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  1. Yeah, I mix the wood chunks throughout the lump, but it doesn't seem to help much. During the cook, it looks like there is smoke exhaust, but I think its actually mostly steam from the meat. I only seem to be getting a light smoke penetration on the ribs. I guess at this point I'm curious if anyone has tried wrapping the wood chunks in foil and how well it worked. I know a lot of gas grill users use that method, but I don't think I've seen many Kamado users do that.
  2. Hey guys, I need some advice. I've done a number of low and slow cooks on my Akorn now (mostly ribs). I've gotten pretty much everything down but one thing: consistent and good smoke. Here is my setup for ribs: I use 100% lump piled up below the tabs. I leave a hole in the middle for lighting and mix hickory and apple chunks in with the lump around the hole. I'll also add a couple on top of the fire before I put on the smoking stone and grate. I start the fire and after the flames die down and a few coals are lit, I'll close the lid and let the TTT start regulating airflow. I usually shoot for 250 for ribs. Once the grill temp gets to about 150 or so, I'll close the bottom vent to about an index finger width. The smoke will be pretty solid as the grill heats up, but dies off and eventually goes away when the grill gets up to temp. At this point, the TTT vent is just barely open. After the cook, it looks like the wood chunks have been basically turned into charcoal. I feel like there isn't enough airflow to allow for good smoke. The only two things I can think to try are either nearly shutting the bottom vent so that the TTT is open more, or trying to wrap some wood chips in aluminum foil so that they don't burn as easily. Thoughts?
  3. Gotcha, I don't foil, so I'm going to try just using a dry drip pan this time to keep the drippings off my smoking stone. Thanks guys!
  4. Hey guys, I apologize if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find it: What is the general consensus on using a water pan on top of the Smoking Stone for ribs? So far I've always used a drip pan with some water, but I'm not getting a good bark on my ribs and I think that is the reason. Thoughts? Thanks!
  5. Dude, this was great timing. I wanted to smoke some ribs this weekend, but it is supposed to rain all day tomorrow. Got the 6" rain cap from TSC and it fits perfectly, even with the TTT. Thanks for posting!
  6. Yeah, I'm finishing the seasoning process as we speak. Thanks for the input guys. I've got plenty of pictures, so hopefully there won't be any issues.
  7. I'm honestly not asking for perfection here. I understand the limitations that come with a mass produced grill with a low price point (compared to ceramic). But at the end of the day, I still payed $300 for a new grill, so I expect it to be in new condition. I think the issue here is that Lowe's is clearing their stock on this grill because it is a "seasonal" item (when did grilling become seasonal anyways?) and the couple of Akorns left were probably "at the bottom of the barrel." The issues with the new one aren't major, but at least one is concerning and I've got pictures of everything right out of the box. There are a good many cosmetic issues with the exterior, including a decent size dent in the lid and a deep scratch just above the handle. The main issue I want fixed is a big chuck of paint that is missing from the bottom of the firebox, which is just waiting to rust out. I've emailed pictures and called customer support, but I haven't heard back from them yet. The reason I posted this question was because the weather this weekend is too great to not grill.
  8. Awesome, thanks. This is what I was wanting to hear. I took a good many pictures as I took parts out of the box, and will take more today with it assembled. I emailed Chargriller on Friday with a couple of the more pressing issues (big chunk of paint missing on the bottom of the firebox for example) but I haven't heard back from them and the weather is too awesome this weekend to not use the grill.
  9. FYI, I posted a new topic about the warranty question. I thought that it would be appropriate to keep these questions separate and I can't edit this post on my phone for some reason.
  10. Question for those of you who have made successful warranty claims with Char-griller: The warranty isn't clear on this - can I go ahead and start using my grill, or would the safest thing be to wait until they fix the issues? Are they picky about that? Some history about my Akorn troubles can be found here: http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/23618-to-exchange-my-new-akorn-or-not/page-2#entry314417 Sorry for asking this twice, but I thought it would be better to start a new topic.
  11. Update: I was able to get another Akorn from a Lowe's in a nearby town. However, I think I just traded off issues with the old grill with issues with this new one. However, I'm done with Lowe's, and I'll be taking the problems up with Char-griller's warranty people. So question for you guys that have made warranty claims with Char-griller - can I go ahead and start using my grill, or would the safest thing be to wait until they fix the issues? Are they picky about that?
  12. Well guys, I have an update, and it isn't good. I attempted to return my Akorn tonight to the Lowe's that is closest to my house. Before I loaded up the grill and drove there, I called to make sure they had one in stock, and in the box. The guy said they had two (the website only showed one, so cool) and verified that one was in the box, and the other was on display. I asked him if he could hold it for me, and he said he would. Great. ‚Äč However, when I got to the store, what do you know, the guy didn't actually check and they don't have ANY Akorns in stock. "Sorry, there is something off with our system" was the explanation I got. So after going back to the returns desk and spending another 20 minutes where they basically confirmed that the lawn and garden guy and I weren't lying, I took the grill back home. Before leaving, they "confirmed" that a neighboring store had one in stock, and I would be able to exchange it tomorrow. I guess it shouldn't, but the multitude of incompetent and lazy employees at this store amazes me. Who wants to take bets that this other store doesn't actually have any in stock either?
  13. Hey guys, I actually haven't had time to exchange my Akorn yet. I hope to later this week, that is if they still have any in stock. I'll give another update after I get a new one and get it assembled.
  14. Thanks for the input guys! I'm starting to wonder if I got a refurbished unit that was sold as new. Sorry, should have clarified, but yes it is the bracket that the ash bowl attaches to. Also I think this would fall into Lowe's satisfaction guarantee. From their website: "If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return the merchandise to any Lowe's store in the U.S. within 90* days." Now it looks like the problem is gonna be finding a store in my area that still has one in stock.
  15. Hey guys! I'm a Kamado newbie and this is my first post here. I recently decided to upgrade grills (I've been using a 18" Weber Kettle for a while) and got an Akorn on sale at a local Lowes. I got one in a box and assembled it myself because I'm picky about these things. During assembly, I noticed quite a few manufacturing defects and cosmetic issues. Quite frankly, I was disappointed at how rough my unit was. Now, I'll admit, I'm a little picky when it comes to new purchases: if I buy something like this new, I want it to be in almost perfect condition (within reason) and I expect it to last me a while. The couple of things I found caused some concern, so I did some online research and came across this forum and found where quality control isn't really one of Char-Griller's strong suits. So here's my question for you guys with Akorn experience: Is it possible to get a new Akorn that is well-made, or is there a good chance that each one will have its own quality issues? I'm trying to figure out if I got a bum unit that I need to return. I definitely don't want something that will be more prone to issues in the future. I realize that most of these things are minor, so is there any specific issue I should look for that has given people grief in the past? So far, these are the issues I've found: Multiple bolts were unable to be completely tightened on the frame One of the leg supports was poorly welded The U shaped ash hanger partially broke and it's only a matter of time before it fails completely - this is the most concerning problem IMO Many random scratches on the exterior shell as well as the side rack that I definitely didn't do A couple of small dents on the top shell As a note, I've already got a decent bit of time invested in my Akorn from assembly, seasoning, and a few cooks. I'd like to avoid doing all this again with a new unit if there is nothing to be gained.
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