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Found 22 results

  1. Howdy Gurus! Here are a couple of recent quick cooks done here at ChezChef on my 19" KK, Beauty! First we have spiral cut chills dogs. No big deal except that I absolutely LOVE chili dogs. We have two types of dogs ... a few jalapeño sausages and a few hot links. Now to eat healthy, here is a burger and veggies, Brussels Sprout and last summer's corn. Thanks for looking. Both were quite sumptuous! Enjoy your cooks!
  2. I've been craving smoked salmon lately, so the last time I was in Sam's Club, I bought a couple of fillets and cooked them last night for my dinner guests. Here is a pic of the fillets fresh from the packaging. I made up a dry brine of brown sugar, sea salt, freshly ground black pepper, cinnamon, and all spice. Here are the fillets' covered with the mixture. I covered the dish and put it in the refrigerator for about 15 hours. As you can see a great deal of moisture has been drawn out of the fish fillets. Rinse the fillets and pat them dry. Then set the fillets on a drying rack back in the refrigerator for about 4 - 5 hours. This is what your fillets should look like right before you place them in the cooking grate in your kamado. And it's on to the cooking grate in TheBeast. I smoked these fillets for about 2 hours @ 175F using Alder and Peach chunks. Here is a picture of the fillets right after they were pulled off the cooking grate. You can tell they are dome by the little droplets of the cream colored liquid that you can see on the fillets. Here is a closer picture of the cooked fillets. Finally, here is the plated shot. The fillets were served with KK roasted potatoes and a vinegar based cole slaw, the recipe of which is posted in the recipe section. As you can see, Pete The Salt Pig heartily approves of us eating heart healthy. This is an easy cook and only takes a few minutes prep time in the kitchen. Thanks for looking.
  3. I thought for some strange reason that I'd pay homage to my 0.001% Irish Forefathers this evening. Tonight's cook consisted of scooped out baked potatoes, filled with some sort of filling, and the whole thing rebaked on the KK. So, without further ado, here is my homage to Erin. The very first thing to do is have a couple of bakers well slathered with bacon grease. Yes, bacon grease. Yeah, I know, but if you don't use bacon grease, the neo-nazi health police win, and I'm trying to beat the back every day! If you don't have bacon grease in your kitchen, shame on you! Next, I browned up some 90/10 hamburger meat, some red, orange, and yellow bell peppers, and some onion and garlic. Here are the bakers on the main grate of TheBeast. I baked them for about an hour at 400F until a fork went in easily. This is a picture of the browned hamburger, peppers, etc. ready for the potatoes. Here are the spuds. As you can see, slit in half and scoop out most of the interior. I try and leave about 1/4" all the way around. Reserve the scooping for potato salad. Tonight I laid down in the scooped potato a simple ragu as a base layer. Put a heaping amount of the burger mixture in the potato. Sauce again and top with your favorite cheese. For these I use shredded mozzarella cheese. Here are the assembled potatoes. They take about 15 minutes on the grill at 400F. And finally, here is the money shot with Pete The Salt Pig granting approval to chow down! These potatoes are really quite easy to do, especially on a weekday evening. Instead of hamburger, you can use pork sausage (Pete would not be so happy with that cook!), ground turkey or chicken, or chorizo etc. Instead of a ragu, you can use salsas, grilled and pureed fruit such as mangoes, peaches, etc. You can get as creative as you wish. After all, it's your dinner and you can do it any way you and your family desire. From the time I lit the FOGO in the belly of TheBeast until I was 400F it was about 15 minutes. The potatoes took about an hour to bake to fork tender. To assemble it took no more than 15 minutes. Time on the grill for the stuffed potatoes was no more than 15 minutes. All totaled, from start to finish, this simple homage to my Irish roots took about 1 hour and 45 minutes. I like this cook because there was lots of time to stay hydrated between the flurries of activity. Thanks for looking. I appreciate it!
  4. Ok, let's set the record straight. In my previous post, some of you thought I eat like a king or that my definition of "meager" was a little skewed. Yes, I did cook all that food, but I purposefully left out the merely prosaic. Nothing could be further from the truth. How many burger, brats, and dawg cooks can you look at before you doze off. But just to prove a point here are more of the everyday cooks here at ChezChef. So, without further ado, here is my homage to the Merely Meager Cooks here at ChezChef! Some Juicy Lucies Pulled pork on TheBeast Pulled pork It doesn't get any more common that pulled pork and corn chips Here are the burgers, brats, and dawgs Here's something for the waistline More burgers and brats on TheBeast And comfort food ... the humble chicken pot pie Ready to serve See? There really isn't a big production every evening here at ChezChef! :LOL!: Thanks for looking (again).
  5. Howdy Gurus! So as many of you know, I was planning on a Simple 4th of July Cook. I wasn't entertaining a big group of folks as I've done for years. I was just having my brothers over to drink a little beer, grill some dogs, burgers, and sausages, eat a few chips, and watch a little baseball, etc. Well, here is the result of a "Simple 4th of July!" I knew I was in trouble and the best laid plans of mice and CC were shot to hades when I walked out of Sam's Club with over $200 in food and beverage! Here is the table with the appiteasers on it. Here is TheBeast getting loaded up for his time to shine! I spiral cut jalapeño and cheese sausage, and Oscar Mayer hot dogs (what else? ) My brother loves spiral cut ever since I introduced him to them. Next up on the grate was the burgers. Gotta stage this cook ... Here is a money shot that is just a couple of simple dogs, some German potato salad made by my brother who lives just around the corner and an ear of corn. That's all the money shot. However, I guess my house is now known as BBQ Central as all of a sudden, my neighbors show up carrying burgers, buns, and beer, and they just came in and sat down! At the end of it all there were about 30 folks here. It looked like the swarm of locusts of Biblical proportions eating at my table! A great time was had by all. Just a great 4th of July here at ChezChef! I hope your 4th was as much fun as was mine!
  6. So last evening was a nice night to try a cook that I only do occasionally ... planked salmon. I found these Canadian Sugar Maple planks at the local BBQ Speciality Shop and they were on sale ... at $14.95! I'm a sucker and got a package as I had a nice couple of pieces of salmon marinating in an olive oil, garlic, a tad bit of lemon juice, red pepper flakes, etc. Here is that cook. I soaked the planks about 2 hours as prescribed on the packaging and here it is going on the grate. This picture shows the salmon placed on the plank after the plank had heated for about 45 minutes and was flipped. I decided to use the marinade and poured it on top of the salmon. Here is a top view immediately the salmon went on the plank. This is a shot of the salmon right before I pulled it. Now the table shots ... This is a salad a Friend made for me; her's was about a third this size! Pete The Salt Pig likes seeing me eat salad instead of his kin! Here are a couple of money shots. This was a really nice cook. I'm a big fan os fish and I'll cook fish just about any way you can imagine. In every previous cook, I've always tossed the plank but this time the Canadian Sugar Maple came through the cook in great shape. I washed it off and put it back on the grate to sanitize and dry at the direction of the guys at the BBQ Speciality Store. We'll see how that works out. Have a wonderful and safe 4th of July Holiday. Please don't drink and drive!
  7. So last evening was a nice night to try a cook that I only do occasionally ... planked salmon. I found these Canadian Sugar Maple planks at the local BBQ Speciality Shop and they were on sale ... at $14.95! I'm a sucker and got a package as I had a nice couple of pieces of salmon marinating in an olive oil, garlic, a tad bit of lemon juice, red pepper flakes, etc. Here is that cook. I soaked the planks about 2 hours as prescribed on the packaging and here it is going on the grate. This picture shows the salmon placed on the plank after the plank had heated for about 45 minutes and was flipped. I decided to use the marinade and poured it on top of the salmon. Here is a top view immediately the salmon went on the plank. This is a shot of the salmon right before I pulled it. Now the table shots ... This is a salad a Friend made for me; her's was about a third this size! Pete The Salt Pig likes seeing me eat salad instead of his kin! Here are a couple of money shots.
  8. Howdy Gang! Today was one of those days. I decided some comfort food was in order and I didn't want to go to great lengths to get it. I had some ham steaks in the refrigerator from a hog that my brother and i bought and custom butchered. So I decided that nothing would taste much better than breakfast for dinner. The ham steaks had not been cured, so the first thing I had to do was lay some smoke on them. I chose hickory. Here are the ham steaks right out of the cryovac packaging and on the KK's grate. You can see some hickory smoke wafting over the steaks. Here the steaks are after about 30 minutes on smoke with a grate temp of 225F. Another 15 minutes on smoke and these bad boys are ready for for the eggs to meet the pork. [NOTE: I took the hickory wood out of the KK as I don't really like smoked eggs. Eggs soak up smoke in a BIG hurry!] A few minutes later and here is dinner, ready to plate! And another shot before plating. Finally, here is the money shot. Ham and eggs, breakfast for dinner! You can see Pete The Salt Pig's feet at the top of the picture. He chose for obvious reasons not to participate in this evening's cook! This was a simple little cook that was really quite tasty. The ham steaks were about 45 minutes on hickory smoke and were delicious. The eggs didn't take more than about 7 minutes to cook. I'll do this cook again simply because it is so simple to do, no cleanup to speak of, and its great comfort food. Thanks for looking! Have a happy and safe 4th of July holiday! Happy Birthday, America!
  9. Howdy again Gurus! I had a couple of pounds of hamburger that needed to be eaten and I had a couple of friends coming over to just hand out, drink some beer, burn a few burgers, nothing big. I thought rather than burgers, I'd do enchiladas. I had one couple bring black beans, another chips and salsa for nachos, and another bring more beer. I called an audible and switched from burgers to enchiladas. Browned up the meat, onions, peppers, etc. and made a quick great sauce. Here are the enchis rolled and in the pan and on the main grate in TheBeast. Here is the pan just prior to the pull. Here is the closeup view that shows the cheese just the right color of brown for my guests and me. Just an ever so slight crunch there that was quite tasty. And finally the money shot. This was just a simple and quick enchi cook that worked out quite well. We all had our fill of food and beer and had a great time shooting the breeze. Good audible at the line. I hope your weekend was as enjoyable as mine.
  10. Howdy Gurus! Last night I did something a little unusual and thought I'd share with you good cooks. I had a pineapple sitting on the counter that needed to be sliced and used. I also had a couple of pork loin chops that I needed to cook. So, knowing that pork and pineapple go together well, I did the following. I sliced off the sides of the pineapple and laid out my pork chops on them, covered both sides with a little butt rub, and tied everything together with butchers' string. All trussed up and ready to put on Beauty! my 19" KK. On Beauty! @ 400F with a nice FOGO fire in the KK. Temps were rock steady at 400F the entire time of the cook ... about 40 minutes. Here are the pineapple pork chops after about 40 minutes @ 400F. Just a slight char of the strings which never really threatened to burn. After about 40 minutes the pork loin IT was 135. Dadgummit, I let the temps get away from me. I was looking for about and IT of 120-125F. The lesson learned was that the pineapple didn't provide much insulation and the pineapple pork loins cooked much quicker than I anticipated. Next time I'll reduce the heat in Beauty! to about 300-325F and not be in a rush to head out to a meeting up at church. Here's a pic of the pork loin that has been pulled and untrussed. The pork loin here is essentially cooked through and through. So, even though the pork loin was cooked, I decided to finish the reverse sear and let them rest. The pork IT going back on Beauty! was 120F and Beauty was rocking along at 550F. Here are the pork chops on Beauty! right before I pulled them to let them rest and plate. Here are the pork loin chops on the cutting board with a final IT of 140F. And finally here are the pork loins slides open. and ready to plate. There are s few tips that I would pass on after this cook. First, the pork loin chops should have been marinated in a solution of pineapple juice, soy sauce, minced garlic, minced ginger, and a little crushed black pepper. Second, I mistakenly thought that the pineapple skin slices would provide more insulation than they did. Third, running Beauty! at 400F was an attempt to hurry the process along; future cooks of this type should be done between 300-350F. The pork loin chops were tasty and you could taste a slight flavor of pineapple. Marinating the pork in the above marinade would have helped the flavor. I also think that I'll score the pineapple flesh that comes in contact with the pork to insure a better pineapple flavor. All in all, this cook, while interesting and tasty, could have been much better if I had not tried to do so much in such a compressed time frame as I allowed. This was my first time doing this cook and I should have known to leave some slack in the rope. Thanks for looking.
  11. Howdy Gurus! So it was a miserable evening to cook last evening. The temperature was only about 95F, but the humidity took the Heat Index to 110F! Just flat dadgummed miserable. It's forecast to be a Heat Index this evening of 115F or better this evening! HOWEVER, ever the trooper, I was not to be deterred (I had a couple or 3 or 4 COLD beers ...). Here is a cook of mini peppers, summer squashes, Vidalia onions, etc. 90/10 hamburger, and cottage cheese. Simple, quick, healthy, and easy! Here are the veggies on the flip side of the Grill Grates. The torpedo burgers on the main grate of TheBeast. And finally a couple of money shots. Here is a money shot with Pete The Salt Pig supervising (as usual!). Thanks for looking! All y'all be safe as temperatures rise. Stay hydrated!
  12. Howdy Gurus! Here it is Tuesday evening and I found a package of NY Strips on sale at Sam's Club today. They followed me home! They were so dadgummed cute! Here is a pic of the NY Strip in its natural state ... Here is the NY Strip After the first turn ... Here is the Money Shot complete with Pete the Salt Pig Supervising ... A Money Shot with just a bit tighter view ... And finally, the aftermath ... These were MONSTER strips ... and I had to wave the white napkin. Oh well, lunch tomorrow will be droolicious! Thanks for looking!
  13. Howdy Gurus! Nothing big here, just did a reverse sear on a Tri-Tip over FOGO. I marinated it in my FoodSaver marinater. If you don't have one, you should really check it out. You can get one for under $20 at Amazon. I highly recommend it. Here are a couple of pics at the beginning and end of the cook. I just wasn't too ambitious last night, but all y'all get the idea. Beginning: Ending: So there you have it. I took the Tri-Tip to 120F on the grates, cranked up the volume to about 475F. TheBeast took about 10 minutes to go from 200F to 475F. I pulled at 128F, tented on the carving board for something like 7-10 minutes and then carved and served. Just your typical reverse sear. Thanks for looking.
  14. There is BIG news over at Amazing Ribs. Following is Meathead's post from his forum, The Pit. I hope I haven't broken any rules here or there by posting his announcement here. If I have, mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. What a week! Our book is #1 cookbook on Amazon, and as of today, I now own 100% of AmazingRibs.com again! When we merged Rupari Food Services and AmazingRibs.com in January 2015, we hoped our mutual love of barbecue would produce opportunities for new products and growth. We have since learned that our core businesses are so different, that we really can’t help each other as much as we had hoped. Although the two businesses are separating we remain fans of the other's products and we will continue to look for opportunities to help each other grow. In fact, I will be in the Rupari booth with Chef Ryan at a trade show in Houston in June signing books. Rupari has totally reformulated their taste profiles with Chef Ryan's help (he works there full time now) and my input, and their new Tony Roma's products are the best packaged pre-cooked heat and eat BBQ on the market. Keep in mind that the restaurant recipes are completely different than the grocery store products made by Rupari. The new products are working their way through the distribution channels now. Watch for them. Bottom line, I am thrilled to own AmazingRibs.com again and despite the speculation, I ran the show last year and I will continue running the show, with a lot of help from Max Good, Sarahlynn Pablo, Dr Blonder, Dr Mata, Pit Boss Dave Parrish, Huskee Lyons, Jerod Broussard, Candy Sue Weaver, Bill McGrath, Caroline Katz, Greg Rempe, Clint Cantwell, the book team of Sally Ekus, Carrie Bachman, Rux Martin et al at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, the tech team, Jim Maivald, Glenn Vergara, Rob Malon, Kris Coppieters, Michelle Resnick, and my wife. And of course with a LOT of help from you! With advertising rates tanking all over the internet, many website business models are also tanking. We are leading the way in showing that membership is the way to finance a quality website, but you just can't ask people for money, you have to give them something in return. I look forward to bigger and better things thanks to you!
  15. So, I get this box delivered to my front door from Blue Apron. It's not mine; the guy screwed up the address and dumped it on my porch. I know the lady, so I march down there a little after 5:00 when I know she'll be home. She smile and invites me in. Offers me beer and begins to open the package. It's a calzone dinner for 4. She's single and asks me if I would like to join her for dinner. I spammed as I have steaks I was going to grill. She doesn't take no for an answer. I tell her that we can use my kitchen, my kamados, and we pack up everything and march down to my house. The box is very well insulated, all the ingredients are well packed and present, and so we dive right in. I've never seen this service before, so I'm intrigued. Here are the instruction sheets, front and back: I'm impressed. These sheets are laminated and written in clear and concise language complete with pictures so that even I can't screw it up. Here are the ingredients packed in the box. All ingredients were fresh and of really good quality. My part of the deal was to just cook the calzones on TheBeast. We also deviated from the instructions by doing bacon wrapped asparagus on Beauty! Here are the calzones already on TheBeast. He was rocking right along at 475. I will say that the dough was hard to work with and get in any kind of shape for calzones. So, I just winged it and it was the best I could do. Here are the calzones right before I pulled them after 15 minutes. And the Money Shot. Finally, here is a shot of the calzone ready for dipping and eating. Total time from "CC, start your Komodo Kamado" to "That's all folks!" was about 90 minutes. So this was my very first experience with Blue Apron. It was really nice having everything sourced for you and at your fingertips. The quality of the food was quite good and I enjoyed everything about this meal. The only down side was the dough. Trying to shape the dough was quite frustrating, but as you can see, we got the job done. All In all, if I weren't wrapped around the axle with my KKs, this is a service I just might subscribe to. Thanks for looking.
  16. Howdy Gurus! Just got back from a local BBQ Speciality Store's homage to BBQ seeing as May is National BBQ Month. I thought I'd share some photos. There were quite an impressive number of manufacturers represented including BGE, Yoder and Smokin Brothers (pellet grills), Coyote, Alfresco, Twin Eagles, and Lynx (all gas grills), and Weber was there showing off their new Weber Summit charcoal grill. Of course there was food and it was quite tasty. It was really well attended and people had fun eating some really good food prepared by the factory reps. Here are a few Pictures. Everything Barbeque was the host and they always do a wonderful job with all hands on deck and taking care of customers. A view of the back end featuring the Smoking Brothers Trailer. A view of the Yoder and BGE setup. I'll always hold a soft spot in my hear for BGE and that Yoder is one very solid pellet grill. Here's a pic of the Coyote rig. This thing can flat put out some Q! This is a pic of the new Weber Summit and the Weber factory rep, Steve Siggins, a great guy and a pretty dadgummed cook. Here's a pic of a pork tenderloin on the Summit about ready to be turned. To the far right is a spatchcocked chicken that was really moist and tender. It was done on the Weber Summit. Here is the Alfresco back yard oven. This thing can put out some BTUs. Enough of the bent and welded money. Here are the money shots! So that's the highlights of the Everything Barbeque bbq fest here in OKC. I bought some Sugar Maple planks there for $14+ (ouch!) for a couple of cooks coming soon. Stay tuned, cook some Q, and have fun!
  17. Howdy Gurus - I've seen so many really wonderful cooks documented by Wilbur, JackJumper101, ckreef and his bride, Andy Scalzo that I've got to post a few of my meager cooks. I've done all these since I returned from my various trips. I'm not much on verbiage, I'll just let the pics speak for themselves. it may take a few posts to get all this in, but ... Quiche Roasted yard Bird and corn FOGO One HUGE pan of lasagna Lasagna plated Smoked & Stuffed pork chops Stuffed Pork Chops plated Grilled salmon Plated Salmon More to follow soon.
  18. I found the following article an interesting and found myself agreeing with a lot of it. http://firstwefeast.com/eat/2015/07/dirty-truths-of-bbq What do you good Gurus think?
  19. Okay Gurus! I am happy to announce the delivery of 1,260 lbs. of FOGO to ChezChef. That's 36 bags. Here is my friend Tom, the delivery driver with the FOGO. He delivered both Beauty! and TheBeast. Tom is one of the nicest guys I've met in a long time. And he LOVES BBQ! Just a nice money shot of nothing but the FOGO. Here is a shot for some perspective. Tom is an even 6' tall. And here is BBQ central at ChezChef. This is anywhere as exciting as the delivery of the bosco units KKs, but its a delivery nonetheless and I won't have to ever worry about running out of lump for some time to come!
  20. This is a BIG piece even by FOGO standards! That welders' gauntlet you see goes all the way to the elbow. Here is the gauntlet next to an average piece of FOGO.
  21. CeramicChef


    So, I have heard a lot of buzz about Adele and her new album. I decided to see what all the buzz was about. I've got the Apple Music free trial. so what have a got to lose by firing it up and seeing about Adele's new album 25. So I created an Adele station and started listening. WOW! I had forgotten the range and power of this woman's voice. I"d buy this thing if it weren't for the fact that I seldom buy albums these day .... I cherry pick songs. That aside, I really like the music here. Adele seems to blends some blues with a strong bass backbeat in her music without getting too maudlin. This is some of the best new music I've heard in a while. This got me to listening to much more of her music. A very nice body of work. I can easily recommend listening to Adele. ENOJY!
  22. Howdy Gurus! I promised a new Guru to our group that I would find and publish a guide to woods that can be used for smoking, what those woods are best applied to, etc. Well, I can't find the dadgummed file. Not to be a slacker, below are a couple of links that solve the problem and give some guidance as to what wood works best for a specific application. Google is a very good thing! Dee Jay's Smoke Pit Virtual Weber Bullet Amazing Ribs has a pretty good discussion of the Zen of Smoke. I hope this helps one and all!
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