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  1. My base and dome are both cracked and I've had to put a claim in. I got a notice this week that they are back-ordered but should ship at the end of July or early August. Will the base and dome come with gasket's or do I have to add one? It has taken forever to get an answer out of support so I figured I would ask here first. Thanks
  2. All, A while back I asked about temp controllers, which turned into a whole thread about wifi connectivity, etc, and John (our lord and kamado savior) reccommened the PartyQ, which of course, was immediately discontinued.... HOWEVER Now costco is selling the iKamand V2 online, for 189.99 https://www.costco.com/kamado-joe---ikamand-grill-controller.product.100666779.html?langId=-1&krypto=JgDokVgJg4Pb83ClatIB%2FVJCcAXFiF80IIkfHDMDSYcvxXEEJhniNv59kgt3O57xAcDe1iXI9R%2F26cu01IFFRONzHfmRcZBiCYthGHul0vAkTKcKNdKTZ9CCjd8%2BQX0EeoDfbvYLIhy7teB1yd36orvsHphQbVuv01CPU5pXvNDaVxkNz8H6VQouC5xBAdxtptQu9ZPOyTA6cEVHATrdhMSeWTfG3CU8NzGrxYFvfGYrctyojkOoV2Ym%2BkQDhQmOfnRPdVmfOxZoRKIt7Ekrdw%3D%3D Given costcos great return policy, I'm tempted to pull the trigger. what does everyone think? My specs: Classic 2 Wifi Connectivity on the patio is....ok Thanks in advance
  3. Anyone been to one yet? Are they offering the new Big Joe's? Also anyone have the pricing? Thanks, Allan
  4. Have you seen the new Kamado Joe Grill & Sear Plate? I ordered this one from Atlanta Grill Company and it arrived here at the Man Cave today. This is designed to be a reversible cast iron grilling surface for use on the Kamado Joe Jr. and the Kamado Joe Classic. THERE IS NO VERSION OF THIS THAT WILL FIT IN A BIG JOE. https://atlantagrillcompany.com/products/kamado-joe-sear-plate I intend to use this for searing projects on both grills but there is an unadvertised use for this as well that I want to tell you about.... This plate sits on the lowest ring of the Divide & Conquer rack very close to the coals in the firebox. This plate will serve very well as a high temperature searing surface in the Classic but it will also make a FANTASTIC alternative heat deflector for low and slow cooking. If you flip this grate so the wide side of the grill bars are facing up, it will serve as an adequate low and slow heat deflector that will allow some fat from your meat to drip into the fire and produce some of that amazing smoke from the fat that adds a great flavor to your meat. When I was cooking a lot of meat on my old Weber Smokey Mountain and my Ugly Drum Smoker, I was using homemade perforated heat deflectors for this very purpose. I can't wait to give this a try as a heat deflector... THAT is gonna happen either Monday or Tuesday here at the Man Cave..... Stay tuned for more on that! #KamadoJoe #SearPlate #AtlantaGrillCompany
  5. So I had looked over the challenges and knew I was making a dinner for my wife's birthday yesterday. I knew with the new grill that steak would be on the menu for this as it is definitely one of her favorites. I had a few options for the side dishes (corn or red potatoes....zucchini or spinach)...and let the store sort of choose for me. This little bag of red potatoes was on sale and well, the zucchini looked awful. I knew with those 3 main ingredients I would not need much else to make them work. So I set up the Kamado Joe with coals pushed mostly to one side and lit for lower temps. Wanting to get around 275 to reverse sear the steaks and let the potatoes go for a while before cranking the heat up. While it was lighting...I did some prep. For my 5 ingredients for the challenge...I have Filet Mignon, Red Potatoes, Frozen Spinach, Half and Half, Six Cheese Italian Blend. First...I started with two Filet's (my wife's favorite...was tempted by a beautiful bone in ribeye at a good price, but being how I was going to document this and my first steak cook, I settled on both of us having the same consistent cuts to ensure a good cook on her birthday). So about an hour before they go on the grill, out of the fridge and coated with a little kosher salt, fresh ground pepper and penzey's roasted garlic powder. Next the Potatoes...these little guys were buy one get one at the grocery and we love red potatoes. These were actually super easy as they were very clean and small...so once rinsed, I quartered them, tossed them in olive oil, kosher salt, Penzey's roasted garlic powder, fresh ground pepper, and Penzey's smoked paprika and put them in the cast iron skillet. Then the spinach...I prefer fresh, but went with frozen chopped spinach this time and saved the sautee step. I had soaked the spinach in warm water before all of this to thaw it and then squeeze the spinach out to get rod of the water and set aside. In a bowl mix some half and half, Penzey's roasted garlic powder (I usually use fresh garlic for this and the potatoes, but that would be a 6th ingredient I think...so opted for seasonings that didn't count), a pinch of kosher salt, a good 10 or so turns of pepper, added also some crushed red pepper flake as we like a tiny bit of spice to this, and then some of the cheese that keeps this thick and not a runny spinach. Normally Id add in some parmesan as well but that would be another ingredient. So, I sort of picked this 6 cheese blend for this knowing it counted as one ingredient and had Parm in there. It then went into a baking dish. With the Kamado to temp, the steaks went on the high grate indirect heat, potatoes on the low side over the coals. Temps stayed around 280-285 throughout. Took about 40 minutes to get the steaks to 125*. In the middle of that, I put the spinach in the oven at 425*. They would have also gone on the Kamado, but we do not yet have our smaller cast iron to cook them in and my wife was hesitant to let me put that other dish on the grill and discolor it (her birthday, her rules). Spinach cooked about 25 minutes til the cheese bubbles and browns. Once the steaks hit that temp, I pulled them and the potatoes off and opened the vents to get a good searing temp. Once it was approaching 500, I shut the bottom vent to half way and just left the daisy wheel holes open all the way once I closed it at all. Steaks got around a minute per side with a slight turn as she loves the crossed grill marks. (I purposefully cut the heat a bit as to not char them too much as she likes a little crisp on the steaks but not a thick char/sear...when I do that other ribeye...yeah of course I still bought it...I will likely put a harder sear on it for me) Potatoes got a little turn and stir as this went to crisp them up. Steaks inside then after seared to rest (hers at a medium, mine medium rare)...while the steaks rested I continued to stir potatoes to get them crispy. Even served the meal on our actual china from our wedding...and a nice Pinot Noir for me (she is a white wine drinker and had a glass of Moscato also in our good crystal). She was quite happy with the meal and said she didn't need to go out for any fancy dinners when I can cook like this...and if she had known this she would have had us buy this grill years ago.
  6. Hello all, I’ve had a kamado joe classic since 2013, couple of questions. Its time to replace the gaskets, got several bare spots showing, although no smoke leaks with last slow cook. Confused about which gasket is best or which one will work on my model. Tried to call kamado joe, but unfortunately, their call center is closed due to covid. Did a search and just got more confused. According to some of what I read, I will have to replace the hinge if I go with the new style gasket, and or adjust the dome. I’m OK with going back with a felt gasket if needed. Second question, due to family issues, I have not been grilling much the last 2-3 years, other than burgers and brots. Would like to get back into some more adventurous stuff. Looking at the Divide and conquer system but this doesn’t seem to be available right now, did see some off brands of same thing, wondering if these would be worth it. Much less cost which is good, but also wondering if its one of the those “you get what you pay for” things. Saw a set on amazon for $110, “looked” identical for the kamado joe version. Thats about $100 cheaper than I can piece together with KJ products. Any and all help is appreciated. Just want to get the biggest bang for my buck. Thanks John.
  7. Just bought a Kamado Joe Classic. Got a great deal at Lowe's. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I use Frontier and I think it is good lump. Just guessing, but did that chemical smell like ammonia? If so then that is very common to all or at least many sources of lump. I've gotten it with Frontier, Kamado Joe Big Block, Royal Oak, Cowboy, so on and so forth. I wouldn't worry about it. Charcoal naturally absorbs odors (some of it anyway). I hope that helps. Happy Cooking
  9. https://www.bbqguys.com/kamado-joe/stainless-steel-grill-expander-for-classic-18-inch-grills
  10. After about a 4 year hiatus, I am back to cooking on a Kamado. Just picked up the Classic 2 on Monday. Man I sure did miss cooking outside.
  11. Welcome to the forum and back to Kamado cooking! Beautiful picture, it would do well in a sales ad.
  12. Graham

    Tomahawk Steaks

    Thank you John and Don, John, i was supposed to say "John" in the first post but got your first name wrong and didn't want to butcher your surname from memory. I have a big Joe III and think i will go with reverse sear and see how they go. 2.5lbs in the UK is about £40.00 per steak so who knows .... i will let you guys know how they end up ... Question ... Wood blocks for smoking? I have some Kamado Hickory but it seems to be super strong ... will this overpower a Tomahawk? Cheers,
  13. I get asked this question frequently so I have written up a cut/paste answer for it. What's the difference between the Kamado Joe 2 and the Kamado Joe 3? or Is the Kamado Joe 3 worth the difference in price? ******************************************************** "Worth" means different things to different people. My best suggestion to you is to have a look at the feature differences. The 3 has the SLoROLLER, the 3-level divide and conquer rack system, the cast aluminum and powder coated side shelves, the kamado joe charcoal basket, and the newly designed cart. It's hard to put a dollar value on the usability enhancements that some of these upgrades bring to the table. The charcoal basket is a no-brainer for me. I was using a third party charcoal basket before the Kamado Joe versions came along. I love how those give me easy maintenance of my charcoal and ash. I have a zero-waste charcoal situation with those baskets. I never discard any unused lump charcoal. The charcoal basket alone is a $119 upgrade. The 3 series grills do NOT come with the cast iron grate since they come with the charcoal basket. The metal side shelves give me the ability to set somethign hot on them (within reason) without worry about melting or damaging them. I don't know if that can be assigned a dollar value. The 3-level divide and conquer rack may have some advantages for cooking space if you want to add a couple extra cooking grates to your setup. There isn't but about 2" of clearance between each level so it's marginal in terms of what you can put on those but things like wings, ribs, and other smaller items can be stuffed on there no problem. The updated cart with the larger casters makes it much easier to roll the JOE around over uneven surfaces. The storage shelf on the bottom of the cart gives you plenty of space to store cooking racks, heat deflectors, and the SLoROLLER when it's not in use. For me, the SLoROLLER has been a noticeable and significant improvement in the cooking performance of the Kamado Joe grill. For anything I cook over indirect heat, no matter what temperature range I am working in, I am seeing faster than normal cooking times. This is behaving much like a convection oven where you may want to adjust your temperature or cook times to account for it. I am getting much more even cooking. I am seeing more noticeably defined smoke rings when cooking barbecue. Once again, none of that can really be assigned a dollar value but the benefits, to me, are impressive. The Classic 3 also comes with the half moon heat deflectors if you want to use those in a half or full configuration instead of using the SLoROLLER. Another unadvertised benefit I see is the deeper base segment of this grill gives you higher clearance over the charcoal when you want to cook on the Joetisserie. That added clearance (about 3 to 4" additional inches) creates a much better environment for rotisserie cooking in my opinion. Sorry for the long response here but I wanted to be detailed so I can copy/paste and save this answer. I get asked this question a lot
  14. Hi guys! Long time reader first time poster. Was just looking to refill charcoal and wondered if anyone used atlanta grill company charcoal? Good pricing but i've found out that I rather pay for a little extra for better quality cooks and longer burns. At the moment I am a fan of Kamado XL charcoal and have had problems with other types like Cowboy. Ive yet to use Royal Oak brand, I hear from you guys its the best but unfortunately my store only carries the briquette version and I would like to avoid those chemicals. https://www.amazon.com/Royal-Oak-195228021-Lump-Charcoal/dp/B019H0DAQ4/ref=sxin_7?ascsubtag=amzn1.osa.dfff58df-bf3e-4ae4-b5bd-35a046ceb1a6.ATVPDKIKX0DER.en_US&creativeASIN=B019H0DAQ4&crid=JIR1X4JCJGS4&cv_ct_cx=lump+charcoal&cv_ct_id=amzn1.osa.dfff58df-bf3e-4ae4-b5bd-35a046ceb1a6.ATVPDKIKX0DER.en_US&cv_ct_pg=search&cv_ct_wn=osp-single-source&dchild=1&keywords=lump+charcoal&linkCode=oas&pd_rd_i=B019H0DAQ4&pd_rd_r=ffb8041e-a064-4837-9b33-12e437f700db&pd_rd_w=oLojc&pd_rd_wg=iCyAd&pf_rd_p=239b7e46-2801-4de5-be76-268606e8ded2&pf_rd_r=9Q0CDZ85FTA9WNY8P68F&qid=1594060727&sprefix=Lump+charcoal%2Caps%2C204&sr=1-2-72d6bf18-a4db-4490-a794-9cd9552ac58d&tag=thesprucepublish-20 https://atlantagrillcompany.com/products/atlanta-grill-company-charcoal?variant=32126550048877 Just curious on peoples thoughts. Thanks!
  15. Does anybody know where to buy either it or a similar gasket (preferably in the EU) for a decent price? Seems to be around $80 or so just for the gasket most places. I recently fried the OEM gasket on my Monolith at 900F doing pizza. It appears to be a "standard" felt type and not really suitable for super high temperature. I replaced it easily enough with a "Smokeware" Nomex gasket for £16 (GBP) and that is working perfectly so far, but I just really like the look of that kind of rounded fibreglass "new style" KJ gasket. Monolith are also sending me a roll of replacement gasket, but I think I would rather just solve the problem of high heat gaskets once and for all. Any comments on the longevity of the KJ gasket at high heat over time? Is it worth the $$ or is something else better? I do appreciate these are consumables, but I'd still like to get the best performance and value from them.
  16. Greetings and welcome to Kamado Guru. There is a ton of information here as you will soon discover. There are also a lot of people here who are willing to answer your questions and give you advice. If you are a new kamado owner and looking for advice, you may want to take a look here: This is my free guide for ALL Kamado owners. This is the book that should have come with your Kamado! MOST of your new-owner questions are going to be answered here along with many questions you didn't even know to ask yet.... Enjoy!
  17. My patio slopes about about 1” in 8 ft. Is Thais slope detrimental to grilling on the Kamado Joe Classic II. Does it need to be perfectly level?
  18. Hi there folks. I've been using a Big Joe for a few months now. I've had tons of success with pork butt and reverse sear steaks and chops. Baby back ribs seem to be less than stellar. I've done them twice. Background - I used to do low/slow (225-250) baby backs rolled up vertically on my Weber Smokey Mountain. I never used to wrap them, and they always came out smokey, tender, and juicy. Can't do that on my Joe. Here are my 2 runs at them: First time: tried 3 half racks naked, and 3 half racks where I did the 3/2/1 method, with the 2 hour phase of the latter wrapped (meat down) with some liquid and then in sauce for the last hour. It was a comparative experiment. Wrapped ribs came out OK - tender and juicy, but not much smokiness or bark. The naked half racks were dry. I attributed this to the extended time on the smoker. Second time: 3 racks, laid out horizontally, dry rubbed. I did mop with liquid ever 30-45 minutes after the first 2 hours or so. I waited for them to be tender enough to tear easily, but after 5.5 hours they were still not too tender, but were clearly getting dry so I pulled them. I found they were OK for smoke flavor (not as much as with the WSM), but they were a bit dry. So I am trying to figure out how to get juicy, tender, and smokey on the Joe. Here are my ideas: - Maybe I should go rolled up horizontally? Any magic in that other than space saving? I didn't think so, but easy enough to try. - Should I use a water pan underneath as I did with the WSM? I keep reading how you don't need water with ceramic smokers because they are so tight, but my results show otherwise. - Did basting/mopping remove the smokiness? I could easily go back to spraying them. - Is the Kamado just better with the wrapping methods? 3/2/1 or 2/2/1? I don't want to lose the bark/smoke as I did last time, so maybe try it again but go bone side down when I wrap instead of meat side down? - Maybe cook them using the fast method (saw John's video recently) at 350? I've read the Raichlen's BBQ Bible and he does ribs like that. Would probably prevent drying, but would they get smokey enough and tender enough in 1.5-2 hours? - Something else? Would love to hear your thoughts if you've got a good method or thoughts about my suggestions. I can't quite figure out why it isn't the same basic method I was so successful with on the WSM. Note that I am not into sauced ribs nearly as much as non-sauced. I know my temps are correct with a calibrated dome thermometer and digital probe attached to dome thermometer. -Andrew
  19. New member here. I currently have an original Kamado Joe classic 18" (classic 1) It's built in and is dropped into a hole in my countertop and sits on a shelf. I am interested in getting a classic III, however I need to know if the dimensions are the same. I realize that it is taller, but is the width the same?
  20. This was the first time I did ribs in my Monolith. I've done them hundreds of times in my Weber Smokey Mountain, but never in the K. I also wanted to do a taste test between two different local butchers, so picked up a rack of spares from each. Neither being my usual butcher, but one on a tip from a friend of mine as selling "just the meatiest ribs"......so let's see.... The rack at the top is from the "recommended" butcher, the bottom one from a place nearby that I use for pork shoulder, but not much else. The top rack is heavier by nearly a pound, but looks a bit more raggedy ###. All rubbed up and ready to go. Firefly BBQ Memphis rub in case anyone is remotely interested. Both racks after cooking. This was fairly hot and fast. My Kamado dome thermometer was showing 210F, but my Inkbird unit at the grate level was showing temps from 260 to 270F, so I went with that as a guide. Cook time was about 4 hours until they felt ready to the probe and to a bit of twisting. I used some plum wood chips during the first couple of hours - not a huge amount though. 30 minutes before the end, I mopped them with a bit of home made maple bourbon glaze I had in the fridge. Here's how the "recommended butcher" rack came out. They were excellent. Still had some bite to them, yet came off the bone nicely. Lovely texture and flavour too. I forgot to take pictures of the other rack, but they definitely weren't as good. Texture just wasn't the same, although taste was good though. And a picture of my little smoking buddy - Maggie the six month old Scottish Deerhound, because why not?
  21. @daninpd, I'd "Give it a go" too, but I'm not a creative enough cook to estimate the recipe steps. May I impose on you to publish something like a recipe in the <Recipes> <Pork Recipes> section? You know what I mean; preheat the kamado to XXX°, rub the pork with..., cook the tenderloin to an IT of XX°, and glaze with a XX/YY mix of peach and currant... I'm sure that the information you provided is adequate for the other members here, but I'm kinda' a dope.
  22. I will find out Friday as per the Costco APP, Kamado Joe is supposed to be at my location. However they took it down on the WEB. I am looking to buy one ASAP as my Louisiana Grill cracked after 3 months and the vendor told me to return it to Costco
  23. I've had the Kamado Big Joe III 24" for over a year now, since it first came out, summer of last year. While it's a great grill, which I consider an upgrade to my previous Big Green Egg XL 24", it has a couple of annoying design flaws. I've contacted Kamado Joe about these but they ignore my emails. 1. The Divide and Conquer (D.C) system is much taller than the regular Big Joe and also the Classic Joe. Therefore, when the half moon grilling racks are on the top 3ʳᵈ tier, the D.C supports bend and flex when cleaning the grilling grates with a steel brush and the grates fall down, which is really annoying. See photos comparing the difference in height between the 2 tier D.C of the classic and Big Joe vs the taller 3 tier D.C of Big Joe III. My solution was to get stainless steel bolts, washers and nuts and attach these to the corners of the grilling grates, this makes them captive in the D.C sitting points and prevents this issue. I wish Kamado Joe would have welded pins on the bottom of the grilling grate corners, this would have been a much more elegant approach. 2. The "legs" of the charcoal basket, over time droop, they bend up from the weight and heat of the charcoal, this makes the whole basket sag down in the fire box which makes it impossible to hook the 4 hooks of the charcoal basket, to the D.C struts. As you can see in last photo, if the legs that hold the basket in the fire box, were positioned along the vertical splines instead of the middle of the horizontal hoops, this sagging issue would never occur. Clearly as design flaw I hope Kamado Joe will fix in the future. I've a added photos of my solution to the falling grates and and problem with the sagging/drooping legs of the charcoal basket.
  24. Lightly Used, great shape. Kick ash basket, SmokeWare cap. Great Shape, ready to go. $250 Pickup Only, Rockville MD.
  25. Kamado Joe Big Joe version II Dual Cast Iron Grates, Kick Ash Basket, SmokeWare Cap, Cast Iron griddle, new accessory ring in box, extended grill rack for two level cooking, factory cradle, holds temp, great cooker in great shape. Gasket replaced last year, then not heavily used. Cooked a brisket point today, held 225 all day long. $700, located in Rockville MD. Pickups only. You’ll need to bring a friend, I’m not able to help carry it out.
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