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  1. mbellot

    Why do Recipes Call For Kosher Salt?

    I thought "kosher" salt was just an easy way to get non-iodized salt. Personally I just use sea salt for everything, keeps things simple.
  2. mbellot

    The Burn Shop - Custom Grill Grates

    So, the obvious question... Just how much money did you end up shelling out for it?
  3. mbellot

    BGE vs KJ Argument Finally Solved

    Italian (color scheme) Kamado?
  4. mbellot

    Polar Vortex, Schmolar Schmortex

    I wouldn't either, in fact living in the Chicago area I probably do it fairly often. But with outside temps -20 to -25 and windchill pushing down to -55 I really don't intend to open any outside door unless there is an imperative need.
  5. mbellot

    2019 New Kamado Joe III being sold

    Really? I knew this was a thing with cellphones, but we are talking about a clay pot with a couple holes in it. I can't imagine spending BJ money a second (or third) time to get some fairly minor incremental changes as far as actual functionality is concerned.
  6. Interesting for the price, but I'm curious how it performs with this stated feature:
  7. mbellot

    3D printers and printing

    I've looked at a bunch and would get the CR10 (or clone) if I ever lose my job. I have a Stratasys at work ($30k), so 3D printing isn't an issue right now.
  8. mbellot

    Oops I did it Again!: Facebook Securiy Breech

    One of the distinct advantages of never having signed up for FecesBook, I don't have to worry about them "accidentally" leaking any of my info.
  9. Jack Ryan was OK, but only if you completely divorce yourself from the idea that it's even loosely based on a Tom Clancy character/series.
  10. mbellot

    Weber igrill instruction

    Thanks for that. I may have to toss it in the cart for my next purchase.
  11. mbellot

    Weber igrill instruction

    I have the iGrill2 (pre-Weber acquisition) and really like it. BT range is a bit weak, but acceptable. The newer Weber apps are a bit bloated so I reverted to an older version and disabled updates. What kind of a deal? I'm always looking for spare probes (no failures yet, but its a matter of time).
  12. mbellot

    Coconut Oil, “Pure Poison”. Say What?

    Bah. These "experts" are forever contradicting themselves. Eat what you like, in moderation, and ignore the "experts". Good news! Experts have discovered you can live to 100 years old by eating wheat grass. Bad news! You have to eat nothing but wheat grass until you die.
  13. You gotta do what you gotta do. I'll be joining the ranks of those wishing you well on 12/31/18 as we part ways. There is no way I would ever join Farcebook, but after everything I have learned here I wish you the best of luck.
  14. Have/had one (an Auber). Currently it's on loan to my brother. It was very helpful with my Akorn (which my brother also has now), but I've found with the Big Joe I can manage to hold fairly steady temps for long enough to do anything except butts (and probably brisket, still need to try that). I simply don't have enough hours available to babysit a 12+ hour cook, so those are overnight, which is where having a controller can be handy (unless you like getting up every couple hours due to paranoia, I don't). At this point, with a ceramic kamado, I might be harder pressed to cough up $125 (now $150) when the Joe seems to hold temps pretty steady. Still, it is a nice crutch for when I really am too busy to keep an eye on things. I don't think I could ever see my way clear to dropping much more (some controllers are a lot more). I just don't think there is that much value in them and am not interested in all the BS tech (cloud, social media) features some of the more costly controls advertise. And there are some things I would never do with a controller. I just finished 11lbs of bacon Saturday, smoked at 175 for five hours. My experience with the Auber was that anything below ~ 220F wasn't reliable/stable enough for my liking.
  15. mbellot

    How do you get to 800F?

    Leave top and bottom vents open and then get distracted. Works for me every time I'm trying to get hot for a 550-600 pizza cook.