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  1. 13# Brisket before trim. Nice thickness in flat throughout. Rainy, rainy night. Basic rub salt & pepper, hot sauce to make it stick; a tad of cayenne. Smoked @ 225° at dome. Wrapped in butcher paper at 6 hours; Pulled 10 1/2 hours with flat @ 206° and point at about 195°. Rubbed and ready to go Started fire and ran to the store. Returned to find Big Joe blazing ato 500°. Took an hour to get back down to 225°. Fire died a couple of hours in; temps fell to 200°. Opened just to get airflow going. . 6 hours in.
  2. Hey there- New member from Juneau, Alaska. In fact, so new that I haven't even gotten my Big Joe yet... it's on order, and I am waiting patiently, 5 days and counting....? (Is it here yet?????). I don't know, but I may well be the first Kamado Joe owner in my Juneau. While I am typing this my wife is saying, that if I had my Kamado Joe, I would be outside cooking our lasagna on the grill! Yeah, don't you know why I have been married to that woman for almost 40 years! (Okay, how bout now, is it here yet?) Well it's 75 F degrees today, getting really hawttttt in that kitchen! (Any port in a storm!) So for now, have to be satisfied with watching John's incredibly good Kamado Joe cooking channel, and reading the information that you fine people post! (Re-check that email, it's got to be here by now!) As a bit of background, I am nearly as old as dirt, at least that's what my sons say. I tell people I am a retired taxi driver. Unfortunately for those who took my taxi, it only went to one destination... jail! Now I spend my time woodworking, baking bread, and grilling. A lot less stress. Anyhow, thanks for a fantastic forum, and keep it up. (I'm feeling a bit like Donkey.. IS IT HERE YET?) No.....
  3. You guys/gals have been killing the smash burgers, I couldn't compete using my electric griddle inside so my Mrs. picked me up a half-moon griddle for Big Joe. I followed the method found in the article from SeriousEats and went from there. No oil on the griddle, dome temp about 450, raked the lump under the griddle plate and smashed with a non-slotted SS spatula. I scaled 2 oz balls of 80/20 Chuck that was ground yesterday at my local grocer, lightly formed the ball into a patty, and took them to the Joe. Put the patty down, smash for 15 seconds in a circular motion, scrape after about 30-45 seconds, flip, add cheese, put another flipped patty on the cheese'd patty, cook about 15 seconds, pull. http://www.seriouseats.com/2014/03/the-food-lab-maximize-flavor-by-ultra-smashin.html BEST. BURGER. EVVVVVER!!!
  4. After taking up residence on my back deck almost a week ago, I finally got a nice day and enough time to light a fire in Big Joe! I filled his hungry belly with half a bag of Royal Oak lump and a few Western BBQ Products Pecan chunks, two Weber cubes, and tossed in a match. I set the half moon deflectors in the lower position and the grates in the middle of position of the D&C system. With the help of John's "Getting to know your Joe" series and his video about temperature settings, I had Big Joe at 350-375 in no time and ready to cook. While Big Joe came up to temp, I readied the food; a spatchcock chicken, fresh asparagus, and some potatoes that will be used for twice baked potatoes. The chicken got some Grill Mates Montreal Chicken under the skin and on the meat side as well as my special kamado chicken skin rub on the top. I foiled up the asparagus with some Weber Roasted Garlic & Herb seasoning and a few pats of unsalted butter, these will be served with Hollandaise sauce once finished. As for the spuds, they are baking on the Joe and will get the twice baked treatment when they are ready. Stay tuned!
  5. I've got a jr and a big joe, and usually I just do steaks for my wife and myself on the jr. However, I've been thinking about doing a reverse sear on the big joe with one half of the heat deflector in and the grate in the high position, with the grate in the low position on the direct side. With this setup, how hot can I get on the direct side? Am I running a risk of cracking my firebox?
  6. It's been awhile since I made a pizza from scratch. It took a couple of pizzas to get back in pizza making shape. The neighbor kids were happy about all the free slightly disfigured pizzas. Thanks to China, US and Global warming, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada was a nice balmy 52 F. Some Amercians might be thinking, 52 F is not that warm. It's Canada, it's early March, so 52 F is balmy for this time of year. I was wearing shorts, the snow was melted and the grass was showing. It was just perfect pizza making and beer drinking weather. The final pizza of the night was the one that came of just right. To the disappointment of the dogs next door I decided to feed the family instead. Red Oak was used for the smoking wood. My family complained about too much smoke in the cheese when using Pecan. I decided to dail back the smoke flavor by using Red Oak instead. I elevate my stone using the Big Joe expander. I had my Italian perforated pizza peel to do the loading. As it's known around the house. The gaint fly swater. Here's some pics from tonight's cook including some photos of an early spring here in Edmonton, Canada.
  7. Hello, I purchased a used Big Joe in perfect condition for Christmas and saved a good bit of money over a new model. The BJ wqas a few years old and didn't come with the divide and conquer system which I have since purchased (2 half moon ceramic deflectors, cooking rack & accessory x-rack). The round grill that came with the older BJ fits on top of the cooking rack, but is too big to fit a little further down where it is supposed to sit. The tabs on the rack prevent the round grill from fitting into place as 2 half moon grates. Is the round rack larger in diameter than the 2 half moon racks installed together? Has anyone tried cutting the round rack in half with a cutoff wheel and making 2 half moon racks? Thanks
  8. Has anybody used the firebox divider in their Big Joe to do some 2-zone cooking? I was thinking it might be a goood way to do some wings, with the grate in the high position on the cool side, and low over the coals. Let them cook indirect at about 350-375 for an hour or hour and fifteen minutes, toss them in some texas pete and butter, and put them over the direct heat for 10-15 minutes to crisp up. Has anybody done this? I don't see why it wouldn't do a good job...
  9. Hi everyone, Thanks for making me get a Kamado Joe. I have had it for 3 weeks and it has made some of the best meals from the backyard that I have ever had. Well today I was shocked to see that the dome is not closing flush on the hinge end. Also, I noticed that the hinge is getting worn when I open the lid and is chipping the paint now. I wonder if this occurred when I had by KJ up to 700F on tuesday?! Anyway, what should I do here? Matt
  10. I have a buddy who works at Costco in Stockton, CA. He said the Kamado Joes are there at the moment.... Waiting to hear back on the specific models and accessories being sold...... Just and FYI
  11. It has been a few weeks but some folks may remember a thread with me debating a Classic vs a Big Joe as a MBA graduation present for myself (upgrading from an Akorn). Well, I was having a hard time justifying the cost of a Big Joe right up until I was able to secure the Costco Roadshow Demo deal. I figure for what a Large BGE with accessories would cost I was able to get a bigger, better-equipped cooker, and a cool portable one to go with it (It is also makes it easier to justify when you're employer reimbursed your tuition and books 100% because you made all A's). Needless to say I'm pretty damn excited and looking forward to firing these babies up! Oh yeah, btw, for anybody that is considering a Big Joe but is unable to see one in person (as I was), they are huge as my 2 year old, Adeline, is illustrating!
  12. Howdy - Pacific Northwest lurker here, finally stepping into the light. I just got a Big Joe after a few years of wringing my hands over the investment, but I couldn't be happier now that it's here - more importantly, the better half feels the same way. I'm looking forward to learning more, and at some point giving back to the folks that have contributed to teaching me so much about one of my favorite ways to cook. To start, for any newbie like me that had spent lots of time trying to figure out where the kamado was going to go, I'd like to add to the recommendations on the tried-and-true Grill Dome design for a table (XL). I used pressure treated wood, both new and salvaged, for all but the top and some trim pieces, where I used cedar instead. I also added a 4x4 cross piece at the bottom of the table legs at each end, to provide side grain attachment for the stainless 4" casters I used - that idea came from work bench plans I found while shopping for casters. I spend close to $350 when all was said and done, but most of that was due to my preference for stainless parts, being that I live in coastal Oregon, so rain and salt-air are constantly working at destroying all things that oxidize easily. I followed all dimensions on the GD design, with the exception of the 2x6 support-shelf planks, which I felt better about supporting the grill over time. Fire bricks added the finishing touch prior to lowering the Joe into place, my preference over the provided 'feet', to provide more shielding between the wooden table and the bottom of the cooker. I used 'water-seal' on all horizontal surfaces. For anyone wanting a cover, after building a GD-designed table, you might also consider the appropriately sized GD cover, as I found that the XL cover fits my KJ Big Joe / table just shy of perfectly.
  13. These pizzas were cooked on both the Big Joe and the Classic. This is how the initial setup goes. The grills on both the Classic and the Big Joe are placed in the lowest position. The grill expander is then installed topped by the heat deflector halves. On the classic they fit neatly centered in the grill expander. The Big Joe deflectors simply have to be centered on the expander over the firebox. Both heat deflector halves on both the Classic and the Big Joe then have three stainless steel bolts with nuts attached placed to provide stability and create an air gap. Last but not least the pizza stone. This is my go to setup thanks to Mewantkj, baker extraordinaire. The favorite of all these pizzas for everyone was the chorizo and chimichurri pizza! The setup looks sketchy but the weight of the stone keeps this from moving and it flattens out the deflectors so they are side by side perfectly. Not a great illustration here but you get the point. Classic pepperoni and olives sideways! This one is the chimichurri and chorizo pizza yummy! This was a Thai sweet chili sauce base with Thai roasted chicken, cucumber, green pepper and love! My version of a meatlovers! Last but not least the ingredients for the homemade chimichurri! Hope you like it all!
  14. Dear fellow Kamado Guru fanatics, I want everyone to know that the past three plus years of this web site's existence has been awesome! I learned a lot, and I think I've help a lot of others along the way. It has been a great experience. If it wasn't for this forum, I would never have created my first YouTube video, How To Low & Slow (& make great pulled pork), back in the Spring of 2012 which ultimately launched me down the path of having my own BEER-N-BBQ YouTube Channel. In honor of that old video, I decided to redo it again but this time on my Kamado Joe Big Joe. If you'd like to see it, here it is: How To Low & Slow on a Kamado Joe (&make great pulled pork too) http://youtu.be/k_9GwD2Qf-Y
  15. Another cook. Day two... Spatchcock chicken.. 350 degrees...
  16. At the 0:58 mark Aaron Franklin is using a Big Joe, apparently in the upcoming season of his web show, hosted by KLRU Austin.
  17. Hit it with sriracha to bind the rub, and the rub is salt, pepper, and ancho chile powder. It's almost looking lonely there. Maybe I should have bought two
  18. Anybody have a good source for a set of half moon heat deflectors for the "Big Joe"? Dropped and broke. :-/ Thanks, Carl
  19. Is there a reason I cannot find a Kamado Joe pizza stone to fit the diameter of the Big Joe heat deflectors? Or am I just missing it?
  20. Last Saturday i came home from my Son's basketball game and found a nice surprise waiting for me: My Kamado Joe Classic (18") came with the Flexible Cooking Rack, but i purchased by Big Joe a year before they came out. Upon opening the boxes, i was pleasantly surprised at how Robust and Heavy Duty the rack and grates are. They are heavy gauge stainless-steel and feel very well constructed. So i fired up the coals and installed the frame and the X-Rack (accessory rack): then put my heat deflectors onto the X-Rack. I've been a big fan of using the heat deflector on the X-rack after seeing John Setzler do this in one of his videos on the Kamado Joe Cooking channel (youtube). it allows the grill to heat up faster. then added the new 1/2 moon cooking grates and my new 20" Kamado Joe Big Joe Pizza Stone & a pie for the kids. i love the flexibility of the Flexible Cooking Rack, can't wait to put it to more and more use on the Big Joe…….stay tuned for more cooks. thank you for looking.
  21. I have the Big Joe and am considering a Classic. How often do you find that you use the Classic instead of the Big Joe? How much less lump does it use? Are there any operational differences that you notice? I know Bosco says it comes to temp much faster.
  22. So no surprise up here in the Pacific Northwest, it's been just dumping rain non stop this whole week. But that didn't stop me from getting out on my Big Joe the last 2 nights for some good cooking. Just been a major pain dealing with the rain and wind with my easy up canopy. So on the menu tonight for my fellow guru's is my first go at "deep dish" pizza. I tried to get pictures as I went so you guys can see how it went. I got the dough recipe from John's deep dish video he did a while back, which I believe he got the recipe from "America's Test Kitchen" video. I was so excited to try my first attempt at a deep dish, but I did have some issues. I wasn't sure how long it was gonna take for the pizza to be done. I didn't want the inside or bottom dough to be raw. But I learned the hard way and the pizza was way overcooked. All the other videos I've seen people cooking deep dishes all cooked at like 425-450 for 30 min or so. Well I was trying to play it save and I was in the 350-380 range. So I ended up with a total cook time for about an hour, but honestly I should of taken it off after 35-40 min or so. Oh well, lesson learned for next time. Anyways, enough chit chat, here are the pictures. Thanks for looking, Blair My toppings included, shredded mozzarella, pepperoni, salami, Italian sausage, crumbled bacon, green pepper and onion. Here she is, the Kamado Joe ceramic deep dish pan. I've had this thing for months, but this was my first time using it. Rolling out the dough. Bottom crust into the pan, needed an extra set of hands to lift that up into the pan. Made sure to get all the air pockets out. For the traditional "Chicago" deep dish, they go reverse order on their toppings. So cheese down first. Next, Italian sausage and bacon. Pepperoni and salami slices. Green peppers and onion. Now the traditional Chicago pie only has the bottom crust, I decided to throw on a top crust as well. Finally the sauce. Onto the big joe. Deflector plates sitting on top of accessory rack in top position. For the last 5 min of the cook, I sprinkled on some fresh parmesan cheese. All done and now resting. Hey guys, I really do apologize that I DO NOT have the "money shot" picture. There was a pretty big malfunction that ruined any chance to get a nice photo of the finished slice. Like I stated earlier, I way overcooked the pie and was pretty burnt on bottom and was really crunchy for the most part. I personally don't like a really crunchy crust. My wife was trying to help and she was scraping off the burnt bottom crust and eventually all the insides toppings and all fell out all over the cutting board. So we had to scoop everything back in and it really didn't look very good to get a decent picture. Sorry about that one.
  23. Hi All! I have just acquired a brand new big joe for the holidays and so far love cooking on it. I do not seem to be able to get this thing as hot as I am seeing on the forums though and I would like to know your strategies and techniques for getting a good searing temp a quickly as possible. I use the cotton ball rubbing alcohol (for slow burns) and a chimney (for short grill sessions). I am coming over from having and akorn and that thing would heat up very quickly (almost too quick) I am struggling with the big joe (not getting over 450 really). Does anyone here use the ceramic divider to save charcoal or is that just a gimmick? Also, I really like the fact that the divide and conquer system pulls out, however, is there a set of metal clips or cables I can attach to allow for this to happen when the grill is hot? I tried getting my hands around the insert when it was hot, but my gloves were too thick to get between the grate and the grill. I have completed a brisket at 16 hours and 3 butts at 18 hours (both at 250 degrees) with the help of my trusty pitmaster iq110. I did have to add charcoal multiple times. Are there any strategies for long burns besides good dense lump. I was using the ring of fire method (brick in center with lump dumped around it in a circle on my akorn with great success and am thinking of trying that on my joe now, what methods are y'all using to get long burns? Here is a pic of the butts I did most recently.
  24. I promised Dutch's Amazing Beans the other day with the Beef ribs, but got behind the curve when I went out shopping while the ribs cooked. Recap on Ingredients: Modified Dutch's amazing beans: Double recipe; a single recipe disappears far way too fast. 1 pound of Maple bacon, cooked on a grill, cut into 1 inch lengths after cooking on the grill. 1 Pound of smoked, pulled pork. 1 Medium onion, diced, sautéed in butter. sautéed in butter. 1 lobe of a garlic clove, minced, sautéed in butter. 1 Bell pepper green, 1 Bell pepper red, 1 Yellow, seeded then roasted on a grill, then diced. 2 Jalapeno Peppers, roasted on a grill, then diced. 2 - 26 ounce cans Bush's Baked Beans, Maple flavor 2-8 ounce cans of pineapple chunks, drained 1 Cup Brown Sugar, packed. 1 Cup ketchup. 1 Cup Sweet baby Ray's original BBQ sauce. 1/2 - 1 Tbs. dry (ground) mustard. Before starting this recipe, you need to have 1 pound of smoked pulled pork. Fire up the grill, let it stabilize. Remove the seeds from Bell peppers and Jalapeno peppers. Put Bacon and Peppers on the grill, you are going for some nice roasted character and roasted color on the peppers. Bacon should be crispy. Pull when ready, set aside. Put a pan on the stove (or griddle on the grill) and sauté diced onions and garlic. Drain the butter when fully cooked (onions turn clear, garlic is golden). Dice the Peppers, slice the cooked bacon. Add ALL the ingredients to a large pot and simmer. Stir gently to avoid crushing the beans. All of the preparation was done on the Kamado Joe Big Joe and Joe Junior. The bacon, bell peppers, jalapeno and the Saute of onions and garlic were done on the Joe Junior The Big Joe was used to simmer the big batch. Pictures are continued on the next post.
  25. I pulled the Trigger folks. I ordered a Kamado Big Joe from WayFair Supply. It should arrive around the 19th of January. I will probably end up in the dog house for this one. I used my Xmas bonus from work on it. The wife wanted to combine our bonuses and get new bedroom furniture. I let her know that I wanted a new grill and that funds could come from some other place... We saw the BGE XL at a store this weekend and she asked if that was what I wanted and said it would take up pretty much all of the bonus money. I told her what I was getting would be something like the egg and than told her that she was an awesome wife because she understands my BBQ additcion. So I guess she knows its coming but won't neccasarily be happy about it till I start turning out good food.
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