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  1. I hoe it goes to Netflix soon so I can Netflix and Gril.
  2. Thanks for all the tips everyone. I think my next cook will be better.
  3. Thank for the tips shuley, Do you know of any best practices or how to save your cook when the temp drop below 200? I dont know but i feel that anything under 210 and your just dehydrating the meat not cooking it.
  4. Hi All, I did a brisket for the 4th of July and it came out OK but i had a lot of problems with my cook. Any help would be appreciated. It was the first time i tired to smoke over night. I did a pulled pork on Sunday and used my TTT and i was happy with the results. It kept the temp under 260 for the whole cook. I was happy so i thought i would be safe for me use it for my first over night cook. So last night a 9, i started up my Akorn with the TTT and got it stable at 230 and threw on the brisket at 11. I stayed up till 12:30 keeping an eye on it then went to bed. I set my iGrill 2 to alarm at 210 and 275 however it never alarmed. I had a lot of nervous energy and woke up at 4:00AM to see my iGrill lost connection. I reopened the app and got a connection to see my grill temp was 168. I got dressed and went outside to take a look and bring the temp back up. I opened the vents all the way for 30 mins with no temp change. I figured my fire went out. So i had to disassemble my cook by taking out the grill with meat on it then my drip pan and smoking stone. I had 1 coal it with embers. When i set up my fire box used the volcano method. I put my stater cube in the middle of the grill and put coal and wood chunks around it. I moved the lit coal to in the middle again and moved some coal and wood around that. I had all the vents open and waited till the coal was lit and i was getting white smoke. When that died down a bit I rebuilt the cook and got the temp back up to 225. I was below temp for like 2 hours and the outside of the brisket looked dry. That could be due to temp or my rub. I had steak last week and really love Montreal Steak seasoning so i tried that for my rub this go round. Could the salt have dried it out? I was worried it would be too dry so i added water to my drip pan and took off the TTT. So from 4AM to 2PM i could not get the internal temp of the brisket above 170 by maintaining a grill temp in the 230 range. So i kicked the heat up to 260 till about 3PM. I was not felling confident since i should have been done about 9 am if everything went right. Our party started at 5 and i was running out of time. So i foiled it added about 2 tbl spoons of water and got the temp to 330. When i checked at 4 pm the internal temp was 205 so i pulled it and let it rest for 3 hours. Results It was good! It had a great smokey flavor but was maybe a bit slaty not overpowering but noticeable. The flap was tender but dry almost pastrami like. I guess that would be the best way to describe it pastrami. The horn had juices flowing out when i was cutting it and was falling apart. I would appreciate any advice on what to do if your cook is way under temp for a while or maybe setting up my fire box better. If i could find or make a bit less salty Montreal Steak seasoning i would use it again. I think i am going to replace my igrill2 with anther temp probe just not sure what yet. I dont think i nailed it. LOL
  5. That looks great! I have been trying to setup my veggie and side game on the Akorn. Can you post the recipe for what you to there. Looks good!
  6. Hey ckreef can you make this post a sticky at the top of the fourm saying some thing like. *****WARNING!!! MUST READ NEW AKORN USERS!!!!********
  7. Always use a drip pan. If you dont you run the risk of a grease fire in the ash pan.
  8. Hi bcbz71 I am still fairly new to smoking and I had the same problems you did. Here is how i got around it. 1. Trim your spare ribs. Check out some youtube vids on how to do it. I usually cut out the ribs baby back style. I keep the pretty ribs in the middle and the trimmed of pieces closer to the edge. If you have a rib rack even better. 2. Use a disposable drip pan no water. The Akorn holds moisture really well and i had difficulty getting a good bark on them with a water pan. You can 3 2 1 them but try doing them for 5 hours at 225 to 260 range. Kick it up to 275 300 to glaze them for 10 - 20 mins. Just my 2 cents.
  9. TO All, This kinda funny to me! It feels like I am in traffic court trying to argue my ticket! Ignorantia juris non excusat “Ignorance of the law excuses no one.” Let me say l love my Kamaodo Akorn and even recommend it to others when ask what smoker should I buy with a caveat you might get an ash pan fire. That being said the ash pan fire is totally preventable if you are educated on using a Kamodo type grill. However you can’t prevent what you don’t know about. I think they just need to add a page to the pdf explain to new users that you should not smoke then grill without checking your ash pan. When I cook I have always had a drip pan but during my smoke grease got to the ash pan and I didn’t know. So when I decided to grill the next time I got the ash pan fire. I was ignorant of that fact so that’s my fault I accept that. However if this problem was address better by C-G in the manual correctly I would feel that they are not at fault. It should be address as a safety issue. Here is what the manual says about grease flare ups. It should say “Check your ash pan for grease build up when switching from smoking to grilling and vice versa” It’s like getting a speeding ticket for doing 60 mph in a 45 mph zone for example. If the speed limit changes but it’s not posted correctly then you are not a fault. I was new I didn’t know any better and never experienced this situation on my old grill. If I didn’t have a drip pan during the smoke yeah I would be at fault. For the veteran smokers and kamado users this might just seem obvious and I won’t be able to convince you but I felt I was in the right on this one.
  10. It would be great if one of the Akorn Pros would do a pinned post on this topic and say MUST READ FOR AKORN USERS. I think it has happened to almost everyone coming from a Weber type grill to a Kamodo.
  11. Hi kcreef I take full responsibility for my mistake. Like I said I was newbie all around and with everything in life you learn from your mistakes and move forward. When I called about C-G about my problem I was unhappy with the service and how I was treated over the phone. I read my warranty and I don’t think they lived up to it. It stated the firebox and ash pan had a one year warranty. A warranty is defined as: a written guarantee, issued to the purchaser of an article by its manufacturer, promising to repair or replace it if necessary within a specified period of time. I was with in my warranty and I was not able to find any verbiage saying an ash pan fire voided it. I would have been happy if they said hey we will sell it to you at a discount. I paid full price and filed a complaint to BBB for not living up to their warranty. If you’re telling me that ignorance of grease leaking constitutes misuse then let’s agree to disagree. So that is why I clean the ash pan after ever use now. I mean I am not the only one this has happened to and I know for sure I won’t be the last. I asked that they update their site our put out a video on YouTube addressing this and showing best practices for maintain the grill. When I got my grill I looked up all the videos I could on cooking on an Akorn and if I saw one talking about this I don’t think it would have happened. If you know of a video or post like the Grease in the Ash Collection Area where this is addressed can you please make it a pinned post? I think it would help prevent this from happening to others.
  12. Hi Mike J, I feel your pain bro because I had the same problem. I am not happy with the Char-griller customer service at all and I feel they are doing themselves a disservice by not addressing the issue better on their site. I will tell you how I dealt with Char-Griller on the issue and how to prevent this from happening again. First I was new to a kamado type grill having only used gas and a basic Webber kettle in the past. I was new to smoking and had never really done it before. I figured it I could use it just like any other grill out there. Wrong ! LOL. It requires a bit more maintenance than I thought. But I don’t think Char-Griller does a good job stressing that. When I had the problem I checked my warranty and it said the firebox and ash pan had a one year warranty. I was coking some steaks and noticed a burnt chemical smell. I check the back and the ash pan was bubbling and melting. I shut all the vents and waited. When it cooled down I checked everything took pics and sent it to Char-griller. I got a message back saying they needed the receipt before they would help me. I had to call Home Depot to get it and then I sent it to them just to be told that my problem was not covered. I tried my best to get some help but was just told to buy a new ash pan. Which I did and then filed a complaint with the BBB. A few months later I got a call from Char-Griller saying how can we help? I told them that they could refund me the cost of the ash pan which they did. I am not sure if you will get that lucky if you have the patience to wait. The problem is due to a buildup of ash and leaking of grease into the ash pan. In a normal grill it’s not a big deal if you don’t clean your ash pan for every cook. However on the Akorn you MUST CLEAN THE ASH PAN FOR EVERY COOK. I do it now as a best practice however it’s really only if you switching how you cook. If your smoking a few pork butts and they don’t all fit over your (water or grease pan) some of the grease will drip on the coals then make its way to the ash pan. If you don’t clean the ash pan and you decide to grill some chicken which requires a higher temp the grease in the ### pan can become lit. When that happens if grease was in between air gap between the fire box and the ash pan that can become lit and it will melt your paint. After about 5 cooks or so you should also remove the firebox and cleanout the grill with a stiff brush. Hope that helps Let’s be honest about the Akorn! It’s the Toyota of kamado grills. It’s not the best but it does a good job for the cost. It perfect for a beginner who wants to dabble without spending 1600 on a Kamodo Joe (2017 model) the Cadillac of Kamodo grills.
  13. Looks great! Can you post the collard green recipe? It hard to get good collard greens where I live unless i drive for a hour.
  14. UPDATE!!!! So this weekend was really busy so I didn't get a chance to prep from the night before. Sunday morning I went to the market to get a whole chicken and ended up getting a pork shoulder too lol. So I put on my rub and got the grill up to 370 and threw on the chicken. So i spatchcock it (i cooked the backbone too). No water pan and no drip pan. Here it is done at internal temp 175. The skin was crispy on the thigh and slightly on the breast. I will do it at 400 next time. I was happy with results this time. Thanks to everyone who shared their tips with me! Along with the chicken I also did another pulled pork. I had some problems doing this cook but in the end it turned out ok. So i just threw some rub on it and put in in the smoker at 260. I stepped away for a bit and the temp jumped to 377 during the first hour of the cook. So I brought the temp down to 280 and it stayed there for most of the cook 4 hours. Internal temp was 180 and I let it rest for 1 hour. It was easy to pull apart. I thought that had messed it up when the temp got to 377. It wasn't as good as the first one i did but on par with what i get when i used to go to Lucile's(BBQ chain in my area) and the reason i stared smoking. I knew I could do a better job. Not sure is if i should ask this in another post but do you guys ever just get a pork shoulder and throw it on with out letting it marinate first? I got a nice smokey flavor but the meat was fresh(needed salt). I ate it with some chips and pico de gallo and it was good!
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