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  1. Going to try my first pizza today, any suggestions for transferring the dough onto the stone? what are some of the tricks? just lots of flour?
  2. Did a few pies for Mom before she goes back home tomorrow. My Signature Philly Cheesesteak and a 1/2 pepperoni 1/2 supreme pie. I usually don't get Big Joe this hot ( 750°F ) but I got an upcoming long low n slow that I wanted to prepare for by doing a high heat cleanup; pizza seemed like a good excuse! These cooked significantly faster than what I'm used to at 500-550°F and it caught me a little by surprise, the first pie got a little burnt and it's a shame because it was otherwise a beautiful pie. I cut the burnt crust off and salvaged it though, no complaints on the remainder of it. Didn't
  3. Mrs philpom said, "how about pizza tonight?" and I said, "sure!". Whipped up a batch of my go to bread machine dough and here they are. I did three large, two pepperoni w/black olives and one onion, bell pepper, pepper flakes and bacon crumbs. Let's see the process! I roll them all in advance and stack between parchment paper. They get a second rise just before I bake them. I paint the sauce on with a silicon baster brush. Next for me is always the pepperoni. Whole olives give it appeal. Mozzarella, plenty of it.
  4. Here's another toy in my arsenal that we have discussed here before. After reading about @ckreef's experiences with his, I decided it was a must in my efforts to learn how to make awesome pizza. This is a brief walk-around of this grill followed by a demo pizza cook that took 90 seconds at 1000°F. I bought mine on Amazon: Blackstone Patio Oven for under $300.
  5. I have been experimenting again with another high temperature compatible pizza crust and got a great result with this one. I cooked this pizza in my Blackstone oven at 1000°F for 90 seconds to perfection! This recipe makes one medium to large pizza... 260 grams flour (I used King Arthur Pizza Blend) 156 grams lukewarm water 5.2 grams salt\ 5.2 grams sugar 2 tsp active dry yeast I also added about a teaspoon each of onion powder and granulated garlic. This is optional but it brings a great flavor to this crust. Dissolve the yeast and sugar in th
  6. Just completed my first cook with the gas insert in my Vision S Professional. I decided to do something simple for my first cook since I am new to this and wanted to see how the gas insert performed. My choice was one of my favorites, PIZZA! I won't go into too many details, just the basics since most of you probably have more experience with the Kamado than I have. Preparation: I have made pizza before so this is a good test for the Kamado. I haven't mastered making the crust yet so I used a favorite of mine that I use when I want to make it quickly. This is a prepared pizza crust fro
  7. I am new to the Kamado cooking club. Just purchased a new Hybrid Professional S from Home Depot. This is currently not sold in stores so I had to order on-line. This item included the new Gas insert, cover, Lava stone, two side shelves, and quick connect hoses for the gas for $ 899 which is a good price since the gas insert itself sells for $ 250 and the stone is around $ 50. Assembly was not difficult but took some time to get it all together. The kit included pretty good instructions as well as all tools needed for the installation, one open end wrench and another cap nut wrench, both
  8. After scouring the web for ideas for Mediterranean cuisine, I came across "Tartufata Pizza" and thought I would give it a try. I started with crimini, shiitake and oyster mushrooms that I roasted at 450 for 20-25 mins. While they were roasting I simmered whole garlic cloves in extra virgin olive oil. I discarded the garlic cloves and added some dry thyme to the oil and placed it in a bowl with the mushrooms and allowed them to cool. I spread out my no-knead dough and added the mushroom mixture and fresh mozzarella with a little extra olive oil.
  9. Yesterday I made the Napoletana pizza dough; enough for 3 X 580g balls. Made a fresh crushed ttomato sauce using basil from my garden. I used Saputo Pizza mozzarella that I had smoked last month with sugar maple. The cheese was shredded today and my eldest son made the pizza today as I still can't make it round as he can. Enjoy the photos. It was my youngest son with the two pieces. This sure beats chain pizzas.
  10. I got my Primo Large last fall, and I'm loving it. Bought it mainly for pizza but also for smoking and grilling. Did a pork loin yesterday that was great! Here's my last pizza: One thing I have notice recently is that I have a couple small cracks in the firebox, one front, one back pretty much opposite of each other. Here's what they look like: and Are cracks like these to be expected or are they an issue that needs to be addressed? I want to say thank you to everyone on this forum - loads of great information and a very civil and pleasant place Moses in PA
  11. I finally decided to buy this beast because I think it will make fantastic pizzas based on what I have seen from others on this forum and elsewhere... So it arrived this week and I got it put together this morning and fired it up.... Oh yea! Screamin' hot in no time flat. This kind of oven has a ton of possibilities for pizza. At this point, I'm super stoked about cooking on it tonight... I have a batch of scratch sourdough ready to go! So I turned the oven off and shut off the gas to let it cool... I came back to it an hour or so later to check on it....
  12. So I'm planning on doing my first pizza cook this weekend and I was wondering what temps you guys have made pizzas at? My wife loves the crust on pizza you get from the super hot italian ovens so I was planning on temps in the range of 600 degrees. Too hot? Not hot enough? Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  13. So I needed to get my pizza cook in before the end of the month so I broke out my favorite, BBQ Chicken Pizza. This morning I got a couple chicken breasts out to thaw and made up some pizza dough. This afternoon I broke it out and cut it in two. I rolled out the first half and placed it on some parchment paper to start building my pizza. Spread out some BBQ sauce, some red onion and then some red bell pepper. I had cooked up the 2 breasts. I sliced them and sauced them and then placed them on the pizza. Next up was some cilantro and the cheese. It went on the prehe
  14. I had some Cochinita Pibil leftovers thawed out so I tried something different by using it on a pizza. I tried to use ingredients that the people of the Yucatan use a lot of. Corn, black bean, the Cochinita, cilantro, pickled red onion, and soft boiled eggs. This morning I made up some pizza dough and some pickled red onions. I gathered my ingredients and cut some corn off the cob. I rolled out the 2nd half of the dough. I didn’t want the toppings to burn from being in to long so I precooked the crust a little (3 minutes) and then cooked it in stages. Now I spread out some Mexican Cr
  15. After seasoning per manufacturer instructions I made some pizzas. I'm probably going to try the fogo lump next because the Char-Griller lump pieces are so small many of them fall through the bottom Grate into the ash pan.
  16. Well I tried my first pizza over the weekend and it was a fail. Top looked awesome, bottom was completely burnt. Have a few questions: 1) I assume you want to get the pizza stone hot and then transfer the pizza to the stone. How are people transfering them. I put it on tinfoil and then put that on the pizza stone. I had my KJ jr up to around 600 degrees before i put it on. 2) My pizza stone ended up cracking. I'm thinking cause it was a cheaper stone so i will get a better one. Suggestions? I'm thinking it may have burned because i had it on there for around 10 mins which i n
  17. Today I demonstrated to a friend how to use Kamado for pizza and grilling from starting Kamado to getting to the desired temperature range. I set up my junior for pizza and I set up vision classic B for new steak method that John has video on. I love the divide and conquer system. For the steaks I had bought whole rib loin boneless and cut into 2" steaks. I got 8 X 2 " steaks and 1 2&1/4" steak. Small piece left will be used in stir-fry. I coated steaks in avacodo oil and seasoned with rub that is described in John's steak video. Wrapped in Saran Wrap and refrigerated. For
  18. Here is the pizza tonight that my son helped with. I made dough and sauce. I also made one pizza, but mine I could not make round so no picture. My son did a much better job on shaping the pie. My scaled up dough batch made 3x 15 I inch pizza's. I noticed that I have now the nomex gasket is now carbonized. I will replace it later once the rain stops.
  19. Hi everybody! Last night I tired pizza on my Kamado Joe classic for the 1st time. I have bought the KJ pizza stone. I read a lot of post on doing pizza before trying it the first time. My 1st attempt did not go so well... Pizza completly burn on the bottom and not cooked enough on the top. Firts thing i did was to light the KJ. After a good 15 minutes, I installed my deflector & put my pizza stone on the grill. I opened completly the top and bottom vent. I was targeting a 550F dome temp, but i was never able to get the temp above 410F at the dome with the deflector installed. A
  20. Today I did a test run using my apple smoked mozzarella and picked up some good meats from the Italian centre store. Very happy with the result. I will be making my own pizza from now on. What I did different this time I put mozzarella on first then the sauce then the meat and then more mozzarella on top. They were baked for 8 minutes at 550 F. The smoked mozzarella took the pizza to new whole new level. The dough was Napolenta Pizza Dough. Recipe for dough and sauce from American Pie by Peter Reinhart.
  21. I made a Napolenta style pizza dough today. I will be baking the pizzas tomorrow. Plan is to make a basic tomatoe sauce tomorrow using two types of basil in it, Lemon basil and Genoveses basil. Tomorrow I will update with sauce and final product. I am doing this test run because in two weeks my smoked mozzerla will be ready, The second picture is dough after proofing. It has been covered with olive oil extra virgin. Did this by bushing bowl with the oil and then rolling ball in bowl. Dough is now in refrigerator and will be taken out two hours before I plan to use it.
  22. Crazy busy this weekend with my daughter's prom but I was hell bent to have some pizza so I made me and Beth a couple of pies tonight. We each made our own pie while the grill sat eagerly waiting at 550 Her's cooked first (6 mins) Then mine (the kitchen sink on it) Nailed the crust! My baby girl... Hope everyone had a great weekend!
  23. Have been wanting to cook a pizza in the akorn but hadn't gotten around to it until now. Mix of royal oak (in the akorn) and used about 1/3 a chimney of sugar maple to start it. Because of dietary issues I end up with a frozen cheese pizza as the base. I let it mostly thaw and add some left over smoked roast beef, chopped onions, sliced mushrooms and extra mozzarella cheese. 10 minutes at about 450 and we have this
  24. I did my first pizza ever on a Kamado. It was a Costco pre-made pepperoni pizza. I use Stone and parchment paper. Temp was 450-475. 2nd pizza I did 1 min 30 seconds shorter than first one.
  25. So, let's go with my first post. This is my home-made pizza in Monolith. The recipe is very simple, you just need a good bread dough with no fats added (just a little extra-virgin olive oil); and some good ingredients to put on your pizza. The first one is a classic "Pizza prosciutto", just natural raw tomato sauce, mozzarella and some cooked ham. The second one is a "Bacon-zola pizza", tomato sauce, mozzarella, Gorgonzola cheese, fresh parsley and...bacon!
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