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Found 4 results

  1. So started my first overnight cook (two 5 1/2 pound pork shoulders) on my Weber summit kamado very early this morning. Planned for 10-12 hours at 225-250 so it could get rested and pulled for an early dinner at 4pm. We're hosting a baby shower for my sister in law so want plenty of food without me standing over the BBQ too much whilst people are here. I've been finding sourcing large pork cuts tricky here in the UK but spotted 2.5 kg pork shoulders in costco so picked a couple up. Did a basic rub of salt, sugar, paprika, garlic powder, chilli and sage. Left the cuts to sweat for a couple of hours and got the grill set up. I had some problems getting the temperature stable in the first place, I was aiming to start the grill about 11 and get the meat on for midnight. I overshot the temp, I think because I added too much lit coal, so spent untill 1am getting the temp back down and stable. I put the meat on at about 12.30am. Not planning to look at the grill again until the morning. Got woken up by the kids so checked the temperatures at about 3 am and all was good. This morning I woke up at 8 to find the fire had gone out. Looks like either the ash from my briquettes had blocked the lower air intake or I'd set the vents too low in the first place. Think I'll try lumpwood next time and see if that's better. I've got the grill back up to temperature now (about 9.30am) and fingers crossed 4/5 more hours will do it. Internal temp has just hit 152 so I'm pretty sure it should still be fine. The dome is currently at 260 which is slightly higher than I want but probably not a bad thing all things considered. I wasn't planning to wrap the meat when it hit the stall but now am thinking it might be a good idea. I think I'll see where it's at at 11am. Atmospheric picture of the grill being lit and the pork shoulders going on from last night: Will update with how they turn out later
  2. On Wednesday, I was told that a number of family members were coming over on Saturday (today) for a multiple celebration event. In September, there are a number of birthdays and anniversaries in my family, so we just roll it all into one get together. In a minor panic, I debated very briefly on what to cook. Pork shoulder it was. I had a Boston Butt or two in my deep freezer and I knew that I could start thawing it Wednesday to cook it late Friday night. I grabbed one out of my freezer, tossed it into the mini fridge I use for canning and other stuff, and went about the rest of my work week. Along rolls Friday afternoon. I get home from work and go check the pork shoulder. Uh-oh. Still hard as a rock. The Guru part of my brain recalls that our benevolent host had recently done a video on cooking a frozen shoulder. I rewatched that and applied the lessons learned to my shoulder. Thawed it in water, changed out the water after a bit, applied the binder and rub, and onto the Joe it went. Here's my timeline: Friday 7:00pm - Got home from work, checked pork butt. Micro panic. Rewatched video, started the thawing process. Light the Joe. One hour later, changed out the water, and started making my homemade sauce, always a crowd favorite. Joe is settled in around 230 and heat soaked. An hour after that, Friday, 9:00pm, Shoulder is thawed on the outside enough to trim the fat cap, apply the binder and rub. Onto the pit it goes. Temp was about 235 or so. Midnight, final check of temps and the Joe is at 220, so I slightly adjust the top vent. I'm aiming for around 250. Set silent alarm on my Fitbit to wake me up at 6:00. Time for some shut eye. Saturday, 6:00am - Fitbit buzzes me awake. Stumble out to the Joe to check the temps. It's dropped to 215 or so, and I adjust as necessary. Probe the shoulder and it's in the doldrums of the stall. Exactly 160. Nap time. I snooze for another hour and change. 8:00am - I emerge from my slumber, ready to get the day going. Check temps, and the butt is emerging from the stall at about 167, and the Joe is performing like the champ that it is, rocking 240 degrees on the dome dial, and 255 at grate temp via my digital thermometer. Off to the store to get the rest of the party stuff, ice, beer, and soda. 10:30am - Finally get the kids to pick up the dog poop. This, by itself, is the harder battle than cooking the frozen pork shoulder. 11:30am - Cole slaw and baked beans prepped. My work is done. All other sides are being brought by guests. Table is prepped for serving buffet style. 12:15pm - Pork shoulder temps out at 202-203. Perfect. Pull it from the Joe, put in foil pan, double wrap in foil, and into the cooler, faux cambro style. 1:15pm - Guests are mostly here, aside from my terminally late sister, and it's time to eat. Everyone is hungry. I grab the blade bone out of the shoulder and it comes out effortlessly, and clean (except for one morsel, which is pitmaster privilege) . 1:30pm - Accolades received, high-fived myself, and that was the best dang shoulder I've had outside of competition in a while. Videos attached. Thanks for looking! Cheers! VID_58570130_003717.mp4 VID_59101228_001300.mp4
  3. Finally bought the Maverick redi chek and trying an overnight butt on old smokey.
  4. Hey guys, New member here... I purchased an Akorn about a year ago and have had some trouble smoking with it. My biggest issue is with temperature and it getting hot to soon. I've looked around on here, and will try some things I've read... Back to the post topic... I had a 8# brisket I wanted do smoke overnight, loaded up the lump and lit it up. I used the Webber starting cubes (which I've read was a bad idea..). I used more of the cubes then I should have. I know that know.. long story short, went to bed at 1am, and the Akorn was sitting right at 240, awesome! Woke up at 6am... 700+ degrees. My Maverick thermometer actually said HOT without an actual temp displayed. I had crispy brisket for a few days... Anyway, I'm curious about some mods people have done. I've notice a lot of people putting the BGE gasket around the ash pan and the bottom vent. I've already put a piece of expanded metal on the bottom so smaller lump pieces wont fall through.. What else would be considered an "essential" mod? My smoking "technique" (obviously needs some work): Tried the minion method, but put a little to much of the starter cubes in. I use a webber grate and a metal pizza pan wrapped in foil for my full diffuser. My next long smoke, I will be trying the "volcano" method.
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