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  1. Doing a little meal prep for work on the overnight shifts this weekend... I butterflied a couple large (12oz each) chicken breasts and gave them a sexy sear on the Kamado Joe soapstone cooking surface... Stone temp at 375-400°F and flipped every minute or two to build a beautiful sear on both sides... Sliced these into strips and will be rolling them up in a whole wheat tortilla wrap with some lettuce, carrots, mushrooms and a dash of fat free italian dressing... dinner will be a good one tonight!
  2. I'm sure you guys get this question a lot from friends and family just like I do. I decided to do a video on it. I was thinking through all the cookers I've have owned over the years and which ones would be the best for most folks cooking for friends and family who for whatever reason can only have 1 cooker. If you can only have one, you need something that can grill and smoke so that ruled out some of my favorites right off the bat. In the end, I think most people would be happiest with kettles and kamados as their only cooker and here I go through my reasons for each one i think people would like best in mind-numbing...I mean "thorough"--detail. lol This is just my opinion. Feel free to disagree. I probably overlooked something (and if I did, I'll mention it in a future video.) I don't really have any skin in the game. I just get this question a lot and it's important to me to help people find what they need. Side note: I was worried since it was long, nobody would watch it but over 4,000 people watched it over night last night. I must have hit on something.
  3. We had some friends this weekend so decided to break out the joe for the first time in anger (only managed a few test runs and some standard British style BBQ to date) to try some piri piri spatchcock chicken. Dry brined the chickens with salt, sugar, fresh bay thyme and lemon zest for 24hrs. rubbed with peri peri chicken rub (in my case a Nando's one) and cooked for 45 mins. My aim aim was to cook at 200 - 250C, which I hit at first but struggled to maintain. Had the bottom vent about 2" and top vent just cracked it would happily sit @ 170 but could get it up. Here are the results very tasty!
  4. FOR SALE: KAMADO JOE CLASSIC LOCATION: TORONTO It's black, with stand that has fold out side tables, and the original stainless grills and various other components. The following accessories are also included: two half moon cast iron grates; custom made, tan-coloured , heavy duty 4 season cover; electric starter. Purchased new on June 30, 2015 (I have the receipt) for $1497.25 (taxes included) without the additional accessories. It's less than 2 years old, very lightly used and in perfect condition. I sold my Big Green Egg, which was great, with my cottage and purchased this Kamado Joe Classic for my condo in Toronto. I have to say, I prefer it to the BGE, just my opinion. It's lightly used because we've been travelling a lot and are out of the country four to six months of the year. The problem is that our terrace is quite small and the Kamado Joe takes up too much space. Let me know if you're interested and I'll send you some photos. I'm asking $1000 CAD
  5. Hey guys, I posted this over the recipes forum a day or two ago, because it was the first forum on bread I could find using Tapatalk. I then realized it was the wrong place for it, so I'm reposting here. A friend of mine bought Ken Forkish's book "Flour Water Salt Yeast" a little while ago, and after borrowing it for a short span I bought my own copy, and have had a blast baking bread following Ken's instructions. I've tried a lot his recipes and have started making a few of my own creations using the techniques he teaches. However, whether I follow a recipe or go freestyle, something as beautiful as the first image always comes out black on the bottom. I get mixed results in both the KJ and Akorn. I think the best way I've found for baking in the KJ is with th deflector stones in place directly over the coals. Only trouble with that is I have a hard time getting to and maintaining 475 degrees, especially with a ginormous Dutch oven in there. I can get my Akorn to temp REAL fast, and then put the heat difuser in and let things simmer down, but the bottom always comes out scorched. Again, only time I seem to get burning is when I use the Dutch oven. Sad. My Kamado Joe has been tied up with a pork butt this afternoon, so I fired up my Akorn for the first time in months to have a go. I recall having a little more success with bread on my Akorn (but I haven't done as much bread on my KJ yet - not knocking it), but on both this keeps happening, and I end up cutting off a good portion of the bottom crust. This particular loaf is about 80% whole wheat, 80% hydration, and is a hybrid levain (i.e. Sourdough), with 100 grams of my own started as well as 1/4 tsp instant yeast (yes, a relatively large amount, but it rises amazingly, which I love). Baking method: preheat kamado to ~500 with diffuser plate in place and rack above (no water pan), put a pizza steel for extra deflection on the rack, then the Dutch oven on the steel. Let it all warm up 10-20 minutes (maybe not the full amount, but seems to be hot enough), and then drop the loaf in and put the lid back on. Bake for 20 minutes, pull the lid, and then remove after another 5-10 minutes. This yielded the results above. I thought the lower stone and the steel would keep enough direct heat off the bottom of the bread, but doesn't appear too. The only time I've not burned it is when I've got it directly on a stone on the top rack (no Dutch oven), or in a pie pan on the upper rack of my Akorn (also no Dutch oven). I really want to keep the Dutch oven in place because that's supposedly what makes the bread split open on top. Is an Akorn even moist enough to get away without using it? Any thoughts and recommendations (and especially experience) is much appreciated. Thanks!
  6. This weekend only I believe. Good price on the older classic! Includes free delivery. And when I got mine three years ago from Pike they put it together. Not sure if that applies now but you can ask! http://www.pikenursery.com/pages/current-ad
  7. I fired up the Kamado Joe Classic this evening to try out one of the recipes in Chris Lilly's new "Fire & Smoke" book. I can't say much more than OUTSTANDING for this recipe! Chris Lilly's "Yuzu Shrimp Skewers" Ingredients: 1 to 2 pounds of 30ct shrimp, peeled, deveined, with tails on Marinade: 5 tablespoons Yuzu juice (I had to substitute Orange Juice here) 1/4 cup honey 2 1/2 tablespoons soy sauce 4 teaspoons sriracha chili sauce 4 teaspoons sesame oil 2 teaspoons salt 1 teaspoon curry powder 1 teaspoon grated fresh ginger 1 teaspoon minced garlic Directions: Prep your grill for direct cooking at a temp of 450-500°F. I elevated my grill rack to the highest position to keep from scorching the shrimp. Rinse and dry the shrimp. Combine the marinade ingredients in a mixing bowl and wisk together until all the honey is dissolved and incorporated. Add the shrimp to the bowl and toss/mix together to coat the shrimp. Place in the refrigerator to marinate for 30 minutes. Remove the shrimp from the marinade and put on bamboo skewers that have been soaked in water. Place on the grill and cook for 2 minutes per side until done. Serve hot! Notes: The flavor on this shrimp was likely the BEST I have ever tasted. It has a small amount of heat to it but that heat doesn't hit you until you have eaten a few of the shrimp. It's NOT hot... it just has a fantastic spicy profile.
  8. When I got my Joe classic a couple of years ago, the bottom vent was not placed properly on the grill and the ash pan was sticking. I contacted customer support asking how I can move things over or if I should try to grind off the metal. They immediately sent out a replacement bottom. I thought that was a class act, but after all, it was a defect. Now it's 2 years later. My gasket is worn out. I considered it to be a consumable part, so emailed them to ask if I should buy it directly from them or from somewhere else. They asked for pictures and any other model info I had. When I took the pictures, I noticed I had a few cracks in the bottom half of the inner ceramic liner, so I asked them about that as well. This was in my inbox today: ---------- Bob,I will key in a Classic Firebox and gasket material to ship out to you next week! Meghan ---------- After dealing with other grill manufacturers that are too "Nutty" to deal with (cough cough AKORN cough cough), I can't say enough about Kamado Joe. Not only do I recommend them to everyone I talk to, I feel like I should be buying more accessories just to support them more! Yeah, sure. I COULD buy another one, but my wife would kick me out of the house if I did that... Just had to put this out there. And thanks to the almighty Setzler for talking me into this purchase in the first place! Bob
  9. Hi guys, I know kamado comparisons have been beaten to death in this forum, but I guess I'll give it one more stab. Not sure if this was the correct forum for it, but didn't find any others that looked more relevant. Actually (hoping for this to be unique), I wanted to ask if any of you have owned (or still own) BOTH a Kamado Joe Big Joe and a Primo Oval XL. From what I hear, they're both amazing cookers at a similar price point (included accessories with KJ taken into account), so I wanted to see who of you has experience cooking with each, and what you like about each of them and what needs improvement (in your opinion) for each. I like Kamado Joe's warranty, included accessories, marginally larger cooking surface, and thicker shell; but I like that the Primos are made in the US, and its oval shape that provides better two-zone cooking. Thinking of upgrading to full-ceramic from my Akorn (which I still really enjoy) with my tax return money. I'm not trying to start any fights between the kamado tribes. I've read lots about each of these on the other threads, but would enjoy recommendations and insight from people who own or have been able to cook on each of these great grills. Thanks!
  10. Starting the Resurrection Sunday Brisket- a 17lber from Costco. This one sort of made up for the lack of fat on my first Costco brisket. Threw a lot more of this one away. Still though, I think a have a good pre-cook 15lbs or so... Saw these at Costco- couldn't resist... gotta try 'em. And... my old standby, go to sausage... lol what a bad pic- it's Michael Kiolbasa from San Antone' Where I come from, these qualify as sides... lol
  11. The good news is I have secured the Big Joe Demo deal and picked up four bags of lump. The bad news is now I have to break the news to my wife and sell my Big Joe. No classic II on display. The rep said they'd have them his next show on the 21st. The demo is also missing the latch and a section of the firebox is chipped but I am going to make this work somehow. In other news, I am loving the new Costco stores.
  12. I purchased a Kamado Joe Classic II last Thursday. Today I did my first cook in it. I wanted to do a hot cook, rather than a low and slow one first, as I figured hot would be easier on me as I learn the controls. I split a chicken in half, used some of my favorite rub (Killer Hogs The BBQ Rub). I put the chicken on at about 400 degrees, flipped it after 30 minutes and then sauced it after 20. Flipped it back around and sauced that for 10 and I was done. The grill held the heat so steady, I was very impressed. The chicken was so tender and moist. It was unbelievable. I really liked how the pecan wood chunks I used in there only gave it the slightest hint of smoke flavor, my kettle grill tends to overpower food with smoke flavor for some reason. Delicious BBQ chicken!!
  13. Found a nice 21lb brisket @ Restaurant Depot on Saturday- my biggest to date. As I mentioned earlier, I place a high premium on even thickness at the end of the flat and this one meets my requirements nicely. It also didn't require much trimming. I'm thinking that I have at least 19.5 pounds to cook. My last brisket cook, I sold shares of the brisket to my family- cooking two briskets- selling five shares, reserving one for myself- leaving me with a $15 cost for the two briskets, 1/6th the cost. This time I am just selling by the pound- $6 per- which still is a great deal for them and having sold 13lbs- I have paid for the brisket, lump, pecan wood and gas... Anyway, it's sitting in the fridge, dry brining until early tomorrow morning after a nice bath in heavy black pepper, sea salt and a dusting or chipotle chili
  14. Hi Folks, Richard here from Scotland Just joined the forum after peeking from a distance. Lived in a flat (apartment) for the last few years where I mostly used a Weber Jumbo Joe in our small garden. Recently moved to a house with ample outdoor space where pretty much the first purchase I made was the Classic Kamado Joe, to say I am loving it is an understatement. Been following your man John Setzler on youtube who has really helped me getting to grips with Kamado cooking. Anyway, looking forward to chatting to you folks. Richard
  15. Hey Yall, new kamado joe owner, just picked it up on friday at the Wilmington DE roadshow (tax free too WOOOOOO) so far ive cooked a spatchcock chicken with fingerling potatoes and cippolini onions, and some stuffed artichokes. today some snowday wings and a boneless short rib, cooked steak style. Thanks all, look in forward to many years of interesting cooks, and good food. now i gotta sell all my weber stuff (no room in the yard for all of it)
  16. So here it is. I go over all the new features and try to answers most of the questions that I was asked when I posted pictures about the new changes. I also tried to focus on the stuff I would be thinking about if I was shopping for a new ceramic and mentioned all the things I liked and didn't like. I hope you guys like enjoy the video. For some reason I found this video more difficult to do than any of the others. I'm not sure why. In the end, I think it turned out great...Just took longer than I expected. Let me know if you guys have any follow up questions and I'll try to answer them.
  17. I was inspired by Shuley's post to cook Lobster tails. Alas, none available in the fridge. What was available was this giant ribeye. Granted, I should have begged off when it hit the scales at 2.25lbs. But, I figured this would make for a great breakfast sequel today and tomorrow. Had a dusting of snow this morning. I'm starting to miss the ambient heat of the stick burner on cold windy mornings like today... probably should have stopped at this point...
  18. Took these pics last Thurday. have a few cracks starting in my Big Joe firebox. Some are very fine– others, more pronounced. Just posting as a reference so that I can refer back to how long the box remains useful before there is a need to contact KJ for replacement. At rear of firebox... same place, different view... bottom front left.. this pic is looking from rear of Big Joe...
  19. Got a late start to dinner tonight... cutting up root vegetables... washing the chicken... ready to spatchcock... added some garlic, salt, pepper, lemon pepper... basil to come...
  20. Alright, so I am new to ceramic grills and have had my Kamado Joe Big Joe for about a month. So, my buddy who has cooked on a BGE the last 10 years and knows nothing else comes over to give me a few tips. So we are prepping everything and getting the fire started and I put the halfmoon heat deflectors in and he goes on this tangent about how different and subpar it is compared to the BGE place setter. He said the meat would not get as good as smoke and that I would use more coal because my DigiQ would have to work harder to blow more air and thus use more lump. Pretty much he said it all stemmed from the place setter having gaps/holes in it and the heat deflectors not. He told me I NEEDED to get a place setter instead of the Joe heat deflectors. Is he full of crap? Is one product better than the other?
  21. Alright, I am not usually a write on a forum type guy (usually just a taker), but I figure this will be a good way to diary my cooks and get feedback on how to improve so please bring it! I am new to grilling and after months of looking into kamados, settled on a gently used Kamado Joe Big Joe for a great price. I am loving learning on it and am definitely seeing that "learning curve" taking place. My first cook was a boston butt that could have used some work. I wanted to do some ribs next so that is what happened. Started out getting a full rack of spare ribs from Sams for what seemed like a good price (not sure). I have been watching a lot Aaron Franklin videos and reading his book so I decided to make spare ribs his way. Started out seasoning with salt, pepper, chili powder, garlic and onion powder and paprika. Also did my best to butcher it the best I could according to a few videos. Went out to the Joe to get it started using Fogo lump (it was big) and pecan and apple wood. Side note: I decided not to use my DigiQue this cook so I could start getting the hang of feeling temperature out myself. So my plan was 225 for 2 hours or so, check and spritz and sauce, 15 minutes back on and then wrap and spritz and sauce and then 2 hours back on. I pretty well followed that timeline, but the whole time the temperature was fluctuating between 225-275 (staying mostly in the 260 range. Anyway, after 4.5 hours total I pulled them, wrapped them in a towel and put them in a cooler for another hour. I feel like they were pretty good. We had guests over and they enjoyed. They were tender (not the most tender I have ever had), but certainly not chewy. The rub was fine, didn't blow me away, probably will change it up next time. So, any feedback you have is welcome. Here is a question for you pros from a Type-A person who hates to be new and bad at something: Do you think there are specific things about this cook I could improve to make my ribs better (rub, temperature, etc.) or do you just think as I cook more and learn more I will improve generally and that will make all things I cook better? Sorry if that doesn't make sense, just trying to spell out what I'm thinking.
  22. Just got my UMAi bags in! I have been reading a lot about this topic from you guys. Gonna try my first dry aging process. Wish me luck and I'll try to keep it updated throughout. Will pick up the meat this weekend and get started. Any help/advice is greatly appreciated.
  23. Hi All, I'm looking for some advice on which accessories to buy for doing smash burgers. I have an older Kamado Joe Classic without the divide and conquer setup. 1. Cast Iron Griddle / Skillet / Pizza stone? 2. GrillGrates ? 3. Heavy Duty Spatula / Turner ? Thanks! Kirby
  24. This is soon to be chili Komado Al style. Where I come from, we call these fixin's... The green is two poblano's 1lb each of ground chuck and pork sausage, smoked a couple ours @ 195° ~ 205°. Plus 1lb. each chorizo and kiolbassa. (Well, about a 1 1/4lb of kiolbassa- you simply can never have too much of it)
  25. Just wondering if anyone has ever used Kamado Joe replacement parts on the Vision Classic B?? More specifically I am looking at changing the draft door on the bottom, mine does not seal that well. Thanks in advance
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