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Found 12 results

  1. Well.....felling better and going stir crazy. Son has been after to me to fire up the grill and said, "Dad.....why don't we grill something tomorrow? I'll load it and do the work....you just tell me what to do.....and when". He didn't have to offer twice. The kid really was missing some grilled food as bad as I was. I was able to watch some great NBA playoff ball while my little buddy set a pick'n roll play for me. We slam dunked it, too. I enjoy his enthusiasm and am always grateful to have an opportunity to see him enjoy himself. Wife picked up what we needed from the store and the rest went smooth. We dusted the wings fairly heavily in a combination of these two rubs: The Slabs, Stephy-Style is a very rich & sweet flavored chicken rub. It really shines when mated up with the John Henry's Pecan rub. I'm a fan of the JH Pecan used like this. It has a savory flavor with a little heat on the back. Really good combination with this pair that we've grown to love on wings. Don't get me wrong....I love the Mad Hunky wing rub....but sometimes I want to go in a different direction entirely. This wasn't a large enough wing cook to really do more than one variety. We put a fairly heavy dusting on there....since it wasn't going to get much dwell time to set.....and we'd be spritzing-saucing mid cook. Midway through the cook we hit the wings with the same Eastern NC-type sauce that I always use with pulled pork. Finished off the last 1/4 bottle on these wings with the midway spritz and just before taking them off the grill. Bottle is now empty....time to make another batch. I keep it in the fridge and we all use for all sorts of stuff...it's essentially a table condiment. When it hits the meat on the grill and drips down into the coals.....the smells never fail to bring back some great memories of being a kid and enjoying good bbq from my home state. Just before midway spritzing: http://youtu.be/opQCDmk1fEM Nobody wanted any sauce.....and we had a variety available....from SC mustard-style, hickory, Asian chili sauce, apple-hickory and homemade honey-rum bbq sauce. Everyone just jumped on them as they are in the pic: Wife made some pasta salad for herself earlier and chilled it. Son had m&c with his. I opted for one of these handy salad kits. What is funny is that the salad kit had way more heat than the wings did....by a long shot. There were some type of crispy jalapeño pieces in there as toppings. Great flavor....just surprising from a kit. Just when I though kamado grilling was as easy as grilling could possibly be......along comes a helper to load the lump and manage the pit. All this old boy had to do was kick back and lick his lips and wait.
  2. Confession time..........today's cook was one that simulated BBQ Pitmasters stress in more than one way. I'm doing a competition cook in the backyard division in a couple months and have been trying out some different techniques. I almost never inject......or brine, for that matter and both of these are techniques I need to adapt for this thing. Yesterday's butt cook......left me with all kinds of time on my hands to prep my stuff for today's cooking. One of the guys on the team provides me with the stuff I need to use....in mini-Mason jars with instructions on how to use. My job is to give it a whirl and get the stuff calibrated for the kamado grills we are using for this deal. Mine is the easy task. I've emptied the two jars he gave me to use this weekend. We are actually cooking chicken thighs for the event.....but I almost never cook them at home. I wanted to try his injection & rub on the split breasts I normally grill. Stuck 'em & rubbed 'em yesterday and put them in the fridge overnight. It seems that I was in the doghouse with the wife this morning. I just wasn't feeling it early this morning.....my one day to sleep late on a day off. She got up and got ready for church. She sings in the choir and was expecting that i'd go along with her. I can't really describe my feels this morning.....other than to say I was feeling OLD. Back and knees were aching.....I'd finally found a comfortable position in the bed when the alarm clocks sounded.......and my two dogs were piled up on my bad knee and shoulder.....dead #### asleep and providing some much needed warmth and comfort to these joints. I didn't even budge when the alarm went off. Told my bride to go forth and pray for me and that I'd be holding down the fort with the dogs. She was not amused. So it went for an additional 45 minute nap of peace. Lawd it felt good. All was well until I glanced over at the clock......and saw how late it was. My dumb #### had double-tapped or triple-tapped the clock prior to crashing last night. It was way earlier than I thought. Couldn't go back to sleep after the initial time shock had taken place. Doing math is not my forte.....especially from a dead sleep. I tend to become fully awake after such rigorous computations. #notafanofdaylightsavingstime I come from a long line of haters of daylight savings time hombres. It truly is a stupid endeavor. Forgive my declarations but I've always come out on the short end of the stick of this deal.......working night shifts when we "fall back"......and scheduled off when we "spring forward". I never get the benefits (if there are any) of this clock changing shenanigan. So.....now I'm fully awake. This means I'm also fully aware that I'm in the doghouse with my bride. She may be singing in the choir......but I know she's thinking of ways to punish me. A few sips of some killer strong coffee, made from beans ground minutes before, and I'm getting smarter. Not only can I do math and apply it to the clocks I missed last night......I can see a way that this day ends with me NOT in the doghouse. It's a simple plan. I gotta grill my way outa trouble. Simple, but not likely. A hot shower and a few quick stretches and I was feeling better about my chances. Second cup of java had me cranking some tunes. By now you all know how I roll. I had left the grill running from yesterday's butt cook. I'd closed down the vents in my BigJoe enough to severely retard the burn....but allow enough air to keep the coals alive. All I had to do this morning was open the vents fully and lightly stir the coals. The KJ sprang to life. That FoGo is some killer lump, by the way. Thanks again for the tip, @Boomstick069 Once the BG had hit 350 and was holding......I dropped on the yardbird along with a pack of Conecuh sausage. All went well.....boring predictability. I love my BigJoe. darn thing is rock steady. Ceramic kamado cooking is like cooking with the Fort Knox of grills. Anyway.....all was going well with the cook.....except for our teenager making random raids on the pantry.....killing chips, cheese, almonds.....and whatever else he got his paws on. I'd warned him that a feast was forthcoming. He's more of the instant gratification mindset. A couple of minutes before my bride's anticipated arrival home, I an epiphany. All along the wind had been in my favor.....blowing the hickory & lump smoke over the house towards the driveway. I was hoping that she'd arrive and be struck with the aroma of somebody grilling their backs out......a sinner in need of redemption. My great idea was to kick it up a notch with the aromas. I finished off this bottle....and started a new one. The smell was unreal. Sure helps when you open the cap !!!!!!! :( All throughout this cook I was assured of being safe from the pesky squirrels that inhabit our backyard. Hellcat was on duty and treed a couple. Always fun watching them do their thing while I'm doing mine. Right on time !!!!!! She came in and commented immediately on the aromas......."What are you cooking?" "What is that smell in here?" (I'd been warming up the butt that I cooked yesterday evening in the oven).....it smelled killer, too. Gotta respect the power of porkfat. I'd already decided to not apologize for sleeping in on my day off......regardless the outcome.......I was gonna actually say very little and let my bbq speak for itself. I figured it'd be close enough to competition pressure as I'd ever seen. I was making slaw and had the tunes turned down lower when she walked in the door. Shock & Awe had their impact. Their plates were made up by the end of the next song...... The closer for this cook was dropping a plate full of sweet potato biscuits on the table.....right out of the oven, too. I vowed to myself........to never......ever......wait this freaking long to cook another butt The day has gone well. I'm really looking forward to next weekend, too........got a pound of Black Ops on order and going to cook a large packer brisket. I've got a bottle of Makers waiting on me for this cook, too. Confession time......I did have to do the clean up......and was abandoned by all. I even tried to get help from our girls......but they weren't interested.
  3. Had a break in the weather today.....my first day off in the last in the last several days. 30 degrees higher than yesterday. Crazy, but welcomed !!!! New tunes krunk up as loud as I dare..... Son loved his taters & sausage dipped in this local goodness..........
  4. I always laugh when folks talk about "can't wait for grilling season". In this state....it's always grilling season. Yesterday was no exception. I really have mad respect for my Q brothers and sistas who are grilling it up in the ice & snow in other parts of the globe. I'd be doing the same...but doubtful it'd be wearing shorts and flip-flops like I was on yesterday's cooking. It was time to replace my old reliable electric lighter. It works like a champ, but it takes a while and isn't really one that you can be very precise with and target just one or two pieces of lump to ignite for times when you just want a slow'n'low cook. Fired up my grilling tunes in the kitchen and started having fun ! It took very little time at all....standing there with my JoeBlow in one hand.....beer in the other.......and then the fireworks happened before my eyes. I didn't time it...but my estimation was it was under 3 mins. It has a low vibration thing that was therapeutic on my jacked up wrist. Win-Win. Funny thing is that the JoeBlow was almost.....almost cool to the touch in all parts immediately afterwards. Had these raw wing parts dusted heavily with my favorite wing rub. It makes a hot wing that's not offensively hot and has a great flavor. Mad Hunky Hot Wang! Also had to throw in my favorite grilling sausage. A great bacon, cranberry, sunflower seed salad right out of one of those bagged mixes. These things seem to get better all the time. This one had some type of orange-cider vinegar dressing that I wish I could find in gallon sized bottles It was a split between my tribe....Williamson Bros Original vs The Shed Southern Sweet & Spicy.....both are great on wings & sausage. It's going to take many more cooks to decide.
  5. I love that Conecuh Cajun variety for boils. Great spicy flavor that comes through really well. Wanted to keep the carbs down so I didn't use potatoes. I caved in on the corn, though. Great product right here. Had a bit of trouble tonight. Almost had to do this on in the oven as it's hard to do the boil.......without water ! Water line up the street was being repaired. It took ten minutes to get enough water to fill the pot. I singlehandedly killed 1/3 of that bottle of Ed's Red. Magical sauce on shrimp, oysters and fish.
  6. Spent the afternoon trying not to get butthurt over my Pirates winning.....yet sliding down in the top 25 polls. I think I had the same reaction as Coach Ruffin. It's understandable, though.....our last 3 wins have been very sloppy. We've gotta tighten up. Enough on football, though. This is a kamado grilling forum. I fired up my bluetooth speakers with some proper grilling tunes on this perfect weather day. Coals ready. Wangs ready after removing the tips and dusting with a rub mix (Mad Hunky, KJ Honey BBQ and KJ Poultry). Pork tenderloin ready after hitting with KJ Honey Barbecue rub. Got the sides ready at the 35 minute mark. Killed the last of my Smoking Guns Gun Powder. This stuff is the best finishing rub I've ever used.....ribs, beans, chili and etc. @Vance can tell you about how good this stuff is on vegetables. Pork loin turned out to my satisfaction. Loved the rub on it. Folks.....that sauce over the KJ rubs is the winning ticket on everything I've tried it on. Well fed and well hydrated (as per CC's instructions) and ready to watch the new Walking Dead episode.
  7. Fired up the coals for the first time in way too long. Work, family and other obligations have had me strapped for time and energy. Today it's gonna be all about relaxing and enjoying some Bulldog football. Fired up the coals at 11:45 and popped a top shortly after high noon. That grill lighting is thirsty bidness, don't ya know. Wangs and sausage. Also got a pair of drunk chics in there for some immediate runners & wangs......the breasts will be used for a batch of chicken salad.
  8. Picked up 4 good sized split chicken breasts this past weekend but didn't have the opportunity to grill them. Grilling plans this afternoon weren't looking too promising, either. Forecast is calling for more rain later. So.....out comes the old reliable Crock-Pot to the rescue. Vidalias, green onions, poblano peppers, celery, olive oil and garlic went down first. On top of that went a large can of crushed tomatoes, some herbs, roostershire sauce and a liberal amount of Tabasco. Chicken next with a can of my favorite cooking beer poured over it and some sriracha over the chicken for good measure. I"m going to let the chicken continue to cook until near done, then I'll take it out and remove the skin & bones and shred it and return most of it to the pot along with some Conecuh Cajun sausage. I may go get some shrimp to add to if I go out.
  9. We had some afternoon developments that kicked me outa firing up the coals. All was well though, as the oven got some infrequent use. Kinda like an indoor smoker.....without the smoke. Yeah, oven cooking sucks. The only benefit is that it fills the kitchen with great smells. Andouille sausage (not sure if it's legit or not) over a bed of onions that have been enhanced with Crawtater sauce & some herbs. The onions were my favorite part !!! Chris has made an amazing enhancer with that sauce. This was the teenager's side plate. He killed it, too. Gotta respect the teenage metabolism. I hit the steamed broccoli with Don's Seasoning Delight & cheddar. Simple steamed broccoli made better. This stuff was pretty good.....but I'll go back to Conecuh Cajun next time. I've been wanting to make a proper gumbo for a while now....I'm studying up and taking notes. Hopefully by mid-week next week I'll be ready to give it a try.
  10. Ran out to the store earlier today. Felt good to get out after being shut in for a week. Was wanting something different...something we hadn't had in while. Grabbed the stuff for a very small low country boil & some cornbread with jalapeños, cheddar & onion. I used the Zatarain's boil-in-a-bag stuff along with a little Old Bay seasoning. http://www.mccormick.com/Zatarains/Products/Spices-and-Seasonings/Seafood-Boils/Crawfish-Shrimp-and-Crab-Boil-In-a-Bag The Conecuh Cajun was some great sausage for this. He stayed fairly close to true and didn't swell up in the boil. Great flavor, too. Everyone was pleased. Doused Ed's Red hot sauce made it all better. This stuff is made for seafood and such. The Original has almost no heat, but great garlic-horseraddish-pepper flavor.
  11. 'Bama made Crawtater Sauce over taters, jalapeños & onions with 'Bama made Conecuh Hickory sausage. What isn't visible in the pics is the mound of jalapeños & onions that I put on my plate...also not pictured. They were really tasty and soaked up the great sauce really well. Nice spicy breakfast washed down with strong coffee and juice for everyone else. I'm ready to tackle the day.............or go back to bed.
  12. Have the afternoon free from work and wanted to fire up the grill. My eats tonight are in memory of a cool hombre that the world will miss dearly. Dodging the rain. Just a variety of stuff that is easy and quick.....and most importantly....that my peeps all enjoy !!! The wings & boneless cheekun were dusted with a 50/50 mix of these rubs.... Brought them in and had to slice one of the boneless breasts to snack on. I've gotta give thanks and respect to GADAWGS for making boneless breasts a staple around here. Wangs were grilled and then brushed with a new sauce I'm trying: Well.....the sauce was tasty right outa the bottle.....but over this batch of wings coated with a healthy dose of Habanero Death Dust ......was a might hawt. Too hot for the wife......I added the remainder of the bottle of Kamado Joe Original BBQ sauce (one of her favorites) to the them and tamed them down really nicely. The sauce outa the bottle is like a nice mix between a Buffalo sauce & Sweet Baby Rays. Over the HDD coated wings it made for something that would be popular at a bar......with many draft beers....just not the thing for dinner. The KJ toned 'em down nicely, though. Made some sandwiches from the boneless and then finger food with the Conecuh, wings and skewers.
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