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  1. I just upgraded to the Big Joe from a Classic. Can anyone tell me the largest tumble basket that will fit in the Big Joe? I already have a Fill it and Grill it that I used with my Classic but I want more capacity. Thanks....
  2. I found a video online unboxing a joe, but I think it was a classic. This thing is a beast. What is the best method to get it off the crate? Should i detach the top and take it off and then deal with the base? (obviously i'm treating this thing like a baby, and when I get some people up here i'd at least like to somewhat act like i know what i'm doing).
  3. No rub but well seasoned- 10 quarters for a customer andh one spatchcocked bird and another breast / wings thrown in. Rolling @ 220° for the moment. Willcrank to ~350° at cook end to crisp skin Ready @ 3pm.
  4. I have been researching Kamado's for awhile, and have been sold on Kamado Joe. Earlier in the week I almost pulled the trigger and purchase a classic II from Amazon with the free delivery and setup. However, I then realized there is a Costco Roadshow going on in Montgomery, AL this week until the 18th. I live in Birmingham which is about an hour and fifteen away. So it looks like the Big Joe sells for about 300 less than usual at these roadshows. I also have $650 worth of Amazon Visa Reward points built up, which I can just cash out on. So it looks like I could potentially 'save' about $950 if I bite the bullet and do this now. OK, 950 minus 60 because i'm not a Costco member and would sign up. My questions: 1. I see all these pictures of people loading the floor models into the back of their vehicles. I'm assuming grills that aren't the floor models are still in the box (or crate, whatever it is). Any ideas on the dimensions of that? I have a Lincoln MKC mini-SUV, and the back can get alittle tight. 2. Before I hike it all the way to Montgomery, can I just call the Costco and make sure they have it in stock? Needless to say it would be a bit of a letdown to go all the way down there just to be told it wasn't there and I would need to pick it up in a few days. 3. Anyone that wants to talk me off the edge and instead to purchase a Classic 2? Thanks in advance for any info! Dave
  5. I recently purchased the Kamado Joe big joe in order to replace my Oklahoma Joe offset and my Chargriller Akron. After my first cook I realized how long this grill takes to cool down. My question is can I leave this grill uncovered overnight to cool off? I live in south Florida and it rains often during the summer. How will rain affect the grill if I leave it uncovered overnight? Trying to figure out if I need to keep my Akron as a back up for late night cooks. Thank you all in advance.
  6. So after the flu kicked my behind for about a week and getting caught up at work and a bought of sheer laziness, I got back on the Big Joe when the men came over Saturday. First, I was surprised by the amount of lump left over from my brisket cook a few weeks ago. For me at least, this pic blows a hole in the idea that colder temps burn a lot more lump. In about 9° and after 13 hours, this is the amount of lump left over. Forgot to get a pic on the Big Joe, but I did hash browned potatoes in a CI skillet, jalapeno and cheddar scrambled eggs and my favorite kielbasa. The giant Texas sized biscuit was done in the oven. Currently on the smoker is a spatchcocked hen with roasted veggies in my D.O. and basting with herb infused water and avacado oil
  7. So I've acquired a freestanding Joe and plan on bulding a combo table for it and the Junior. As mentioned in the subject, will terracotta feet be substantial enough for the 250 lb BJ? I'm not against using several around the circumference if needed.
  8. Very thankful that the pecan mini logs I ordered on Friday showed up in basically two business days instead of the eight they projected. Got an unbelievable price on them plus free shipping. One 20lb turkey and one brisket just shy of 17lbs. I find that I am trimming more fat off of Costco Prime briskets than any other brisket I come across. It is a gret product however. Brisket properly peppered and salted- threw it on the grill @ 11:30pm. Problably will put the turkey on @ 9am for a 1pm early dinner time.
  9. Tonights Dinner- having another couple over- going healthy as I need to lose weight and he is on the heart transplant list. So, low sodium, substituted much of the butter with avacado oil, etc. Anyway, chicken breast, salmon, salad and my 'what is it' dish of sweet potatoes, carrots, mango, korean cinnamon and brown and turbanado sugar- all cooked on the Big Joe. Sorry, we were half-way through dinner when I remembered to take the final pics.
  10. Long before I knew such a thing as a ribeye existed, this used to be my favorite steak. When I saw my grocer had the bone-in version, I couldn't resist a trip down memory lane. bathed in salt, pepper and avacado oil. It been a week since I fired it up. Lump must have been damp, couldn't get a temp above 350°. Good thing i was grilling on the lowest level. resting along side some cinnamon, brown sugar, sweet potatos and carrots I roasted in the dutch oven a perfect medium rare toward the center
  11. Nothing puts me in mind of fall quite like chili. Though I admit that none of my friends would ever define this as chili as it contains beans and a few other things to ease my conscience and qualify as healthy. Started out with 3lbs of ground turkey that I smoked for 3 hours on the Big Joe. Garlic and jalapenõ, cowbell, mexibelle, poblano and bell peppers that I roasted on the Joe after pulling the turkey, black and kidney beans, white onion, carrot, etc. Topped with red onion, yellow bell pepper- most of which I dropped putting the lid one- and extra sharp cheddar. I unfortunately didn't get a pic of anything on the smoker. Had to snap this picked quickly before the couples devoured the pot.
  12. I really do love the new firebox design and having the peace of mind that I'll probably never see this thing crack. Great concept, looks great, etc... That said, cleaning the Big Joe used to be such a simple proposition of removing the ring and firebox, vacuuming, and replacing them. Now, it is much more of a hassle- so much so that I definitely clean less and even then, try to do so when I have another pair of hands available to reset all of the pie pieces (let's call them) in place. I am also a clean freak and the ash that finds it way into the cracks between the pie pieces drives me nuts. Not wishing to go back, just bemoaning the additional hassle somewhat. Also wondering, has anyone successfully bent their ash collector flaps in order to reduce the air gap between it and the firebox? Just wondering. May just be a byproduct of using the Kick Ash Basket but, a lot more ash is finding its way around the collector. My ash tray is also bent a little (off skew) and I may try to bring it back to square the next time it's heated.
  13. I shared brisket with several neighbors after my last cook. They were all pretty excited afterwards. Running into one of them a couple of weeks later, he bragged about a butcher from out of state he was ordering sides of beef from and joked about a brisket in his freezer he wanted to have me smoke for him. Mostly as a reward for helping me lift and mount my Big Joe, I told him to bring it over anytime. Well, this is what he brought, about a two or three pound portion of a flat. This is high on my bucket list of things I never want to cook. (No offense but, it's right up there with pulled pork). I'm mighty tempted to grind this darn thing into hamburger or sausage and just slice him a portion of the next packer I cook.
  14. I bought my Big Joe approximately 3 months ago, cooking on it at least once or twice a week. Still getting the hang of it, long cooks are the easiest as it holds temperature amazingly well. Practicing grilling skills, as that seems to be the most different from my previous charcoal grill. Another minor change in my approach in using the Big Joe is that I've hoarded approx 180 lbs of KJ lump when I bought it. I based the purchase on the usage from my previous grill. Seeing how much more efficient it is to cook on the Big Joe it'll take a while to make my way through it. In addition to grilling and smoking, I also brew beer and spend time in the garage tending to a list of projects that is ever growing. I appreciate all the friendly advice and look forwarding to learning from everyone on the site. Thanks! Steve
  15. Moving in another direction -- just bought a KBQ C-60. Time to let go of all my BigJoe accessories, including the BigJoetisserie with 2 Napoleon kabob rotisserie racks. One of the kabob racks is BNIB, the other one used only once. Also up for sale is the Big Joe Grill Extender, well seasoned, probably used 20-30 times. And last but not least, a kick ash basket for the BigJoe, only used for a couple months, maybe 10 cooks. BigJoeTisserie with kabob racks: $200 plus shipping ($340 new). BigJoe Grill Extender : $50 plus shipping ($95 new) Kick Ash Basket. $50 plus shipping. ($90 new) Thanks for looking!
  16. Well seasoned Turkey burger topped with grilled mango on cracked wheat with roasted veggies.
  17. Documenting my cook on the Big joe tonight. Salmon with black pepper, sea salt, oregano, basil, and honey, corn in the husk and root vegetables in the dutch oven. red pots, zuch, garlic, green beans corn ala parm... and, plated...
  18. Greetings everyone. I've been soaking up all of the good tips and advice here and I finally decided to post. My first kamado was/is my Akorn which I absolutely love. I learned a lot from a few good years of cooking on it. I picked up a Big Joe at the Richmond road show a few months ago and I love cooking on it as well. You can find me outside cooking most days rain or shine, cold, hot whatever. My progression: gas grill* Masterbuilt 40" electric smoker* Weber Smokey Joe Akorn Big Joe *haven't used in years I still have them all (yeah, I have issues right) and have been warned not to bring any more cookers home Thanks for looking... happy cooking... I'll try to add some pictures of a cook this weekend.
  19. Hi all, Just got my Big Joe when I noticed that the manual is for an older iteration of the grill than the one I got (the 2014 model). That's no big deal since I've got all of you posting info and videos on the newer stuff. Thank you all. But, there is one thing that still confuses me: My grill did not come with the Draft Door Ash Screen as depicted in the manual and in some KJ videos. I've searched and read through a number of other posts here about this topic, and I'm now more confused than ever. From what I gather, it was included then it wasn't then it was then it wasn't depending on the season or lunar calendar or something to that effect. (LOL). Does anyone know the real deal? Are the 2014 models supposed to have them or not? If not, why the change? I submitted a KJ email asking this same question. I am waiting for a response.
  20. - Content deleted as a terms of service violation - This member posted complaints about lengthy delivery of his Kamado Joe grill.
  21. Hello all! I actually haven't even gotten my Big joe unit yet but am really looking forward to it. I have been using a Weber kettle grill with a smokenator for over 10 years but felt it was time to move to something more high quality. I love smoking ribs and have spent a lot on new accessories (pronto much) and I'm just waiting for the frieght company to give me the call that it's being delivered. I'm 35, IT consultant who loves to cook
  22. So three things that are unsettling about the great Costco Big Joe Demo Deal I picked up today. One, I can't tell you until Monday. The other, well first the ride home was so nerve racking. You notice every single bump and the highways were in poor condition, with people driving like maniacs- despite it being Good Friday. Longest drive of my life – trying to get this home in one piece. Next, the BJ Demo has a broken or missing latch in the front so, I can't cook on it until I get the replacement. That's my latchless BJ on the right. I knew this going in but it makes the third thing really suck. I'm basically waiting to protect the innocent or naive.
  23. I recently got a Big Joe and due to April showers I haven't been about to use it much. I got married Saturday, and Sunday morning woke up a lot earlier than I should have and went to the grocery store right as they opened. Since I was still on the wedding high, I figured I'd do my first low and slow on the Big Joe. I got even more bold when I saw the butcher that I really trust and decided to do my first brisket. He chose the one he thought was best, about 10 pounds, and I saw $6.99/lb and asked if that was the going rate. He said "Yeah, but I'll give it to you for $3.99/lb." Thank you sir! That's what they sell ground round for! I rubbed it down with Strawberry's and Real Salt and got the grill to 225 and let it sit for a bit before putting it on (the only pic I have), fat side up (good or bad?). I decided I needed to go back to bed. Woke up 2-3 hours later and was pleasantly surprised at the staying power this thing had right out of the gate, still at 225. It went on around 8:00am, got wrapped in foil around 12-1, and I took it off when it hit 195 around 4:00. I let it rest for about 45 minutes before slicing. One pull of the knife towards me was all it took for each slice. It was better than any home prepared brisket I've had around here, you could easily cut it with a fork. Even though we were all very pleased, I couldn't help but think about when we went to Lockhart's in Dallas back around Christmas and that stuff was insaaaanely tender and juicy. How do they do it? I didn't put a drip/water pan under it, I don't know if that's necessary. I enjoyed it, and I already trust the Big Joe home alone more than I do the Akorn (still, much love to it). Two side notes here: 1. The Akorn never dripped out of the top. This thing was leaking juices the whole time. I assume this is normal because of the vents being vertical rather than horizontal? 2. The hottest I've been able to get this thing wide open is 550 with the stones in it. Am I not putting enough lump in there to get it hotter? If I take the top vent off it immediately starts soaring, but that seems hard to control. I'm enjoying the Joe and I'll try to remember to take more pictures along the way in the future!
  24. So a Costco near me is having a Kamado Joe Roadshow, and the lower prices are very appealing. Probably puling the trigger this weekend on one, but I'm second guessing the size again. I was talking to the salesman last weekend, and he asked how many people I typically cook for, which really is just me (bachelor life...so hard! ), sometimes 4 to 5. He said then the only thing I would really need is a Classic Joe, which can easily feed a family of 5. And now here's the catch (and my reasoning for a new thread) - he (salesman) claimed you can conceivably cook burgers for a crowd of 20+ on a Classic Joe. The trick (or workaround) he proposed being that with defelctor(s) in place, you can get a quick sear on the burgers over the coals direct, and let them finish on the indirect portion, stacking your patties on top of each other (four to five high, I would think), where they continue to cook without burning them. Any of you tried this, or is this concept far-fetched? Makes sense to me, but after thinking about sizes again for a few nights, I'm starting to lean toward the Big Joe once more. 1) Any of you with Big Joes wish you had something smaller? May be laughable, but moving any of them is a pain, and I will have at least one more move in my life, likely coming soon. 2) Those of you with Classic Joes, how satisfied are you? How often do you wish you had more surface area? Thanks all!
  25. Starting the Resurrection Sunday Brisket- a 17lber from Costco. This one sort of made up for the lack of fat on my first Costco brisket. Threw a lot more of this one away. Still though, I think a have a good pre-cook 15lbs or so... Saw these at Costco- couldn't resist... gotta try 'em. And... my old standby, go to sausage... lol what a bad pic- it's Michael Kiolbasa from San Antone' Where I come from, these qualify as sides... lol
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