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  1. Can the ceramic insert on eBay be used in this?
  2. This is off topic and no one will see it but can you put the ceramic insert I see on eBay in the Akorn? Is it worth the $110?
  3. Getting more and more like the cannabis community every day.....wild. I was NOT expecting all this wit
  4. Smart & Final. Am I getting hung for this? $16 40 lbs (mostly huge pieces). I really like what Trader Joe's sells to "round it out".....just starting this little excursion and boy is it fun., not cheap but fun. Too bad so many take it too seriously and are mean to each other. I'm here to learn, not get put down. The lump from S&F is mesquite. I think it's the wood chips that add the zing!
  5. I too am a new owner, busy watching all the videos. So I will be looking for the magic tricks....I'm sure there must be many!
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