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  1. Missy Visiom

    Kamado Joe for 699.00

    The one pictured on ACE website is Model KJ23HC and doesn't have the new control tower. Looking at the KJ website which shows the Kamado Classic II with the new features (hinge, control tower, and fiberglass gasket). The site lists this as model number KJ23RHC. Hope this helps
  2. Missy Visiom

    Pro-S Kick Ash Basket Question

    That is what I did with my Vision Pro-S. The kick ash basket made a huge difference with low and slow cooks.
  3. What are the recommended cutting and carving boards for Shun knives. What brand is best? I was looking at Boos maple edge cut, but hesitant based on the Amazon reviews. It seems that a common complaint is that they have been prone to cracking Thanks
  4. Missy Visiom

    Auber SYL-2615 models

    Mewantki is correct in the difference is mounting hardware. You will not need the adapter plate you use for the Vision. One thing that is different is the settings you will use between the Vision and the Akorn. This is due the difference in a metal kamado and a ceramic one. The instructions manuals from Auber are excellent and you will really enjoy the use of the 2615. I had the 1615 model and just bought the 2615 controller and temperature probes. One learning curve is the setting of the upper vent. One hint is that less is more on the opening. Good luck
  5. Missy Visiom

    Auto temp control

    There is an adapter that you can buy from Home Depot. I would recommend doing a search on this forum using tri top controller and adapter. I also used an Auber instrument SYL 2615 which has similar features as the Flameboss 300 but is limited to two temperature probes. This is not a big deal for me since I have the Thermowork Smoke.
  6. Missy Visiom

    Turkey on the Joetisserie

    Thank you everybody for replying with great information. I will be doing a test run first, then hope it will be replicated for Thanksgiving.
  7. Missy Visiom

    Turkey on the Joetisserie

    Has anyone tried to cook a turkey on the Joetisserie?
  8. Missy Visiom

    Turkey on the Joetisserie

    Has anyone tried to cook a turkey on the Joetisserie? How did you do it?
  9. Missy Visiom

    Anova Wi-Fi 1st Gen - $109

    Yes they will.
  10. Missy Visiom

    Help with a basket decision

    Did you go to the One Grill performer website lately? It looks like the baskets are on sale. http://www.onegrill.com/OneGrill_Performer_Basket_System_s/175.htm I have one and it works wonderfully. I bought two additional flat trays which allows me to rotisserie almost anything you can grill. I have grilled whole chicken, chicken wings, tri tip, sausages, and vegetables. With the adjustable trays I no longer have to use my spit forks. I use this on a Vision grill and it fits. With a Big Joe, it would fit perfectly.
  11. Missy Visiom

    Horrible experience with BBQGuys

    Sellers should know that if a person has a good experience they will tell 5 people. On a bad experience, they will tell nine. I learned 20 years ago, well before social media.
  12. Missy Visiom

    So what is the best remote thermometer?

    I could have probably bought I Smoke for what I have spent on entry level thermometers. The Smoke is excellent. Keep on the Thermoworks website when they have bundle specials. I bought my Smoke along with a Thermopen MK-4 and love them both.
  13. I do all my steaks sous vide and then reverse sear on my Version. You can't beat the tenderness and the smoke profile. Plus you get to play with fire.
  14. Missy Visiom

    Joetisserie accessories

    OneGrill Performer Series Universal Fit Rotisserie Spit Basket. I have used this for chicken breasts, wings, sausages, tri tip, and gyro meat.
  15. Missy Visiom

    Anova vs. Joule comparison

    I opted for the Anova over the Joule since the Anova was cheaper and could be manually controlled. This proved to be right after my first cook. I lost connection with my phone, but was able to use the wheel to set the temperature and start the preheating. I went with the 16 qt Coleman Excursion cooler and the IKEA lid separator. These all fit together as one unit.