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Found 257 results

  1. Hello all! I have been looking at Kamado grills for several years, first at the BGE then a couple years ago at the Kamado Joe, but wasn't ever able to take the plunge. I've never enjoyed grilling on gas and have used Weber kettles for as long as I can remember. The top handle broke on my old Weber 18" the other day and so we decided it was time, and I had been researching the Akorn for a good while. This seemed like an obvious next step. So off to Home Depot with cash in hand today and vwala. http://s319.photobucket.com/user/cdaxj/media/64442B09-7C63-419D-AEA1-BE9BE4EA48BB.jpg.html][/URL] Pretty easy assembly, except one piece did break while putting it together. You can't tell from the pic but it's the plastic piece that goes across the bottom rack, just under the Akorn itself. I'll call CS at CharGriller tomorrow and/or Home Depot and figure out how to replace. http://s319.photobucket.com/user/cdaxj/media/7F368540-E586-497A-AAC6-B631E66420A6.jpg.html][/URL] But otherwise I'm pretty stoked about the grill. I'm going to fire it up in the next day or so for the initial burn and seasoning of the grate. Ive enjoyed reading the info on this forum so far, thanks for the resource!
  2. Did St. Louis style ribs last night on the Akorn. Decided to shoot another video.
  3. Have a salesman colleague with a big green egg fetish who just got to me. Once I started reading I went full spectrum between making my own and inquiring bge classifieds. Got to the point where reading/study time was getting to be a problem. After looking at the additional time to build one and being thwarted by 3 reasonable bge classifieds Lowes goes a has a clearance sale on akorns to the tune of $140 off. The stars aligned and I'm seasoning the grill as I write this. I have a wireless temperature probe (dual) on its way. I'm wondering what I should try first.
  4. hey guys i forgot to cover the akorn yesterday and we had quite a bit of rain anyhow the water collects, does this happen to anyone else here
  5. Tonight I found myself wondering if the D&C system from my Joe would fit into my Akorn. It's not a perfect fit, but it works! I like cooking pizzas on the Akorn, but hate burning off the seasoning on the CI grate. That problem is solved!
  6. First cook on an akorn assembled on Sunday. Chicken legs at 450 F for 45 minutes with garlic, rosemary, salt and some olive oil. Never done chicken at that high a temp before. Wanted to try something simple for my initial foray. At the last moment I realized the grill I was going to use for my indirect heat level wasn't big enough. I put my pan on the main grill and used the auxiliary rack to hold the legs. Skin was really good and crispy and insides were perfect. One thing I liked is I could easily see the progress by looking in the top vent. Flew blind on this one. Temperature monitor should be arriving tomorrow.
  7. Got this at Menards for $130, but it just didn't match the rest of the crew. Two cans of "Rust-Oleum High Heat Ultra" spray paint for grills, about hour to disassemble, tape off and paint. Looks great after the third light coat. "Under the wing"
  8. 3 pound brisket flat. Rubbed with MeatChurch Holy Cow and a touch of prague powder, and sous vide at 155F for 24 hours. Rapidly chilled, and in fridge overnight. Added some more rub, and smoked this afternoon over apple wood for 3 hours at 275F. For a small flat with not a lot of fat, I was blown away by the tenderness and moisture level. A bigger brisket, with a good fat content would be out of this world. This was 100% indistinguishable from a traditional smoked brisket, in my experience (have done a dozen or so)
  9. I'm new to the forum, not new to grilling and (attempts at) smoking. Years ago I had barrel type grill with a rotisserie, don't miss that leaky mother but do miss the rotisserie. Took my 10 year old Weber knock-off to the 2nd chance mercantile at the dump and bought a Char-Griller Akorn a few months ago and I'm finally getting to low and slow BBQ. I broke down and bought a Digiq to go with it and, boy, is that thermometer in the dome next to worthless. Anyway, I spent the last 2 days researching and doing experimental cooks to be able to achieve 155 degrees at grill level. So this morning I'm doing my first ever attempt at beef jerky. Got the grill building up to 155 while I laid out the marinated bottom round strips on the grill grate; the Akorn was about 120 when I put the loaded grate in. It took another 30 minutes to get up to temp and is holding nicely. In 2 days of experimenting the workable solution I arrived at was the "Ring of Fire" for controlling the burn and the "2 cotton ball with alcohol" method of starting the charcoal gently so you don't overshoot your temp target (I tried a Weber starter cube in one experiment and achieved 210 degrees rather rapidly- try bringing that back to 155). Anyway, I'm glad to discover y'all! Will let you know how the jerky turns out.
  10. So here is a link to my current cook My Heatermeter (click to see the graph and all the details). I am using a Heater meter to control and remote monitor my smoker. I've been using it for 2 years on my home made smoker and have two cooks on my Akorn with it. one was 6 racks of ribs and the second was rib eye steaks. Both came out great. Well I started up the grill at 10:30pm and for some reasone my pit probe didn't register properly and by the time I caught on it was raising fast. Ended up peaking at 287F. then it took like 1.5 hours to get down to 230. I put the meat on cause I was too tired to stay up longer and wait for it to level out but I waited to see what was going to happen for a bit. Good thing cause I apparently snuffed out the fire bringing it down. It dropped to about 130F so I had to relight it. Then I said #$#@ and went to bed and let the grill do what it wanted. Looks like it peaked at about 175F before coming down and staying in The 220 - 240 range which is where I was aiming. This is my first Brisket on the Akorn. Its a 14lb whole brisket. I have done two on my old home made smoker but they never quite came out right. I followed the guide at amaizing ribs and salted it for a few hours and then put his Big Bad Beef Rub on it to give it a shot. I tried to upload photos but it isn't working with adding image url from my google photo acount. I hit the "insert into post" button but nothing happens. Will try again in a bit.
  11. Hello all, Picked up an Akorn last week at my local wallyworld for $139 . I have been wanting to get a ceramic for quite some time but did not want to fork out all that money and not like this style of cooking. I own a realy large stick burner and as many know its not always easy to get out to smoke meat on those things . Enter my kamado research . Once i realized that i could smoke on these i got realy interested but still didnt know if i would like it and still didnt want to pay that big ceramic price to be dissapointed. As chance would have it i came across this deal on the akorn and thought , wow thats cheap lol. Figured this would be a great investment to try my hand at a kamado and i was right . The following day i smoked 2 whole chickens , having never used a kamado before i am proud to say that they turned out fantastic. I was in awe of how this thing was able to smoke these chickens ,keep them juicy,just the right smoke (hickory because i couldnt get pecan at the time) and do this without having to constantly fuel a fire like my stick burner . The next day i decided to try and grill , i did pork chops and man oh man hands down best chops i have ever grilled . Same goes for the grilled green onion sausage last night. I was sceptical and its sounds like im blowing smoke but seriously this thing cooks far better than i could have hoped for . Now i know without a doubt that a nice ceramic is in my future and i will make a table to hold it and the akorn . Tonights menu is grilled chicken breast over lemon pasta (home made lemon garlic alfredo) . Thanks for having me aboard , look forward to sharing my experiences and learning from yours.
  12. Good morning all. I didn't take any pictures but I'll post a short summary anyway. I went to the store in search of wild-caught salmon but they had none in stock. They had a decent price on fresh, whole, cleaned trout (rainbow). Here's all I did to them: quick rinse, pat dry with paper towel, garlic salt sprinkled inside the gut cavity and outside. I prepped my Akorn for low-temp cook with apple chips, lit the coals in one center spot and put the deflector in place (I light with a cotton ball soaked in EverClear - it lights well and is very clean). Once my grill level temp hit 170°F I closed the vents down nearly all the way (temperature monitored via Maverick Redi-Chek model ET-733 with only one probe in place mounted to the cooking grate). I put the trout on the grate when grill temp hit 185°F. It stayed on the grill for 90 minutes during which time the temp slowly climbed to around 215°F. It finished up way too late last night for dinner so I wrapped it up and put it in the fridge after tasting a few small pieces. The flavor is very nice - just enough salt, noted smoke without it overpowering the delicate flavor of the trout. My wife expressed her delight and amazement that such a simple process can produce such excellent flavor. For tonight's dinner I'll start the Akorn similar to how I did last night and put the fish on for around 30 minutes to re-heat it and deepen the smoke a little. I'll post a picture or two of that process later tonight. Cheers!
  13. I am excited to have found this forum (actually recommended right from Char-Griller). I bought my Akorn about 2 weeks ago, and am learning to tweak in those temps for low and slow. I actually joined this forum yesterday, but my stuff got wiped out when the wrong backup was loaded. Anyways, can't wait to share and learn from what seems to be a great community!
  14. Hi folks, I recently bought the Chargriller Akorn with the cart from HD. I've smoked 2 chickens, grilled about 20 burgers, wings and a couple of steaks. I'm loving this thing so far. There's quite a bit of good info on here so I thought I'd join. Thanks, Jon
  15. I have had my Akorn for almost a year and absolutely love it.I have talked with several that owns Komado Joes and BGE and they tell me that the Akorns in their opinions are cheap made and will only last 3-5 years before I have to replace it ? I am curious if anyone has had their for very long and any problems if any you may have encountered.
  16. After a few cooks I finally figured out the best method to dial in my desired temp thanks to all the members advice in the forum. 25 degrees before I reach desired temp I close it down on top to about a quarter inch and down low at about .5 ( there is no .5 obviously so half of the 1 on the bottom). This thing cooks quicker than some of my recipes call for but practice and more cooks will be the only way to master this bad boy. Here's a few pics of my latest cooks.
  17. After seasoning per manufacturer instructions I made some pizzas. I'm probably going to try the fogo lump next because the Char-Griller lump pieces are so small many of them fall through the bottom Grate into the ash pan.
  18. I first want to thank the Kamado Guru community for all the information that has been posted - I have learned so much and expect to learn so much more! I attempted my first smoked pork shoulder and beef brisket today. Rubbed both the brisket and shoulder last night with some salt, pepper, and garlic powder and left them in the fridge overnight. Early this morning, fired up the Akorn and got it coasting around 225 and threw both on. It stayed around 225 for the first several hours, then started climbing up to 250, then 275, then came back down to 250s. All in all, the 4-5 lb pork shoulder took about 7 hours to get to internal temp of 200, and the 5-6 lb brisket (packer) took about 9 hours to get to the "magical" internal temp of 203. Hopefully this is the first of many more to come.
  19. New to kamados so so I bought the Akorn to try them out. So far, I love kamados, if not my Akorn. the build quality is not so great, but I expected that, to some degree. I have used it a few times for general grilling, but today, I am smoking my first Boston Butt. I bought the smoking stone (good deal from hayneedle.com) and a Kamado Joe water pan. Kingsford Competition Briquets in a ring, water pan on the smoking stone, hickory chips (should have gotten chunks) soaked in water in an aluminum foil pouch on the main grill surface, butt rubbed and on elevated extender. Temps fluctuating a bit, and I'm shooting for a target temp of about 280. So far, so good. Feel free to tell me I'm doing something wrong! I'm a noob when it comes to smoking meat. I discovered the wonder of crockpot BBQ this past winter (down to making my own sauce), and decided I needed to go down the road of making the real deal. I will invest in a better build on a kamado once the Akorn rusts out.
  20. Hey everyone I'm a new member so first off I apologize if this topic already has a thread. I just purchased a Akorn and before I put it together has anyone ever took added measures to ensure it doesn't rust? I already plan on buying the cover before I ever place it outside but I've heard of rust issues even when covered. I was thinking of spraying the legs or with rust-oleum. Any suggestions or opinions would be appreciated. Thanks
  21. I Need An Analyst! Hello. New member, and I have told a lot about myself in the new member intro section. I'm a well weathered smoker with specialty in pork shoulder, brisket, chicken, and turkey (20++ years). Until a year or so ago I developed my skills in Memphis first with a metal trashcan mod and then with a rinky dinky Brinkman horizontal smoker with chimney and firebox. I did extremely well with those pieces of crap over the years.The beautiful wife bought me an Akorn for our anniversary, and this is my second season trying to master it for low and slow. I LOVE it, but can't CONTROL it very well (wife says the same think about me ). Until last weekend, I was never able to keep a steady temp between 200F and 300F for longer than 4 hours. Sometimes I would then relight the fire once or twice and/or finish it in the oven. ARGH! Then I read through key discussions here at the Guru, especially the excellent Can't Control Temps On Akorn discussion from 2013. Following that discussion, I was able to pull 9 hours of 200F to 300F before it started to peter out. Fortunately, this was a test run - no meat. I took a PHOTO LOG of my entire experience and condensed it down to the attached PDF with enough text to explain things. Who will look at that for me and provide insights as to how I can do better? I'm supposed to serve up some pulled pork and brisket for company June 26. I would GREATLY appreciate it! SmokyButt Smoker Picture Timeline.pdf
  22. Hi. Last weekend (prior to this Memorial Day weekend) I was invited to a friends ranch for his employee party. 200 acres is a pretty good parcel of land. Did some 4X4 Kawasaki exploring on his (partially flooded) back wooded acres and had a lot of fun shooting. He had a cook using seasoned oak logs in a 'store bought' decent quality wood burning square stove and a custom made 32" firebrick lined/stone façade iron grated grill setup. Nice looking but something was wrong. This (re)sparked my interest in grilling, so much so, that after watching the cook pull of strips of pork and beef that were either burned or too dried out, I got youtube happy. Hate it when that happens, because I tend to learn stuff, purchase stuff, and spend money trying to copy stuff. Normally results in a small spending spree with acquired goods. Purchased an Akorn on sale at Lowes. After landing on this forum, and seeing many members posting on YouTube (Setz, etc.), I signed up. Seasoned it at ~400º+ for an hour. Had a cooked steak in the fridge from a couple days ago. Using the upper swing-away rack, warmed that cut back up and enjoyed my first Kamado treat. I have a garden and know that torn bags at a box store are half price...if you ask. Got a big bag of RO lump 1/2 off. First low & slow on the Akorn was almost perfection. Second time using a water pan on the chipotle ribs turned out great. Amazed at how little lump you go through on low and slows... God Bless Our Troops
  23. Just saw this for my friends to the south... http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GJEPP92/ref=twister_B00IOG1T3Y?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 Seems like a good deal, with free shipping to boot! Maybe price match at a local store and get it quicker? Looks like it's in the states only, so us Canucks are out of luck! Cheers!
  24. Hello Everyone, I've recently started following this page after my 4 year old gas BBQ finally gave up and died. I've always been interested in kamado-style cookers but haven't been willing to drop a grand on something ceramic. That and the likelihood that I'll be moved a few times in my military career, I didn't really want to take the chance on breaking it. So I ended up picking up an Akorn a few weeks ago (Lowe's had a no-tax sale, so it seemed like a good time to go for it). I've cooked a couple times on it now and have had some mixed results. I cooked burgers last time and ended up with tonnes of thick white smoke and a grease fire... That didn't happen the first time I had cooked them, but for some reason it happened this time. Should I be using a drip pan or anything like that? This is my first time cooking with charcoal, so forgive me if I'm missing something really basic. The other question I had is that some of the charcoal I have (I got it from Costco) seems to be pretty small and tends to fall through the grate into the ash pan. Is it okay to have lit charcoal down in the ash pan, or should I get different charcoal that is a bit bigger? Thanks in advance, this site has been an amazing resource so far!
  25. Hey y'all! Picked up an Akorn about 4 months ago, and today, tried my first brisket. Got a small 4 flat (choice) and did half salt half pepper and let it rest overnight. Smoked with apple at 225 on my Akorn. I got a PartyQ yesterday, and was very very happy with it's performance. It took a good bit longer than I expected, at almost 8 hours for 4 lbs. Overall, I was really happy. The flat was pretty moist and tender (7 out of 10 probably), my bark was outstanding, and the flavor was great. Thanks for all the help!
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