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  1. I am providing pulled pork for a large group of participants to an event about 1.5 hours from my house dinner time is not set somewhere between 2 PM and darkness. There are a number of people offering instructions so I decided to make it more confusing for me and ask your opinions. I will allow 24 hours for the cook and plan on foiling the butts and placing them in a preheated cooler wrapped in towels for pulling later in the day. From what I have found it seems that 4-5 hours in about the max hold time before the butts get below 140*F . Then we go into cooling and reheating after pulling. I have read about bagging and adding apple juice or coke then either placing the bag into a kettle of boiling water after flame out. Prior to adding bag or microwaving the bag to reheat the pork.
  2. My wife and I’s favorite Mexican restaurant serves what they call a Sonoran Style Enchilada that comes with 2 eggs. I’ve tried to recreate this dish as shown below. (And yes I know these aren’t authentic Sonoran Style Enchiladas) I used some Pulled Pork I made last weekend. Here are a couple of pics of that. One difference is I went with a Verde sauce in lieu of a Rojo sauce. Here are the veggies on the grill roasting. Jalapenos ready to skin and seed. Everybody in the pool for a spin. Now ½ bunch of Cilantro for a spin. I bought some uncooked tortillas from Costco so I cooked these and placed in a warmer. Once I had them all cooked I proceeded to assemble the enchiladas. One tablespoon of sauce on the plate, then a tortilla, then some frijoles and cheese and then some pulled pork. Now another layer with an egg. Add another layer with pulled pork and topped with another tortilla and more sauce and cheese. I placed this in the kamado for 10 minutes. While that was heating I fried up another egg and topped the enchilada with it. Here are the plated shots with some Creama Fresca, Spanish rice and frijoles. Muy Bueno!
  3. Pulled Pork. With the price of pork now days I pulled a Pork Picnic out of the freezer I got on sale a few months back. Try to find them for $.89 lb. now days. (Note: This is a continuation of the “What is DerHusker Cooking? Hmmm!” thread) I was running out of Pork Rub so I had to make up a new batch. My wife dubbed it JK’s Pork Rub but really this is John’s recipe. So now everything is ready to start. First I need to remove the skin. (I love this knife) Ready to be rubbed down. And onto the kamado with some Peach wood at 275. We have company so at this time I left and we went out to breakfast. Once we got back I waited for the bark was set and it hit an IT of 160. I then placed it in an aluminum pan with some apple juice and some root beer and covered. I also bumped up the kamado temp to 310. Now we left and went for a drive down at the beach. When I got back the IT was 210 and I pulled it off the kamado. Now open up the vents and let the temp. come up. I was shooting for 425 but it crept up to 450. On goes some corn bread. I let the pork rest for an hour and here it is ready to pull. It almost fell apart it was so tender. Corn Bread is done. (A little over done actually) And here we are at the table ready to start eating. Oh Yeah!
  4. It's nice and sunny out with a temp somewhere in the 60s, I think some BBQ is in order! Wife has to work tonight and she is letting her workers have a 30 minute dinner tonight so I figured I'd smoke 'em up a little pulled pork. I couldn't find a whole butt at the store last night so I had to settle for a broken down one; I got two 4.75 pounders and rubbed them with some cayenne pepper then a liberal coating of Bad Byron's. The Akorn is up to 250°F with some local cut Pecan smoke wood. I am thinking about rubbing the outside of the butts with my apple butter and bourbon glaze after they have cooked a while, still undecided on that... I know for sure though I am going to make some of my Sweet Heat BBQ Sauce for everyone to use as they please, I serve my pork naked. I'll post more pics as the cook continues. Here is where we are at this point in time: The Butts: Rubbed with Cayenne pepper and Bad Byron's On the Akorn at 250°F
  5. Here's a video of the inaugural run of the Kamado Joe Jr! I cooked a 7.2 pound boston butt to make some pulled pork...
  6. Here's some of what we had for dinner yesterday evening. The 5.5lbs (raw) butt was cooked on a friend's XL BGE at 280F over 6.5 hours to an internal temp of 203F, then double wrapped in foil and blanked and placed into a warmed cooler. It sat for about 4 hours until we were ready to eat. Had I planned a little better, I would have extended the cooking time by running a bit lower pit temp so I wouldn't have had to hold it as long. Friends were originally supposed to get together for 6 and eat at 7, but we had to push it out a little bit because of some stragglers and appetizers. For appetizers a friend brought over a caramelized onion dip she made which we ate with a non-sweet cornbread I had made the night before. I also made some quesadilla rolls. 10" flour tortilla, "buttered" with refried black beans, filled with crumbled mexican chorizo that I also cooked on the BGE, minced fresh onion and a little bit of parsley from my garden. I would have preferred coriander (cilantro) but didn't have any on hand. Then I rolled the package up, buttered the outside and tossed them into a hot pan, cooking all around. Sliced in half to serve - sort of like spring roll size. Here you can see the butt when it came off the BGE. For dessert, I made a traditional portuguese flan which I forgot to take a picture of. That ended up actually being for dessert-dessert because I also made a bunch of mini flans which I served to each person. Espresso Chocolate with Spicy Caramel - my own recipe which I'll post later once I've made some adjustments. Each was topped with a mint leaf and a small sugar-pepper candy I also made. The candy was dusted with powdered crisped rice cereal.
  7. After watching John’s Beer Braised Chili video I wanted to try some kind of bean dish. I bought some pinto beans and soaked 1 lb over night. I had some left over pulled pork in the freezer so I thawed out a package. Got out the Dutch oven and put in the pork, 1 chopped yellow onion, 2 Tbs spoons of EVOO and 2 minced cloves of garlic. Let that cook for 5 min. Dumped in a Karl Strauss Red Trolley Ale and cook another 5 min. Now the beans, 1 ½ cups of water, 1 ½ diced jalapenos, 1 tsp of chili powder, 1 tsp of Cajun seasoning, ¼ tsp of cumin, ¼ tsp of rosemary flakes, ¼ tsp of Mexican oregano, ¼ tsp of ground sea salt and ¼ tsp of ground black pepper. Cover and cook for 2 hours, stirring every 10 to 15 min. After 2 hours I added 1 bunch of chopped cilantro, stirred and turned off the burner and it’s ready to serve. Money shot. It turned out great. It had a little Chili Verde taste to it but not to much. It was a little hot from the jalapenos, chili powder and the Cajun seasoning the first serving yesterday. Had some more today and it mellowed out nicely overnight in the fridge.
  8. I’m just now getting a little time to be able to post pics of our Memorial Day Get Together. We had a group of 12 for what turn out to be a gorgeous day of sharing food & friendship. I started prepping for things Sunday evening by setting up my heat deflector and aluminum foil drip pan as well as adding more lump to my Kamado. Rubbed down my Pork Butt. Woke up at 3:46 AM and fired up the charcoal. Break out my new ET-732 and set it up. (I’m shooting for 195 degrees) Butt is on at 4:07 AM and I went back to bed until 7:30. (This clock is a few minute slow) I wake up to a gorgeous day and continue to prepare for the day’s activities. The kamado had been steady at 250 until around 12:00 when it started to lose temperature. (It got down to 228) I opened it up and shifted some coals around and it started back up. I put a beer can chicken on at around 3:00. (Butt was at 189) At 3:30 the butt hits 191 so I check it and there was no resistance to the probe at all so I foiled it and let it rest in a cooler. At 5:00 I un-foiled the butt and had a friend do the pulling. (Tried out my new bear paws) It pulled apart very easy and was very moist. At 5:30 the chicken is done and it goes on the table. Everyone is super hungry by then and we proceed to devour both the chicken and the pork. After that we bake a Cherry / Pineapple Dump Cake in the Dutch oven. (Yum!) And last but not least an American flag fruit pizza. (More Yum!) Three Cheers for the Red, White & Blue. :D
  9. Picked up a 13.5 lbs boneless pork shoulder from Costco for Mother's Day dinner. This was my 1st ever butt roast so I cut it in half so if I crashed and burned I'd still have another try at it. I did make a couple of rookie mistakes but all in all it came out great. So last night I slathered it up with mustard and then John's recipe pork rub. (Thanks John) Wrapped it up and into the frig. Up at 6:00 AM to light the kamado (1st mistake, it should have been 4:00 AM) and butt goes on at 6:50. Next mistake (If I can say this) is hugging and talking to my wife when she gets up. (Left the kamado to long and it got up to 250 when I was hoping for 225) Turn down the vents to try and get it to come down but it never does. I'm thinking approx. 8 hours ought to be enough so I'm shooting for an approx. dinner time of 4:00. (Wrong again) And yet another mistake is putting a room temp floor tile in as a heat deflector. You guessed it, "TINK". Everything is going along nicely until it hits 158 degrees. It didn't budge off of 158 for 90 minutes. (There goes my 8 hours!) Around 3:30 I'm realizing that I’m going to have to pull it out before 190 degrees. Pulled at 3:50 (182 degrees) and into the foil. Care to guess where the butts is? An hour later I pull it out. I proceed to pull it apart. (If I could’ve gone to 190 I’m sure this would’ve been easier) Here are the money shots. Not the best I’ve ever had but not too far away from it. :D
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