5. Hey all and greetings from Toronto! About a month ago I bought my first Kamado style cooker. I waffled back and forth between the KJ and the BGE, and at the end of the day I chose the KJ. I have been very happy with my choice so far, though I am sure either product would have suited me well. So far I have cooked steaks (it is awesome to see how hot this grill will get for searing), spatchcock chicken (what a fast and easy way to cook), pork roast, eye of round (for cold cuts), flank steaks, and a whole bunch of burgers. I've found that it is really hard to dry food out on this thing - it just comes out great. I plan to do some pizza on it before too long and would like to try cooking a brisket (problem is most stores was 12 bucks a pound out my way - yikes). I also have a cast iron dutch oven on order to do some soups, chili, etc. Basically getting this grill has shown me how much I love cooking outdoors. It has also caused a couple of issues. Specifically, I am buying a whole bunch of stuff to cook with. Hopefully I can still make the mortgage payment. I have bought a thermapen (expensive but what a great thermometer), a maverick thermometer with a remote, grill grates (these things are awesome - got some for my gas grill also), cast iron grate/griddle for the KJ and I also have a Lodge dutch oven on order. I got the kickash basket for the KJ - seems like a great idea. Jeez - I even bought an end-grain cutting board and bought a gyuto knife. In any case, I am really looking forward to cooking more and I have enjoyed reading this forum. You guys and gals are a lot of help. In particular, Johns videos talking about how to set up the kamado and control temperature were very helpful to me. It is amazing to me how precise well this grill can hold a temperature. I think I am going to enjoy it here!
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