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  1. Looks great. Make sure you cover the chocolate cake version with a chocolate coating. Giant Ho-Ho!
  2. My ash tray sticks constantly. I think the SS base (the part that stays in the firebox) warps with time and heat. KJ sent me a replacement a couple years ago and the problem went away briefly. It started with the one piece firebox and has continued with the new multi-piece firebox. I gave up and just wiggle it around to get it in and out. It's not a big deal to me since I only use it when I'm cleaning out ash - I run without it installed.
  3. Unless you buy them still frozen (in the cryovac) and get them home to the freezer right away.
  4. Ouch! I'm still living off the 30lb bags of Western for $10 + tax from Wally world, but even so I don't remember paying more than ~ $0.60/lb for R.O. lump.
  5. Looks great, but I'm used to be maraschino cherries in the ring holes.
  6. If you have a sous vide setup why would you use multiple water changes? Run a pot of water up to temperature and soak your vacuum bag for the desired time. Just curious.
  7. Lots of patience watching fleabay. I have an 827A that needed a sharpener assembly and guard ring (close to $600 from the online sources, more than I paid for the slicer) that I picked up for ~ $200 by waiting it out.
  8. I happen to agree with your assessment of the DoJoe, but I am not a huge fan of Neapolitan (or what passes for it from a grill) style pizza. My guess is that it is geared towards that particular crowd. That doesn't excuse the fact that KJ should have included a door with the product, and the OP has shown it doesn't need to cost a lot. I get better, more consistent results from my gas oven for the style of pizza I enjoy (Chicago, thin and deep dish). I've done pizza on my KJ, but the setup required to avoid burning the crust from excessive bottom heat (deflectors plus two additional pizza stones) isn't worth the hassle IMO.
  9. I don't understand your message? Saving a couple couple bucks in lump charcoal is stupid because you have already dropped $1k+ on a grill and accessories? If he cooks two pizzas a week and saves $5/cook in lump, the DoJoe has pretty much been paid for in one year with a $1 investment to make something that KJ really should have included in the first place.
  10. While that may be true, the sad fact is that only the lawyers will get any cash compensation out of the whole thing. The people who (may or may not) have been "damaged" (the actual customers who bought the product) will get little to nothing.
  11. The only word of caution about doing a spatch turkey is timing. They cook fast. Way faster than I would have ever expected. My first time out the bird was done before the stuffing was in the oven. It is a really great way to cook a whole turkey on the grill.
  12. Looks similar to the pizza pot pie... http://chicagopizzaandovengrinder.com/menu/
  13. $249.99 now. Good luck Burntweenie, but I would expect an order cancellation bright and early tomorrow.
  14. The only thing you are missing is extra cash in your wallet. MAPP (actually MAP/Pro now) is not your father's MAPP gas. It has barely more energy than standard propane for ~ 3x the cost. I still have a couple cylinders of real MAPP gas, but it's only used for plumbing projects. If you like the speed of the torch light method, switch to propane and save some cash too.
  15. Finished mine yesterday and took it for a test run (tube steaks) tonight. I went with a hybrid approach. I put some Ultra Copper under each of the small cover pieces (to hold them down since they have no adhesive on the ceramic side), then put small sections (less than an inch long) spaced around the perimeter as I put the gasket down. I figured the adhesive will hold things in place while the RTV cures (where a continuous bead seems to make things very hard to lock down before the RTV cures), but I also have the extra stick of the RTV in places for reinforcement. Blue painters tape spaced around the gasket also helped keep things in place when I lowered the dome to put pressure on the gasket(s). I did the bottom Wednesday and the top Thursday. Solved the RTV curing in the applicator by taking it off and cleaning it out with a couple bamboo skewers and putting the original cap back on the tube. I only have one area I'm not really happy with, of course it's at the front on the top gasket where it was hardest to see and place cleanly. Looks decent... not OEM, but definitely not shabby.
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