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Found 5 results

  1. This is my third cook. Prior to this one, I posted them on the Vision sub-forum but figured it was time to graduate to the big boys and girls cooking forum. My son was home from Haiti (works there building hospitals) and we decided to cook some venison tenderloin from his hunt last fall. The only reason we have anything left is that we don't eat it when he's gone, and he's only back for a few days every 6 weeks. I stole ideas from a variety of recipes and posts here. Glad I did the bacon wrap, because I overcooked (hit well done and wanted medium rare) it - turned out great! A remote thermometer will be my next grilling purchase. Thanks to all of you who post recipes & videos. We newbies really benefit from them. I used a simple soy sauce and brown sugar marinate, with a little of a Saltlick rub. Two tenderloins were marinated and wrapped, then cooked for 30 minutes at 350F. Another tenderloin was cut and individual steaks were wrapped and baste with the marinate. These were cooked for 20 minutes at 350F. Cooking was done in ER2D2 (short for Evil R2D2 and pronounced UrrTwoDeeTwo) a Vision Diamond Cut B-Series - named by my nine year old.
  2. Deer season is upon us once again and the bounty has been plentiful! I normally covet the backstrap and only cook a small amount at a time, but this year we have plenty and the season has just begun. So I took a backstap, marinaded in milk for 24 hours (to get the gaminess out). Rinsed and seasoned with Salt, Pepper and Garlic and wrapped in thin bacon - HOWEVER - next time - I will precook the bacon a little beforehand - I wanted it more crispy. I seasoned the bacon with Tony C's and a bit of Paprika and tossed it on my KJ at 275 indirect. (might try direct next time) USED a PROBE - cooked till 128 and glazed with a soy/brown sugar/garlic/ginger/sesame oil/honey/green onion/vinegar mixture and cooked till 135, foiled and rested. - Honestly I would have liked it a little more done - but was afraid to overcook it. It was pretty amazing. Happy hunting friends.
  3. Atomic Shrimp = Bacon Wrapped Shrimp stuffed with Smoked Cheddar Cheese and Jalapeño. This weekend I also made these again. I took some U13 shrimp and split them as much as possible and then filled the cavity with sharp cheddar cheese, then a slice of jalapeno and then wrapped them in bacon. I place them on the preheated (to 300) kamado for 5 to 6 minutes per side. Let them cool for just a few minutes and then plated them up with some cilantro garnish. These are sooo tasty. Thanks for looking.
  4. I've been thinking long and hard about how I wanted to treat this awesome tasting treat, and finally decided on wrapping it in bacon in smoking it... Heck Yes! A friend of mine paid me in Venison for smoking off a few butts for him for his awesome Brunswick stew. Might be the best non-cash payment I've ever received. After much hemming and hawing, I finally settled on bacon wrapping and smoking it to a perfect medium rare, and it was the right choice. There wasn't much trimming to be done, but I took off all the silver skin. Next I rubbed down the strap with some salt, pepper, and garlic and laid it on a bacon weave of extra thin, crappy bacon. Too thick and it never would have cooked up. I then sprinkled some bbq rub on top for extra flavor and let it rest to room temperature. Once my smoker hit a good 250, I threw on the strap for a nice bath in the smoke. After about an hour, I hit the magical 130 internal temperature and she was ready to come off the smoker. I gave it a nice 10 minute rest and sliced it to find a perfect medium rare. My daughter and I had made up some homemade whole wheat pasta, so we threw in some broccoli, tomato, garlic and a bit of olive oil for a really simple pasta that matched very well. After spending the last few years in the woods of Florida "hunting" but not shooting, I might need to go on the road to get a buck, because I need to recreate this meal! Truth be told, I would have liked the bacon to be a little more crispy, but I'll just have to keep working at it until it is perfected.
  5. So last night I fired up the kamado for some baked potatoes and reverse seared bacon wrapped filets for my MIL’s 87th Birthday dinner. I know I said in another post “Sorry no pics tonight” but since I’m always begging for pics from everyone else, I shamed myself into breaking out the camera. I set it up for direct / in-direct and fired it up for a 300 degree target temp. I put the potatoes in on the bottom level and the filets on the in-direct top level. (no pics of this) Potatoes were on for 5 minutes before I put my wife’s and MIL’s filets on for another 15 minutes. (With some Pecan and flipping every 5 minutes) After this I put my filets on the top level (along with the first ones) for another 20 minutes (again with some Pecan and flipping every 5 minutes) until the IT on mine hit 115. I open the vents wide open until I get a 450 reading on my dome. At this point I move the potatoes over and sear the filets for 5 per side. Here they are searing. And here are the money shots. OMG! Was this ever delicious! Yuuuuuuummmmyyyy!!!!
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