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Found 9 results

  1. I just bought a new PB K24 from Costco 2 days ago. I tought it would be easier to find a suitable heat deflector (... and affordable). The original one is about 136$can (with shipping). I was looking at all the other topics related to the heat deflector, and it seems that the original one is not really appreciated. The problem is, most of the replacement solutions are from items are from the US or UK, but I can't find these items in Canada. I was looking for for the Vision XL spider (or any other spider), or even for the Saffire multi levels, but there's none on amazon.ca, homedepot.ca, ... I can't find any other solution. The Ceramic Grill Store, that most people are talking about, says on his website that they can deliver to Canada (+ some fees), but when I try to order, the only country available is US. I would like to have some help, or some other ideas available in Canada, instead of ordering the expensive original Pit Boss Heat Deflector!!!
  2. Hello, I’ve been lurking too long and thought it’s take to make it official. I am unoriginalusername on the BGE forum for some of the familiar names I see here I have a large, minimax and mini bge which I try to cook everything on
  3. It’s official. Sears Canada is gong to close all of their stores in the county by the end of the year. It’s unfortunate for everyone who has worked for the company for many years. I can’t imagine it’ll be too long before it’s American counterpart meets a similar fate. It’s truly unfortunate. A lot the corner cutting executives are part of the problem. Online retailers like Amazon had some impact, largely it was a company plagued by out of date thinking, poor customer service and general ineptitude of the executive branch slowly mismanaging Sears Canada into a early grave. I doubt the US branch of Sears is being managed any better than it’s Canadian counterpart. I don’t think it’ll be too much longer before the Sears goes under in the US.
  4. As indicated by someone on RedFlagDeals, costco.ca is clearing out their vision classic B for the year. $599 CDN http://www.costco.ca/Vision-Grills-Clasic-B-Series-Kamado-Ceramic-Charcoal-Grill-with-Ash-Drawer.product.100286965.html
  5. Charcoal Addict, Your mission, if you should chose to accept it, involves smuggling a most prized and highly valued item across the Canadain boarder. It's a dangerous mission fraught with incompetent sales people, unexplainable customs fees and endless hours on the phone trying to chase down the elusive KJ Big Joe Stainless Fish Grate." At least it this story should have started this way. Somedays it felt like I was hanging upside down on a thin wire. It's been an insane 2 months trying to get a hold the Big Joe version of the fish grate in Canada. Cue up the Mission Impoisble Theme for the following list. It's pretty hilarious. July 12 - Called BBQ Country, put my name on the list of back orders July 15 - Called BBQ Country in Edmonton, they had no idea when it was coming. Asked me to call back in two week July 30 - Called back in two weeks and asked to call back next week August 7 - Told my week turned into another 2 weeks, I finally gave up on BBQ Country August 9- Called BBQ World In Toronto 3 times. They finally got back to me to say they don't have any time line of part number August 9- Called BBQ Galores in Calgary, BBQ Galore Special order a unti from the Canadian Warehouse and shipped it to me August 18 When I opened up the box, to my surprise it was a Classic Fish Grate. I shipped the unit back to Calgary. August 23 - Canada Post messed up the shipment. It took 3 more days to track down the return. August 24 - The Canada Post Fiasco Finally got sorted out. The item was returned. A new Big Joe Fish Grate was ordered from a US warehouse Sept 10 - I found out I had to pay an extra 42 dollars for shipping and fees from the US warehouse Sept 14 The Big Joe Fish grate was finally delivered. It it only took 5 stores and 2 months and extra $40 dollars to get my hands on a Big Joe Fish grate. Hopefully KJ will show some love to the Canadain Warehouse soon before I buy my 2nd one. I'm actually out of breath writing all this.
  6. Show runs 7/5-7/17 at the Costco at 1127 Sumas Way, Abbotsford. Come stock up on Joes and KJ Lump! Spread the word. I hope to meet many Gurus and make many new ones. Canadian Prices: Joe Jr. - $469 Joe Classic - $989 Big Joe - $1599 2 x 20Lb Bags of the QueBracho Red Bag from Argentina - $39.99
  7. It appears for the meantime that Grill Grate is not able to ship products to Canadians. I'm not sure what happen but the site says "cannot ship to Alberta at this time". I wanted to order a 2nd Grate tool but that doesn't seem possible at this time. I wonder what's going on. I also had a KJ spice shipment stall and returned back to the Garden Gates via Fed-Ex. I'm wondering if there's a customs issue in Canada.
  8. Greetings Kamado Gurus! After a colleague and friend, K-ville, acquired his Vision Classic B from Costco last year, my interest was peaked. Around the office here in Ottawa, K-ville is known as 'The Guy' to talk to about all things smoked, grilled, BBQ'd, marinated, brined, etc, etc, etc. Having had his new cooker for less than 72 hours, already he was thrilled and enthusiastic about his cooking future. The next day, my husband, Nadir, found himself standing in front of the large piles of barbeques at Costco with me selling him on ALL of the amazing things I had heard from K-ville and read on the internet about Kamados being not only the barbeque, but a barbeque way of life!!! (For the record, it really didn't take much convincing.) We grabbed a flat bed trolley for the Vision Classic B, loaded the cadillac-sized Costco cart with charcoal and the rest... well, the rest was a smoke filled year of slow cooked pig parts and hunks of beef, perfectly peppered steaks and grilled veggies, herby roasted chickens and turkeys, wood-oven fired pizzas and more. We are two wine lovin', beer drinkin', grillin', smokin', cottage goin', hikin' bikin', canoin', Canuck Yuppies in the Software biz and we both absolutely love to come home to our Kamado at the end of any day. In true Canadian stylie we cook on it hot or cold, rain or snow or shine and have found that no matter what, the food ALWAYS comes out tasting delish! (Even, despite a few growing pains.) We are so happy that we discovered this baby early in our careers and lives together and look forward to improving our recipes and ranting about the addition to our family for years to come! Start your fire boxes and get your smoke on! Grillin' Canuck
  9. Hello all.Hailing out of La Ronge SK Canada.
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