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  1. Three Pizza’s and Beer Had not cooked pizza in a while and there was a collective family request that could not be turned down. Even though it was a nasty rainy night in Georgia, i coped by rolling Joe under the edge of the covered porch and we pushed on. This cook was a family project in preparation, making the pies, cooking, and of course devouring them. Daughter did prep work, son built the pies, son and I cooked them and my wife was all smiles as we cooked and she enjoyed a glass of wine and the after work socialization and relaxation. Another great time of family gathered in the kitchen. Some Pies Ready to Cycle Through Big(Red)Joe Some Slices of Pizza Goodness And a Few Beers, Too The Cooks Joe was at roughly 600-625 degrees and the pies were cooked from 4 to 7 minutes started on parchment paper which was pulled from 2 to 4 minutes depending in the pizza. For the white pizza I dropped the temps down to about 550 and did it as the last pizza. I added small oak chunks just protruding into the ash area through the lower vent for the wood fired smoked element. They were cooked in the order listed below. I think I finally have my Big Joe figured out for how I want it setup for pizza. These were some of the best pies we have fixed, and the crust and topping cooking was pretty well balanced. We used Publix ready made pizza dough picked up on the way home. The red sauce was Centos crushed tomatoes with dried herbs (uncooked) left to marry the flavors for most of the day. This recipe: http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/14646-a-no-cook-pizza-sauce/ The white sauce was ricotta and Greek yogurt with herbs and minced fresh garlic. It was developed by my daughter. #1 Veggie Pie (onion, bell peppers, roma tomatoes, & Kalamata olives) over 6 cheese Italian blend & Mozzarella Ready to Cook: All Done: (edited to fix link to show the cooked pizza) #2 Double Pepperoni over 6 Cheese Italian Blend plus a bit of Garlic and extra Mozzarella Ready to Cook: All Done: #3 White Pizza - Spinach, Tomato, and Ricotta Cheese Chunks over White Sauce Base Ready to Cook: All Done: The Cooking Set-Up Here is my setup on Big Joe using the Divide & Conquer system and expansion grate. It provided very stable temperatures on the cooking stone on the top of the expansion rack from one cook to the next and very nicely matched dome temps for the topping cook. With the extra “defector” in the middle of the stack, the heating up and temperature soaking did take a bit longer.
  2. This is a mini review of the Blackstone Pizza Oven. I paid $269 (less a 10% coupon I had) at Lowes and ordered online with pickup at the store. I have seen the price range between $269 and $399. The oven is available at various retailers. This is version 2. Version 2 has one lower shelf that holds the propane tank. Version 1 has two lower shelves. Version 2 has several improvements over Version 1, such as the propane tank holder, better heat distribution inside the oven area, and better packaging preventing damage during shipping. Both Versions have two side shelves (side shelves not installed on mine due to the limited space on my deck). Version 2 is preferable over Version 1. A lot of negative quality reviews for this oven relate to Version 1 issues. The grill is easy to assemble. Version 2 has some stickers on the grill that are extremely difficult to remove. The oven has a 60k BTU burner and two stones. The 16 inch bottom stone, on which the food sits, can be stationary or rotate. There is a rotisserie motor under the oven which can be turned on and off, and runs on either 2 D batteries or the included ac adaptor. The igniter is battery powered. The top stone is stationary. The rotisserie motor should be turned on when operating because the burner is on one side and that one side will get hotter than the other side if the bottom stone is not rotating. You can easily stop the motor to slide the pizza onto the stone, and then restart the motor. The grill heats up very quickly if set to high. In about 10 minutes at high, the bottom stone is about 800f. The built in temp gauge measures the air above the top stone, which is not useful. An IR heat temp gun is needed to know the approximate temp of the bottom stone. If left on high, the bottom stone will heat to over 900f, and the top stone will exceed 1,000f. The burner is positioned so that half of the flame hits the bottom stone, and the other half of the flame extends up past the bottom stone, thus heating the oven space and the top stone. I have not yet used it enough to see what the bottom stone measures if the burner is left on low. Although the grill is designed to cook pizza, any number of items can be cooked in the grill. For example, a cast iron pan can be heated and used to cook a steak. So far, I have only cooked 3 pizzas in the oven. My initial opinion is that this oven is awesome for cooking pizzas, particularly if you are a fan of the Neapolitan style, which has a thin crust, a puffy rim, and some charring (sometimes referred to leoparding). Neapolitan style pies cook in 60-90 seconds at a high temp. Is this oven for you? NO If you do not like Neapolitan style pizza with slight charring, you probably don’t need this oven. If you only cook a couple pizzas a month in a kamado in the 500f-600f range, you probably don’t need this oven. YES On the other hand, if you like Neapolitan style pizzas, this oven will essentially replicate a wood burning oven, but cost thousands of dollars less, and heat up in 10 minutes, versus hours for a wood burning oven. If you cook a ton of pizzas, this oven is very easy to use and cooks pizza very quickly, even when not using the Neapolitan style high temperatures. If you cook pizzas on a kamado at inferno temps, and find it uncomfortable to continually open and close the kamado lid at inferno temps, this oven could be for you. In sum, I am very pleased with this oven and I highly recommend this oven to those that fit into the “yes” category above. I will try to post some pictures of my cooks on this oven over the next few weeks. The pizza below was the first pizza I cooked on this oven. It was a 9 inch personal size, bottom stone at 800f, cooked for 70 seconds, with half pesto/sausage/ fresh mozzarella and half crushed tomatoes/fresh mozzarella.
  3. Every pizza I make is the best yet. They just get better and better. Tonight I made my own dough using the "Artisan bread in five method". Toppings were fresh mozzarella, Italian sausage, green peppers, portobello mushrooms and red onions. Cooked at 500 for about 20 minutes. The dough made all the difference it was slightly crispy on the bottom but chewy at the same time.
  4. Hi Gurus! Last Friday evening I did PaPa Murphy's in the belly of TheBeast! Quick and simply and delicious. Here's the set-up ... baking stone (YEAH! That thing is HEAVY!) on the extended cooking grate over the main grate. No diffuser. Dome temp at 425F per PaPa Murphy's direction. I normally do pizza at higher temps, but PaPa Murphy's dough is literally engineered for 425F since most home overs don't get above 500F. Here are a couple of pics of the unbaked pies with a few extras from the refrigerator here at ChezChef: The first pie is thin crust the second is regular crust. Both pies were augmented with jalapeño andouille and spicy litallian sausage cooked on TheBeast and some more low moisture cheese. Here are pics of the two pies after their being cooked: The frist pie got too close to the edge of the KK baking stone and I was a minute or so late in pulling it, hence the burned edge. I wasn't about to let that happen on the second pie! Both crusts were crispy and the pies were delicious. For store-bought pizza, this was the best I've had in some time. Quick and easy peasy! The beverage of the evening was a relatively new ale from Shiner ... The Wild Hare. Very good tasting and I heartily recommend it!
  5. Just by accident, when I was searching the net for a 12" pizza stone, I found a machine that intrigued me a lot. It's like a waffle iron with a stone base, and made by New Wave called Stone Pizza Oven. I read every review I could find, looked at every site that had it for sale, and ended up picking one up at Best Buy on a Veteran's Day sale. This really works for me because 90% of my pizza cooks are the small, personal size, so as much as I love pizza on the kamado, it often doesn't make much sense to burn the charcoal, go to the trouble, etc. when I don't have anything else I want to cook with the residual heat, I mean all I want is pizza! Here are some of the first pictures of my pizza, first a traditional pepperoni with bagged cheese, and this morning for breakfast a spinach/artichoke/parm base with ham cubes. I can hardly wait to make my next one. More later, I'm off for the day. I'm using my own dough with 1/2 OO flour and 1/2 AP, no sugar or oil, no knead counter rise for 6 hours, fridge overnight or as needed.
  6. So we all work very hard at holding temperatures down for slow cooking. Why do I have difficulty getting hot enough (500+ degrees) quickly to bake pizza? I swear if I was slow cooking and didn't pay attention to the grill, it would be 450 degrees in minutes. Does anyone have a good method for quickly building heat in a kamado?
  7. Remember this cook? (Pepper Stout Beef -Take 2: http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/14374-pepper-stout-beef-take-2/?hl=%2Bpepper+%2Bstout+%2Bbeef) Well I had some leftover frozen packages of it and decided to make something different with it. How about a Taco Pizza? First I made a bowl of Pico de Gallo. Then I made up some pizza dough and let it proof overnight. Here are most of the rest of the ingredients: I took the ingredients and Mr. Grill out to my patio work area on my big gasser. Rolled out my dough and then spread on the Chipotle salsa as my pizza sauce. Sprinkled on some Mexican cheese. Put the Pepper Stout Beef on. (My dog approves!) And Mr. Grill added some onion slivers. I had already preheated my kamado to 510. I put the pizza on and set the timer for 4 minutes. After 4 minutes I took it out and put on some cilantro, fresh Pico de Gallo and some more cheese. And it’s done. Now I spread on some fresh cut lettuce, cut and then some Mexican Crema. And here are the plated shots. And here is the Money Shot. It was delicious! Thanks for looking.
  8. Home from a long workweek around 9:00pm. My Pirates were at halftime & I'd successfully avoided hearing any score updates since kickoff. Had the game on the DVR and was starving. I mixed up a batch of dough with the intensions of making a pizza: 2 cups King Arthur bread flour 3 tablespoons olive oil 3 tablespoons sugar 2 tablespoons salt 1 tablespoon Italian seasoning 1 tablespoon garlic powder 1 packet of yeast 1.75 cups hot tap water A quick mix and covered the bowl with a towel and watched the game. Afterwards....it was too late to cook & eat anything but the swarm dough was looking really good. Slept late....really late.....as in 5:30 am. I took the dough outa the fridge and let it rest on the counter for a couple more hours. Spread it out & topped with pesto, pizza sauce, pepperoni, onions, shrooms and a little cheddar since I was out of mozzarella. I still didn't get the top done properly....should have used the grill !!!!!!!! Not great looking but the flavor was really good. The add-ins to the crust are flavorful. I'll keep trying different versions.
  9. Been grilling on Joe every day since we got moved in. Mahi, 2 Spatchcock chickens, Wings,8 lb Butt, Veg, Roasted Garlic, Pizzas, Brownies. Still lots of learning to do but have had some really amazing stuff so far. The Salmon was super easy and way tastier than when I have made it in the Past (Gasser). Pizzas were Fun and the 2nd one the Crust was so crisp. Cooking the butt was in the top 3 most fun things I've ever done on a Grill. Just went off without a hitch and done in a very civilized time (8am-5pm) and Amazing.. We can't stop eating it. Coho Salmon Cedar plank Glaze of Ginger Dijon Honey. Wings: Best I've ever made. Coconut oil and dizzy pig Ragin river. Glazed in SweetChili. Pizzas: Pesto and Parm, Alfredo Tomato 8lb Bone in Butt from Kroger Rubbed in Dijon Mustard and covered in Garlic powder, Rib Rub and Black Pepper. On the Joe at 8 Am over KJ Lump and Cherry and Apple wood chunks. My very first Butt Ever Ever. Held 275 F and never strayed. Just like the Gurus said it would.Very confidence inspiring. Amazing smell during.. That cherry and Pork. Local beer helps things along. No Peeking. Like a working Butt.. it was 5 O'clock. The Probe alarm rang out at 5:00 pm on the nose with the news that 205F was here!! Thermopop for confirmation. First look!! Into Foil and cooler for 40 minutes. Bone just slipped right out clean and the meat just fell apart.. Smell and Flavor was amazing. Pulled pork tacos with homemade BBQ sauce, Simple Lime slaw, chipotle Crema, Cotija cheese, Cilantro Negro Modelos (ahhh!! No pic) ate it.. Kris fell on the floor it was so good. Pulled Pork sammich warmed in BBQ sauce with standard slaw on potato rolls... ( ahhh!! no Pic) Pulled Pork Breakfast tostadas Yum... (ahhhh!! No Pic) Pulled Porkkkkk Must eat more.. MORE!!! Thank You to the Guru's and to John Setzler and youtube for all of your advice and help to get me cooking on this Joe!! I just want to wake up and cook food on this Kamado everyday... is that so wrong? To say i'm hooked would be an understatement.. Flame on! ♨️
  10. Gotta love the weather today. I should be drawn and quartered for not grilling today !!!!! Whatcha got on the menu for tonight ??? Had the day off.....slept late and made a pie for my wife & I. I am loving homemade pizza. I wish I could trade in all $$$ I've spent at Dominos, Pappa Johns, Marco's (the best of the chains) and etc and just make my own. So much cheaper and really easy. Just used some King Arthur flour, yeast, sauce, cheese and toppings.....most of which I have around anyway. Start to finish was under 30 mins, too. Probably costs $4-$6 dollars to do it at home. I am experimenting with the dough now. Added some basil and garlic powder to this ball. Really gave the crust more character. I know it can be taken to a whole 'nother level with a proper mixer and allowing a few hours to let the yeast really do it's thing. Beyond my capabilities at the moment. Just keeping it simple for now. After school folks come home hungry. Powerfully hungry. Had some leftover shrooms from the pizza and figured I'd see if the little guy would give 'em a try. Didn't cook them into it...just put them on top. Yeah...he picked them off and said, "Dad....what are you doing with these on here......yuck ! ". What he didn't know was that I tricked him and used ground turkey breast vs. ground beef. I was also able to sneak in some Vidalia onion and jalapeño into the mix, too. He approves of them, though. He destroyed 3 of these double-stacked-cheese stuffed tacos & the frijoles, too. Nothing left but the shrooms. They looked edible to me....cheese in between the shells and all. For mine, I'd want sour cream, avocado and cilantro.
  11. Watched a couple episodes of Hard Knocks this afternoon to help prime the NFL interest. I tried a different setup tonight....thanks, Ben. The gap was the difference between excellent back-to-back crusts vs. 1st great.......2nd horrible.....and 3rd great like last week's pies. Much better results when I put a small gap between the stones, but still left the pie in an elevated position so the dome heat could reflect back down on the toppings. Took care of the toppings prep First pie ready for the grill...... Parchment sure doing it's job. Crazy-easy to transfer to the stone......and off again once done. 2nd pie was a white sauce type for the girls...... Third pie was mine....all mine. Leftovers are already in the freezer.....gonna be tasty as work lunches someday. Hoping RG III has a great showing......and that Johnny Football gets a "welcome to the NFL" sack or three. Little punk needs to be humbled, IMHO.
  12. Wow was that fun and EASY! Not only that, but it tasted better than any pizza we have had in a long time!! The whole family enjoyed the process. We made small personal pizza's, so everyone could make there own. Now ourselves and the neighbors can't wait for a "Pizza on the Patio" party!
  13. ...so it looks like the Pizza bug definitely set in Tomato sauce prep.... onions lightly browned off in Olive oil, with a little Vegeta (veg salt mix with very little salt), red wine added and lightly cooked off...then tomato, puree, pepper, worcester sauce for depth, a little balsamico and a little sugar to wake up the tomato flavour... ...taste test and done.... ...prepped the toppings, goats cheese, figs, bacon, red onion, paprika (bell pepper), spanish salami, chorizo, serano dry aged bacon, prawns, salmon, anchovies, zucchini, mex chicken....and of course garlic.... ...no not all of these on one Pizza!....4 Pizzas in plan...Fishy Pizza, Salami Pizza (not your ordinary Salami by the way), Meat feast....and after seeing the previous pizza posts here I had to try the goats cheese, bacon, fig kombo....! ....but which Saffire to use...?... yup has to be the XL...lots of room, larger Pizzas....so added firelighters (yes some will say how many fire lighters but I wanted a quick start and an even start on the whole coal surface) if you see my fire ring got a break!....never mind for this cook it wont matter a bit....but have spoken with Saffire and they are getting me a new ring sent out from the US...as always speaking with Steve is a pleasure and no issues getting a new part (my first service experience as yet, with my other Saffire I have never had to use their service as i had no problems in any way) but I also used the opportunity to order two extra cooking grids that way with the new rack system I can cook on three full levels and on top use the extender for the fourth level....this will come in handy with big parties and with my cold smoking that starts in Winter...(smoked suasage, fish, cheeses smoked without heat...over 14 hours using sawdust and herb mixes) let the firelighters burn out and closed the lid, opened up the daisy wheel and then the bottom vent leaving the spark guard closed to protect my decking fire is looking good and kicking off.....is great having the chip feeder hole you can spy on the fire w/o affecting the temp at any time....plus later there is another benefit if you read on... ...back to the kitchen....roll out the dough, and get the pizza's finished... all done... by the time I got to finishing them and after the telephone call to Steve (Saffire) it had got dark again...man Summer is disappearing fast over here temp locked in good.... first pizza in... 5 mins, Pizza done to a tee....then one after the other ....each time I swapped the pizza out when I closed the lid i then used the sneaky feature on the Saffire and the new 2014 chip feeder....to add more coal or in this case some spare dry smoke chips that are used to boost the fire back up quick.... what is cool is you can fit smoking chunks in the new feeder and smaller coals...and all w/o opening the lid or disturbing the temp inside ...at first I thought nice feature but if I add the chunks at the beginning then is no great deal ....but I now add the chunks and chips when i want, how I want and also means if I decide I want a short smoke at the end of a cook I can do it too ....found this great with pizza...last 2 mins adding wet chips to get a smoky top flavour.... ....I now love the feature ....I would like to swap my older saffire out for a new one just for this better smoking chip feeder too.....must speak with Steve see if he can do me a deal ...and the pizzas....as always a Kamado Pizza is the best...and the goats cheese, fig kombo....absolutely regal guys....thank god you guys showed me the way with that topping...real good
  14. Quick Pizza Night - aka Alternate Plan B Well, this turned out to be quick pizza night on Big (Red)Joe. Originally planned to shop on the way home tonight for smash burgers on pretzel buns but at Publix they said their shipment of buns has not come in. Darn. But, pre-made Publix pizza dough was BOGO, so alternate Plan B kicked in. Prepared a simple Boar's Head pepperoni & cheese pizza as pie #1 with some bottled Marinara sauce that was in the fridge. Pie #2 was Costco 88/12 ground beef browned off in the skillet with Montreal Steak seasoning and dried red pepper flakes. Brushed crust with olive oil and sprinkled with granulated garlic powder, then added the Marinara sauce, cheese, the ground beef, sliced onions and bell pepper. A final sprinkle of some mixed blend pizza cheese and a grind of black pepper to top it off. Built both pies on parchment paper. Cooked the pies at 600 degrees (dome thermo) for about 12 minutes, removing the parchment paper under the crusts at about 4 minutes so the crusts would brown. Utilized my new test cooking arrangement which is the full KJ deflector on lower level of D&C rack, an intermediate buffer 15 inch pizza stone on the X rack and the 15 inch cooking pizza stone on the main rack in Big Joe which seems to balance the crust and topping cooking profiles. Slid a chunk of pecan wood into the ash area through the lower vent for some smoke element. Bingo! Quick pizza night. Two great pies and a simple salad. A good red wine. Dinner salvaged! The ground beef pizza with the seasonings on the meat tasted like a high end Philly cheese steak pizza. Fantastic!
  15. I am getting ready for making pizza on the Big Joe . Where do you get your cheese and what kind do you like to use . I was looking at the shredded cheddar and shredded mozzarella at Sam's. That would be 10 pounds of shredded cheese. Does it break down into smaller packs and freeze well?
  16. A gorgeous Sunday called for more pizzas and hot wings on the Akorn. My wife, being gluten-free for 15 years feels like she's making up for lost time by having restaurant quality pizza at home that doesn't remotely taste like some of the gluten free products do. We followed the Gordon Ramsay recipe, same as always. Let the dough rest for an hour while I fired up the Akorn. I brought it up to 450 and threw the wings on for about 35 minutes. They came off gorgeous. Perfectly crispy. Tossed in Franks and set aside. I put a foil pan of peeled garlic, EVOO and two dried chilies on the top rack and slid in my pizza stone. Again, I have never used a heat deflector and I get perfect pizzas every time. I think this is partially due to the fact that we go thin crust and I put the toppings on top of the cheese. I see some on here put cheese on top and well, that's just wrong as it prevents the toppings from cooking. But, to each his own. The garlic chilli oil really is a secret weapon. Four pizzas Capicola Capicola and Red Onion Artichoke and green olive Artichoke, green olive, roasted red pepper and hot peppers Yes, we have beer, wine and cider on the table. It's Sunday Oh, i have no idea why it rotates the pics like so. Anyone can help, please make a suggestion.
  17. Setup the new XL Saffire and fired him up for three hours...to burn it in using Argentinian quebracho blanco coals... Mixed the dough from an Italian recipe early this morning and cooked up the tomato base, chopped the toppings... Prawn, anchovy, salmon, red onion, peppers, jalapeño, garlic, broccoli, olives.... Got to test the new pizza tool too....and when the pizza went in I dropped in some smoke chips using the smoke chip feeder without opening the lid (is a great feature) for the last few minutes stoking up the heat and giving it a great extra smoky flavor.... .....and as we had way too much dough...a couple more, found that making them a touch smaller improved handling greatly
  18. I've been cooking pizza and wings to get to know my Akorn. It's nice because I can change up the toppings and sauce to keep the flavours fresh while I experiment with keeping temperatures on the Akorn. I fill the bowl about 85% and I use half a Weber cube in two bits to get it going. When I hit 450 I close the top to a fraction and put the bottom down to three. Let it stabilize for a few minutes. Then I throw the wings on the grate. These are not tossed in anything just pow on the grill. No heat deflector either. I find that after 15 I open em up and give them a flip. Check em in another ten, move around any that need it. Pull when crispy, usually around 35 minute mark. Half with S&P and the rest in good ol' Frank's. Crank it up to 500, slide on the pizza stone and slip in my pan of olive oil, garlic, dried chill pepper and rosemary. Pizza. Still going with Gordon Ramsay's recipe with AP substituted for Namaste Gluten-Free flour. We do not notice a difference at all. It's great. I was light on cheese simply because we didn't have a ton around and personally I don't like it too cheesy. Spent a lot of time in Italy and it's more about sauce and crust there. Prosciutto and basil Carne Asada and Red Onion (used leftover carne asada) As you can see the crust is perfectly browned. Again, no heat deflector. I presume those that need it are cooking a thick crust, cringe. Well, that's just my opinion. Cook time at 500 degrees as 7-9 minutes.
  19. This is an idea that is shamelessly flat-out stolen from Allycat's Crawfish Bread post. After reading her post this afternoon I went traipsing off to Harry's in search of crawfish. No dice. Apparently because of sustainability issues this year, Whole Foods is no longer carrying crawfish for the foreseeable future. Grump. So I wandered a bit and picked up some uncooked cocktail shrimp and some lump crab meat instead. A poor substitute for what I really wanted, but there you have it. I started out making a basic white sauce by simmering butter, shallots & garlic Added in the shrimp as part of the sauce process to cook it up and suffuse the sauce with some seafood flavor. Then added some flour and cream to thicken it up: Cut a demi-baguette in half and spread the sauce/shrimp mixture on it. Then topped with crab meat and a sprinkle of Parmesan-Reggiano cheese. Into the grill at about 425° for about 30 mins. Because the bread/crust was already cooked, I used my foil wrapped pizza stone as a diffuser and kept them in my baking dish for a little added insulation. Once they were nice and bubbly on the top, I took them off the grill: I was going to have a photo of these all nicely plated with a side salad, but then I stupidly tried to pick up the dish with my bare hands (brain off in lala land) and so have spent the last hour with my fingers in a glass of ice water instead. Hopefully I've held off the blistering some. Bah I still want crawfish, but man these were good! Thanks @allycat for a GREAT idea.
  20. Yesterday I made hot wings and pizza from scratch. Both were a success. The wings were the same crispiness as when they are deep-fried. I have never been able to achieve this on a gas bbq or in an oven and I am a wing fiend. The pizzas were flawless. Here's a step-by-step with some pictures. Got my fuel going and I'm still unsure if I'm loading enough in to start with, but it took 15 minutes to get to 300, then another ten and I was at 430. Seemed good enough. Wings were merely salted for now. I dropped them straight on the grill. Since I had opened her up I also put on some peeled garlic in quality olive oil on the upper rack. This was in a small, covered foil pan. Shut the akorn, temp was down to 400f. I checked in ten and gave them a flip. Another ten another flip. 30 minutes total. I cannot believe how perfect they were. I set them aside to toss in Frank's and serve with the pizzas. At this point I left the vents as is so it could maintain a steady 400f for the pizza. My wife and I did this part together. She chose Gordon Ramsay's pizza dough recipe and our only change was Namaste gluten-free flour that we got at Costco (2kg bag for 10.99). Used the hook in the Kitchen Aid then let the dough rest for 1 hour. I had a few Sierra Nevada's at this point. Dough is ready! Checked the Akorn and WTF... It had dropped to 200. I opened the vents all the way and didn't see a temperature rise so I checked inside and yup, most the fuel was dust by now. No drama, just started a new fire and I was at 400F in 15-20. At this point I set the pizza stone on the top grill. I did not use a diffuser. We made two pizzas. Basic tomato sauce and mozzarella with hot capicola ham on one and the other was italian peppers and green olive. Once assemble I slid each onto parchment paper dusted with cornmeal. I opened up the Akorn and put my wings on top rack to heat up. The capicola went onto the stone first. I left both vents open during the cook process. Since I figure the stone was slowing things down. After four minutes I quickly removed the parchment paper. After 8 minutes I gave the pizza a half turn. Pulled it off at 15. So 15 minutes at 400f. The bottom was golden brown with no dark bits. The pizza had a great crunch with just enough give. Seriously good pizza. I would not stray from the recipe or the method. Oh yeah, the garlic oil, my little foil dish of joy came out perfect. I drizzled that garlic olive oil on everything and served with fresh basil. FYI, never cook basil. Just add at the end. A good tip was spying through the top vent, gave me some comfort and prevented me from opening to drop the temp. Cornmeal and parchment paper worked a treat. No diffuser necessary at this temp. The second pizza went on about 3-5 minutes after the first. It took about two minutes less and also came out perfect. Honestly, these were the best pizzas and wings I've had. From here on out we will just be experimenting with flavours since this all worked so well. We often go to a nice wood-fired Italian place here for pizza and they run 18 bucks a pop plus the gluten-free five dollar surcharge. So the Akorn will pay for itself pretty darn quick.
  21. 89 degrees at the time I opened up the vents and put the pizza stone on the top rack. Coals were still smoldering from my lunch cook. http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/13638-thanks-big-biscuit-going-to-copy-a-cook-you-did-tomorrow/ Warmed up some Italian sausage on the stove. Rolled this one out for our teenager. Rolled a white sauce version out for my wife and I. She loves the white sauce (1/3 pesto & 2/3 alfredo) version the best for the flavor......I love the flavor but also love the fact that I never get heartburn from it like I do with the red sauce. Grillside pizza tools in place beside the grill. The new Tom Petty is growing on me bigtime.....no kidding. Good mellow tunes with a slight punch. Some of the riffs on here would be fun to learn to play. His is almost done. Ours is done. I am very pleased with Publix dough. Our pies tonight were made with Publix dough that was BOGO and put in the freezer a week ago. It thawed in the fridge overnight and rested on the counter for an hour before rolling. Very easy and no mess. Parchment paper is the ticket as far as I'm concerned. The Buttula works great to transfer the pies over to my cutting board. Thank goodness, because I don't have storage room for another piece of grilling gear. The-Blonde-Who-I-Often-Listen-To will not be happy if I bring home another piece of gear......although she been giving me the green light on whatever I need to keep the tasty eats forthcoming. Suffice to say that grilling is the one hobby that my family appreciates.....hunting, guitar playing and others not so much. I've tried these pizzas in the oven, but something is missing. I can't explain it. The crust just doesn't turn out the same. Kamado or brick oven pizza is my favorite and worth buying a kamado for all by itself. Goodnight all. 4;00am will be here too soon. Looking forward to humping it this workweek....shaking off this chest cold.....and sliding into next weekend like a champ.
  22. So today I made pizza and wanted to try a stuffed crust. Dominoes pizza does a hotdog stuffed crust so that's what I copied. I also made a thin and crispy pizza.
  23. Specifically, where do you find your parchment paper? I'm getting real close to getting into this kamado pizza thing you speak of
  24. Ok, ok, ok, some of you might consider pizza two days in a row to be cheating, but I've been wanting to try this for a while now, and what better time than a lazy Sunday brunch when I already have leftover pizza dough? Right? Got the grill fired up with a cup of coffee in hand and prepped the pizza ... more of an oval shape ... a little mixed cheddar cheese on the bottom, some thinly sliced salted-and-drained campari tomatoes, some partially cooked bacon, and a sprinkle of pepper: Mr. Grill was fascinated by the idea - maybe a little skeptical, but willing to try: On the riser, kamado at 550° and holding. After 4 mins I added the eggs (one of which promptly slid off onto the griddle): After 4 more minutes, I had this (I used a spatula to relocate the runaway egg as soon as it firmed up): By the time the eggs were done (runny yolk, firm white), the crust was getting a little burnt on the back end. Time to take it off the grill. Slice, and serve with icy cold watermelon and your beverages of choice. A nice brunch out on the patio on a surprisingly cool summer Sunday. It was fantastic and we'll definitely make it again, but I also took away a few lessons: Put the eggs on earlier. They take longer to cook than you think. Right at the 2 mins mark would have been perfect. Make little wells or depressions in the pizza to break the eggs into so they don't slide off the pizza. The pizza wound up being cut into 8 squares and it would have been nice if each square had an egg. Next time, I'll make the depressions and add more eggs. Precook the bacon a little less so that it doesn't get overcooked on the ends. H said either using a thick picante sauce on the bottom or a drizzle of it over the top would have made it 100% perfect. I'll post bacon candy as soon as it cools enough to touch.
  25. I've been in a pizza mood lately - even since last week when we had such good ones. Tonight with H out, Z on kid duty, and me feeling tired and hot and slightly crabby from an afternoon of errand running ... I decided I wanted pizza. I don't care that I had a hamburger at lunch. It'll be a burger and pizza day and I'll work on veggies and health and running 5 miles tomorrow. Stopped at Publix and picked up 8 balls of dough. Most will go in the freezer, but I kept one out for tonight. Cut it into 1/3s and laid it out on the griddle. I didn't have any sauce thawed, so I tossed a couple of halved campari tomatoes ont he grill and let them get all charred. Chopped them up and mixed in some minced garlic: Put them on the dough with some fresh mozzerella, some onions, some olives. (Sorry for the blurry photos - don't know what happened there.) Into the grill at 550° ish for 9 minutes. And Mr Grill and I have dinner. The crust is just perfect - although it stuck to the bottom of the pan in 2 places. I obviously didn't oil the pan as thoroughly as I thought I did. And now I'm full of carby, pizza-y goodness and I suspect I might wind up napping on the sofa all through Outlander. It's a tough life. I tell ya.
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