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  1. The internet sale was supposed to start at 6PM today and run until the 15th but it seems like the sale is up right now. These are better than the Costco Roadshow prices. Rates are as follows: Classic II - 799.00 Classic III - 1369.00 Big Joe II - 1299.00 Big Joe III - 1999.00 $99 Flat rate drop shipping to the 48 contiguous United States. Plus 15% off all KJ branded accessories.
  2. New to the charcoal scene and just ordered a Kamado Joe Big Joe III, currently being shipped and I can't wait! Btw I've been lurking on this forum for a week, and it seems like a great community, everyone is so knowledgeable and helpful! Question for all you Kamado owners out there, particularly Kamado Joe owners: Is it safe to keep your grill outside year round (covered), like on a deck or patio? Or would you be worried about the hardware corroding? Debating whether I can keep this bad boy on the deck or if I should give it a nice cozy home in the garage when not in use. If on the deck, it would be exposed to the elements year round, including snow in winter. Even if covered when not in use, should I have concerns about storing it outside?
  3. I just upgraded to a Big Joe so I'm selling my Classic as well as my Joetisserie. Both in excellent condition. No cracks, not lighter fluid used, I've had it for less than a year. I'm located in Austin, Tx. I tried to upload pics but it keeps failing. I can email pics if anyone is interested. $650 for the Kamado Joe $150 for the Joetisserie
  4. Yesterday I smoked my first brisket with the Joe. I've smoked briskets before in my Masterbuilt Electric Smoker (MES henceforth) and they were phenomenal. This one turned out with great taste, but I know I could have done a lot better in terms of texture. The bark was nice and crispy which I loved, but it came out a little tough. I've identified several differences in the process I followed on the MES, but I always want to learn from the best so I welcome all input - suggestions, constructive criticism, etc. MES vs Joe: Flat and Fat Cap on MES vs just the Flat on the Joe (I don't think the briskets I smoked on the MES were full briskets - they weighed in from 7 to 10 lbs, and the one I smoked yesterday on the Joe was just over 5) Drip Pan filled with water (coffee, actually) in MES vs no added moisture on Joe Texas Crutch after 4 hours on MES vs all grill time on Joe Brushed with Mop Sauce pretty frequently on MES vs untouched on Joe Wood chips on MES vs wood chunks on Joe (doubt this contributed, but wanted to capture it) Internal Temp 195 on MES vs 200 on Joe 5-6 hours on MES vs 7-8 on Joe Those are the differences I can recall. The MES produced a much more tender brisket, but the bark wasn't crispy at all, and borderline soggy in some places. This makes sense given the drip pan, the aluminum foil and the basting. My hope is that I can somehow obtain that perfect bark and a more tender bite. Pictures: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nc2f33hb5wdw45b/Photo May 13%2C 21 34 51.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/ygztvqmf8fr4s4e/Photo May 15%2C 20 42 37.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/f98piayfayfiwet/Photo May 18%2C 13 28 57.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/p1hw9javhe95hzw/Photo May 18%2C 14 18 49.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/eqbr19g9eu1jtoo/Photo May 18%2C 21 31 20.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/e1wp3bqz77rhqcz/Photo May 18%2C 21 33 01.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/5klzyxjqpfnnipm/Photo May 18%2C 22 23 57.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/hcqylt8z02fgpcb/Photo May 18%2C 22 26 31.jpg?dl=0
  5. I purchased my grill in December and finally got around to using it Sunday afternoon. I have been cooking sous vide and using a cast iron pan lately, but the smoke has been terrible. For or my first time grilling, I decided on baked potatoes, steaks and asparagus. Started the fire with a twisted paper towel wetted with vegetable oil. The fire got hotter than intended, and stayed hotter than intended. I started with the potatoes and let them cook for nearly an hour above the heat deflector. Then I added the raw steaks, and eventually the asparagus that were prepared with some oil and seasoning. I was prepared for disaster but everything came out delicious. I forgot to open up the vents for the sear, but as I said, the grill was hot.
  6. I just purchased a KJ Classic divide-and-conquer rack and to Half Moon stainless steel grates. I'm not entirely sold on two Zone cooking for such a small space, so I won't be dividing anything. But I will conquer :-) I have a 14 inch pizza pan by Lodge cast iron. It is my heat deflector. Guaranteed never to crack. I've already cracked a couple of pizza stones in the past. And I don't want to go that route again. I do have a pizza stone rated at 1400 degrees that I could use as a heat deflector on the very bottom shelf... If they're wrapped in foil to keep it clean. So I have options in case I want to do low and slow using two shelves. In that case the half moon racks go on the bottom and then I will rest my hinged Vision grate on top. The cast iron Pizza Pan works great for Smash Burgers too. Plus, the whole setup just pulled right out. There's a couple of pics. It fits like a glove.
  7. Hi all After a very long time of reading reviews, comparing prices, and saving money, I've finally bought a KJ Classic (see picture). I am based in Switzerland, where upper grade meat cuts are very expensive, so I'd love to learn more about cooking cheaper cuts of meat. Here's a random selection of thoughts I have so far: 1. Some of my favourite meals ever included hot smoked razor clams and octopus. Would anyone have an idea where I could find more info on this forum about this? 2. I do have some very specific questions, e.g.: when cooking burgers on a cast iron griddle, does the fire provide a significant amount of taste, as compared to a stovetop? How should I go about finding more information? Is it ok to start a new threat and ask directly? Looking forward to learning from this community Ben
  8. This is the second year we have done beef wellington for Christmas Eve dinner. Not going to lie, this dish takes a lot of prep work. This year I decided to do everything but the puff pastry the night before. Prepped the mushroom duxelles and sauted it until completely dry. Shingled prosciutto and spread a thin layer of the mushroom duxelles over it. Quickly seared the center cut of a prime beef tenderloin and brushed it with dijon mustard. Used Oak Ridge BBQ’s Carne Crusta Steakhouse & Santa Maria rubs. Then wrapped it in the prosciutto/duxelles layer and put it in the fridge overnight. On Christmas Eve I wrapped it in a puff pastry and topped it with another layer of latticed pastry. Cooked on the Kamado Joe at +/- 400 degrees. Pulled the beef wellington when the internal temperature reached 127 degrees. Served it with salad, baked potatoes and a red wine reduction. I forgot got to get a picture while it was on the grill, and the money shot didn’t have the best lighting, but it was a perfect medium rare in the center. The wife and in-laws loved it and that’s what Christmas is all about!
  9. Well today started off with a visit to the guys down at the "Low and Slow Meat Co. " Heard a lot of good things via facebook and decided to go check them out. Inspiration wasn't far away - I spied a massive Tomahawk steak. I turned to my wife and said - wanna give this one a crack ? What followed was an immediate "Hell Yeah !!" SOLD !! In the bag and away we went. Had to get a couple of complementary goodies while we were there. A great range of rubs and sauces.. This steak was HUGE - 1.4kg and looked awesome in the vacuum bag. Prepped the Kamado Joe for an attempt at a reverse sear. The steak was exactly the right size and a prime candidate for the reverse sear method. New lump charcoal and about a handfull of hickory chips (not soaked) in , deflector low on the right side with the rack on the upper level (for the low and slow part of the cook) and the left grate on the lower level in preperation for the sear. For the initial part of the cook I was looking to come up to somewhere around 275F (130/140C). Based on the size , I figured it was probably going to need between 60 and 90 minutes to reach the desired internal temp. I was aiming for an internal temp of around 120° F - 125° F (48.9° C to 51.6° C) [rare] after the slow part of the cook. That way with the sear ~3minutes each side we would get to our desired finish temp of 130° F - 135° F (54.4° C to 57.2° C) [med rare]. Set up: Once lit - inside to prep the steak. Pretty excited to try the Stubbs rubs. I decided to use both rubs , for the main part of the steak I applied a liberal coating of the STUBBS Steak rub , and for the actual bone part (which was quite meaty) I added the STUBBS Bar-B-Q rub. I am really glad that I did as the taste diference was amazing. Kamado up to temp and stable for about 15 minutes - time for the meat to meet the heat.. 275F (130/140C) for as long as needed to reach internal temps. In this case it was around 1hr 30mins and perhaps could have been off a couple of minutes earlier. Slightly warmer than I was aiming for. I pulled it off and it was around 127F. Wrapped in foil for the 10 minutes or so it took the Kamado Joe to come up to temp (Searing hot approx 500F/250C) and put it on the lower grill for 3 minutes each side. The sound and smell was simply amazing - I almost had a moment :-) Finished product Cook Summary : Total cook duration : Almost spot on 2hrs Low and Slow : 1hr 34m Rest 10 min Sear 3min each side Thanks for looking in Joe On !! Al pics in my blog post https://wp.me/p9uQNy-4A
  10. Hey guys, I am about to pull the trigger on one of the new Big Joes tomorrow. I had one question about it though. Has anyone had a problem with the latches getting hot? It seems like this could be an issue.
  11. I am looking for and original Kamado Joe Big Joe rolling stand or cart that came with the big joe. Looking to take my stand-alone Joe and put it into a cart. I am located in Canada, in the GTA in Ontario, please contact me if you have one you are willing to part with Thank you
  12. Hello all, Just picked up a Kamado Grill to replace my old gas grill. Dived right in and did a 8 pound brisket this weekend. Looking forward to learning more!
  13. I need your help! I have been doing tons of research and I am down to either the XL Big Green Egg for $1,024 at my local dealer or the Kamado Joe Big Joe for $1,800. I know I would need to spend another $500 ish dollars for accessories for the BGE but it is still overall cheaper. The main thing I like about the Kamado Joe is the upgraded gasket, it seems like such a pain to worry about the felt gasket (maybe it's not that bad). The other features of the Kamado Joe are nice, but not that important to me like the ash tray and the air lift dome. I would love to hear your thought from both sides to try and help me decide. I really appreciate your help as I am excited to replace my pellet smoker and finally play with real fire!
  14. Looks like the new gasket is finally available on-line, Its a bit pricey at $89 for the classic and $99 for the Big Joe, Can anybody confirm that it will work on the Pre-2017 Joes? https://www.quetopiabbq.com/product/kamado-joe-gasket/
  15. Pecan top and oak everything else besides the drawers. Had some oak 4x4s that I cut down for the frame
  16. Hey all, My name is Will, I WILL be a new Kamado Joe Big Joe owner in the next few days. Looking forward to some great smokes and grill outs! I also do a lot of All grain home brew beer for fun, because well, I like it better. And last but not least, I am ridiculously crazy about lawn care... anyway, im glad to be a part of the forum and reading through all the info. I do have one question though, (and I hope this isn't already covered, and if it is, I apologize) but I can either get a grill from a somewhat local grill store (45 mins away) or from Costco. The guy from Costco will only be there till Sunday April 15, 2018 and I was curious if any y'all could help me out on this; Costco price and local grill store price is about the same but I was curious more about the taxes. I live in Texas, and I know regardless of any company's offer, Texas wants their cut, which is fine, but I read somewhere that Costco roadshow is tax free, has anyone else heard of that? if so it would be worth the extra $150 or so... plus Costco is closer.
  17. Kamado Joe Big Joe - The Cover Store Elite Cover $75 including delivery - need quick sale!!! located in Toronto, Canada Used for 2months. Built a table so require a bigger cover. Over $100cdn if ordered from US. Strong, durable, has covered vents for airflow and clips to secure.
  18. Hello! New to the forum, and wanted to share something I did with those that may be interested. First thing I noticed is that tables and carts for Kamado grills are not cheap. I did some hunting around online and found a stainless table I liked for a good price, Kamado Joe's KJ-SST, only to then learn it would not fit the Classic II because of the new air lift hinge. Well, I wasn't giving up yet, as I felt there had to be a way to make this work. I found measurements for the table and began brainstorming. My first thoughts were to cut slits in the rear of the table to allow the hinge frame to fit since it didn't need a ton of clearance to begin with, but decided even though I wouldn't of had to cut all the way through the rear of the table, it still would of been weak, and the table is open in the rear below the table top. Started looking at the hinge, and noticed there is a lot of excessive material in the black frame. After feeling good about my measurements, I decided to order the table. I took some final measurements once the table arrived, and determined where I would need to cut the hinge frame to keep the grill pretty much centered and 1 inch off the bottom for airflow. I took the plunge and cut out my measured sections of the hinge frame with a hacksaw, then filed sanded and repainted the edges. Overall went very well, and the pieces I removed from the frame had zero affect on the hinge performance or strength. I have included pictures of the results, and can regather measurements to those that may be interested in doing the same. I bought the table on Amazon for $399, which is a great deal compared to prices of other tables, and wanted to let others know this can be done. Best addition to my KJ Classic II so far. Happy grilling!
  19. I recently purchased the Kamado Joe big joe in order to replace my Oklahoma Joe offset and my Chargriller Akron. After my first cook I realized how long this grill takes to cool down. My question is can I leave this grill uncovered overnight to cool off? I live in south Florida and it rains often during the summer. How will rain affect the grill if I leave it uncovered overnight? Trying to figure out if I need to keep my Akron as a back up for late night cooks. Thank you all in advance.
  20. So after the flu kicked my behind for about a week and getting caught up at work and a bought of sheer laziness, I got back on the Big Joe when the men came over Saturday. First, I was surprised by the amount of lump left over from my brisket cook a few weeks ago. For me at least, this pic blows a hole in the idea that colder temps burn a lot more lump. In about 9° and after 13 hours, this is the amount of lump left over. Forgot to get a pic on the Big Joe, but I did hash browned potatoes in a CI skillet, jalapeno and cheddar scrambled eggs and my favorite kielbasa. The giant Texas sized biscuit was done in the oven. Currently on the smoker is a spatchcocked hen with roasted veggies in my D.O. and basting with herb infused water and avacado oil
  21. My lovely wife picked up some beef shorties from the local Coles store last Thursday. I have been wanting to give beef ribs a go for a little while as I have not done any low and slow beef on the Kamado Joe. I was a little sceptical as to what the quality would be like, and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised with the look of them. Pretty meaty, with a reasonable amount of fat. For this cook, I didn't trim too much, just the really hard fat that doesn't add too much to the end product. Before the grand unveiling of the ribs I need to prep the Kamado Joe and I had a couple of little helpers that had been pestering for something to do. So with the addition of some oversized latex gloves, I let them clean out the last cook charcoal. I knew that I was going for a reasonable length cook ( ~5hrs to so) so wanted to ensure that I wouldn't have any issues with maintaining temp. Out with the old an in with the new. Earlier in the morning, I picked up some new "chunky" lump from a new store I wanted to try. So glad I did, Gidgee lump that is of a really decent size. The price wasn't too bad either :-) But like most trips to the BBQ store, you end up coming home with a few necessary extras... For the Kamado Joe setup, typical Low and Slow. Gidgee lump with a mix of the new cherry chunks, a handful of hickory chips. Deflectors in the low position and the grill rack in the upper position. I had an aluminium tray under to catch the drippings. Not for use, just to prevent making too much mess. Prep of the ribs was a basic trim off the hard fat. As I had 2 packs, decided to try out 2 flavour combinations. One was with the newly acquired Lane's BBQ-Ancho Espresso (hands down my favourite to date). The second pack was a combo of Lane's BBQ Garlic², STUBBS Steak spice rub, salt and pepper. The Ancho Espresso is on the left, a nice dark colour. The BBQ Garlic² is on the right. While prepping the ribs, the Kamado Joe was lit and warming up, aiming for around 130°c (275°F). I've learnt to not stress over the temps too much, as long as you are close all is good. At the end of the day, it will be the internal temp, probe tenderness or something else that determines when you are done. In this game, it is certainly not done just because you have cooked for X number of hours and X deg. Low and Slow is not a strict science, it is an art that has a big degree of gut feel, intuition and common sense. All up this cook went for around 5½ hours, maintaining the 130°c (275°F) target temps. The final call to pull them off was based on the probe tenderness. In hind site, I should have let them rest for a while longer, but we were both starving !!! They were tender and juicy, just not as "buttery" feeling as I had pictured. Lessons from this one - longer cooking time, would probably improve the mouthfeel. For the longer cook, I would probably wrap/boat for a portion ensuring they stay moist. All in all definitely something on the to-do list again and a reasonably cost-effective meal (as long as I don't go to the BBQ shop first ) hahahaha. Highly recommend the Lane's BBQ-Ancho Espresso - super delicious flavour profile! All washed down with my new favourite Australian Pale Ale... For all the pictures - head over to my blog post : https://kamadoblog.wordpress.com/2018/02/13/kamado-joe-beef-shorties-beef-ribs/ Thanks for stopping by.. Joe On !!!!!
  22. Hello, Just recently purchased a 2016 stand alone joe classic. When I was opening the lid yesterday the back started to drop sliding the band over the lip. I'm having difficulty trying to line it back up. What would be the best way to get it back in alignment? Posted a couple pics to help visualize the situation. I did loosen the top band bolt to push it down somewhat but can't get it completely down. Thanks
  23. jfirey

    Pro Joe

    Does anyone know what the pricing on the new pro joe will be?
  24. So with visitors coming for dinner (the inlaws) this is the first real test – cooking for others, aiming for a set time for dinner… The pressure is on. My plan was for a really flavoursome lamb roast. Sent my wife off to my current favourite butcher – the Low and Slow Meat Co – at Tingalpa.. Can’t fault the product that we have bought from them. I will remember this one for a long time – Tomahawk Steak. Was looking for a boneless something and ended up with this magnificent Sovereign Lamb Shoulder 2.4kg of awesomeness… Cause the meat looked absolutely magnificent , I really wanted to just try and enhance but not overpower the natural sweetness that is slow cooked lamb. Picked up an awesome Garlic rub made by Lanes BBQ , and the traditional flavours of fresh garlic and fresh rosemary , salt and pepper. So my prep for this cook was pretty basic – up early and apply the rub,salt and pepper and let it sit in the fridge for a couple of hours while I got the Kamado Joe Classic sorted for the 8+hr cook for the day. Unwrapped the lamb , covered with a splash of olive oil , inserted some fresh garlic in a few locations just deep enough to be under the surface, added sprigs of rosemary to the same cut. Generous sprinkle of the Garlic rub , fresh ground salt and pepper plus added a small touch of the Stubbs Bar-B-Q rub just for that hint of something unique. Now the Kamado set up I tried something a little extra with the deflectors and some added pizza stones. The deflectors were in the low low position , I then added a pizza stone on top of this one. Put the Xrak in place and added another pizza stone. My thinking here was to include some additional “protection” to the veggies that I would be putting in there later in the afternoon. For the heat it was 80% fresh lump , a couple of small handfuls of hickory chips and I split some ironbark chunks that I had from our camping wood stockpile. After about 40mins of getting warmed up , it was time to add the meat. For the initial period I just had a tray sitting under the roast , took the opportunity to add some more aromatics to this tray and catch some of the juices /rendered fat from the lamb. Went pretty well and held temp like a champion. That is definitely one thing about the Kamado style cookers they are awesome once dialed in. On with the veggies at the 4 hour mark.The prep for the veggies was nothing special. Pumpkin,potatoes,carrots and a couple of onions. Drizzled with olive oil , sprinkled with the Lanes BBQ Garlic rub , added a good sprinkling of salt and pepper and that’s it. Added a tray (spuds) under the roast , and a second tray (pumpkin) on the top rack. Started to base the top of the roast with an olive oil garlic and rosemary mix – looking to keep it moist. At around the 6 hour mark I decided to wrap the shoulder , looking for 2 things keeping the shoulder moist and limiting the smoke content. At around the same time , I think one of the chunks of ironbark lit up and provided a tone of smoke – good for the veggies , but may have been too much on the lamb. Timing was aresy , but it worked well. For the wrap I decided to make up a liquid to add some additional flavour complexity. For the liquid I made up some beef stock , pepper , garlic , rosemary gave it a good mix up and basically poured it into the bottom of the foil wrap. Once the veggies probed tender , I pulled them off and put into a pre-warmed oven. At around the same time , the roast hit temp and decided to pull it off and rest. Once the roast was off , re-configured for a quick corn cook – chared corn on the cob… After about 30 minutes rest it was time to see what the result was… Wasn’t disappointed. Super juicy , well rendered fat , and a nice subtle flavour provided by the rub.. Awesome. To finish off the night , a little store bought apple pie !! Never had smoked apple pie before… Mmmmmmmm… Wont be the last either.. Total cook duration : 8Hrs 25Mins Kamado dome Temp ~120C (250f) wasn’t too picky with the temps as I knew it was going to be a pretty long cook. Here’s a quick video of the cook Lamb Shoulder Thanks for stopping by… Joe on !!!! Full pictures on my blog page. https://kamadoblog.wordpress.com/2018/01/30/lamb-shoulder-australia-day/
  25. Well before the Tomahawk grabbed my attention yesterday I had been having a craving to try a leg of lamb on the Kamado Joe. What is more Australian than a lamb roast on a Sunday. Perhaps only beaten by some lamb chops on Jan-26th. Tonight’s dinner was a 2.3kg bone in leg of lamb, with the traditional accompaniment of roast pumpkin,potatoes and carrots. Decided to try indirect for the most part add some direct towards the end and finish with another short burst of indirect. For the most part it seemed to work and the end result was pretty spectacular. So good my wife and I didn’t even bother with a gravy….. The flavour straight off the Kamado was perfect , the lamb juicy enough to not need anything added. Kamado set up: 75% new lump + handful of hickory chips both deflectors installed on the lowest position Xrack in the mid position both halves of the grill rack in the upper position. Reconfigure for Sear left deflector removed left grill rack in mid position Temps: Aimed for the 150C 300F mark for the majority of the cook For the sear part I reconfigured as above and opened the top vent aiming for 250c/450f Then for the final 20 minutes let it cool down to around 175c Duration: From when the veggies went in to when it was rested was around 3hr:30min mark Method: Lamb trimmed of the really thick fat nothing to aggressive here as I wanted to have the fat render into the veggie pan Rubbed with oil, the STUBBS rubs , salt,pepper,garlic. Inserted pockets of fresh garlic and rosemary , let that marinate for a couple of hours. Veggies were a simple wash cut into largish pieced placed into the roasting pan with vegetable oil , olive oil salt pepper and some sprigs of rosemary. These were placed into the Kamado Joe on the xrack , under the top grill racks. I did this after the initial burn and whilst the Kamado was coming up to temperature, probably about 20 minutes before the lamb. Once up to temp ~150c on went the lamb to enjoy that kiss of smoke and soak up a couple of hours of heat. After around 2hr30min (internal temp 130F) I reconfigured the grill , removed the veggies and placed the lamb down closer to the charcoal to add that lovely smokey char turned a couple of times to ensure that browning effect on all sides. After about 20 minutes I put the leg back up on the indirect side to finish off. Kept checking the temps and decided to pull it off once I had a reading of around 140f. Wrapped for 10-15mins to rest and relax. All in all turned out awesome !! Learning for next cook. Get a remote thermometer would have helped getting to the precise temps. Let it rest for another 10 min or so. Learn how to carve a bone in leg ! Thanks for looking in. Joe on !!
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