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  1. Hello all! Just wanted to touch base with everyone and send my regards from Chicago! Looking forward to a beautiful relationship with my Kamado Joe!
  2. I've been cooking on my akorn for over a year but never ventured into the grown man smoking club. I bought the ribs at Sams and froze half of the rack in the freezer. I did butt rub on 2 halfs and salt and papper only on 1 (for glazing later) and used a 3 - 2 - 1 method I've done lots of reading on this forum from other members on their take how to cook some ribs. My biggest fear was controlling the temperature. I was able to keep the temps stable from 250 to 270 degrees +/- Overall, I was very satisfied and happy with the outcome, and my wife loved them. I'm sure I will make em even better next time. Practice makes perfection Next time I need more smoke too. marinated over night stole a glass jar from wifey to keep my cotton balls soaked in alcohol (great fire starter) 2 hrs in...
  3. Thanks to everyone's tips on here I've embarked on my first pork butt. I've made lots of ribs, chicken and steaks, but this is my maiden voyage for pulled pork.
  4. I was at my neighborhood OSH and saw this. It's not a steal but robbery at this price. I would've pulled the trigger but I don't have room or use for it. I thought I'd post so other gurus can cruise through their local OSH especially here in CA. This one is at the La Crescenta OSH on Foothill blvd.
  5. I made some ribs, coleslaw and potatoes for Valentine's Day and served it with (lots of) margaritas. I had run out of lump and I had no choice but to buy a small bag of that Cowboy stuff from Home Depot. I didn't find it to be as terrible as most say, but it was trickier for maintaining temp. I added in a few applewood chips. Ribs were on for 6 hours around 2-225, I spritzed them with Apple juice every hour after the first two. I pulled them off the rack at 5.5 hours and basted. What are your thoughts on using a rib rack anyhow? Is there an advantage or not?
  6. What's on the menu today? Pulled Pork. A fresh batch of rub was made. Two large butts were trimmed, scored, rubbed and sealed in vacuum bags for overnight. The next day they were put on the smoke. The pork will be slow smoked at 225 for about 12 hours. These pictures are from before the foiling, which was done when the butts started to dip in temperature (the dreaded stall). They already have a glorious color and wonderful aroma, even though they are only at 160ish. All of the pictures are named descriptively; hover your cursor over the image for more detail.
  7. Hi Guys On my second cook on the Kamado big joe the lid on the big joe will not stay up. Its slowly starts to shut hitting me on the head. i have had to have someone keep the lid open for me when i need to to do something. Does anyone know how to adjust the hinge to stop this from happening. Thanks in inadvance for any reply.
  8. These turned out a treat. Devoured with cold beer. I will definitely make them this way again and will only play around with the seasoning.
  9. Hi everyone, I recently received a Vision Grills Classic B for my birthday and put it together over the October 4th weekend. I am a newbie to Kamado grilling/smoking and have only tried grilling some chicken on it up to this point. I have not purchased a heat deflector/cooking stone yet so I am open to suggestions from veteran users. Someone suggested this forum as a great place to get information so I am looking forward to learning from everyone. Thanks in advance! B.
  10. Good morning Gurus. Just wanted to give you a heads up that I recently posted my review of the Kamado Chimney Cap developed by Perfect BBQ Tek and am giving one away over at my Kamado blog, Kamado Jim. The cap, designed to allow you to use your Kamado grill without worrying about the threat of rain or snow, is custom fitted to work with multiple models of Big Green Eggs, Kamado Joes, and Primo ceramic grills. Good luck and happy grilling / smoking! Direct link to the giveaway: Kamado Chimney Cap Review and Giveaway
  11. Greetings new friends! I ordered my Akorn from Lowes a couple weeks ago. It was $299 plus 10% off thanks to a promo code. I am in Vancouver and so my only option was to have it shipped to the Lowes in Bellingham, WA, but that's an easy day trip that the wife and I do pretty often. Picked it up yesterday, massive box so had to take it out and scatter it about the Honda, but she made it back to our patio safely. Assembly wasn't too fun, but not as brutal as my last big gas grill. A screw snapped on the back and prompted me to flip out. I'm sure the neighbours enjoyed the gong show of curse words! I followed your advice on here (thanks) and seasoned it well. First cook is side ribs in a dry rub. I started with a small pile of Royal Oak lump charcoal and a few applewood chips, then added on the weber grate and a Wal-Mart pizza stone (as advised, thanks) and it hovered at 200 on the Akorn thermometer. I'm forgoing the 3-2-1 method etc... as I want to play with this sucker and see what happens with dry rubbed ribs on a rack. I opened the top and bottom up about an inch or so to see how much the temperature would fluctuate. I took the dog for a walk and when I came back it had risen by about 40 degrees. I slid the vents back to barely open and she's creeped on down to just over 200f. I know this is the reading on the Akorn and most say this may not be accurate. Set-up pics are included. Thoughts on the broken screw? It's on the back hinge. Finished product photos to follow. Not sure why the uploader on here rotated my pics, sorry about that.
  12. Hi! I came across this site and found very useful to get all useful info on Kamado cooking! I am a Japanese living in UK in the past 13 years and have lived in Kansas City fro 6 years in the past. When I was in States, I did a lot of BBQ on Smokey Joe, but they were nothing technical or fancy. After I moved to UK, I changed to gas BBQ, but recently I bought weber compact kettle, and started to realise all goodness of indirect cooking using charcoal. I then realised that compact kettle is very difficult to maintain temperature for a long time and even pizza making is slightly difficult. I started to look into all BBQ info on the web and found this forum, You tube tutorial videos and learnt how fantastic the Kamado cooking is. I finally pulled trigger to order Kamado Joe classic, and awaiting to receive mine in a week or 10 days. It is really exciting that I will be able to do what I could not do with Weber compact kettle. Only negative thing is that demand of Kamado Joe grill and its accessories are too high world wide, and UK distributer cannot deliver what people want to UK customers. Fortunately I will be able to get Kamado Joe grill itself, but cannot get cover, pizza stone and extended grill. Well I can live without them, but this is the only negative in the Kamado world! Anyway, I look forward to participate the forum in future with my cooking! Best wishes, Stone Kamado
  13. As many of you know, I'm a former academic (among other things). I have a passion for teaching the curious and willing student. I used to have a business where I taught people how to BBQ. We'd do different types of cooks throughout the mont - first weekend was pork (butts and ribs), the second weekend was beef (reverse sear steaks, loin, brisket), the third weekend was poultry (chicken, pheasant, duck, turkey, Cornish games hens), and the fourth weekend was specialty items and breads (pies, cobblers, cakes, pizza, bread). It was a lot of fun for all concerned. My motto has always been to watch one, do several, teach many. I have this weekend the son of a buddy of mine here learning how to do BBQ the kamado way. His dad is a big Weber fan and the young man is pretty good on a Weber at the age of 15. He can do ribs pretty well. The family was here for a party over the 4th and The Kid was fascinated by the Primo and wanted to know more. This is our first opportunity to begin to learn Komado Kooking. The Kid is amazed at how easily he can get a kamado started and up to temp. Of course he see-sawed temps last night until he got things settled in for the pork butt, but then that's why you start out on a pork butt. Very forgiving piece of meat and easy first cook. Nothing succeeds like success. We just pulled and wrapped and the butt is in the cooler after a 15 hour low & slow. We've got 3 racks of St Louis cut ribs on right now and The Kid can't get over how easy Kamado Kooking truly is! The Primo sits rock solid between 225° and 250° since we fired it up yesterday. The Kid can't get over no spritzing, no having to tend fire during the night, no water pan refills etc. He's called his Father about every 2 ours with a new revelation. Now he's asking his Father if they can get a Kamado! I explained to The Kid that nothing is for free. A price must be paid for everything. He mowed my lawn yesterday. Kamados aren't as cheap as Webers. My point is this: pass on your accumulated wisdom any way you can. Make certain you share it with your children, boys and girls. Invite the neighbors over to watch you cook. Pour a couple of fingers of whiskey, sit around BS'ing and breathe in the aroma of a great cook. Post your successes (and failures) here and jump in and mentor those newbies to Kamado Kooking who join us here. And have FUN doing it! Let's your friends, neighbors, compadres watch you cook. Once. Make the, get their hands dirty and help you cook the rest of the summer. Make them do BBQ several times until they feel confident. Start with easy cooks, i.e. butts and then move on to ribs and finally brisket, IMHO about the toughest cook to do correctly. Build success upon success and HAVE FUN! Create memories! Among the most fond memories I have is my Father teaching me to BBQ. Even in days of my rebellion, we always came together for BBQ. I'd trade 5 years off the end of my lfe for one more BBQ with him. BBQ inherently brings people together. The aromas, the sights, the sounds, and the taste all bring people to your backyard cook. It makes people peer over the fence and say Howdy! It creates new friends. And the opportunity to teach them how to BBQ well cements relationships! In today's disconnected world where people text message across a room rather than sit down and talk, BBQ is all about time and fellowship. This place is proof! Go find someone to teach to do really good BBQ! You won't regret it.
  14. I ordered my Kamado Joe classic last week (HOORAY!) and chose the free shipping option. I saw someone mention on here that they didn't have a problem with that option, but I would REALLY love some more experiences to go off of! For anyone using the free freight shipping option from Wayfair.com - did you actually have to get your 200# grill off the truck yourself?! How would you even begin to do that?? (I'm also thinking my question may not even do any good, as the freight companies are local, not wayfair.com entities.) Just getting excited for my new grill!
  15. Well Gurus, I think Ive decided to pull the trigger on a 32' Big Bad Komodo Kamado! Ive talked to the company owner, Dennis Linkletter and he's the real deal. I've spoken with a couple of KK owners and they reinforce everything that Linkletter has to say about his product. In fact, they rave about their KKs far more than Linkletter tries to sell. Linkletter has a very soft touch and just lays it out there for potential customers, something I really appreciate. His knowledge of the Kamado Cooker market segment is very, very deep. His knowledge of heat transfer is even more impressive. Its really good to chat with someone who teaches you so deftly. Im also thinking about getting both side wings at this point and adding a nice teak table the next go around. The KK Big Bad I'm thinking of buying is a model covered with blue stone. Dennis is making a trip to the supplier and will sent me photos of the available blue stone next week. One very nice touch is I asked if the Big Bad could be customized by inlaying "505" in the front right above the handle. He said no problem and then offered to cut "505" into a stainless steel plaque using his CNC. So Im thinking "How much is that gonna set me back ... ?" I sit down and he nearly floored me with the cost ... About $150! I jumped all over that like a starving duck on a fat June Bug! I'll also be purchasing a load of his (coconut shell) CoCo Charcoal ... 30 to 60 boxes. The price quoted is certainly right and it gets shipped right with the Big Bad. Reviews of the CoCo Charcoal lead me to believe its a superior product to what I'm currently using, i.e. Fogo. Dennis then told me to only use CoCo Charcoal on my low & slow cooks because above about 450ºF there's not much difference between regular lump and CoCo. Linkletter didn't have to tell that and I'd have been no more the wiser. An honest guy. Because of that single comment, I'll only being burring CoCo about 2/3rd of the time. I get the impression that buying a Komodo Kamado isn't just exchanging money for a cooker like I've done with every other cooker I've bought (BGE, Primo, Weber, etc.) but that this is more of relationship marketing. Dennis has made suggestions and comments to me that in the short-term cost him money, but in the long-term tend to cement a relationship. I know when I'm being sold and with Dennis its a MUCH different sales process. During out initial conversations he asked a series of questions and suggested that the 23" KK may be more to my needs. I talked candidly about my business plans for the KK Big Bad and he again told me to think about it. I've come to the conclusion that the 32" Big Bad is the cooker I'll be ordering seeing as how I tend to invite over a mess of friends and will feature the grill in my business. As the Old Guys around here know I always say "Better to have it and not need it than to need it and can't get it!" So, I'll keep you guys posted as to the steps in the process. I'm looking to close on a new house hear in the next 4-6 weeks, so I have to have a solid address to ship this thing to. I"m NOT going to move it more than once! I'll let you know what color I chose (blue or black), when the wire transfer occurs, the ship dates, etc. One thing I know for certain, this is decidedly NOT like going down to Lowes and grabbing a CharGriller Akorn or the local Primo dealer and grabbing an XL!
  16. This is not news to avid EGGers but the rest of the world should know that the 2014 EGGToberfest will be held Saturday, October 11, 2014 at Stone Mountain Park in Stone Mountain, GA, due east of Atlanta. I was lucky enough to be a cook last year (along with my wife and a friend) and we had a lot of fun, both at the event and the night before at the Meet-and-Greet party. Cook registration opens up Monday, August 4 which is just around the corner. Cook spots will disappear within 48 hours if not faster. BGE limits the number of cooks to about 300 but the venue is very large so they may expand the registration this year. We'll see. You can sign up yourself and others, with a $50/person deposit (you get it back if you show up or cancel by a certain deadline). Taster tickets go on sale later and usually sell out in a couple of weeks. Also, BGE sells the used Eggs for a significant discount but you'll need to sign up on the web site if you want to buy one - and I hear they sell every egg used at the Fest. Details and a lot of info is in the link provided above, including videos from the 2013 event. It's a mega kamado cooking marathon! - George
  17. Thought Id share this group I recently found on Facebook with you all, some of you may already know about it, some may not. I hope its ok that I do this as there are several folks there that send people here. This is by far the best place for info no doubt. But happened across this group of fellow Akorn users on Facebook where you all can ask questions, share info photo's etc. I am not affiliated with or an admin, only a member, please feel free to come and join us help out the others, brag and show off your food & mods. Would love to see all sorts of Kamado owners there as well. The group is open to everyone. Chargriller Akorn BBQ Group (all Kamodo type grill welcome) https://www.facebook.com/groups/471867352910145/
  18. beef bell peppers onion bacon
  19. Pizza dought 3 flour cups 1 cup with water 1 sugar spoon 11 grs yeast 1 salt spoon pizza sauce boiled tomatoes basil garlic oregano
  20. Has the price been adjusted??? $300 cheaper and more attractive. http://www.samsclub.com/sams/kamado-kitchen/prod12160241.ip?navAction=
  21. Here's some pics from Tonight's Jumping Jack Honey BBQ Chicken cooks to perfection on the Island Grill Stone. The Chicken soaked for 24 Hours in a Honey, Lemon Juice, Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey, Fresh Cilantro, Celery Seed, Grapeseed Oil and Kamado Joe Homey BBQ rub. The chicken received an coating of Kamado Joe Honey BBQ rub before being added to the Island Grill Stone and Big Joe running at 350 F. The chicken was seared and roasted to 155F before being pulled from the stone. The zucchini was seared on the Stainless grates before being blackened on the Island Grill stone. Boy was this one tasty chicken dinner. Let the pics speak for themselves.
  22. I've never heard of this brand before. It looks pretty similar to the Vision Kamado. It may be a Vision in disguise. The Brick "Aka Leon's in disguise", would be my first choice to shop for a Kamado. Auplex Kamado. http://www1.thebrick.com/brickb2c/jsp/catalog/product.jsp?id=AU21PKG&navAction=jump&navCount=3
  23. Hi all you smart experienced people out there. I am planning on cooking a boston butt or two this weekend. My biggest issue that I can foresee is that I need to start the fire Saturday morning, and rain is in the forecast. I have no cover over my patio. Can I prep the firebox before the storm, toss in a lit weber starter cube, and close my vents down? would the fire go out? any other suggestions would be great! thank you Ben
  24. Determined Kamado acquisition a choice...DD narrowed it down, comment here & elsewhere brought hands-on experiential input. Real considerations settled themselves out. Currently leaning toward an Akorn, as portability is a must and it weighs-in at sub-100pounds and is not subject to chipping or outright cracking apart as it's 22gauge double wall steel, with a porcelain internal layer baked-on! Glad to see a community of experienced Kamado types exists & such a range of experience is shared! A.Z.
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