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Found 22 results

  1. Well.........Teenage T-Rex cooked grilled cheese sammiches for his girlfriend the other day. Figured that I'd increase his capabilities by introducing a George Foreman grill. He was game. We took it on it's maiden voyage today for lunch. Figured I'd make a batch of my smash burgers and run it through it's paces. He was in the midst of each step. Small countertop...I manned the cutting board......he manned the grill. Usual suspects gathered.... He devoured the first thing to come off this grill.....to slices of bacon. More followed...... Ankle-biters emerged as soon as bacon started being cooked...... The smash burgers were too large for the Foreman.......made a mess of them. The thing cooks onions and bacon like a champ, though !!!!!!!!
  2. I went to the local grocery store this afternoon in search of a packer. I scored on that but while waiting I saw they had bacon & cheddar infused burger patties already made. Seeing as the weather was suspect and I was pressed for time.....I gave them a try. Cooked 'em on the stovetop with a couple ounces of Don's Seasoning Delight in the skillet. Had 'em ready for when the teenage carnivore arrived home. Reheated some of my homemade bbq sauce & slapped some American cheese on some toasted wheat buns and he was a happy camper. Wife and I voted to have ours at actual supper time with some fresh tomatoes & red onion. I'm sure he'll be back to graze on another one by then.
  3. Gotta thank @jrow17 for tonight's grub 'round here. I'm keeping it straightforward and easy tonight. I'm getting the flavor on these drunk chics from the Mad Hunky Whang Rub he recommended. I'm killing the last of the pound of rub on tonights cook.......with just enough left to do some wings on next Sunday.......Master's Tournament Sunday. Good news is that I have another pound of this goodness on the way that will be ready for next week's grilling. Finished off a bottle of MH wing rub on some drunk chics and layered on another chicken rub that a buddy gave to me. The MH Whang rub has a bit of heat and sort of a Buffalo wing flavor......the other rub has zero heat and lots of sweat that is killer on chicken. Should be a great combination. Good cooking tunes rolling along.... Sipping on the rest of the Purple Stuff from last night..... Base rub that is almost gone is the aforementioned Mad Hunky Whang Rub.... Buddy's sweet and flavorful chicken rub.... Ready to jump in the grill.... Grill is warmed up and ready to be jumped in, too...... The ceramic chicken sitters were each filled with 12 oz of full bodied-high calorie beer, 2 tbs of minced garlic, and 1/4 cup of Don's Seasoning Delight. Coming along.... Wife was next-door visiting with the lady nextdoor. She said she could smell the goodness as soon as she opened the neighbor's front door. :cool: We'll see how it goes. Gotta get the sides ready.
  4. Had a very relaxing morning after a long #### workweek. Nursing a sore back that Advil and coffee seemed to help. A good bit of strong java this morning and looking forward to some b-ball action this afternoon. Son's darling girlfriend came home from school with him yesterday and we ordered delivery pizza for dinner. Teenagers approved, however, I was being silently critical of it just like I do of resturant ribs, pulled pork and brisket.....the stuff I enjoy grilling myself. The only thing that I can say about last night's pizza was that it was fast and easy and provided leftovers for everyone to scarf down for late breakfasts this morning. That's about all I can say good about it. I'd rather have homebrew pizza any day.....now that you fine folks have me making it on my grill. The morning was overcast and threatened rain, however, my iPhone app stated that the afternoon would offer stellar grilling weather. Turns out that the app was spot on.....to the minute. It is a wonderful afternoon to be outdoors and enjoying things other than pollen. Had to wipe down the grill until it was free of the yellow nastiness. Had some fun in the kitchen cranking some brand new tunes and comparing them with the older versions. I'm a creature of habit on many things....not a big proponent of change.....although I do prefer Sammy at the mic. Same old burger methods as always. 3/4 of the sweet onions added to the burgers.....the rest went into the homebrew bbq sauce. 4 small jalapeños added to the mix, too. The rest of the usual suspects.... Everything lightly hand mixed. My Big Joe is rolling along and just waiting for the burgers to go on when folks begin to declare their desire for dinner. I'm enjoying some Cruzan honeymoon rum while relaxing and enjoying the sun.....awaiting the word to stomp out hunger 'round here. Homebrew bbq sauce has the kitchen smelling really, really good.
  5. Just kidding. It's 77 degrees and sunny. Greatest time of the year around here. No pollen to speak of, nice breeze....things starting to turn green and bloom........great time to live in the South. Check back in a couple months when it's constant humidity and triple digit temps can occur at any time. Wasn't kidding on the beef ribs, though. Woke them up with some Don's Seasoning Delight and hit 'em with some killer beef rub. Great pair on beef......heck, on anything. His other rub is outstanding on pork ribs and chicken. I prefer this one on beef. Some lump with 8 nice sized chunks of hickory wood placed along the top of the pile is smoking nicely. I found out that I had my wires crossed on the family schedule.....thinking dinner time was actually going to be later than normal. That's what I get for thinking. I'm not going to rush this cook.....but I will speed it up. Instead of waiting for the grill to come up to temp, I simply tossed them in there as it is warming up. No need to wait. 15 mins from the time I lit the fire until the meat went on. Now it's hurry up and wait time. ​
  6. Schoolday sliders for an ever-hungry kid......also happy birthday to @jrow17 !!! I hope you are getting some of this insanely great weather and some time off to enjoy hanging with your family. Had a 3:30pm turn in time for this cook. Sounds dumb to put time limits on grilling.....but, for me it's a good practice. I tend to wander and delay. I do, however, subscribe to the "serve no BBQ before it's time" motto. I need to invest in a way to hold my BBQ at set temps......so I can cook & complete earlier and be ready & waiting for my tribe......vs. them waiting on me. I did succeed in one important aspect of today's cook........My Son walked in the door from school this afternoon and said, "What time are the burgers gonna be ready ?". He had no idea what I was making other than the clue of the nasal assault that hit him in the driveway. He knew that someone nearby was grilling.....what they were grilling........and a good idea who the culprit was. Also made one of his favorite side dishes to go with them. I had to.....since I bombed on it last time. NOTE: If you use dried red peppers in anything.......know that they may be crunchy in the end result. (My left-field observation). One delay was that I'd made an error in the store earlier. Seems I'd not carefully examined what I grabbed. Today's blanket statement: Not all "Hawaiian-type bread is the same thing as King's Hawaiian". Seems that folks at SL use very, very similar colors and markings as the real-deal King's Hawaiian. Not only was the flavor not as good as the original.....but these had to be sliced, too. Side dish made ready first: 1/2 sweet onion finely diced and added to the mix This was poured over the top of everything else: Onto the grill: Slider time: 4 lbs of 73/27 ground beef...... Two big jalapeños: One large sweet onion.....1/2 in the sliders.......1/2 went in the mac'n'cheese. 1/2 cup of Italian bread crumbs & 1/2 cup Don's Seasoning Delight. Melted butter & stuff on the tops......homebrew BBQ sauce on the bottoms: Bacon......gotta have it ! Sharp cheddar & dill pickle slices added: Lids in place and wrapped in foil and tossed on the grill for a few minutes to toast-melt everything. Son ate two of these plates and asked if there was dessert ? Music enjoyed for this cook was these two albums: A fairly easy cook that could be easily doubled for a larger group. The slider amount could easily be doubled to match up with the grilled mac'n'cheese amount cooked today.
  7. Had a hungry kid coming home from school and had some fresh ground beef & Hawaiian rolls on hand. Rain kept me indoors on this cook. I really want to get some Kamado Joe cast iron D&C inserts for use on my BigJoe for future smashburger cooks. I think these will offer the acreage and functionality that is perfect for these burgers. I use a simple recipe that I've stuck with for the past year or so: 4-5 pounds ground beef, 1 cup of Italian bread crumbs, 1 cup of Don's, one sweet onions finely diced and 2-3 jalapeños Frenched & finely diced. The amounts are simply suggestions.....I never measure. Had some great tunes cranking during this deal...... Sweet potato tots with some #kamadojoe Honey BBQ rub on them.... Maple bacon was killer on them. King's Hawaiian rolls are the ticket, too. They look dark......that's just the Don's making that color. You'll have to take my word that they were not overcooked.
  8. Confession time..........today's cook was one that simulated BBQ Pitmasters stress in more than one way. I'm doing a competition cook in the backyard division in a couple months and have been trying out some different techniques. I almost never inject......or brine, for that matter and both of these are techniques I need to adapt for this thing. Yesterday's butt cook......left me with all kinds of time on my hands to prep my stuff for today's cooking. One of the guys on the team provides me with the stuff I need to use....in mini-Mason jars with instructions on how to use. My job is to give it a whirl and get the stuff calibrated for the kamado grills we are using for this deal. Mine is the easy task. I've emptied the two jars he gave me to use this weekend. We are actually cooking chicken thighs for the event.....but I almost never cook them at home. I wanted to try his injection & rub on the split breasts I normally grill. Stuck 'em & rubbed 'em yesterday and put them in the fridge overnight. It seems that I was in the doghouse with the wife this morning. I just wasn't feeling it early this morning.....my one day to sleep late on a day off. She got up and got ready for church. She sings in the choir and was expecting that i'd go along with her. I can't really describe my feels this morning.....other than to say I was feeling OLD. Back and knees were aching.....I'd finally found a comfortable position in the bed when the alarm clocks sounded.......and my two dogs were piled up on my bad knee and shoulder.....dead #### asleep and providing some much needed warmth and comfort to these joints. I didn't even budge when the alarm went off. Told my bride to go forth and pray for me and that I'd be holding down the fort with the dogs. She was not amused. So it went for an additional 45 minute nap of peace. Lawd it felt good. All was well until I glanced over at the clock......and saw how late it was. My dumb #### had double-tapped or triple-tapped the clock prior to crashing last night. It was way earlier than I thought. Couldn't go back to sleep after the initial time shock had taken place. Doing math is not my forte.....especially from a dead sleep. I tend to become fully awake after such rigorous computations. #notafanofdaylightsavingstime I come from a long line of haters of daylight savings time hombres. It truly is a stupid endeavor. Forgive my declarations but I've always come out on the short end of the stick of this deal.......working night shifts when we "fall back"......and scheduled off when we "spring forward". I never get the benefits (if there are any) of this clock changing shenanigan. So.....now I'm fully awake. This means I'm also fully aware that I'm in the doghouse with my bride. She may be singing in the choir......but I know she's thinking of ways to punish me. A few sips of some killer strong coffee, made from beans ground minutes before, and I'm getting smarter. Not only can I do math and apply it to the clocks I missed last night......I can see a way that this day ends with me NOT in the doghouse. It's a simple plan. I gotta grill my way outa trouble. Simple, but not likely. A hot shower and a few quick stretches and I was feeling better about my chances. Second cup of java had me cranking some tunes. By now you all know how I roll. I had left the grill running from yesterday's butt cook. I'd closed down the vents in my BigJoe enough to severely retard the burn....but allow enough air to keep the coals alive. All I had to do this morning was open the vents fully and lightly stir the coals. The KJ sprang to life. That FoGo is some killer lump, by the way. Thanks again for the tip, @Boomstick069 Once the BG had hit 350 and was holding......I dropped on the yardbird along with a pack of Conecuh sausage. All went well.....boring predictability. I love my BigJoe. darn thing is rock steady. Ceramic kamado cooking is like cooking with the Fort Knox of grills. Anyway.....all was going well with the cook.....except for our teenager making random raids on the pantry.....killing chips, cheese, almonds.....and whatever else he got his paws on. I'd warned him that a feast was forthcoming. He's more of the instant gratification mindset. A couple of minutes before my bride's anticipated arrival home, I an epiphany. All along the wind had been in my favor.....blowing the hickory & lump smoke over the house towards the driveway. I was hoping that she'd arrive and be struck with the aroma of somebody grilling their backs out......a sinner in need of redemption. My great idea was to kick it up a notch with the aromas. I finished off this bottle....and started a new one. The smell was unreal. Sure helps when you open the cap !!!!!!! :( All throughout this cook I was assured of being safe from the pesky squirrels that inhabit our backyard. Hellcat was on duty and treed a couple. Always fun watching them do their thing while I'm doing mine. Right on time !!!!!! She came in and commented immediately on the aromas......."What are you cooking?" "What is that smell in here?" (I'd been warming up the butt that I cooked yesterday evening in the oven).....it smelled killer, too. Gotta respect the power of porkfat. I'd already decided to not apologize for sleeping in on my day off......regardless the outcome.......I was gonna actually say very little and let my bbq speak for itself. I figured it'd be close enough to competition pressure as I'd ever seen. I was making slaw and had the tunes turned down lower when she walked in the door. Shock & Awe had their impact. Their plates were made up by the end of the next song...... The closer for this cook was dropping a plate full of sweet potato biscuits on the table.....right out of the oven, too. I vowed to myself........to never......ever......wait this freaking long to cook another butt The day has gone well. I'm really looking forward to next weekend, too........got a pound of Black Ops on order and going to cook a large packer brisket. I've got a bottle of Makers waiting on me for this cook, too. Confession time......I did have to do the clean up......and was abandoned by all. I even tried to get help from our girls......but they weren't interested.
  9. Another perfect weather day.....we'd best enjoy it while we can. Cooked up some sausage biscuits and watched them disappear before my eyes. Son killed these and two more. He's a lean mean eating machine when he spies something to his liking. Best frozen biscuits I've ever had. Family loves them. Took a 3.5 lb chuck roast out and am going to make chili with it for later this evening. Used some tried and true rubs & a beer....added some Don's Seasoning Delight, too. Going to let it slow cook for 8 hours and add more ingredients all along. Also going to break into a Christmas gift to cook with the chili....
  10. Kicking back and enjoying a vacation day Monday. Watching The Walking Dead and relaxing after cooking up an after school special for our teenager. Rain is coming off and on and heavy at times. Had to do this one indoors. Fired up the kitchen tunes and let it ride while getting stuff ready. He'd seen a recent episode of Diners, Dives & Drive Thru's that I was watching and said the sliders they had looked good........so sliders it was. I broke apart the 80/20 burger meat and doused it with a 50/50 mix of KJ spices. The Hobbit sized patties were formed and 1/4" of Don's was poured over them in the pan. Sharp cheddar cheese was draped over the sizzlin' Hobbit patties and the buns King's Hawaiians buns were toasted over the sweet tater fries (which had some John Henry's Pecan rub on them). Got to play with my favorite knife briefly on the mater. A little Blue Plate mayo & Williamson Bros Original and it was all good. Little sucka ate 5 of these and 2 helpings of fries. Good for him because neither I nor our dogs need overfeeding.
  11. 54 degrees and sunny this afternoon. I love this weather. We are really fortunate around here to be blessed with this. Almost makes up for the insane humidity and heat we have most of the year. Felt guilty keeping the cover on it another moment. The cherry wood was tasty. Fired up some tunes for the inside work. Added some papaya, mango and pineapple to the tilapia. Turned out to be a great choice. Added some Don's Seasoning Delight to the broccoli after it was done. It looked funny but tasted really great. I love grilled vegetables. The smoke and char kick up the flavor in a great way. I love grilled fish !!!!!!!
  12. Worked this weekend and missed all the great grilling in here ! My son said he wanted some burgers for lunch and I knew what he meant. Jalapeños, sweet onions, Italian bread crumbs and Don's Seasoning Delight (best thing to come outa Augusta since James Brown). Good tunes to enjoy while "working". He's learned how good that bacon works with tomato & mayo !!!! Sweet potato tots were great sides.
  13. Made it home from work this morning with a desire to make up for the horrid experiment that I last cooked when I had time to cook dinner for my family. http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/15975-sothis-happened/ I loaded the croc pot with a small pork shoulder butt chunk, 3 boneless chicken breasts and 2 lbs of ground chuck along with the makings for spicy chili. I let it simmer all day and then shredded the meats up and added some more spices. I loaded a couple of tortilla shells with rice, corn, frijoles, jalapeño, cheese and this slow cooked goodness and then topped with queso. My son destroyed this pair and a pile of tortilla chips. He gave me few thumbs ups during his chewing. Kid is like a predator. He later caught his breath and told me that this was something he wanted to have routinely. High praise from my resident food critic. My wife enjoyed it, too. The only downside is that it made a huge pot full of this stuff. I hope it will freeze okay.
  14. Just to show how easy a kamado is to fire up and cook on in short notice...... So I had a work offsite meeting that lead me right by and old school butcher shop that I've been wanting to visit. It's an hour drive from home so I was grateful to be right there. I stopped in on the way home and picked up 10 pounds of their onion sausage. I've had it before and love it. Got it split up into bags and made my freezer happy. Gonna be some great breakfast eats in the future. Made one more stop on the way home to pick up some stuff for dinner tonight. Son's request. I wasn't really feeling like cooking....neither was my wife....but I sure didn't want to get fast food. The Neighborhood Market near the house has the fastest checkout lines in modern history. Stupid fast. You literally never wait. Selection is great and prices are outstanding. It makes stopping off there seem like a good idea even though you may be tired. Couldn't help but admire the rims on the Challenger parked beside me (okay....I confess......I parked beside it on purpose. I freaking love these Challengers). How cool is it that while 'miring all over this Challenger......another is spied in the background. I grabbed the ingredients to make my son's favorite burgers...he even calls them his "better than 5-guys burgers". I needed to redeem myself from the Whole-gross-Foods meal the other night. I was glad to have the opportunity. That crazy chicken-spinach sausage was my breakfast today. Glad it's gone, too. I had taken care of the newly acquired onion sausage while the kamado was coming up to temp. Pepper Jack & American.
  15. Had a crisis this morning when I realized I was out of coffee.....no coffee on a day off from work. A trip to the store remedied that. While there I found a new solution to an age old dilemma......sausage or bacon: I'm gonna find out if it's fit to eat tomorrow morning. This morning I went ahead and fried up the "HOT" version along with some Don's in the pan. The aroma woke up the house. Shrooms & jalapeño made ready & cooked in the same pan the sausage and Don's had been in...soaking up just enough of that flavor......bamsucka. Egg whites over the cooking shrooms and jalapeño and topped with some great varieties of Mrs Dash. Topped with shredded cheese & peach salsa. Son wasn't down with the egg white omelet thing but he destroyed two plates like this: Bottomless pit. I'll let you know how the bacon sausage turns out.
  16. Son got his learner's permit this afternoon. Apparently that's hungry work. He said he wanted burgers afterwards. I made the burgers to his specs: 4-5 lbs 80/20 ground beef 2 jalapeños finely diced 2 medium sweet onions finely diced 1/3 cup Italian bread crumbs 1/3 cup Don's Seasoning Delight Used 1 lb of the ground & a can of Rotel, chili powder, garlic, onions, ketchup, mustard, vinegar & sugar to make a proper hot dog chili for later on. Since these were cooked in a frying pan, the Don's really darkened the patties.
  17. Gotta love the weather today. I should be drawn and quartered for not grilling today !!!!! Whatcha got on the menu for tonight ??? Had the day off.....slept late and made a pie for my wife & I. I am loving homemade pizza. I wish I could trade in all $$$ I've spent at Dominos, Pappa Johns, Marco's (the best of the chains) and etc and just make my own. So much cheaper and really easy. Just used some King Arthur flour, yeast, sauce, cheese and toppings.....most of which I have around anyway. Start to finish was under 30 mins, too. Probably costs $4-$6 dollars to do it at home. I am experimenting with the dough now. Added some basil and garlic powder to this ball. Really gave the crust more character. I know it can be taken to a whole 'nother level with a proper mixer and allowing a few hours to let the yeast really do it's thing. Beyond my capabilities at the moment. Just keeping it simple for now. After school folks come home hungry. Powerfully hungry. Had some leftover shrooms from the pizza and figured I'd see if the little guy would give 'em a try. Didn't cook them into it...just put them on top. Yeah...he picked them off and said, "Dad....what are you doing with these on here......yuck ! ". What he didn't know was that I tricked him and used ground turkey breast vs. ground beef. I was also able to sneak in some Vidalia onion and jalapeño into the mix, too. He approves of them, though. He destroyed 3 of these double-stacked-cheese stuffed tacos & the frijoles, too. Nothing left but the shrooms. They looked edible to me....cheese in between the shells and all. For mine, I'd want sour cream, avocado and cilantro.
  18. Usual suspects in the line-up. First flip, then 'shrooms and cheddar......and mozzarella just before taking off the grill. Teenage version with bacon-baked beans: Adult version:
  19. We had some afternoon developments that kicked me outa firing up the coals. All was well though, as the oven got some infrequent use. Kinda like an indoor smoker.....without the smoke. Yeah, oven cooking sucks. The only benefit is that it fills the kitchen with great smells. Andouille sausage (not sure if it's legit or not) over a bed of onions that have been enhanced with Crawtater sauce & some herbs. The onions were my favorite part !!! Chris has made an amazing enhancer with that sauce. This was the teenager's side plate. He killed it, too. Gotta respect the teenage metabolism. I hit the steamed broccoli with Don's Seasoning Delight & cheddar. Simple steamed broccoli made better. This stuff was pretty good.....but I'll go back to Conecuh Cajun next time. I've been wanting to make a proper gumbo for a while now....I'm studying up and taking notes. Hopefully by mid-week next week I'll be ready to give it a try.
  20. We are celebrating my wife's birthday this weekend and the menu is of her choosing. I'm just the hombre in the kitchen enjoying playing with fire, knives and good music. She asked for the burgers that our teenager has been calling the "better than 5-guys" burgers. I said, "Yes Ma'am.....what else?". She also wanted some chicken dip. Again, I sez "Yes Ma'am....what else?". She said, maybe a rum drink later and a slice of red velvet cake. "Yes Ma'am....that all sounds good". I'm still riding the high of yesterday......my Pirates won 52-7 after getting punched in the nose and giving up the first score, a touchdown against us..........the Dawgs pounded Clemson.......and the Cocks lost hugely on Thursday. Wife was rocking a Pirate shirt that kept me distracted from the game. Rum drinks were enjoyed. All is well, indeed. I'm also riding the high of being married to a woman who loves the simple eats that I can grill up.......and she doesn't mind cleaning up after I make a mess in the kitchen. 1st order of bidness.....get the chicken ready for the dip. Actually the first priority was to get some proper tunes rolling in the kitchen..... I couldn't resist sampling some of the yardbird.....quality control and all that. Other ingredients brought out and made ready. Decided to substitute the Ed's Red with the Frank's Red Hot Original that I normally use along with the Franks Sweet Chili. I also added two diced jalapeños to this batch. Turned out to be pro-moves that will be included into my normal recipe for this. This dip was the best I've made to date. I'm saying that and haven't even cracked the seal on the rum. My super-cool, convertible 'Vette driving neighbor provided tomatoes from her garden. They were much appreciated. Burgers made with Don's, Italian bread crumbs, jalapeños, Vidalias and fatty hamburger meat. Wife's burger.....woman loves her some Heinz ketchup.....on dang near everything....even the steaks I grill....argggghhhhh. Son ate 3 of these monsters with bbq sauce, bacon and chicken dip. Had an audience of interested parties that batted cleanup on two of the Hebrew Nationals. Wish I could talk them into going out and cleaning my grill and replacing the shot out gasket.
  21. Cooked inside this evening, so I wanted to get some smokey flavor from that habanero. It did the trick without getting too hot. Added minced garlic, portabellas, & Don's Seasoning Delight (also used some of this DSD cooked into the rice) & some boneless chicken breasts on top. Diner bell sounded !!!! I added some leftover cheesy Stouffer's casserole to the ever hungry teenager's plate. The adult version was some rice with good stuff on top and a chicken breast. Next time I'll double.......nah.....triple the amount of portabellas I use. The Don's mixed into the vegetables and into the rice before cooking was the ticket. Had the house smelling great. Versatile product that I can't recommend highly enough to the fine folks here at Kamado Guru.
  22. My son proclaimed these burgers "better than 5-guys". Coming from him, this was the greatest compliment my grilling has ever seen. If I never fire up the coals again....then I'll leave this Earth a happy griller. 2.25 lbs 70/30 ground beef 1 medium onion finely diced 2 jalapeños finely diced 1/4 cup Italian bread crumbs 1/2 cup Don's Seasoning Delight (finest thing out of Augusta, Georgia since James Freaking Brown ) 1/8 bottle of Ed's Red Original King's Hawaiian rolls (only buns I use....if given a choice ) Son's: Wife's: My low-carb version:
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