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Found 46,414 results

  1. Thanksgiving is coming up this weekend (In Canada) and im going to smoke a turkey. Ive been reading and it seems like alot of people make it very confusing. Im looking to inject a creole butter before cooking but not sure if i need to brine the bird or not. Im also looking to cook at a lower temp like 275 other than some videos at 350. If injecting do i need to brine and what kind of time am i looking at per pound at 275? Ive done spatchcock chickens before injected and were really good. Ive read before that no wood for smoke should be used, Will a mild wood like maple hurt?
  2. Hi all, My apologies for not replying earlier. Things have been hectic and I had no time for a cookout. The problem was, as most of you pointed out, clogged air holes. I took all the charcoal out and cleaned the kamado thoroughly. Lo and behold, everything was fine. Thank you so much for your suggestions, and, again, I apologise for not replying sooner.
  3. Well I don’t have a Lloyd pan but I do have an 18 x 12 monster that my wife found somewhere. So tonight we’re trying the Detroit Pepperoni pizza. The dough is in the fridge and coming out soon and then the dimpling and panning process will begin. Cutting the cheese into tiny cubes was a minor pain...but let’s see how it turns out. Unfortunately the pan size will keep it out of the Kamado.
  4. I am still pretty new to Kamado cooking and I was hoping some of you experts could help me with a few things. The concept of “stable” temperature.... So, I did an 11 hour Pork Butt yesterday and I tried to keep it around 260, I set my lower vent on my KJ Classic and then adjusted the top wheel to get me near 260. I would get to 260 and it would sit at 260 for about 10 minutes and maybe drop to 259 or go up to 261 but it was close. So, I assumed I was “stable”. 20 minutes later, I would be at 279 and climbing. So, I would back it off, get it back down to 260 and let it hover around 260 for 10-15 minutes. Leave it unattended, come back and I would be back up to 280. Obviously, I wasn’t stable. So, at what point are you stable? (I know many will recommend a temp control system and I am thinking about one) but until I get one, I need to figure this stable thing out. The second question is more of a clarification. I was using a Meater+ probe for both internal and ambient temp. I have calibrated my dome thermometer on the KJ, so I know it is spot on. I was using the SloRoller with my racks in the highest position and my Meater probe atop the butt, meaning it wouldn’t have been too far from the dome thermometer (maybe 8” above it). While my probe was showing an ambient temp of 260, the dome thermometer would be 10-20 degrees lower. I have read some here say the dome temp is as important or more important than the ambient temp at the grill (although my probe was well above the grill). Why is the dome temp so important and how will it affect my cook, especially since my meat is on the grill and not on the dome? Thanks for your help.
  5. Brand new Kamado Joe Classic III 3 for sale -still in crate .. $1000.(cart not included) Must be able to pick up in Huntington NY .. call 516-375-4540 if interested ..
  6. Hey everyone ! Today is a sad/happy day. I took a job offer in a different state. One I can't refuse. As such, I am selling my home and moving into an apartment. I need to get rid of this KJ Classic II. I bought it in August 2018. I am getting rid of EVERYTHING including the below : Looft Lighter Charcoal Starter Can BBQ Guru auto controller with the Kamado setup Pizza stone All of the things that came with it originally I am looking for $700 OBO in Tulsa/Owasso. You will need to pick it up.
  7. I’ve made this pizza at least 10 times as it is my favorite. This morning I made up some pizza dough. Around 3:00 I prepped my kamado for pizza and lite it up to preheat. Around 3:30 I brought out my dough and all my ingredients. I applied a thin layer of BBQ sauce and some red onion. Then some red bell pepper and cilantro. Then some chicken breast I’d mixed up with some BBQ sauce and finally, the cheese. Placed it on the pizza stone in the kamado for approximately 8 minutes at 400 degrees. Here’s the result. As always, it was delicious. Thanks for looking
  8. Hi All, I am planning to attempt my smoking my first brisket on my Kamado Joe Classic 2 this weekend and I am hoping you can answer or provide me some guidance on a few questions. We are fortunate to have a great butcher in our town and they are willing to sell us either the flat or the nose of the brisket vs. the whole. We would prefer to go with a smaller size since it may only be two of us enjoying this cook. Which part of the brisket is the best to smoke and will turn out the most tender and tasty? The butcher is willing trim the brisket, any recommendations on what to ask for with this service? Since this is my first attempt how much time should I expect it to take to smoke the flat or the nose? I realize I have to cook it to a specified temperature but would like to understand average length of time. What temperature should I target for this cook? Do most people use a Texas style rub? Any other recommendations? Thanks in advance for your guidance and help! Pablo
  9. Just wondering, It seem that is super efficient 9hours on 1 Lbs of coal. It just look that it don’t have a grate for a heat deflector not sure if that could be easily fixed with a aftermarket tall grate. The way the air move before the exhaust is intriguing as the port is low but the real exhaust is at the top so it goes inside a tunnel. Anyone used one what are your thoughts. It seem the direct competitors are the Blaze and the Weber Summit. Thanks.
  10. This idea started out as a comparison between regular RO and RO XL. I guess I went a little overboard These are lumps that are readily available to me locally. The price listed is what I paid full retail without any discounts. It will probably take me into the summer to get all my comparisons completed. I'll update this thread as I go along. RO (Royal Oak regular) - Walmart $9.96 - 15.44 lbs "Authentic all natural kiln made lump charcoal made from 100% American hardwood." RO XL Cut - Walmart $14.96 - 16 lbs "Same authentic quality and flavor of lump charcoal you expect from Royal Oak, but with extra large pieces from our charcoal kilns." B & B Oak - Sports Academy $12.99 - 20 lbs "The creation of B&B charcoal products starts with live wood while the wood is still green. " Cowboy - Lowe's $12.98 - 15 lbs "Oak and hickory hardwood lump charcoal." Rockwood - Ace Hardware $24.99 - 20 lbs "Our charcoal is made exclusively from hardwood left over from timber milling operations (and never from softwood, flooring, molding, or any scraps that may contain those materials or resin)." KJ Big Block - Lowe's $24.99 - 20 lbs "Kamado Joe Big Block is made from an exclusive blend of Argentinian hardwood so that dense it's alled 'axe breaker' by locals." Fogo Premium Black Bag - Fogo $19.95 - 17.6 lbs "Fogo All Natural Hardwood Charcoal is made from dense Central American Oak Hardwoods." Fogo Super Premium - Fogo $25.95 - 17.6 lbs "Only the largest pieces are hand selected and put into the bag to ensure you get the very best charcoal you can find." Fogo Marabu - Fogo $45.95 - 33 lbs "It also has higher calorific value than other major charcoal brands in the US which means that it will burn hotter and longer than most other briquette and lump charcoal." Fogo Quebracho - Fogo $48.95 - 35 lbs Quebracho Hardwood Charcoal is made from dense South American Hardwoods known as Axe Breaker and Ironwood." Fogo Brazilian Eucalyptus - Fogo $25.95 - 17.6 lbs "Premium Eucalyptus hardwood lump charcoal produces a considerably better flavor than regular charcoal." Jealous Devil - BBQ guys $49.99 - 35 lbs "Our all-natural wood is hand-picked, hand-cut, and carbonized in custom-built kilns which makes for one Hell of a charcoal." Komodo Kamado CoffeeChar - Komodo Kamado 20 lbs A friend sent me this box. It's a little hard to come by because each container that gets to a US port sells out almost immediately. It has a minimum 10 box order and is shipped on a pallet by a LTL carrier so I don't really have an accurate price. "Our all natural lump coffee wood charcoal is a sustainable product from the cut and discarded trees of replanted coffee orchards." For the first comparison I'll list the price per lb (lowest to highest). Like most things in life you usually get what you pay for. Just remember price is only a small factor for the quality of lump. Further comparisons coming soon. Price per lb. $.65 - RO $.65 - B & B Oak $.87 - Cowboy $.94 - RO XL $1.13 - Fogo Premium Black Bag $1.25 - Rockwood $1.25 - KJ Big Block $1.39 - Fogo Marabu $1.40 - Fogo Quebracho $1.43 - Jealous Devil $1.47 - Fogo Super Premium $1.47 - Fogo Brazilian Eucalyptus $?.?? - KK CoffeeChar
  11. Hi folks, New member here. I am a former Primo Oval XL owner (in an island, so it sold with my previous house last spring) and just spent the summer with a 6 burner gas grill and a Kettle grill, which was really an OK setup but I am really missing the Kamado. Joining here to get some advice on a new kamado and accessories, setup, etc.
  12. Well, I broke down today and bought the Kamado Joe Classic II. Local dealer matched the Costco price. My wife and I spent the morning looking at the BGE LG and XL, Primo XL and LG and others including the KJ and Big Joe. She loved the hinge on the KJ so much that settled it for us. We agreed the XLs were just too big for us. I'll see you all over in the KJ forum...
  13. I'm looking for a Kamodo style ceramic grill to expand my charcoal cooking. I currently use a Weber kettle and a pellet grill. I will keep using the pellet grill for its convenience but want to get into a Kamodo for its insulation properties for temperature control and winter use. I'm considering the BGE, Kamodo Joe, and Vision brands right now. I will look into anything that's good quality and prefer to stay under $1000. I will be putting the new grill in my picnic shed and building a table for it, so I don't really need side shelves, or a cart for it. What are your recommendations / experiences for what would work best for me with reasons why if possible?
  14. Hey everyone! I'm looking for advice as I plow through the restore of my lightly used Komado Company K7. It's new home is in Murrieta, California so it will get 30 degree weather in the winter and up to 115 degree weather for a month or so in the summer. This is much more extreme than its previous home in LA. Recommendations for protection? Current State: Completely disassembled for transport. Minor cracks found on the (2)firebox, (1)back of the lower, and (1) back of the upper. All are hairline cracks. Zero tiles missing or loose! The top spider is not rusted, and the top cap spins freely, missing zero tiles and undamaged. The grill grate is bent and will be trashed. The bottom draft door surround is intact with zero cracks and minimal rust. Bad gaskets all around and need replacement with the usual nomex. Bands are in good shape, but the springs show signs of rust and a crappy weld to make them long enough. The black lid handle is broken as well, needing replacement. Should I go ahead and worry about patching hairline cracks now or later once they get worse? Has anyone put after market fire bowls with higher walls for added protection? Clean the grout and regrout it? Seal the grout? Should I unbolt the ugly cart and build a permanent resting place to raise this sucker another 12 inches? I only ask because I'm a 6'4 giant. Really want this thing higher. I will be using this beast for indirect cooking ONLY up to max of 400 degrees so I'll need to find a system for it. 18 inch across down on the bottom. 21.5 inch for the grill insert with 2 tier. I've found a couple options already on Amazon
  15. I own three kamados so Yea my vote is to keep it for sure. Forward searing a steak is way better than a reverse sear and you can't easily do a forward sear with just one kamado. With one kamado where do you cook your sides at when using that one kamado for searing?
  16. seeing that you didn’t pay for it, you either keep it and run with two or give it to a friend that would love it. the more people in the Kamado world, the better happier our population is!!!
  17. This is somewhat old news from Sept. '18 but Kamado Joe was bought by a private equity group. Of course all the press releases were positive about capital injection, bright futures, etc. My experience with private equity groups is less than positive. The private equity funds typically buy it, put lipstick on the pig, and then sell it. I happened to call Kamado Joe last week and the lady that answered the phone was pitifully ill equipped to answer any of my questions. When I asked if someone was there that could answer my questions about their ceramic, she said they were no longer there. Kinda halted my studies and put a damper on my desire for a Big Joe. My call makes me wonder if the typical cost cutting and "lipsticking the pig" are underway. If so, I hope they find a good buyer sooner rather than later and they don't ruin a decent product line and brand in the process.
  18. Awesome project. I thought about building one, in the end just bought one instead. Definitely want to see more pizza pictures. We love pizzas pictures on Kamado Guru. That really big pizza cutting board is awesome too.
  19. Are you all talking about using the KAB with a kamado joe classic. I used it for the first time yesterday and have a couple concerns. Can’t put as much lump in. Takes the heat closer to the top. Didn’t really see much difference in airflow. Are you all suggesting taking out that bottom piece that the ash falls through? I’m new to ceramic cooking
  20. I've smoked on vision kamado once or twice a week for the past year and half using Royal Oak. I loved it - easy to use, always predictable results. Recently I switched to weber kettle with baskets using kingsford charcoal and I like the taste a lot better. It's not nearly as smoked, it's just perfect. I must admit, smoking on kettle turned out to be hard work - been having very hard time controlling the temperature.. for some reason charcoal in right basket always dies out regardless of the wind direction or even when there's no wind... This video was taken when chicken internal temperature is around 160 It seems like my food cooked in kamado is covered in ash like never before. I don't think I ever had my chicken dark brown like this....it has rubbery taste like hot dog.. or I just had too much of smoked meat, something I've been eating almost every day for a year and half. I would much prefer using kamado over weber, it's much easier to use and works very well in cold weather (although vision drawer area rusts because of the condensation) ... but kamado \ royal oak flavor may be just too much for me these days. Either that or something else needs to be done. this is what kamado walls (video) look like... Any recommendations? Do I need to clean my kamado? if so, how? I only vacuumed it, but never touched the walls. Do I need to switch to other, less strong smoke flavor of lump charcoal? If so, what kind? Do I just need a break from smoked food for months, so that I can start enjoying kamado as much as I have for the 1st year owning it? Thanks Edit - the flame is never touching the food as I use lava stone in kamado and charcoal baskets in weber. Although the lava stone cracked in the middle, so I have 2 pieces touching one another with weber drip pans on the bottom shelf
  21. Hi Kamado people, Blasted weekend. I did my first pulled lamb shoulder and cauliflower head. The lamb was spectacular although towards the end I lost the fire and had to get it up to temp again. I panicked and opened up all vents, this worked but I lost my lambs internal temp and my thermometer is not a really good brand but usually works well. The cook took longer than I wanted but at the end it was tender and tasty. I really need to get an instant read thermometer. Cauliflower was pretty good too. Will be doing it again, I used the accessories that comes with the Akorn razing the food slightly over the lamb. Anyone have some links as to starting a low and slow fire in the Akorn. My little apprentice was all in for the cook. Keep smoking
  22. I'm about 2-3 years out on the voyaging. I'm working out what I need in a boat, which boils down to something I must either build.... and I really don't want to build another boat..... currently working on a small sailing trimaran built from a canoe and two Hobie 14 hulls for knocking about on local reservoirs for the next couple of years........ Hope to splash that one in the spring. For real voyaging, I'm looking at older catamarans in the range of 30-38 feet, very wide beam, and the bridge deck & cabin set well aft with netting forward... for seaworthiness. The closest commercially made boat is the Fontaine Pajot Maldives 32. The real fly in the ointment is the fact that I must have a junk rig, for numerous reasons, ease of handling, low upkeep, low upkeep cost, minimal hardware, instant reefing, light loadings on virtually everything............. Everything centers on safety first, followed by cost. Richard Woods designs a number of boats that would be well suited (with some conversion), and some of the Simpsons fill the bill. Many of my culinary and brewing projects as well as shop projects, bear directly on this........ I have a very complete shop, and seem to spend my time either in the shop, or in the kitchen, or outdoors. I walk a minimum of 2 miles a day on my own trail through the woods to the post office, hike far back in the mountains (solo usually), hunt, fish, design and build and invent constantly. At the moment I have just finished rebuilding a New Process 435 transmission and installing it in a friend's '78 3/4 ton 4x4 ranch pickup, and spent the last couple of hours installing rivnuts ahead of the rear hatch on my 2010 Outback wagon, and making brackets to support a rack that can carry a real load......... I'll finish tomorrow. Ordered a 10" ceramic Kamado from Titan ($153 including shipping) a few hours ago.... it'll get here while I'm gone, as I'm taking a trip through Southern Idaho and Oregon, dipping into Nevada, to Adel, Lakeview, K-Falls, and Ashland, over to the coast, and up 101 to Newport, then to Portland to see my Mother......... I take the round about route, and camp in remote areas. I'll be gone for 2 weeks. H.W.
  23. i plan on cooking a deep dish pizza on my kamado tonight and came across your post. im trying to decide if i want to put the pan on a preheated pizza stone in the grill or just put it on the grill grate. i do thin crust pizza all the time on the grill but the deep dish will be a first.
  24. Spraying works great on WSM or offset stickburners but with a Kamado every time you open the lid you risk the temps spiking and then having to diddle with the vent settings a bunch of times to get the fire stable again. Kosher salt and coarse black pepper only, fat side down over a drip pan (but not swimming in liquid) and cooked hot and fast. Oh, and the point is the way to go.
  25. New toy for Akorn pitmasters! I made a pellet grill conversion on my Akorn in June and now it's going into production. Basically I ripped out a pellet feeder from a small pellet grill and made an adapter at the bottom of the Akorn grill. I just got the patent pending status so I can post it now. Here is a write up on the project. I'll update when we got the production prototype made...probably within a month. https://bbqube.us/Turn-Your-Akorn-Kamado-into-a-Pellet-Grill-with-BBQube-Pellet-Conversion-Kit_b_15.html?draft=1
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