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  1. New Kamado Joe Wire mesh gasket

    Seems unlikely since the description says I doubt KJ would be OK with that if it were an OEM product.
  2. Delivery person throws package

    My brother worked for a delivery service that was contracted by A*****n. The working conditions were horrible, productivity expectations unrealistic and reasons for denying your weekly "bonus" prolific, and in several cases directly violated state labor laws. He has (fortunately) moved on, and it has made me seriously re-think doing business with them.
  3. New fast start process.

    Hungry kids.
  4. Every bit of info I can get helps, even if it ends up teaching me what not to do... You bake hotter and shorter than I have been (350 for 25-30 minutes). I've tried frying briefly to build the crust (plus maybe a water barrier with the residual oil, doesn't seem to work though). Not sure I have a Tortillaria near me (suburbs of Chicago), but it's something to look into. So far I've been limited to grocery store tortillas. Thank you!
  5. Looks awesome! Can I ask a question about your method... Every time I have made enchiladas the taste is good, but the tortillas literally fall apart. What kind of tortillas do you use? Do you do anything to them prior to stuffing (light fry in oil, ???) Do you bake or broil them once they are assembled? Thanks!
  6. Gyro

    Looks great! One question about the final meal, do you re-heat the gyro meat at all before serving? Your instructions say to let the meat cool for slicing and warm the pita, nothing about re-warming the meat before assembling the whole thing.
  7. Won this in a bar.

    Sorry to hear it cut you up, but as long as you enjoyed it... My first smoker was a "prize" from (wait for it...) Marlboro Miles about 15 years ago. I never smoked a single cigarette towards it, it was a gift from my mother. Very similar design, burned through charcoal in nothing flat. It worked well while it lasted.
  8. KJ Classic II & Flame Boss 300

    The few times I've used my Auber with the Big Joe I didn't have the ash catcher in and the top vent holes were open about half way. Air coming out random places is going to happen since you are forcing air in instead of letting natural convection determine air flow.
  9. Thermapen MK4

    No. 25-ish percent off is pretty decent IMHO, but I paid full price for mine so as with all things in life YMMV. It's never been clear to me what "open box" means in this context. Are they actual returns that have been refurbed, or are they QC units that simply can't be sold as "new"...
  10. Ghost Pepper Turkey Chili

    Do you wear gloves when cutting them up? I never did, too much fun licking my fingertips hours later and getting a fresh burn. It did make using the facilities a bit of a challenge...
  11. Ghost Pepper Turkey Chili

    Yup. Cold water rinse until the pot looks "clean" to get rid of the bulk, then hot water and lots of soap (Dawn seems to work real good on the pepper oils) for the remainder.
  12. Ghost Pepper Turkey Chili

    Looks fantastic. It will hurt again... I grew ghost peppers (and some hotter ones) for several years., still have a huge stockpile of dried ones since I'm the only one in the house that tolerates heat at that level (my wife thinks ketchup has a bite...).
  13. LED Bulbs for Automotive Upgrades

    I've used some of the cheaper bulbs from Amazon, overall the output and color are acceptable. The one odd thing I've noticed is that they are on (very dim) even when off. I've only tried them on my daughters 2005 S40, so as of now I'm chalking it up to leakage current in the lamp drivers the Swedes used. I've meant to put some parasitic parallel resistors on a couple to see how it helps, but no time yet to actually do it. Based on what I've seen of the headlights I would never use them. All contain cooling fans that operate at 9000RPM and higher. That IMHO is a huge potential failure point, and when the fan goes the LED(s) will follow quickly after.
  14. Interesting Products Coming from Kamado Joe in 2018

    I don't get the expectations in the first place. One of the biggest selling points to the ceramic kamado was it's temperature stability and lack of need for a pit controller. I've actually played with my Auber on the Big Joe and find it no better than manual control for low and slow. It was useful on the Akorn, and is now being used on a dorm fridge to age some home made Asiago cheese. I doubt seriously it will ever get hooked up to the Joe again.
  15. Interesting Products Coming from Kamado Joe in 2018

    You would think so, but the hundreds of billions of selfies posted to social media would argue against the novelty wearing off for some... Some people just need to let everyone else know what they are up to (how cool/fun/important they are). Personally I have no interest in publicizing my life. But that's just me.