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  1. Lucky. My wife thinks ketchup is spicy, while I enjoy ghost peppers...
  2. Jalapenos are pretty thick, so it may take a good long time to dehydrate. I've done much thinner walled super-hots (Ghost peppers and hotter) that way. Cut off the top/stem, slice in half. Smoke on the Big Joe (on 16" pizza screens) for a couple hours. Move to dehydrator to finish, usually 24 hours @ 120-130. The only reason I stem and halve them is because of the potential for mold. Getting a look at the inside of the pepper lets me know that I'm not wasting effort on a bad pepper. I don't know if that is as much a concern for Jalapenos.
  3. Contact them again, send pictures showing that the old charcoal grate doesn't fit the new firebox. I did when I got the new petal version for my Big Joe and they sent the correct charcoal grate. I also had them send me the new cast iron firebox divider since the original ceramic divider is not compatible with the new firebox. The petal version is nice (no cracks so far), but is definitely a much bigger pain in the rear to get in place. I do full clean-outs much less often now...
  4. When I replaced my old hinge with the new one under warranty I ended up with a large (~1/4") gap at the back when the front was touching. I sent pictures to KJ showing the gap and they sent out a new fiberglass gasket to fix the problem at no cost. Unfortunately you are probably looking at paying for both since you are beyond the warranty period for the hinge.
  5. If you buy a new (retro fit) hinge, you are also going to need the new gasket.
  6. Probably better content, might be worth ditching the idiot box...
  7. I've held 165-175 for 5-6 hours (making bacon). It usually creeps up a bit over time, if I start at 165 it's usually 170-180 at the end of the smoke.
  8. I have two, a 12" Berkel and a 13" General, but both are currently in need of some attention. Seems like a good price, my only hesitation with a 10" blade is: Maximum Product Size: 8" x 6 1/2" It's a bit small for slicing full strips of bacon, which is a big reason I got one (plus beef roast for Italian beef sandwiches).
  9. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Half-Moon-1-4-Steel-Plate-Disc-Shaped-19-75-Diameter-250-A36-Steel/203146042064 This is the guy I used, the auction is for Big Joe sized plates (19.75" diameter). He is great at responding, very reasonable for cost and quick shipping. You will probably need to contact him about custom making two 15" half circles (or whatever the correct size is for the classic). I still need to try them out, too much family stuff to deal with since I got them Thursday.
  10. Propane plumbing torch, just be sure to get the kind that can be turned upside down.
  11. Yeah, I have given up on replacing ceramic deflectors - they only have a three year warranty, not lifetime like the rest of the ceramic parts. $80 a copy for a couple years use isn't cutting it in my book. I bought a pair of half circle steel plates (1/4" thick) off fleabay last week, they should be arriving this week.
  12. No idea yet, they are supposed to arrive Tuesday. Logic would say yes, there should be better heat transfer, but logic and reality are often at odds. I'm keeping the chunks from the broken half, worst case I will use both (ceramic on top of steel) if the steel is too efficient.
  13. Gonna find out in a couple weeks. One of my Big Joe deflectors cracked in three this weekend (second set, the first set I dropped both so I replaced them on my nickel). KJ support told me to buy new ones - even though they are ceramic they are only warrantied for three years instead of "lifetime". So instead of giving KJ another $80 for a couple years of use I figured I would invest in something that won't crack. $68 for a pair of half circle 19.75" was less than a new set of ceramic deflectors and should last quite a bit longer.
  14. I have an iGrill that came with four probes but only two of these probe wrap/keeper things (some Sam's Club deal several years back, mine is pre-Weber). I ended up measuring it and creating a 3d model to print two more for the same reason, the two without were forever getting tangled. If you have access to a 3d printer I can send you the model.
  15. Varies wildly. Of the several (15+) Wally World stores near me only one seems to have the 30lb bags in stock.
  16. Looks great. Make sure you cover the chocolate cake version with a chocolate coating. Giant Ho-Ho!
  17. My ash tray sticks constantly. I think the SS base (the part that stays in the firebox) warps with time and heat. KJ sent me a replacement a couple years ago and the problem went away briefly. It started with the one piece firebox and has continued with the new multi-piece firebox. I gave up and just wiggle it around to get it in and out. It's not a big deal to me since I only use it when I'm cleaning out ash - I run without it installed.
  18. Unless you buy them still frozen (in the cryovac) and get them home to the freezer right away.
  19. Ouch! I'm still living off the 30lb bags of Western for $10 + tax from Wally world, but even so I don't remember paying more than ~ $0.60/lb for R.O. lump.
  20. Looks great, but I'm used to be maraschino cherries in the ring holes.
  21. If you have a sous vide setup why would you use multiple water changes? Run a pot of water up to temperature and soak your vacuum bag for the desired time. Just curious.
  22. Lots of patience watching fleabay. I have an 827A that needed a sharpener assembly and guard ring (close to $600 from the online sources, more than I paid for the slicer) that I picked up for ~ $200 by waiting it out.
  23. I happen to agree with your assessment of the DoJoe, but I am not a huge fan of Neapolitan (or what passes for it from a grill) style pizza. My guess is that it is geared towards that particular crowd. That doesn't excuse the fact that KJ should have included a door with the product, and the OP has shown it doesn't need to cost a lot. I get better, more consistent results from my gas oven for the style of pizza I enjoy (Chicago, thin and deep dish). I've done pizza on my KJ, but the setup required to avoid burning the crust from excessive bottom heat (deflectors plus two additional pizza stones) isn't worth the hassle IMO.
  24. I don't understand your message? Saving a couple couple bucks in lump charcoal is stupid because you have already dropped $1k+ on a grill and accessories? If he cooks two pizzas a week and saves $5/cook in lump, the DoJoe has pretty much been paid for in one year with a $1 investment to make something that KJ really should have included in the first place.
  25. While that may be true, the sad fact is that only the lawyers will get any cash compensation out of the whole thing. The people who (may or may not) have been "damaged" (the actual customers who bought the product) will get little to nothing.
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