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  1. I was surfing and found this great site. Just acquired a Grill Dome needs lot of TLC. Looking forward to bringing it back to life. Thanks, Mike
  2. Hello, I own a Char Griller Akorn that I purchased in February 2013. Every time I had some minor issues with it, product wise, or use wise, I would visit this forum anonymously for a solution or a tip. Finally decided to join the group. I use the Akorn 12 months a year, sunshine, rain, sleet or snow. I've been cooking the Christmas turkey on it fot the last 2 years. Lately I had seriously considered going to ceramic but I just can't justify paying 3 or 4 times as much as I paid for the Red Akorn. I do have a Charcoal Weber at the cottage. Hate it! I may buy a new CG Akorn and move my old one to the cottage.
  3. I just came across this forum and I am hoping to get tips on cooking on my recently purchased kamado big joe. I have been trying some smoking techniques but with very different results. I am unsure as to the amount of wood to add and I never produce a good smoke ring. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I love my big joe so far and want to get the best results possible. Cheers Phil
  4. cmardel

    New Guy

    Got a King Griller Akorn (Model 6520) for Christmas. Just finished my first cook (beer can chicken.) cooked longer than anticipated, so it is tonight's dinner. Just getting started, but this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
  5. I've been lurking in the forums for a while, just decided to jump in and get involved while construction is a little slow...
  6. jackflak


    Hello. I'm John from southern Ga/Northeastern Florida-Kingsland. Just got my first Kamado Vision S. Enjoying it! Glad to be part of the group and learn some new stuff!
  7. Greetings from Southwest Florida. New member here. After years of curiously watching and wondering what this was about, we finally pulled the trigger on our first Kamado style cooker. We're big fans of shopping at Sam's and were drawn to the Vision, mostly by price point over the Egg. Honestly didn't realize there were so many producers on the market before finding this forum. Thought we were getting a good deal until I saw some of steals others got on clearance markdowns for under $300
  8. New to Kamado cooking. Just bought my KJ big joe last week. Already cooked on it four times and love it. Had the best steaks in my life last night. Didn't realize what I was missing for the past twenty years! Thanks for the references and recipes. Looking forward to your advice and mentoring.
  9. Howdy, y'all. Been lurking for a while and just ordered an Akorn as my trainer-kamado. (Budget is tight right about now.) Looking forward to learning from all y'all veteran kamado kamandos on the forum.
  10. I plan on purchasing a Kamado Joe Big Joe in the next few weeks from when the Costco KJ roadshow comes to the Orlando area or possibly sooner, if the local dealer will meet the pricing. I would like to thank the folks at this forum for the helpful advice that has helped make this decision much easier. I've been a gas griller for most of my life and am very excited by the cooking possibilities with a Kamado cooker. I'm looking forward to trying some of the many of the posted recipes, especially the low and slow briskets and pork cooks - they look delicious. I'd like to extend a special thanks to John Setzler for all the helpful videos and posts.
  11. ...or something along those lines. Hi! I am rolling in from Canada and am a proud owner of an Akorn...although I dream daily of owning a Kamado Joe.... that will be on hold unfortunately, until I collect enough couch change, but I digress. Have been lurking for awhile, and really enjoy the vibe of this place, so I thought I would sign up and try mingling with the locals. Not much to say about myself, other than I love using my Akorn, and have used it to make pizza, bake bread and grill/smoke enough excess calories to warrant a new pair of pants. Outside of BBQ, I love shooting video, as well as photography, so hopefully I can post some yummy shots in the near future. Look forward to making some new friends and learning along the way!
  12. Hi, everyone. I'm looking to get a new grill, and the research process has been very interesting. I've gone from wanting a Weber propane grill, to a Weber Smokey Mountain, to a Traeger pellet smoker, to a Masterbuilt electric smoker, to finally, and permanently, a Vision Classic kamado! I'm amazed at how much everyone who has gotten a kamado loves them. I'm convinced by the versatility. And I can't wait to get one. Now, I'm just waiting for a good deal. I'm so bummed I missed out on Costco's closeouts last year, where some people got Vision Classics for $300 (or even less on occasion). I see the Vision Classic at Sam's for $599, and I'm tempted. I might do it. We're not Sam's members, so tack on a membership too. Unfortunately, Costco no longer carries them. Anyway, I'm glad this community exists, and I can't wait to learn from you all and share what I can.
  13. Hello everyone, I joined a few days ago and I look forward to learning from everyone's posts. I bought a Vision Classic back in August and have slowly been working my way through John's recipes from the KJ you tube channel. Smoked meatloaf is out of this world! Looking forward to many more great cooks.
  14. rwalter2


    Hi, my name is Bob Walter and I am the proud owner of a Komado Kooker which I purchased last year from Menards. I found this group looking for Mods for Kooker, Look forward to sharing some recipes and techniques. LOL BOB
  15. Sparkey


    Hi All! Although I've gawked at the Big Green Eggs at the local hardware store for a couple of years now I didn't expect to be able to afford to get into kamado cooking until after the kids graduated college or I stumbled into a substantial family inheritance. To my good fortune, Sams Club was apparently overstocked on Vision B Classics last month and was unloading them for $250. I couldn't resist. So now I have a new hobby and need to be re-trained on how to cook. I already picked up a tremendous amount of knowledge from your site and am looking forward to learning more with this community. Cheers!
  16. I purchased the Akorn Kamado from Lowe's this past weekend. After seasoning the grate, I smoked a pork shoulder (picnic cut) Saturday night, and pork spare ribs on Sunday. So far I am really impressed with it! I did some research on this forum, and I read several reviews before pulling the trigger, so I felt pretty comfortable making the purchase. I recently moved and I had to leave my nearly worn out Char-Griller and Webber grills with our neighbor, back in Austin. I'm very happy to have a grill again, and I think this will be perfect for the kind of grilling and slow smoking I like to do. For anyone who cares, I started slow cooking meat (mostly brisket and beef ribs) on a 2 burner gas grill back in 2005. I would put the meat on the upper rack, opposite of the burner that was turned about as low as possible, and I would put some wet wood chips in foil above the burner. I managed to get a few decent briskets out of that, which got me hooked. I then switched to one of those small Brinkmann 'smoke'n grill' units, which worked okay for smaller cuts of meat. Adding more charcoal was a bit of a pain, but I would use a chimney starter and then use a fireplace shovel to help guide the coals into the pan. Next I bought a smoker (with offset firebox) from Academy, which my ex-wife got custody of. I would say that I had pretty good luck on the smoker with the firebox, but like many who now own a kamado style grill, I found it was difficult to keep the temperature consistent for overnight smoking. I've long wanted a Green Egg, but I never really felt like I could afford to spend that kind of money on a grill, so the Akorn seems like a good compromise.
  17. Hi everyone, I'm an Aussie living here in the UK. I've been here for about 16 years and love cooking outside. The weather's really mild which makes it an easy proposition. I've just entered the kamado market with the purchase of a classic black joe stainless standalone. I'm still learning how best to fire it up and manage the temperatures but so far it's delivered on its promise of juicy, tasty food. I've also just completed a table for it! I'll post a couple of photos in the DIY forum. Barry
  18. Hello from St. Louis, I'm happy to have found this forum. I've been grilling and BBQing for 30+ years using a Weber grill and a large offset smoker by CharBroil. Last summer a friend of mine got a kamado grill and I began to do a little research on them. I was intrigued the small amount of charcoal that kamados use and the apparent ease at maintaining a constant temp. So, last week when I cooked butts and chickens on the offset and used 2 bags of lump in 10 hours, and I looked at the rust stains on the patio under the old CharBroil, I began feeling it was time for a change. Yesterday I ordered a Vison Pro from TrueValue. I decided on Vision because of the many features included at a relatively low price - at least when compared to the BGE. I'm looking forward to it's arrival and to improving my cooks.
  19. A recent transplant from So Cal to So Utah (St George). I have been a Kamado guy since the middle 1960's. I have owned 2 of the original Kamado's (Green & Orange) imported from Japan. I now own a Kamado Komado OTB, for about the last 5 years. Moved it from So Cal with me to St George. Had a new Outdoor Kitchen built to accomodate it and a traditional gas unit too. With over 50 years experience with Kamado cooking, I have looked and tried many different units, so it is nice to find this forum for us "K" guys.
  20. Greetings Kamado Gurus! After a colleague and friend, K-ville, acquired his Vision Classic B from Costco last year, my interest was peaked. Around the office here in Ottawa, K-ville is known as 'The Guy' to talk to about all things smoked, grilled, BBQ'd, marinated, brined, etc, etc, etc. Having had his new cooker for less than 72 hours, already he was thrilled and enthusiastic about his cooking future. The next day, my husband, Nadir, found himself standing in front of the large piles of barbeques at Costco with me selling him on ALL of the amazing things I had heard from K-ville and read on the internet about Kamados being not only the barbeque, but a barbeque way of life!!! (For the record, it really didn't take much convincing.) We grabbed a flat bed trolley for the Vision Classic B, loaded the cadillac-sized Costco cart with charcoal and the rest... well, the rest was a smoke filled year of slow cooked pig parts and hunks of beef, perfectly peppered steaks and grilled veggies, herby roasted chickens and turkeys, wood-oven fired pizzas and more. We are two wine lovin', beer drinkin', grillin', smokin', cottage goin', hikin' bikin', canoin', Canuck Yuppies in the Software biz and we both absolutely love to come home to our Kamado at the end of any day. In true Canadian stylie we cook on it hot or cold, rain or snow or shine and have found that no matter what, the food ALWAYS comes out tasting delish! (Even, despite a few growing pains.) We are so happy that we discovered this baby early in our careers and lives together and look forward to improving our recipes and ranting about the addition to our family for years to come! Start your fire boxes and get your smoke on! Grillin' Canuck
  21. Hey guys, my name is Blair Weidman and I live in Olympia, WA out in the great Pacific northwest. I'm still pretty new to the bbq world. All I currently have is the 26.75 in Webber otg, but I'm really hoping to get one of these kamado cookers real soon. I follow a lot of channels on YouTube and Steve over at stoked on smoke has really inspired me to get one of those grill domes. I love the design of it, from the stainless heavyduty hinge, the super thick ceramics, and love the paint and the fact you can choose between 5 colors, not bust 1 like all other kamados. The smooth painted surface is real nice, as compared to most all other kamados look like a giant golf ball with those dimples. Other kamados I've looked into are the primo xl. I like the versatility of it and all its different rack setups and accessories. Also I know the kamado Joe is super popular as well. I follow John on his YouTube channel and he seems to put out quality food. So I have a birthday coming up in a couple weeks, and my heart is 95% set on getting a grill dome, unless you guys have any other advice or suggestions as to why I should go a different route? I know quite a few people have complained about grill done's customer service though? As far as primo goes, I actually have a local dealer about 3 miles from my house, so that's really nice. What do you guys think? Thanks everyone, Blair
  22. Hey guys, So I tossed my gas grill (flaming-death-trap) out on its ear of 7 years, and replaced it with a Char Griller Akorn, after my neighbor bought one, and pretty much instantly won me over. The price was killer compared to a BGE. I dunno why I attempted to cook with gas for so long. But this is the past. I jumped right in with little knowledge and I've cooked some skin-on chicken (that was my maiden voyage with the Akorn - and super delicious), a pork loin - not as fantastic (cause I was clueless), and a few other misc pieces of meat. Anyhow, been doing some reading on this site, and amazingribs.com and a few others - still learning a ton, but wanted to chime in and say hi. I've increased my knowledge ten-fold in just a few short hours, and applied them to some pork baby back ribs, and some jalapeƱo poppers (ABTs as I have learned today) - will post my results soon. Thanks for all the great info! -Brad
  23. Hello from sunny Southern California and the Sierra Nevada . I have a large big green egg and have added an IQ120. Only used it a few times. Looking forward to this forum.
  24. Greetings, Grillers and Smokemeisters. I'm Cap'n Clyde from Virginny, with roots, in-laws and outlaws in the Tarheel State. Stumbled onto this great patch and from what I've read so far, this is a great forum with lots of nice folks, sharing tips, information and secrets on the magic of fire and smoke. I'll be sharing my secret Family Recipes if I'm given permission. ( Bags are packed for the next train out of town when they find out. ) Been grilling since 1952, but changing my style and technique to adapt to the Char Grill Akorn. Nice machine. Back later with more. Gotta go fire up for pizza tonight before it snows. Cheers.
  25. Hello from sunny Southern California and the Sierra Nevada .
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