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  1. Well like some know, Rak and I went to the BBQ store last Friday. We both picked up some dizzy pig rubs and both stumbled into MediterraneanISH rub. Rak killed his greek dish so I figured that I would try my hand at it today. I took my standard Chicken Souvlaki recipe and instead of the seasonings that go with it, I replaced with 1 1/2 tbsp of the dizzy pig. So the chicken is marinating now. I cut the breast into 1" cubes for skewing later. The skewers are soaking in water as we speak. I am planning on marinating for approximately 4 hours prior to cooking. Here is a picture of the chicken soaking up all of the good juices. this is my recipe below which I really enjoy. I replaced the oregano, salt and pepper with the dizzy pig 1 1/2 tbsp 3 gloves of garlic minced 1 tbsp fresh oregano or dried if you can't find fresh 2 tbsp red wine vinegar 6 tbsp of fresh squeezed lemon juice 4 tbsp of extra-virgin olive oil 3/4 tsp sea salt 1/2 tsp fresh ground black pepper 4 chicken breasts diced into 1" cubes While this is marinating I will prepare the quinoa. This is my first attempt at quinoa and I hope it turns out ok!!
  2. I wanted to pay respect to my Buffalo Sabres and the City that I love like my home town.... The place where the Wing was created!!! I also wanted to create my entry for the Appetizer Challenge for June. I created an idea in my head and had to go find the accessories to complete this cook. I needed shot glasses!! Without further a due.... I present Buffalo Shots I did two batches of wings. First ones are dusted with plowboys yardbird. I love grilled wings. But I also wanted to have a true fried wing experience. I thought about frying some with cast, or using bacon slices over top of wings to create enough grease to fry them...... Thinking thinking thinking....... Then a light bulb went off. Thought of my old atkins days and my love for pork rinds. I googled wings and pork rinds and some people have done it before. So I figured why not. I took a bag of pork rinds, ground them down in the vitamix, mixed and egg and some milk and battered the other half of my wings. Also added some rub to the breading. Set the big Joe up for indirect heat, 375 cook. Onto the grill they go for 20 minutes each side. 40 min. cook in total Prepared 6 shot glasses with blue cheese, and then a layer of franks wing sauce and added a sprig of celery and carrot Alright onto my final shot. I topped each shot glass with a wing. I did all drums, three of each type that I made The breaded wings were super crispy and tasted like they had been fried. My kids loved them and they tasted so good. I can't wait to do this again. I think the grease from the pork rind partially fried them. Such a cool idea. I would like to say I created the idea but someone else must have beat me to it. I did come up with it in my head but man!!!!!! So good! So bosco's June challenge is in the books.... thanks for looking!!
  3. Beef Braised Ribs in a red wine reduction sauce was calling my name for dinner tonight. A few pounds of beef short ribs were at a good price at the store and were grabbed before they disappeared. Some "Cabernet Merlot" wine was also at a low price, so the deal was set. The Big Joe was cleaned out and filled with fresh lump charcoal in preparation of the cook. The X-Rack was put in the lowest position to get the KJ Cast Iron pot close to the coals. The lid was left open and a couple tablespoons of canola oil was added to the pot. When the pot got searing hot the short ribs were tossed in for searing. As one face of the ribs finished searing, they were rotated to put a new face down to the hot cast Iron. When seared on all sides, the ribs were pulled out and set to the side. With the juices from the ribs left in the pot, carrots, diced onion and chopped celery was added to the pot and stirred until the onion was golden. A tablespoon of flour was added into the pot and mixed with the contents. Then a couple tablespoons of tomato paste was added and mixed in. Finally 750 ml of the wine was added to the pot and mixed completely. The pot was left to simmer until the wine had reduced to about half its initial volume. Fresh Rosemary, Thyme, Oregano, salt and black pepper were added to the reduced sauce. The seared ribs were added to the hot mix to begin the braising, along with a cup of "Best Brown Sauce" for more beefy goodness. Link below: http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/16717-french-mother-sauce-brown-sauce/?hl=%2Bbrown+%2Bsauce The lid was put on the pot at this time. The ribs were allowed to braise for 2.5 hours which is when they were falling off the bone tender. The ribs were pulled out of the pot and set aside to rest. The vegetables were strained out of the drippings with the reduced wine, and a roux was made. The roux was expanded with beef broth, half and half and seasoned with salt and pepper. Mash potatoes were made with salt, pepper, butter and cream cheese. The gravy was ladled over the potatoes and served with the beef short ribs.
  4. well home made pizza sauce, dough and some creativity and I came up with the following. One son is dairy free and the other extremely picky lol!!!! Anyways, got the big joe up to 575-600 for this cook. Deflectors on top of the grill, copper T fittings, then the pizza stone on top like I always do. Haven't done pizza in a while but man this one turned out. I mean it TURNED OUT!!!! Crispy crust and puffy. No more thin crust for this cat.... these pies were killer. One was just sauce and pepperoni and the other pepperoni and cheese. For Mrs. bosco and I, calzones with cheese, green olive, hot pepper, sundried tomato, mushrooms and pepperoni. I made 2 but we split one as they were too BIG. Ok now for the star attraction..... My chicken wangs!!!!! I hit these bad boys up with some of the best seasoning that I have had in a very long time. Caribeque is the real deal folks!!! I tried the mild calypso as the boys were going to be eating these wings. The aroma was intense and the flavour was off the hook. This is honestly one of the first commercial rubs that I have tried where I don't feel like I am eating a ton of salt. This stuff is packed.... I mean PACKED with flavour!!!!! I can't wait to give the Island thyme and HOT calypso some love. Maybe tomorrow with some chicken breasts. This will be a repeat order for me over and over!!! Cooked the wings on the classic indirect at 350 like always. Everything turned out great... had the day off and spent it by the pool relaxing and cooking
  5. I haven't cooked steaks in what seems like an eon. Grabbed some ribeyes on the way home from work today....gotta love getting off early when you can ! First move was to mix up a batch of Paymaster's wet rub and get the steaks rubbed down. Been using this stuff for the past few months..... Finding a handful of these rocks in the bottom of every empty firebox.... Gotta love watching the girls run squirrels while I wait for the grill to warm up. Warm up went fast, too. For the croissants & sweet potatoes.... Son's first ribeye..... Wife's got the blue cheese treatment.......Inspired by Big Green Craig's recent NY strip cook. Girls going wild to get some.....too bad, so sad. No steak shared tonight.
  6. Happy Easter everyone!! I am working the nights all weekend, but staid up after shift to prepare for our family get together. Any chance I have to spend with my family is always a great day! Started with the aromatics for the turkey Loaded up the big joe first. Dialed it in at 225 and added some peach wood for smoking. The plan of attack today was 1 hour of smoke then bring it up to 350 for approx. 4 hours of cooking. Used the kamado joe poultry seasoning and man this stuff is the real deal!!! I normally put the turkey on the grill but decided on using foil pans today. Less mess as I am working night shift again tonight. The bird hit the grill around 11:30am, and I bumped the temp up at 12:30pm. Pulled it at 3:30pm and let it rest for a half hour. IT temp in the breast was 165 Onto the ham. This will be a double smoked ham. I put this in the pan, and hit the ham with Dizzy Pig Pineapple head rub. Smoking this at 225 with heavy peach wood for smoking. Put this on at 12:30pm and glazed it with a cinnamon and sugar glazed syrup that came with it. Very delicious. Pulled the ham at 4:00pm My wife took care of the inside and made a beautiful set up for the kids and us Here is the bird after it rested for 30 min. The Kamado Joe Poultry is my new go to for poultry!!! We had mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes, bean casserole, Brussels sprout casserole, corn, fresh baked buns and fresh baked apple crisp for dessert. After dinner we set up an Easter egg hunt in the basement. It was suppose to be outside but it was snowing. And this is why I do it!! My kids and my nieces and nephews best of friends!! Happy Easter to all of you and your families from the bosco's
  7. Couldn't believe how nice the weather was today. Some great tunes from a Canadian band that I've enjoyed for the last 30 years....were enjoyed during this cook. Try as I might, I can't give up my Diet Dews. Love this stuff. Picked up some wings & pack of boneless breasts on sale today. Got 'em home and put mixed up a batch of Mad Hunky poultry brine for the yardbird parts. Into the fridge for 5 hours. That brine smells great when the stuff comes out of it. I really like this JoeBlow lighter.....you can get your lump burning, toss on the heat deflectors and grate.....and get your dome shut in under 3 minutes.....if you take your time. Three minutes. 3. No need to wait around for some lighter tablet to burn off. Three minutes and dome down with the vents doing their job to direct air flow. Quick warm up times are nice. The BigJoe was ready to go before I had everything rubbed down. Hit it all with a layer of The Slabs & another layer of the Pecan Rub. Great sweet, a little savory and some smallish heat at the end. This is the family's favorite rub on chicken. I'm still big on Mad Hunky Wing Rub....but I surely see their point about this pair. Wings getting there. Gotta babysit them with this particular rub combo though....lotta sugar that can scorch. Breasts getting close, too. Done ! That boneless is gong to make some great salads over the weekend. Finished up this bottle of this goodness over the top of some asparagus....and a little Don's to steam up inside the wrap. I couldn't wait for it to come off the grill to try it. Oh yeah....got a winner right there. Wife loved it, too. There's something else that cooks really, really.....really well at the same temp as wangs.....and the peach wood had already burned through so it was just a nice clean lump burn...... Kamado Kookies !!!
  8. Son came busting into the den late this morning in a state of near panic. Seems he'd overslept and was having to scramble to get ready for a date......but was equally concerned about getting some grub. Funny little guy. Asked him if he had time for fast burgers and hot dogs and got the thumbs up if I started right away. KJ fire starter to the rescue......left the top & bottom vents fully open and closed the dome after tossing on my GrillGrates. By the time I"d made some superfast burgers & seasoned them with KJ seasonings the grill was more than ready. That Chow-Chow is my favorite hot dog topper and it's great on other stuff, too. The BigJoe came through in a pinch. It is impressive how fast it was warmed up and ready to cook for this cook. I don't believe I'd have been able to pull off a faster meal on my old gasser. Nothing really special......just some really basic weekend eats, but we love 'em and it was too easy. He made it out the door with 20 minutes to spare. Young lad has learned to never keep a lady waiting. He'll do well to remember this rule throughout his life.
  9. I found some tri-tip at a local butcher shop. Have not found it locally since last fall. I grabbed 2 of them and brought them home. Thought that I would make the boys some wings as well. Going with some of my new white oak wood for a little extra flavour!! Made the rub for my santa maria style tri-tip. I love fresh rosemary with it. oh yeah!!! I have missed this cut of meat!\ all rubbed up and back in the fridge until dinner also took this time to use some plowboys original rub for my wings and a bit of oil mixed and marinating in the fridge. This cook is designed for the big joe!!! loaded up the wings, 350 indirect for 45 min by themselves. Then dropped the tri-tip on direct lower grill for 15 min. Once I flipped the tri-tip, I added the veggies. Full load lots of room!!! wings are done. Added some franks buffalo wing sauce and bbq for the boys veggies were awesome!! This trip tip was medium, my other one was medium rare. My wife gets a little disturbed with too much red. I did not get a shot of the medium rare, so this will have to do Plated
  10. So as some of you may remember, I got my dad a joe jr. For Christmas. He is set to retire and has decided to take up the bosco BBQ addiction as a hobby. He has not yet used his jr. because he hates the cold lol!! Anyways, my dad is my best friend and honestly the handiest man I have ever known. He is so smart and just makes me so proud to know him. He called me the other night and told me that he created a table for his jr. My dad does not use the Internet and has never seen any designs for tables. He is also very resourceful and found an old stainless restaurant cart in the trash and figured that he could make something out of it. He also had an old elevator stainless door in his garage. So with zero guidance or direction he said he needed something that he could wheel in and out of the garage and that wouldn't risk the Kamado from falling. So he came up with this..... He had no idea that a sunk in Kamado was a thing and in his mind he created the thing lol!!! Seriously how cool is this. He even thought to add a paver under the jr. He is making a nicer piece with stainless now instead of the wood on the bottom but it works well!!! Brought him over some peach wood, and got him a rib rack, chicken stand some cast, wood chips, thermapop and all kinds of other stuff to get him going. I went and purchased Kamado joe gasket and put it on the hole to avoid scratching the ceramic. It finished the edge off nice for him. Anyways just bragging about knowing such an amazing guy!!! Thought I would share. Sunday he learns how to smoke ribs!!!
  11. Howdy again, everyone. This is an update from a thread that started yesterday with indoor burgers: http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/19428-easy-burgers-tonight/ I gotta admit upfront.....this was not one of my better briskets.....even though it was one of the more expensive briskets I've bought. It was a select cut that was not on sale.....but I walked into the store yesterday wanting brisket.....so a mini packer is what I came out with. The weather forecast was showing intermittent showers......0% one hour......80% the next.....all afternoon. Thus the indoor burgers and the break in the action to set up my kamado with Royal Oak Red and hickory chunks. I cheated and used a KJ fire starter tab. These things make is crazy easy.....especially if rain has you hesitant to drag out the drop cord and have more fun doing it with the Joe Blow lighter. No kidding.....they are fun as heck to use. Try one sometime and you'll know what I mean. Temps came in line with where I wanted to roll on this cook as I was prepping this brisket. I didn't have my favorite brisket rub on hand and used a fresh can of Plowboy's Bovine Bold that I'd been meaning to try. I didn't bother to trim a single piece of fat off this brisket.....just hit it with some roostershire sauce and coated it in rub. Went to bed after watching 2 episodes of Game of Thrones with my wife. Checked on the grill.....all was well. I left it alone to let it ride all night. Temps were at 220 this morning. The brisket looked good....smelled good......the bark was a bit darker than my favorite rub. Believe it or not.....at the time of that pic....it was only 170 degrees internal. I double foiled it and put it back on and slowed down the heat to 210 and let it ride a few more hours until it probed tender in every corner and the center. I sealed the foil down and brought it and wrapped with towels and left on the counter until showtime. Showtime consisted of using the grill some more.....left the vents slightly open to keep it rolling along during the day (one of the benefits of kamado grills.....you aren't out much if you simply let them run on low temp until needed for further cooking). My tunes for this part of the cook.....this album is great: I put 4 medium baking sized potatoes on the grill and let them cook until they were also probing tender. Sliced them into chunks and dumped in a large bowl with cream cheese, sour cream, green onions, jalapeños, butter, white onion, half'n'half, S&P, garlic powder and that beloved substance....Crawtater Sauce. Hit the bowl hard with the potato masher and good things happened. While doing this, I'd placed a pan of fresh asparagus on the kamado. They had both olive oil and red wine vinegar on them along with some KJ vegetable rub. This has quickly become one of my favorite side dishes. i forgot to put cheddar on the mashed potatoes......nobody even asked....so it must have been okay. This particular rub was simply "okay". Don't get me wrong...Plowboy's Fin'n'Fur is an exceptional rub......but their beef rub is marginal. I am reordering a batch of OakRidge Black Ops right away. I'll not be caught off guard ever again. Thanks for looking, KG friends. I have a lot of fun with my grills and am glad to be part of a group who shares that same fun !!!!!!!!
  12. Gotta thank @jrow17 for tonight's grub 'round here. I'm keeping it straightforward and easy tonight. I'm getting the flavor on these drunk chics from the Mad Hunky Whang Rub he recommended. I'm killing the last of the pound of rub on tonights cook.......with just enough left to do some wings on next Sunday.......Master's Tournament Sunday. Good news is that I have another pound of this goodness on the way that will be ready for next week's grilling. Finished off a bottle of MH wing rub on some drunk chics and layered on another chicken rub that a buddy gave to me. The MH Whang rub has a bit of heat and sort of a Buffalo wing flavor......the other rub has zero heat and lots of sweat that is killer on chicken. Should be a great combination. Good cooking tunes rolling along.... Sipping on the rest of the Purple Stuff from last night..... Base rub that is almost gone is the aforementioned Mad Hunky Whang Rub.... Buddy's sweet and flavorful chicken rub.... Ready to jump in the grill.... Grill is warmed up and ready to be jumped in, too...... The ceramic chicken sitters were each filled with 12 oz of full bodied-high calorie beer, 2 tbs of minced garlic, and 1/4 cup of Don's Seasoning Delight. Coming along.... Wife was next-door visiting with the lady nextdoor. She said she could smell the goodness as soon as she opened the neighbor's front door. :cool: We'll see how it goes. Gotta get the sides ready.
  13. just a quick camera shot, but good dinner none the less. I took chicken breast and butterfly cut them, and seasoned them with dizzy pig Tsunami rub. added fresh asiago cheese and asparagus to the middle and cooked at 400 indirect. Grilled some extra asparagus as well indirect, and hit them on the direct side to finish them Made a sundried tomato and basil rice as well. Took a dozen mushrooms and stuffed with a mix of light cream cheese, diced sun dried tomato, garlic and topped with asiago cheese. Everything turned out really nice!!!
  14. Suspect weather had me indoors.....hate grilling in the rain. Wanted to have this meal ready by 3:30pm. Really enjoying this entire album while cooking: I think that this is their best rub !!!!!! Gotta love the Thermapen......keeps me from overcooking stuff !!!!!!!
  15. Gonna enjoy this day off.....starting in a relaxing way, too. Late yesterday afternoon I loaded up the grill with some FoGo lump. Really nice sized pieces....grate gripper tool for reference. I put several fist sized hickory chunks in afterwards, too. I let her run steady for a good little while while I got a butt ready. Butt went on before bedtime. Also before going to bed, I rubbed down some trimmed spares and put 'em in the fridge. The rib rub I normally use takes a while to set up and glaze. This is after the overnight rest in the fridge. Grill was running at 205 when I woke up this morning and checked. Probing tender in most spots....almost ready. Ribs went on the grill while the butt is finishing up. Hope you fine folks have a great day and get the time to cook up some good eats on what looks like will be a really nice weather Thursday. It's hard to believe that March is almost gone !!!!! I've got today off and next Monday off. Gonna enjoy the weather today.....Monday's forecast isn't looking so good.....thunderstorms and such.
  16. Just kidding. It's 77 degrees and sunny. Greatest time of the year around here. No pollen to speak of, nice breeze....things starting to turn green and bloom........great time to live in the South. Check back in a couple months when it's constant humidity and triple digit temps can occur at any time. Wasn't kidding on the beef ribs, though. Woke them up with some Don's Seasoning Delight and hit 'em with some killer beef rub. Great pair on beef......heck, on anything. His other rub is outstanding on pork ribs and chicken. I prefer this one on beef. Some lump with 8 nice sized chunks of hickory wood placed along the top of the pile is smoking nicely. I found out that I had my wires crossed on the family schedule.....thinking dinner time was actually going to be later than normal. That's what I get for thinking. I'm not going to rush this cook.....but I will speed it up. Instead of waiting for the grill to come up to temp, I simply tossed them in there as it is warming up. No need to wait. 15 mins from the time I lit the fire until the meat went on. Now it's hurry up and wait time. ​
  17. The weather on this relaxing Sunday can only be described as glorious. Yesterday was cruddy-cold-rainy.....but today......sunny & almost 80 degrees. Unreal. Figured I'd have some fun in the backyard with the grill. Things were smelling great out there. Thanks to this challenge, things were smelling good inside, too, as I was moved outa my comfort zone of using store-bought sauces. The results were to my tribe's liking, too. They asked for the sauce again on other cooks....wings, ribs, chops and others. I will oblige their requests. I liked the sauce, too. The keys to this sauce, imho, are the freshly ground & chopped ingredients. This was an on-the-fly recipe that I will tweak and continue to use. Texted it to some buddies who were either grilling or soon to be. Sauce-making music was enjoyed ! Very grateful to have these cuts in the freezer thanks to Mom & Dad's thoughtfulness at Christmas. Excellent gift that was appreciated by everyone today !!!! I also mastered the art of untying that first pesky knot that allows a ridiculously easy bag opening. Set the Big Joe up with the Divide & Conquer system for some two zone cooking for the stuffed potatoes & steaks. Molly took up a spot downwind of the grill and seemed to really enjoy the relaxing afternoon. Gave them a good dusting with some great KJ flavors. Krunk it on up when the potatoes were close to done. Went with the thicker cuts first. Seared the thinner filets next and then moved them all over to the cool side to rest and finish reaching the internal temps I was shooting for. If ribs, wings and chops are better with sauce......why not steaks ? Got a bowl of the sauce grillside and slathered it on the steaks when they were about 10 degrees from being ready. Roasted corn & asparagus with a small amount of the KJ good stuff. The verdict is in: The sauce was killer. I'm glad the challenge gave me the nudge to homebrew my own. The verdict is also in......we are all stuffed and chillaxing. Molly has be pinned down as I type this.
  18. Had a hungry kid coming home from school and had some fresh ground beef & Hawaiian rolls on hand. Rain kept me indoors on this cook. I really want to get some Kamado Joe cast iron D&C inserts for use on my BigJoe for future smashburger cooks. I think these will offer the acreage and functionality that is perfect for these burgers. I use a simple recipe that I've stuck with for the past year or so: 4-5 pounds ground beef, 1 cup of Italian bread crumbs, 1 cup of Don's, one sweet onions finely diced and 2-3 jalapeños Frenched & finely diced. The amounts are simply suggestions.....I never measure. Had some great tunes cranking during this deal...... Sweet potato tots with some #kamadojoe Honey BBQ rub on them.... Maple bacon was killer on them. King's Hawaiian rolls are the ticket, too. They look dark......that's just the Don's making that color. You'll have to take my word that they were not overcooked.
  19. Second day off and I am going with another one of my oldies. I prepared a few things yesterday after making the carne asada. Today we are having some chicken shawarma, rice and white sauce. I may actually change my Sauce challenge to this dish instead of the cajun pasta. Yesterday, I made the white sauce and the marinade for the chicken. Chicken has been marinating since 2:00pm yesterday. More to come but first a teaser... a mix of salt, pepper, garlic, tumeric, paprika, cayenne, cumin, 5 spice, cinnamon. Smells amazing!!!
  20. Confession time..........today's cook was one that simulated BBQ Pitmasters stress in more than one way. I'm doing a competition cook in the backyard division in a couple months and have been trying out some different techniques. I almost never inject......or brine, for that matter and both of these are techniques I need to adapt for this thing. Yesterday's butt cook......left me with all kinds of time on my hands to prep my stuff for today's cooking. One of the guys on the team provides me with the stuff I need to use....in mini-Mason jars with instructions on how to use. My job is to give it a whirl and get the stuff calibrated for the kamado grills we are using for this deal. Mine is the easy task. I've emptied the two jars he gave me to use this weekend. We are actually cooking chicken thighs for the event.....but I almost never cook them at home. I wanted to try his injection & rub on the split breasts I normally grill. Stuck 'em & rubbed 'em yesterday and put them in the fridge overnight. It seems that I was in the doghouse with the wife this morning. I just wasn't feeling it early this morning.....my one day to sleep late on a day off. She got up and got ready for church. She sings in the choir and was expecting that i'd go along with her. I can't really describe my feels this morning.....other than to say I was feeling OLD. Back and knees were aching.....I'd finally found a comfortable position in the bed when the alarm clocks sounded.......and my two dogs were piled up on my bad knee and shoulder.....dead #### asleep and providing some much needed warmth and comfort to these joints. I didn't even budge when the alarm went off. Told my bride to go forth and pray for me and that I'd be holding down the fort with the dogs. She was not amused. So it went for an additional 45 minute nap of peace. Lawd it felt good. All was well until I glanced over at the clock......and saw how late it was. My dumb #### had double-tapped or triple-tapped the clock prior to crashing last night. It was way earlier than I thought. Couldn't go back to sleep after the initial time shock had taken place. Doing math is not my forte.....especially from a dead sleep. I tend to become fully awake after such rigorous computations. #notafanofdaylightsavingstime I come from a long line of haters of daylight savings time hombres. It truly is a stupid endeavor. Forgive my declarations but I've always come out on the short end of the stick of this deal.......working night shifts when we "fall back"......and scheduled off when we "spring forward". I never get the benefits (if there are any) of this clock changing shenanigan. So.....now I'm fully awake. This means I'm also fully aware that I'm in the doghouse with my bride. She may be singing in the choir......but I know she's thinking of ways to punish me. A few sips of some killer strong coffee, made from beans ground minutes before, and I'm getting smarter. Not only can I do math and apply it to the clocks I missed last night......I can see a way that this day ends with me NOT in the doghouse. It's a simple plan. I gotta grill my way outa trouble. Simple, but not likely. A hot shower and a few quick stretches and I was feeling better about my chances. Second cup of java had me cranking some tunes. By now you all know how I roll. I had left the grill running from yesterday's butt cook. I'd closed down the vents in my BigJoe enough to severely retard the burn....but allow enough air to keep the coals alive. All I had to do this morning was open the vents fully and lightly stir the coals. The KJ sprang to life. That FoGo is some killer lump, by the way. Thanks again for the tip, @Boomstick069 Once the BG had hit 350 and was holding......I dropped on the yardbird along with a pack of Conecuh sausage. All went well.....boring predictability. I love my BigJoe. darn thing is rock steady. Ceramic kamado cooking is like cooking with the Fort Knox of grills. Anyway.....all was going well with the cook.....except for our teenager making random raids on the pantry.....killing chips, cheese, almonds.....and whatever else he got his paws on. I'd warned him that a feast was forthcoming. He's more of the instant gratification mindset. A couple of minutes before my bride's anticipated arrival home, I an epiphany. All along the wind had been in my favor.....blowing the hickory & lump smoke over the house towards the driveway. I was hoping that she'd arrive and be struck with the aroma of somebody grilling their backs out......a sinner in need of redemption. My great idea was to kick it up a notch with the aromas. I finished off this bottle....and started a new one. The smell was unreal. Sure helps when you open the cap !!!!!!! :( All throughout this cook I was assured of being safe from the pesky squirrels that inhabit our backyard. Hellcat was on duty and treed a couple. Always fun watching them do their thing while I'm doing mine. Right on time !!!!!! She came in and commented immediately on the aromas......."What are you cooking?" "What is that smell in here?" (I'd been warming up the butt that I cooked yesterday evening in the oven).....it smelled killer, too. Gotta respect the power of porkfat. I'd already decided to not apologize for sleeping in on my day off......regardless the outcome.......I was gonna actually say very little and let my bbq speak for itself. I figured it'd be close enough to competition pressure as I'd ever seen. I was making slaw and had the tunes turned down lower when she walked in the door. Shock & Awe had their impact. Their plates were made up by the end of the next song...... The closer for this cook was dropping a plate full of sweet potato biscuits on the table.....right out of the oven, too. I vowed to myself........to never......ever......wait this freaking long to cook another butt The day has gone well. I'm really looking forward to next weekend, too........got a pound of Black Ops on order and going to cook a large packer brisket. I've got a bottle of Makers waiting on me for this cook, too. Confession time......I did have to do the clean up......and was abandoned by all. I even tried to get help from our girls......but they weren't interested.
  21. Tonight's eats came together fast, easy and full of flavor thanks to Kamado Joe seasonings !!!! They've got it going on with their flavor enhancing magic. This is the first time in two years that I cooked a steak and didn't use Paymaster's Method. I was striving for a quick prep and this seasoning went on and added tremendous flavor to both the steak and the sides. Start to finish in under ten minutes.
  22. So this weekend was an experimental weekend. The first part went well, the second part... not so much. Why don't we start with the bad news to make the success more glorious? On order, per family, friends and neighbors were wings. No one had consumed a decent chicken wing since prior to the NFC Championship Debacle (die hard Packer fan, checking in). The weather had finally broke above freezing, and we were all hungry. I decided to try my hand at the braise/smoke/grill method of doing wings I read about in one of my BBQ books! I modified the recipe to fit my tastes, but most credit is due to "Serious Barbecue" by Adam Perry Lang for the basics of the recipe. I've got a little over two pounds of wings in this picture. Each pan has a heavy dose of my home made wing rub, a quarter of a stick of unsalted butter, and a bit of water. These go on the grill, covered, indirect, at 350 for about 45 minutes. I take some garlic and seeded jalapeno and grate it on a microplane grater in this jar for the basting mixture. The sauce, applied well after the batch is off the grill is Frank's Red Hot, butter, diced scallions (green and white parts) and chopped fresh chives. After grilling for 45 minutes, the wings come out of the foil pans. The basting liquid, which is the melted butter, few ounces of water and chicken fat, is poured onto the garlic and jalapeno mixture. The wings are returned to the grill, still indirect heat at 350, and basted and turned until the skin is firm. (Note: to make the skin crisp, the heat has to come up. This round of wings was bite-through, but not crispy. Still, flavorful.) These are the wings plated, prior to saucing, after being grilled: End result? A delicious, spicy wing that burned nice and hot, but was juicy and flavorful to come back for more. I've had wings on the grill, and a lot of times they're dry, but these were moist and tender all day long. Thanks for your attention. Cheers!
  23. Ok folks, I have today and tomorrow off and it is +3 up here in the North and I am so very happy!!!!!! I have been trying a lot of new recipes over the past few weeks and today I decided to celebrate the warmer climate with a carne asada. As most of you know this is my most favourite meal to cook!!! Anyways here we go...... Start with only the freshest ingredients of course my start out shot!! I forgot the garlic clove but they are in there!!! So we will start with the mojo marinade for the meat. I am using 2 flanks today that I cut into halves to fit into the bag easily. We basically have jalapeño, cilantro, garlic, salt, pepper, cumin, fresh squeezed orange and limes, EVOO. Smells awesome!!! Once that was all mixed up I put that in the fridge to marinade. onto the pico
  24. I haven't done any pulled pork in a long, long time. Time to remedy that deficiency.....today. Krunk the indoor tunes over morning coffee & prep work while the BigJoe came up to temp outside. Loving the the KJ lighter tabs and D&C system with the X-rack. It allowed me to skip the fat trimming....simply score it and place the butt fat side down with the grate with the heat deflectors raised to an inch below the grates. Will melt the fat nicely and allowed me to fill the firebox up fully with some killer FoGo lump & hickory chunks (only 1/2 the chunks showing in the pic). Raked it mostly clean prior to cooking. I've never had a bit of trouble with the stock firebox grate. Cleaned out the ashes for the most part.....you can see I've got a well used BigJoe. Using the last part of this bag of FoGo lump......I didn't hand place it like I normally do with butts & briskets....simply dumped it out. Very little dust in this bag. Used a pair of Kamado Joe lighter tabs that made it really easy and fast to get this cook started this morning. I also added several more hickory chunks to the firebox after the pic was taken. I want this one smokey. The 1/2 moon deflectors slid right on top of the X-Rack with supreme ease. I'm really impressed with this flexible cooking rack system. A group of MIT students must have been employed to conjure up this goodness. Being able to have my heat deflectors so close to the main grate allowed me to cut my prep time by 3/4. No fat trimmed....just a quick scoring of the fat cap and placed it down....close to the deflector. Used a buddy's home-brew rub and it tasted great. This thing has been smoking since 9:30am today with the temp locked in rock steady at 220. Cool thing about using the X-Rack allowed me to really load that firebox up fully. I'll be able to do this slow'n'low butt......and use for tomorrow afternoon's chicken breasts.......and then another quick cook on the evening of my last workday next week. Injected & rubbed with the stuff we are using for our comp cook in a couple months. In the fridge overnight to soak and rest.
  25. Ok I finally cracked a bag of KJ lump and man is this stuff the real deal or what. First of all I am overwhelmed with the pieces inside the bag. They are massive and I have never seen lump this big before. Not much by way of smaller pieces that's forsure. Ok so lifting this stuff was easy got up to temp very quick. Almost quicker than lighting other lump. My guess is because the pieces are so large it creates better air movement rather than small pieces layered. Ok once lit this stuff is hot and I mean HOT !!!! It burns hotter than anything that I have used to date. I did pizza today at 850 degrees and when I opened the lid on my big joe the heat was intense!!!! Lost arm hair right up to my arm pit and singed my eyebrows and top of my hair by my bangs area. Like HOT!!!!! I did notice a bit of spark when I lit with the MAP torch but none or than others. It burns really clean with minimal VOCs to start. Not a strong odour to start which is refreshing. I see what Andy Scalzo meant by use this as a base and some RO red or maple lump on top as filler. A full load of the KJ lump may be too much !!!! Some smaller stuff mixed In will be great. Anyways I am willing to endorse this lump snow without question. It is the real deal and hardcore!!!!
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