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  1. I need help. Probably mental, but that's for a different forum so we'll stick with grilling a turkey spatchcock method for this purpose. Here's my setup: Primo Jr. 200. Lump Charcoal about 3/4 full. Ceramic Heat Shields and a drip pan set on them with about 3/16" of space so it's not sitting directly on the heat shields. Grates set at the upper position (even with the lid seam on a Primo). Cooking with the dome temperature at 375F. Turkey spatchcocked. Here's a video of the brine that I made up. (It came out good and was very tasty) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYUE2M6-SDM&t=120s Here are a couple of really good videos of spatchcocking that I like, but there are many others out there as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FnIbxvLBLw or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDSkekArbeo I cooked a 10.5lb bird which is about as big of a bird as you'd want to do in the Jr. 200. I was watching for a breast temperature of 165 and a thigh temp of 175 - 180. When the breast hit the 165, the thigh temp was 178. Perfect!! Here's the problem, I let the bird rest for 30 minutes and when I went to cut into the bird, the meat was still very undercooked!! The juices were coming out pink and in some places the meat was so pink it looked like a medium rare steak!! What gives?! I've checked my thermometers and they are reading accurately. I've done this three times now with similar results all three times and I end up finishing the bird in the oven. The meat tastes great, but I'm tired of having to employ work-arounds to finish the bird. Next, the drip pan is charred to a black mess so that it is unusable for making gravy. Lastly, I'm having trouble maintaining the 375 temp throughout the cook. I've done the dollar bill seal test and I've got a tight seal for 80% to 85% of the seal with the area within the handle area allowing the dollar bill to be pulled out with some force. It doesn't just slip out and I don't notice any smoke leaking out there when cooking. Everything else I grill on this comes out phenomenal. People say the burgers, steaks, and chicken that I grill are the best they've ever had, but this turkey thing is kicking by butt!! Help!! And don't feel like you have to be a Primo owner to assist, I'm not particular to brand, just like you don't have to ride a Harley to ride with me either!!
  2. My beautiful wife bought me a Joetisserie for Christmas and today I used it to spin a turkey breast. I cooked it at 350 until the IT was 165. The breast was brined for 24 hours using John Setzler's brine recipe (https://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/15569-kamado-joe-smoked-turkey/#comment-185051) and rubbed it down with Montreal Chicken Seasoning. The turkey was so juicy and delicious.
  3. This is at least worth a look. From Chef steps with Grant Crilly and Meathead Goldwyn. I am not sold on the way it was finished as compared to direct cooking and truly crisp skin but I did not taste it either. https://www.chefsteps.com/activities/epic-grilled-turkey-with-amazing-ribs-meathead-goldwyn?utm_source=ChefSteps&utm_campaign=aaa1b13ae8-friday_newsletter_nov_11_2016&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_a61ebdcaa6-aaa1b13ae8-131583057
  4. Second cook on the Joetissery tonight. Decided on Turkey. This was a 12lb bird I picked up at Thanksgiving when they were on sale for $6. Bought it specifically to use for trial cooks. No brine or injection. Rubbed cavity with salt and pepper, added one lemon, one large onion, fresh sage, rosemary and basil (was going to be thyme, but store was out). Light coating of oil on the skin followed by a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Trussed and spun on the KJ Classic at about 375 for just under two hours. No smoking wood, just KJ Lump. Final product was amazing! Very tender and moist. This is now on my keeper list!
  5. I said in my Christmas cook thread that I’ve been away from cooking since the last week in October but I did manage to get the Thanksgiving turkey cooked on the kamado. As there was just going to be the 3 of us we ended up having dinner over at our next door neighbor house. (They were very kind to invite us) They were making everything else but wanted me to cook the turkey in the kamado. I was already going to do one so how could I refuse. I used my stand-by recipe I’ve used for the last 4 years. (Recipe: https://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/7524-smoked-turkey/) Here are the pics I managed to take. On Wednesday I made up the brine. Ingredients: Cooking. That evening I placed the turkey in my food safe 4 gallon bucket with the brine. I placed that inside an ice chest and placed some ice around the bucket. and covered with ice and let it sit overnight. Here it is the next morning. Took it out and patted it dry. Made up the seasoned butter rub. (For under the skin and on the skin) and got the aromatics ready to go in the interior cavity. Placed it on the preheated kamado. We also brought over some Cranberry Apple & Walnut Dressing that we love. (Recipe: https://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/8441-cranberry-apple-walnut-dressing/) Here’s a pic of the finished turkey with the dressing in the background. This is when Husker gives me his plea for some of the wonderful smelling food that’s driving him crazy. After this there wasn’t many opportunities to take any pics but here is the one pic I managed to take with my cell phone. As you can see there was quite a feast on the table and everyone enjoyed the turkey. Thanks for looking.
  6. I finally managed to hijack the Christmas Turkey from my mom who uttery refused to let anyone cook the turkey anywhere else but the oven. My mom has always been a fanatical Christmas perfectionist who love to be in the control of her kitchen. I won't fault her in anyway. I'm the same way about my outdoor kitchen. It was always in the gene pool, I just picked up an extra gene from my dad that added an addiction to the sweet smell of cherry wood smoke. How did I manage to pull off the Turkey heist of the century from a women who has had contol of Christmas dinner for 45 years? It wasn't easy I tell ya. I had to plan out my heist back in October while the leave were just starting to fall. I called one family member after another dropping hints for special holiday requests. I sent her subscriptions for different holiday recipie ideas from every website I could find. She was overwhelmed with so many ideas it was very interesting to see her try to figure out how to pull it all off. I messaged a few relatives to send over last minute requests to crowd the kitchen. I made sure there was little or no room in her kitchen to do anything but make all the trimmings and fixings. I made a last minute visit to her house at 10 PM. I brought her Christmas gift while sneaking a turkey out the door. I fired up the Joe and ground some fresh spices to rub the yard bird. I filled the sitting Turkey with butter, herbs and aged rum flavoured Inns & Gun beer. The turkey is busy smoking away. It'll be the first smoked X-Mas turkey my family has ever enjoyed. I tell ya, the Grinch is smiling on the top of the hill green with envy. He only wish he could have pulled off a heist this big.
  7. Hey guys, I plan to smoke my first turkey. Will most likely brine (liquid) and do pretty much everything outlined here: http://amazingribs.com/recipes/chicken_turkey_duck/ultimate_smoked_turkey.html Reason for the cake pan is to follow the gravy directions in the aforementioned link. The pizza pan under the cake pan it to both keep the deflector stone a little cleaner and to provide another heat sink from the cake pan (trying to keep the gravy contents and drippings from flashing to a crisp. I plan to smoke/roast at 350. Any thoughts on my thinking to elevate the turkey about 3/4" like I mention in the video below? Thank you, Roy
  8. 20 pound turkey in the brine... going on the Kamado Joe Big Joe bright (or dark) and early in the morning... I plan to make an injection for this of butter, garlic powder and onion powder and I'll season it with a homemade blend of stuff... Cook at 375°F or maybe even as high as 400°F until it's done. One chunk of Hickory wood sitting on the heat deflector will do the trick for this bird....
  9. Hi all - I'm going to be cooking my first turkey for Thanksgiving next week. I'm relatively new to all this and haven't smoked a bird yet. I've done quite a bit of research on brines, rubs, heat, etc. I'm cooking on a Vision Classic B. I think I'll be cooking a bird that's around 15 lbs or so. I'll probably shoot for an internal grill temp of 375. Coupla questions I couldn't find yet: I'm trying to figure out when to do this and how long the cook should take. The bird needs to be ready by lunch (noon). Additionally, I have to transport the bird an hour. Is there some sort of rough equation on how long it should take a bird to cook? X number of minutes per pound at 375? We'd like to be there by mid-morning so I'm trying to determine how early I need to get up to get this thing going. - OR - Follow up question - what happens if I cook the bird the day before? If it's going to take me 5 or more hours to cook, I may just do it on Wednesday evening so that I have enough time to do it and I don't have to get up crazy early on Thursday. If so, should I just foil and refrigerate, and then reheat it in the oven the next day? I have no idea how to keep it from drying out, getting rubbery, etc. As a reference point, I'm mostly working off of John Setzler's video on it: Thanks for any input folks!
  10. Started the Big Joe @ 11:00pm in slight rain. Used Kamado Joe Lump and pecan chunks. Temp settled in at about 245°. Started the Brisket 13# brisket at 12:10am. Adjusted the vents to @ about 2:10am to get the down to about 215° so I could grab some sleep. Woke up @ 7:10am, Big Joe temp was @ 200°- kicked it back up to 245°. Brisket was in the stall. At 8:20am. I started to worry about getting it off in time to start the turkey so, I set the temp to 285° and wrapped in butcher paper. Pulled it at about 9:35am with temp at 200° and probing tender in the flat- set aside to rest. Seasoned turkey with dry rub and butterflied it on Tuesday. Left sitting on tray in fridge. Kicked the temp up to about 305° and put the 23# turkey on- butterflied for an easy peasy even cook. sacrificed the presentation- we're eating at 1pm- won't be a whole lot of looking.
  11. Hey y'all. I am planning on following the Kamado Joe 2014 smoked turkey recipe for Thanksgiving. @John Setzler used a saison in his video, but all i have is IPA currently (specifically, Cigar City Jai Alai). Will a high hop beer make the bird too bitter or will it not really matter? Thanks!
  12. Hello everyone! Hope to get some guidance! For Turkey Day, I plan on making a 16 lb turkey and a 4-bone prime rib roast. I'm afraid the prime rib won't fit in my Kamado Joe Jr and will have to go on the Big Joe as well. This means I will have to cook one and than the other. With both requiring 3-5 hours of cook time, one will be cold by the time dinner is served. So my question is, whats the best way to go about this? Should I do turkey first or prime rib first? I'm thinking turkey first just because the prime rib is more delicate IMO. If so, whats the best way to keep the turkey warm, or if need be heat back up? Should I carve it ahead of time? Thank you in advance for any tips! Billy
  13. I tried a new brine recipe and it turned out nice. I brined a little too long, I should have tsken out after 24 hrs but didn't take out until 30 hours. Tasted a bit saltier than normal but still very juicy. This was my first Joetisserie Turkey whole. It was 15-16 lb turkey, I wouldn't go any larger because it just barely fit. For that I would need something like big joe. The brine used kosher salt, palm sugar, fresh tarragon leaves, fresh ground pepper. Boiled water then add ingredients, simmered 15 minutes then cooled. For my brining container I made 2 gallons of brine. I seasoned the turkey after air drying in fridge after it had been rinsed and dried. I coated turkey with avacodo oil and then I used joe poultry seasoning on outside and inside. Place some fresh tarragon leaves inside the turkey and placed on spit, Target roasting temp was 350 to 375 F. Note to myself next time tighten claws with pliers, with the turkey they got loose. Good thing I was watching closely, when I saw spit not turning properly I had to realign turkey and tighten.
  14. I've been volunteered to do the turkey this year for thanksgiving. I was thinking about getting the joetissierie, anybody done one on there? turkey will be around 12-15lbs. I may put a little smoke into it but not much as i want to keep it tasting like normal, the inlaws dont particularly like over smoked stuff. wondering if i should use the joetisserie or just roast it?
  15. Autumn is here...and some big holidays are ahead of us. Holidays that often involve lots of cooking and eating...This Thanksgiving and Christmas season will be my first with the Kamado Joe...and I will surely cook some traditional stuff (e.g. turkeys and roast beef) on the Big Joe for the family during those times...I'm hoping to get some input and perspective from some of the Gurus on this site for getting the most out of the Kamado during the holidays (on turkey and beef, yes...but beyond those items too)....If you're so inclined, please share your tips, techniques, unique holiday cooks, etc. related to how you've successfully employed your kamado during the holidays... Thanks in advance for sharing.
  16. Sometimes simple is best, and today's cook is no exception. I present to you, Simple Smoked Turkey Legs: 250°F on Big Joe for about three hours over some Pecan and lump, generously coated with some Plowboy's Yardbird Rub.
  17. I made the best Thanksgiving turkey ever on my Akorn,I am biased of course but when you have several family members at a Thanksgiving dinner say " This is damn good turkey ,how did you do it?" ,"This turkey is out of this world" or "This is the best tasting turkey I have ever had" that is all I needed to validate my bias. It was the best tasting turkey of my 53 years of life.I will explain in great detail in case anyone else wants to try my method. I started my thaw process 6 days before the cook on my 22.58 lb bird.On Thanksgiving eve I filled my Akorn up to the tabs with a 50/50 mixture of lump charcoal and Kingsford competition briquettes(made for ceramic smokers) I put my charcoal in the "ring of fire" set up. lit my coals and after letting the grill heat up for 1 hour and 30 minutes and adjusting my vents and my grill stabilized at 250 degrees.I put my turkey on the grates and put my wireless thermometer in the bird's deepest part of the breast(I also used a foil drip pan under my bird) on top of my stone that I use a s diffuser . After 4 hours of cooking at 250 degrees I chocked the heat down by closing my vents slightly more and dropped my temps to 200 then after 4 hours at 200 I closed off the vents and let the bird sit in there for 1 hour . My turkey prep is very simple and very tasty ,I take one stick of real butter ,1/8 of a cup of olive oil and 1 tsp of applewood rub mix up and heat up after mixed I put my solution into an injector and inject thoroughly all over the bird including the legs and then take the last little bit and rub onto the bird and used a heavy dose of pink Himalayan salt on the outside of bird.The turkey was not dry at all and the flavor was out of this world and it was seriously the best tasting turkey I have ever ate.
  18. Just put the 12 pounder on the Akorn over some lump and pecan, it's loaded with a bacon weave and jalapeños! I expect to be carving this beast around 2:30p, got the trimmings simmering for gravy, gonna start peeling spuds, and boil some eggs. The Mrs is resting for her evening shopping trip and I'm about to crack a frosty beverage... More to come! All trussed up and seasoned: Here we go!:
  19. Today's turkey cook went exceptionally well in spite of the weather today (24°F with light snow falling here in Norther Colorado). I had put the bird in brine yesterday mid-morning. This morning, after parking the Akorn on the driveway and lighting up the lump (Rockwood) I prepped the bird for the cook. After taking it out of the brine I patted it dry, tucked the wings back, and slipped fresh herbs (sage, rosemary, thyme) between the breast meat and skin. Then I rubbed it all over with soft butter and olive oil, sprinkled with sea-salt and dried herb blend and tied the leg ends. I got it on the grill by 8:45 AM. My dual-probe temp monitor (Maverick ET-733) showed that even during cold weather my kamado maintained decent temperature (320-335 °F) during the two and a half hour cook. I gave myself more time than I needed as this is my first time doing a cold-weather cook. Smoke wood used was peach and pecan. By 11:15 the deep breast temp was 165°F. I brought it in and covered it with foil and a towel so the temps could even and and it would cool a bit so I wouldn't scald my fingers while carving (I gotta get some grilling gloves). The overall quality of the turkey meat was superb. Not too much smoke flavor, very moist and tender. The dark patches on the breast skin are where I had the fresh herbs tucked under. I had always wanted to smoke the turkey for Thanksgiving. Until I got a kamado it was not possible in cold weather. After today's success in less than ideal weather conditions, I think I'll be smoking the Thanksgiving turkey from here on out.
  20. Has anyone ever tried to do spatchcock turkey on Vision Classic B, if so, how well did it fit? I see the answer is yes, I found from a 2014 post. It looks like it will just fit. http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/9690-a-spatchcocked-turkey/?view=findpost&p=102358&hl=%2Bspatchcock+%2Bturkey+%2Bvision
  21. Hi Guys, I am going to do my first spatchcock (butterflied) turkey for Thanksgiving and was curious about recommended timing. I have a 17lb bird and I am thinking this will take a little under 2 hours to get to ~150 in the breast. Does anyone have any experience/recommendations?
  22. thanksgiving in canada is coming up upon us this weekend and we're thinking of smoking it in our vision M series (medium size) grill. Can anyone comment on how big of a turkey they were able to cook with it? specifically the M series. google has told me 12-15 lbs on a BGE medium but im not exactly sure if that is the same size as the vision. In some pics ive noticed the BGE plate setter is much lower than the lip of the bowl so they seem to be able to put a bigger bird.
  23. It's been a few weeks since I've cooked anything, so I've been looking forward to being off today for a while. I picked up a 6 lb brisket flat the other day, and grabbed a turkey breast while I was there. Last night, I injected the brisket with some butter and balsamic vinegar, and rubbed it with Lysander's meat rub and a little Dinosaur BBQ's Cajun Foreplay for sone spice. Before anyone got up this morning, I tossed it on the grill This is also the first time I really used my new Maverick as well. I knew the dome thermometer ran a little low, but its been consistently about 50° lower than the Maverick. I also have the turkey breast in brine, and will put that on shortly. I am looking forward to a tasty turkey sandwich for lunch...
  24. With Thanksgiving coming up I thought I’d post how I did our last Thanksgiving Turkey. I started dinner prepping on Wednesday morning by making up the brine. Here it is cooking. Basically this is Alton Brown’s Brine with a few tweaks. Ingredients: 1 gal. Vegetable stock. 1 cup salt ½ cup brown sugar 1 tbsp. Peppercorns 1 ½ tsp. allspice 1 ½ tsp. ginger 8 cloves 2 Bay leaves Combine and then bring to a boil stirring occasionally. Then remove and cool to room temp and then chill in fridge. After it chilled I poured into a food safe 4 gal bucket. I then placed it into an ice chest surrounded by ice. I placed my cleaned turkey (without innards) into the brine solution. I then took 1 gal. of heavily iced water and pour on top. And place the lid on it and let it rest overnight. Now I load the kamado with charcoal & some Pecan chunks and setup it up indirect cooking. Thursday Morning starts out with making up some seasoned butter rub. Ingredients: 1 ¼ sticks of butter 2 tbsp. Montreal Chicken seasoning ½ tsp. Sage powder ½ tsp. Rosemary flakes And some aromatic items to place inside the bird. Ingredients: 1 Apple sliced into 1/8th’s ½ sliced onion 1 Cinnamon stick 1 tsp. Sage powder 4 sprigs of fresh Rosemary Take the turkey out of the brine and place it on a prep tray. Create some pockets under the skin for the seasoned butter. Slide the seasoned butter in under the skin. Now in go the aromatics. Slather what’s left of the seasoned butter rub all over the bird. And finally inject some butter into the breasts. (1 stick) Light up the kamado and let it heat up to 250 and then put the turkey on. (This lets the bird absorb some smoke) Now ramp up the temp to 500 for 30 minutes. (To crisp up the skin) And this is what she looks like. Now ramp down the temp to 325 to 350 to finish off the cook. (Mine took an additional 2 hours for the breast temp to reach 160) Here’s my “Money Shot” Aside from looking great this bird was the best tasting turkey we’ve ever had. Everything was so moist with a nice smoke flavor to go along with the Sage / Rosemary / Montreal Seasoned butter. Everyone at the table said they were sorry they were too full to eat more. I will defiantly be doing more turkeys this way.
  25. 25th Akorn turkey, 10 lb. WW product fridge thawed, brined, rubbed and butter flavored cooking oil sprayed. 2 hours 45 minutes at 325°F used lump charcoal started and seeded with a few brickets.Skin was crispy and meat moist. Rested openly for about an hour.
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