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  1. txcpa


    Just announced KJ release pellet in 2020
  2. txcpa


    I have not seen a kamado style cooker that uses pellets
  3. txcpa

    Costco questions

    If you want to see if KJ is coming to. Costco you have to go to special events page. They update it once a quarter. https://www.costco.com/kamado-joe-schedule.html
  4. Diffuser in top position, the ceramic spacers (1.25”) then pizza stone.
  5. What is S&H on these. I found a site once and shipping cost more than the stone itself. Be wary of shippping
  6. Sounds like a reason to buy another Kamado Joe
  7. Vacuum seal and reheat in bag in hot water. Meat stays moist and flavors stay in. Only way we reheat smoked/grilled meats. Daniel vaughn (bbq snob) author for Texas monthly did this with one of Aaron Franklins briskets and posted the process and results on social media.
  8. Congrats. i see a classic in your future once you see how well the KJ's cook.
  9. Original classic (black) at Ace Hardware joe Jr. at costco classic II at HD clearance
  10. Wow. Great deal. Wish you were in TX. I'd be all over this.
  11. I recently just used a basket for my kabobs ILO the skewers. Lot faster and cleaner. Turned out great. Less accessories I have to buy and maintain.
  12. Go to Amazon and search for Craycort smokey Joe cast iron.
  13. Craycort has half moon system for the smokey Joe that fits. Check Amazon.
  14. No worries Meghan responded today and is taking care of it. As others have said, KJ service is excellent, just took a bit to get to me. Reminder, check your connections regularly. I apparently waited too long between inspections.
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