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  1. I have a problem! It's a nice problem to have but it’s still a problem. Yep! My tomato plants are going crazy and I need to find ways to use all these tomatoes. I figured one way was to make a few pizzas. One is a version of Margherita Pizza utilizing lots of thin tomato slices. Here are most of the ingredients I used. Tomatoes sliced and ready to use. Fresh Basil and Oregano from my garden. Took everything out to my gas grill / outdoor prep area. Cut my dough in half And constructed my pizza. Here is the results. And plated with a nice IPA. Perfect crust
  2. So the #1 request I've had from the Mrs is pizza. Well we finally found a night we could do it. Mrs. byg & the little one made up the pizzas while my oldest supervised the kamado as we brought the temp up. Fired up a couple of these to feed the family. They were delicious. I've never seen my girls eat like that before. The only thing missing was a big plate of wings to go with them.
  3. Hi all! Ok, here are my second and third cooks on my new KJ. And, hopefully some lessons learned that I can pass on. Cook #2 - pizza. Settled the KJ at about 600 with the stone on the grate in the highest position. KJ performed very well. Me ... less so. Most of the lessons learned here are dough related. Used premade dough from local Publix. Actually pretty good dough, but I handled it poorly and had it ready (and topped) so long before the KJ was ready that it was pretty much glued to the corn-mealed cookie sheet. In the transfer to the stone I lost a lot of heat and the s
  4. So another way to use up more tomatoes is to make a pizza that keeperovdeflame has dubbed “The Judge”. (Inspired by jackjumper101. See link: http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/12778-tomato-galette-pizza-the-judge/) Here are most of the ingredients I used. Grape tomatoes sliced and ready to use. Fresh Basil and Oregano from my garden. Minced garlic in OO and prosciutto. Took everything out to my gas grill / outdoor prep area. Cut my dough in half And constructed my pizza. Put it on the kamado for 8 minutes at 500 degrees. Check the crust. Yep, it’s done. Result
  5. Due to thunderstorms, I had to do this in my oven. :/ Oven set at max temp of 525f. Set on my Kitchen Supply Old Stone (seriously great). I also used my new peel and pizza cutter, WOW! Homemade crust, Gattuso pizza sauce, pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers, red onions, green olives, mozzarella, parmesan, sliced fresh garlic and bacon. Straight rain, the gazebo does the job, 90km/h wind gusts, it's useless. lol Thanks for looking! The mat is also new! I forgot to add it in one of my haul posts! \ Better than take out pizza any day. Even th
  6. Hi everyone, Below is a video recipe in response to a discussion about deep dish pizza dough at http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/20554-chicago-style-pizza-questions/. The issue was whether corn meal or corn oil is used when making deep dish pizza dough. Here is the winning recipe: Corn Oil Based Deep Dish Dough Recipe: 20 oz AP flour (100%) 12 oz Water (60%) 4 oz Corn Oil (20%) 0.4 oz Sugar (2%) 0.4 oz Salt (2%) 0.4 oz yeast (2%) Mix together and knead. Video: http://youtu.be/q7GWHD3YZSw
  7. I’ve made and posted this many time so this is more of just showing you what we had for dinner last night. (We had guests so the pictures aren’t great) Start out by dividing my dough. Then assemble my pizza. Now on my pre-heated (to 550) kamado. And done. Second pizza.
  8. Ordered the Dough-Joe stone (14.5"x7.8") - really going to love this thing versus the other crappy cheap versions; have been without for a couple of months and that's much too long to not do pies. Ran at about 500 for 45 mins and dropped it on for about 9 minutes (turned at 4;5ish); crust was perfect, stone really held the heat well. Goes without saying, as others have praised it, but this is HIGHLY recommended if you're looking for a stone. Thanks to all who have referred it!
  9. Momma wanted pizza so she got pizza. BBQ chicken pizza is one of her favorites and I had all the ingredients. Yeah! Made up some dough and let if proof for 8 hours. Got all my ingredients together all took them out to my work area on my gas grill. Rolled out the 1st pizza and placed it on some parchment paper. Sauced. Placed on the onion, red bell pepper, cilantro, chicken, and mozzarella cheese. On to my pre-heated (to 550) kamado for 6 to 7 minutes. As the song says “I’ve got the fire down below!” All done and cut. And second pizza. Y
  10. I told my wife to get off the telephone and come into the kitchen....she had a nice pair to choose from. I was giving her all the warning I could before Teenage T-Rex found out that he could engage in his next feeding frenzy. I'd planned on doing this cook on the BigJoe, but I'd not cleaned up my pizza stone and other pizza cooking gear.....normally not an issue but there was an event one of them had to leave for early this evening.....so it was done indoors. It went together so fast that my first pie was rolled, sauced and topped and waiting when the oven finally beeped that warm-up
  11. Triple Pizza Pizzazz This was a Mother’s Day cook. Mrs. Smokehowze enjoys Kamado pizzas and especially likes a “white sauce” pizza in addition to the usual styles. Son and I did a bit of pizza pizzazz for dinner. We pretty much used John Setzler’s crust recipe expanded for three pizzas and shaped/rolled them into thin crispy crust. Add some Lazy Magnolia's Southern Pecan Nut Brown Ale as a beverage and finish the meal off with dessert of chocolate dipped strawberries specially ordered by son and daughter for their mother and it was a great day. We served the extra white sauce
  12. First run at pizzas tonight!!! Too busy to snap any more pictures but I got one!!!
  13. Did some research in the forums and got the guts to try pizza on the new Akorn. I wasn't really confident, because I wasn't sure I had the proper setup, but a trip to Wally World and I fired up the grill. I used a 16" pizza pan for a diffuser on the smoking stone hangers and I placed my pizza stone on the main grate. I started the grill and ran the temp up to 450 - 500. The kids all prepared their pizzas the way they wanted them, and off to the grill we went. Taking some advise from the forums, I placed the pizzas on the stone with some corn meal to keep them from sticking and closed the l
  14. We got the ham going a bit late today. So while we waited we did Pizza before we starved. This is an unusual pizza that really wakes up your taste buds. It is a bit like an Olive Brushetta. My wife likes the big thick puffy crust so that is what we did. Spread the formed pizza dough with the Red Pepper Pesto and then cover with the olive salad. Cover with cheese. Slide on to the Pizza stone and cook until done. Red Pepper Pesto 1/2 cup of roughly chopped roasted red peppers from a jar. Drain and pat dry 1TBS capers rinsed 1TBS olive oil more if needed 2 TBS toast
  15. Does any one have a pizza sauce recipe that they really enjoy or do most just use bottled.
  16. So I have questions on pizza from CGA what's the set up you experienced cookers use? I have the smoke stone and the stock rack. My temp control is pretty good right now. Do I use stone, grate, what temps, any advice or info greatly appreciated??
  17. Zucchini Crust Pizza – It’s a Winner! In our current low carb family diet regime, the Smokehowze clan has been clamoring for something close to real pizza so I investigated alternate non-bread crust pizzas. Having cooked baked goods using zucchini, the idea of a zucchini crust pizza was appealing. Here is the article I used as the basics for the crust although the idea is pretty straight forward: http://www.recipegirl.com/2014/04/24/zucchini-pizza-crust/ Dinner Time! BTW, at the same time, my son and I made a cauliflower pizza crust and after the pre-bake step there was clear
  18. Portobello Mushroom “Pizza” Caps This is a non-traditional approach to "pizza" I ran across on the web. Basically this recipe idea: http://kristinerudolph.com/portobello-pizzas/. It’s really not pizza per se, but it made a very tasty meal nonetheless. A large Portobello mushroom cap is de-stemmed and scraped clean of the gills using a spoon. A layer of bulk sausage is pressed into the cap. I used my homemade kick-butt Hot-N-Spicy bulk pork sausage for some zing. The cap and sausage is baked at 350 on a rack until the sausage reaches 145 degrees. Like for 20-30 minutes. This
  19. After the meatball experience the other day....my family ate them up quicklike.....in subs & on Angel hair pasta. My wife had suggested I use them on pizza.....then said that's what she wanted yesterday. So I had fun making up another batch and followed John's video recipe. Seems they laugh at my signing along.....grossly out of tune....when I get certain music krunk up in the kitchen.....so I appeased them on this cook. Straight up blues jams without a whole lot of vocals. Couldn't help myself after a couple of brews, though....had to break out som
  20. Part One: The Heart My Valentine wanted Pizza to celebrate the day. I realized it needed to be stepped up a notch. For the dough Caputo Altima 00 flour was used, with a good Italian Olive oil. The Dough was made from scratch this morning, and allowed to rest all day. The dough proved to stretch easily and easy to shape. A heart shaped pie was formed, cheese was layered at the edge, then covered with dough. The pie was sauced, and topped with diced portabella mushrooms and covered with heart-shaped pepperoni. It was cooked on the Kamado Joe Big Joe.
  21. Hey guys, Just a heads up that some Lowe's are clearing out the BS ovens. I went to a Lowes that's on the way home from work and saw this. Thought I'd pass it along. That's a steal of a price. YMMV
  22. Mini Deep dish pizza and fruit pies on the Big Joe, with the Joe Junior doing some support work (the sauce simmering) . This is a painless low-prep gameday appetizer, with enough heft to keep the tummy grumbles away until the game ends. No preparation of the dough is required in advance, if you purchase filo dough from the grocery store (usually found in the frozen section). This dough has a paper-thin flaky texture which is nice. Deep dish pizza using a mini muffin pan as a form will produce 12 at once. Also Cherry, Apple and Blueberry (red, white and blue) pies fixed in a similar fas
  23. Hi all, first cook today. Went with Pizza after buying a Master Forge Pizza stone kit from Lowes. Used the following dough recipe from Fire Tender in another thread: 3 cups flour, ( either all purpose or bread ) 1 & 1/3 cup warm water 1 pack yeast (Instant Rise from Walmart) 2 pinch salt 1 spoon sugar 1 flugelhorn olive oil Mix with dough hook & Adjust with added flour till makes dough ball & mix on low speed for 10 min. Divide , cover with damp cloth & let rise for 1 hour. And then I used this recipe for sauce from Food Network: Ingredients 1 can (28-ounces) whol
  24. I can't compete with Bosco's -18 cook, but it was snowing here today. I decided to try the following KAF recipe. http://www.kingarthurflour.com/blog/2015/01/05/best-pizza-youll-ever-make/ Most of my pizza cooks in the last year have been lean dryer dough cooked >750 F. This dough was has 74% hydration, so it has to be launched on parchment. There is also a hint of sugar, I suspect this helps with browning rather than taste. These pies were baked at 550-600 F ready for the pictures, they will be uploaded from another device. thanks for watching... the
  25. Three Pizza’s and Beer Had not cooked pizza in a while and there was a collective family request that could not be turned down. Even though it was a nasty rainy night in Georgia, i coped by rolling Joe under the edge of the covered porch and we pushed on. This cook was a family project in preparation, making the pies, cooking, and of course devouring them. Daughter did prep work, son built the pies, son and I cooked them and my wife was all smiles as we cooked and she enjoyed a glass of wine and the after work socialization and relaxation. Another great time of family gathered
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