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  1. I pulled the Trigger folks. I ordered a Kamado Big Joe from WayFair Supply. It should arrive around the 19th of January. I will probably end up in the dog house for this one. I used my Xmas bonus from work on it. The wife wanted to combine our bonuses and get new bedroom furniture. I let her know that I wanted a new grill and that funds could come from some other place... We saw the BGE XL at a store this weekend and she asked if that was what I wanted and said it would take up pretty much all of the bonus money. I told her what I was getting would be something like the egg and than told her that she was an awesome wife because she understands my BBQ additcion. So I guess she knows its coming but won't neccasarily be happy about it till I start turning out good food.
  2. I love baking on the Kamado Joe Big Joe. The temps are rock solid when set. I just did some Papa Murphys take and bake on the Big Joe. The pizzas were fantastic, smoky hearth oven tasting, but baking desserts on the Kamado Joe Big Joe is becoming more and more entertaining. Here was what we started with, some real basic chocolate chip cookies the wife whipped up while I was outside baking the pizzas. Just set on the Kamado Joe Big Joe accessory rack with heat deflectors and pizza stone. (Sorry no flash.) Here is the deliciousness I ended up with. Super soft with a great crust on the bottom of the cookie. Unfortunately, I didn't get any of the cookies as wife and children ate them up before I got a chance to taste. There was total and complete silence as they were eaten, so they must have been good!
  3. Hi Guys On my second cook on the Kamado big joe the lid on the big joe will not stay up. Its slowly starts to shut hitting me on the head. i have had to have someone keep the lid open for me when i need to to do something. Does anyone know how to adjust the hinge to stop this from happening. Thanks in inadvance for any reply.
  4. Well I did it. I hope I don't have to sleep next to it outside.
  5. Saw an Ebay listing for a KamadoJoe Big Joe earlier today. Sitting around $350.00. Picture is not for the listed item. Condition is listed as 'New Condition.' Seller has 0 feedback. No mention of being an authorized dealer. Warranty is mentioned but "For the Kamado Joe warranty to apply, you must register your grill..." Bidding is now up to $961.00 with 1 day 17 hours left. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Kamado-Joe-Big-Joe-24-Red-Ceramic-Grill-w-Stainless-Bands-KJ24NBR-/161412974036?pt=Barbecues_Grills_Smokers&hash=item2594f685d4 Some brave, trusting individuals out there. I suppose that is a nice way of saying it.
  6. Let the rub set overnight. Great color and penetration (I think). Hardly any liquid. Just put them on. Smoking everything. STLs, tips, diaphragm and even the breast bone had some nice meat so that went on too. Plan on foiling them with KJ BBQ sauce, sugar in the raw, butter and a few spritzes of apple juice. This is my third time using this exact method with the KJ Peach and I was very pleased with the first two results. More pics coming!!
  7. For the second day of use, big joe has to provide enough meals for an hungry family. for convenience reasons, everything was smoked with hickory : lunch : smoked kebabs : beef soya mustard / chicken ginger / tofu soya smoked potatoes , rubbed with paprika , coriandre , cumin, thyn , romarin, olive oil some sweet peppers Marseille / onions / cheddar roasted ananas / pear dinner : smoked lasagna alla mozzarella (zucchini, ground meat, basil) some fruits not shown (peach/pear) it was planned to get some baked specialities in the morning, but did not get my pizza stone on time... hesitated to do it on the joe jr head deflector on top of the big joe deflector anyway... hope that some of these meals will look appealing, if you want recipe, just ask Again, thanks to the forum, I'm new to kamados, never contributed, but spend hours to read
  8. Just snuck away from the BBQ to post this. Rubbed them last night with Oakridge Dominator. This is my 4th time using the rub. It has an incredible color and scent. I would describe it as a slightly sweet rub. Fuel was Royal Oak, smoke wood was Pecan. Here they are on the Big Joe @ 225: My preferred temp is 275 but today the Big Joe wanted to start off at 225 so I let him. I originally planned on doing a 2-1-1 ish cook but since my Big Joe was settled in at 225 I decided to go 3 hours before foiling. So my cook ended up being 3-1-.5. Ribs were still pretty firm when placed them in foil with a little apple juice so I figured 1 hour in foil would be OK. Needless to say I got a little sidetracked with family and my Big Joe spiked in temp @ 300 while they ribs were foiled. When I finally pulled them from the foil to sauce them they were literally falling off the bone. I don't like them that tender but they were a hit with the guests so I guess that is all that matters. They were so tender that my tongs ruined the bark. Although I have to admit they tasted pretty good. Here they are sauced, baby backs in front, you can see one of the bones that fell out:
  9. Since KJ do not sell cast iron grid for big joe, is there another manufacturer selling one that fits in the BJ?
  10. I just wanted to post a link to the Big Joe review posted by The Naked Whiz: Kamado Joe Big Joe Ceramic Charcoal Cooker
  11. It looks like even Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty has joined the Kamado Joe fan club. I noticed a Big Joe on his deck in new "Wedding Episode" that aired the other night. I'm wondering if we'll see a "Smoking Joe" DD episode this year. Smoked Squirrel anyone?
  12. I needed to clean out the ashes in Big (Red) Joe before my cook. Normally I pull the guts and have a lot of room to work. This time it was going to rain and I did not have the opportunity to use that approach. So we did it with the internal parts left in place. After removing left over charcoal and the fire grate I realized a scraper/clean out tool could be more handy than using a spatula/turner, big spoon or other instrument including one’s hands as a scoop. So heading into the shop I saw an old car license plate. Bingo…. I cut the license plate on the narrow end to match the inside curve of the lower sides of the fire bowl. That is the “scooper” end. I left the other narrow end flat to act as a scraper. Scrape the ashes into a pile with flat end. Scoop out with curved end and into your disposal container. Repeat as necessary… This will get out almost every bit of the ash in no time. BTW - It also works as a tool removing the left over charcoal. The license plate is the right overall dimensions (width and length) at least for the Big Joe ash pit and thin enough metal to easily cut with aviation tin snips but still thick enough to hold its shape while using it. But any similar sheet metal would work. I hope this gives you some ideas for your cooker. The photos below give the details. BIG (RED) JOE ASHES CLEANOUT TOOL - USING OLD LICENSE PLATE (or equivalent) OLD LICENSE PLATE MARKED FOR THE CUT TRIM TO FIT FIRE BOWL SIDES USE FLAT END TO SCRAPE ASHES INTO PILE THE LAST PILE READY TO SCOOP OUT THE CURVED END SCOOPS UP ASHES READY TO PUT IN CONTAINER
  13. I just ordered the 16x14 rectangular Baking Steel after reading John's review. Do you have to cut the Baking Steel down for the Big Joe to get it high enough into the dome for the toppings to cook? http://bakingsteel.com/shop/baking-steel/
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