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Found 201 results

  1. I just tried cooking pizza for the first time on my Char Griller Akorn Kamado and while it looked great, it had an ashy taste to it. I got the dome temp up to about 500 with my smoking stone in place, and my pizza stone laid directly on the grill. I had also added some corn meal on to the pizza stone when the dome temp was at about 300 or so, but it didn't look burnt, although I am leaning towards that being the reason I was getting that taste, but I really have no idea. When I put the pizza on my kamado was flaming like crazy. Should I have maybe closed down the vents for a bit to get the flames down first? Any help appreciated.
  2. Pizza dought 3 flour cups 1 cup with water 1 sugar spoon 11 grs yeast 1 salt spoon pizza sauce boiled tomatoes basil garlic oregano
  3. I’ve entered another cooking Throwdown where you needed to make a pizza and one of the special rules was “Must be a unique pizza to your culture”. At first I couldn’t think of anything to cook. You see I’m 3/4 German and 1/4 French so I didn’t think there was much of anything in the way of pizza that I could do. Well, then I started researching “German Pizza” and it turns out the Alsace region of France has been making something similar to pizza for centuries called Flammekuchen (Flammkuchen in German and tarte flambee in French) and literally means flaming cake. These were originally used to test the temperature of the ovens to see if they were up to temperature. The fact that Alsace was part of Germany, then France, then Germany, then France, then Germany and now France makes it the perfect region for me. There are two basic types of Flammkuchen. A savory version and a sweet desert style version. I’ve made both here although I needed to make some changes to the recipes in order to comply with the other special rules. The “New to You Pizza” rule was no problem as I had never even heard of these before. The “Must be a pan pizza cooked on a BBQ” rule was where I need to make some changes. The recipe called for a very thin cracker like crust without any pan. My crust is thicker and as you can see I’ve included a pan for both. Since I’m more German I’ve added some traditional German ingredient as well. (Bratwurst and sauerkraut) And the final special rule “There must be a little figurine in your entry shot, like a plastic soldier or a toy rhino or barbie or something”means you get to see Yoda & Chewbacka in the plated shots. Here are most of the ingredients. I lit a full chimney of lump charcoal and let it get blazing hot. Poured this into the kamado and let it come up to 550 degrees. While it was coming up to temp I cooked the Bratwurst. I took 7 slices of thick cut Apple wood smoked bacon (Speck) and cut it into thin pieces. I cook this for around 5 minute. Just until it starts to turn brown but not crispy as it will continue to cook on the Flammkuchen. I cut up one onion into thin slices and cook in the bacon fat just until they start the sweat. Once these were done and ready I rolled out the dough. Instead of traditional pizza sauce Flammkuchen uses sour cream. Transferred the dough into my 12: CI shillet. Added the Bratwurst. Then some onion, sauerkraut and the bacon. Then the rest of the onions and sauerkract. And finally some grated Gruyere cheese. Into the kamado for 9 minutes. All done. Rolled out the dough for the sweet Flammkuchen, spread the sour cream, some Gruyere cheese and some thin apple slices. Then Cinnamon and brown sugar. Into the kamado for 8 minutes. And it’s done. Plated shots. Sagenhaft!
  4. I'm in Denver now, but still pine for Happy Joe's taco pizza from Iowa. I did a version today on the Akorn. It was pretty good. You have to use Doritos Taco chips, though. It's what makes taco pizza for me. Without the chips, it's just pizza. My stock dome thermometer was about 450, couldn't wait any longer. It works. One of these days, I want to try something at 600 degrees.
  5. I continue to love my new Akorn. The wife was anxious for me to try pizza, so I thought today was a good day for it. It was a beautiful day in Denver, and I had all the fixings for homemade sauce and crust. I used the following easy (seriously, really easy) recipes: http://www.food.com/recipe/easy-pizza-sauce-21202 and for the crust: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/quick-and-easy-pizza-crust/ There has been some concern about corn meal burning on the stone. I assure you no corn was harmed in the baking of these pies. I used flour and parchment paper, and I'll show you just how well it works. I will do this in the form of song...wait, no, the form of photos. I like to have a few beers while I cook on this thing, so forgive my nonsense. Anyway, I took a lot of photos, hope you don't mind. I wanted you to get a feel for my set up. I got a couple of pottery kiln bricks from a woman at work, used them to prop up the cheap pizza stone ($10 at some supply store site that a guy recommended on here). I also got a cheap 16" pizza pan that I put down as a diffuser, just because I saw others do this when cooking pizza. After doing this, and waiting an hour to come to temp, I think I might try it without the diffuser next time. It allowed far too much time for beers (which means empty calories of course ). It did provide ample time to prep the pizzas, and they can sit there for a long time without any issues. Note the temperature photos. All photos are in order as I cooked the two pizzas. (But then I duplicated when adding them, and couldn't figure out what to do, so there may be a weird photo at the end of the 2nd pie getting taken off. Or else there will be 3 of those photos. Ooops.) There was a temp drop after pulling the first one. Those were the Akorn temps shown on the stock thermometer. I think it was sufficient for the job. The crust and toppings were perfect. I pulled the parchment at about 3 minutes on each pizza, and the first one was about 10 minutes, I cooked the 2nd one 12 minutes. The 2nd one was a little better. The final photo is my dog Sammy, the pizza was so good that I was even able to smuggle his dreaded pill in it. I think you can almost see the smile on his face. The pizza turned out really great, and another feather was placed in my cap for the purchase of this grill. Thank you all for your help with everything. Hope these posts help to pay it back/forward.
  6. Here are the ingredients. Tomato Paste Slivered Garlic Basil leaves Mozzarella Cheese Parmesan Cheese Tomato slices Roll out the dough Put the dough on some parchment paper and spread out the tomato paste & Mozzarella cheese Spread out the Garlic slivers And tomato slices And the Parmesan And finally some Basil leaves (This was a mistake as these leaves burned a little. Tip: (Thanks CC) Coat the Basil leaves with some EVOO and then press on them to make them lay flat. Wait until there's only 2 or 3 minutes left to put the Basil on the pizza) Here are the results Fantastico!
  7. making a pizza in the blue K7 should i use a the deflector which is a pizza stone under the grill grate attachment=7443:V__6CB1.jpg] with the brides pampered chef pizza stone on top on the grill .. seems logical??
  8. This past weekend I was able to cross an item off my bucket list! After purchasing a BigJoe, the only thing left was kamado pizza . This weekend we ate well with kamado pizza and chicken. I started by caramelizing a mix of garlic, shallots and onions, this was used for the pizza and shoved under the chicken... Chicken wings were my favorite bobby flay honey chipotle recipe. My modification was to cook indirect at 375 for 1.25 hours total. This gave me wings that were fall off the bone tender. Pizzas were New York style, lean dough, only water flour salt and yeast! Yummy! The pizzas were cooked at 650-750 on an inverted CI skillet for 3 minutes. My other two pizza stones were in the oven... This cook may have generated a new Kamado convert! A friend did not understand why the oven was not good enough for pizza, now he wants one... There was not enough room on the bigjoe for the cauliflower, so it went in the oven. My wife still does not believe me when I tell her I need another kamado. And here are the pictures...
  9. So I tried my hand at pizza on my Akorn on Saturday. Everything was made from scratch with the exception of the cheese. Overall it came out pretty amazing, but I learned a couple things for next time that I think will make it even better. 4 minutes at 650 did the trick, I was amazed at how hot the grill got, quickly. I ended up burning my thumb a bit, through the glove ; ) how to use print screen grab screenshot photo hosting sites
  10. Here are the ingredients. Pesto Olives Mozzarella Cheese Sun Died Tomatoes Parmesan Cheese Rolled out the dough, then put it on some parchment paper and spread out the Pesto Then the Mozzarella cheese, olives, Sun Died Tomatoes and Parmesan On the pizza stone for 4 minutes (at 500) and then removed the parchment paper. After another 4 ½ minutes here are the results Fantastico!
  11. I have had my Griller since June and I am loving it. I mainly cook pizza on it, and i'm talking about alot of pizza. I experiment with different dough recipes and styles, it's a ton of fun. I have been trying to perfect the Neapolitan pizza buy using a 00 dough from Italy and using the traditional recipe. This type of dough cooks fast and handles very very high heat well (i'm talking 750°f+). The problem I have on this grill is when the pizza is cooked on the stone the bottom gets burned while the top isn't fulled cooked yet. I did some research and SeriousEats had the same problem when they tested their KettlePizza insert. Here is what they proved to be there issue and what I believe to be mine "there is too much volume in the grill once the insert is placed and the domed lid is in place. Air circulates around the top, up and over the pie, then goes straight out the door in the front. Your pizza ends up missing the bulk of the hot air." I Believe that once the round pizza stone is placed in the middle of the grill air flows outside along the sides of the walls and eventually out. Now for most this isn't a problem but I'm a bit of a pizza nut and I really want to get the most out of this grill. Does any have any suggestions in lowers the 'ceiling' to get the hot air down closer to the top of my pizza.
  12. I woke up this morning to -46 degree wind chill! Later that morning my wife says are you going to grill today, so that was all it took. I had nothing else to do since work was called off because of the weather so I fired up the Akorn and put on some potatoes that she had sliced up, then threw on some boneless pork chops. Then she said how about some pizza while you are at it: Pizza #1 peppers and mushrooms Pizza #2 hot and spicy sausage and pepperoni Pizza #3 hot and spicy sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, and peppers
  13. I must say that these Kamado grills are awesome. This is my third cook on them and I know I still have a lot to learn but man can these things cook. Just made some killer pizza for the family and they said it was better than any restaurant or delivery they've had.
  14. Tonight's dinner, dough brought to you by ; Man Cave Thin Crust Pizza Dough Started by John Setzler, Jul 09 2013 09:25 PM http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/5762-man-cave-thin-crust-pizza-dough/ First try at pizza on the King. Home made bacon, pepperoni, salami, grated mozzarella, grated parmegano. Cooked on pizza stone indirect at 500 f on CGK. Wife says it's the best pizza she has ever tasted
  15. I made a couple of pizzas on Sunday. Here are most of the ingredients. I started out with a BBQ Chicken Pizza. I’ll let my pictures do most of the talking. Roll out the dough. Add the Red Onion. Add the Red Bell Pepper & Sun Dried Tomato. Chicken And Cheese And done. Plated. Next up was a Hawaiian Pizza
  16. Ingredients Publix pizza dough from the deli (makes two pizzas) Williamson Brothers Barbecue Sauce Shredded cheese of your choice Johnsonville sausage, precooked Fresh Basil leaves Diced red bell pepper Let dough come up to room temperature and then divide in half. Roll the dough out and transfer it to a pizza peel. Start with a light coating of the barbecue sauce, then a little cheese, add sausage, basil, and sweet red peppers. Then finish with more cheese. I cook this pizza at around 475 degrees on a preheated pizza stone. Usually takes 6-8 minutes. It's done when the the crust begins to brown on the bottom. We use Williamson Brothers Barbecue Sauce on all of our pizzas, regardless of the toppings. I have yet to find anyone who doesn't like it. It really is stupid good!
  17. Delicious, fired some pizzas on the vision.. The usual fare, the exception being brisket pizza. Leftover brisket from last weekends cook, pulled it and glazed with a hot/sweet apple bbq sauce, jalapeño cheddar, and corn cut from the cob. All thrown over a lightly sauced dough, Fresh mozzarella, Tomato and basil pulled from the back yard... This was off the hook! Ray
  18. Hey all, Over the weekend I picked up the akorn from Lowes. I found your forum and watched Jeff's videos. I had a successful burn in on Sunday and my wife and I decided to make a pizza on the grill last night. it turned out even better than we expected. don't think I could have done it without the guidance from the posts in this forum. I've attached a before and after photo of the pizza we cooked last night. we got a little crazy with the toppings and it got a little heavy in the middle. but nonetheless it tasted great! we had a crispy crust all the way through the middle. Thanks for the help!
  19. I’m constantly looking for ways to use up everything I cook before it goes bad. Well remember this Mediterranean Olive Bread I made? I needed to use it up and of course I had just made pizza so I had all the fixings so this is what I came up with. I cut the loaf lengthwise and lightly toasted it. Then spread some of my homemade Pesto on it. Then some Mozorella cheese & Tomato slices. Then some freshly grated Parmesan cheese After 5 minutes in the toaster oven / broiler it comes out delicious!
  20. Remember in my Margherita Pizza thread I said I made Pesto? Well of course I used some on a pizza. Here are the ingredients. Pesto Olives Mozzarella Cheese Sun Died Tomatoes Parmesan Cheese Rolled out the dough and spread out the Pesto Then the Mozzarella cheese, olives, Sun Died Tomatoes and Parmesan On the pizza stone for 4 minutes (at 500) and then removed the parchment paper. After another 4 ½ minutes here are the results Fantastico!
  21. I harvested some basil and need to use some up so we decided on making some Pesto and some pizzas. Start out with a Margherita Pizza. Here are the ingredients. Tomato Paste Slivered Garlic Basil leaves Mozzarella Cheese Parmesan Cheese Rolled out the dough Spread out the tomato paste & Mozzarella cheese Spread out the Garlic slivers And tomatoes And the Parmesan And finally some Basil leaves (This was a mistake as these leaves burned a little) Here are the results Fantastico!
  22. I start out mixing up some dough. (This here is philpom’s recipe) Slice up some Chicken Tenders, some Red Onion, Red Bell Pepper and grate some Mozzarella cheese. Pre-Heat the kamado to 500 degrees. (Let it stay at 500 for 10 to 15 minutes so as the heat soak the stone) Roll out the dough and spread on some BBQ sauce on. (Approx. ½ cup) Then the Red Onion, Red Bell Peppers, Chicken and Sun Dried Tomato’s. (S.D. Tomatos are optional) Cover that with Mozzarella And then on the pizza stone for 8 minutes. (I've taken to using parchment paper so not to get cheese all over my stone ) Finished Product.
  23. http://youtu.be/SiNP1SQFRAo This pizza turned out pretty good... it's my entry into the Johnsonville Pizza Possibilities contest... The only thing I'm not happy with on this particular pizza is the final appearance... it just doesn't LOOK as good as it tastes...
  24. I’ve been wanting to try pizza on the kamado and did so today. I bought some Trader Joe pizza dough. Grilled up some chicken breasts. Sliced up some red onion. Ground up some fresh Mozzarella. Placed some flour and then the dough on a large poly cutting board. There was a very large learning curve to try and get the dough spread out in an even and any semblance of a semi-round shape. After fighting with the dough for close to 15 minutes (Started over 3 times) I was able to put the pizza together. Spread ½ cup of Stone Leviathan BBQ sauce on the dough. Then the red onion, Provolone cheese slices, 1 diced chicken breast and then the Mozzarella. Here is the result. Placed this in the 500 degree kamado for 8 minutes. Done. Ate that up. OMG! was it good. Everyone said it was among the best they’ve ever had. Tried a second time but added pineapple this time. This also was delicious.
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