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Found 7 results

  1. For Valentines I decided to cook up Emeril Lagasse's crab crusted filets recipe along with prosciutto/cream cheese wrapped asparagus and some red skin mashed potatoes. The filets: The crab meat: Asparagus: Searing the filets: Crab meat crust added: Back on to the Kamado with the asparagus: The table: Finis:
  2. Hello fellow KG members! I wanted to take a moment to share the method that I like to use when grilling up steaks that are larger than 1.5" in thickness. As I'm sure most of you already know, there are a few methods for grilling a good, thick steak, but the reverse sear method is my go-to method because it has never failed me and my family and friends cannot get over how well my steaks taste and look. For those family members and friends that like their steaks finished any higher than medium, I have simply disowned them and unfriended them. Since my wife is out of town with the boys getting ready for the next semester of college, I am home with my 15-year-old daughter, who just happens to be a steak lover. Last night, after some daddy-daughter shopping time, I asked her what she felt like eating for dinner and she (of course) said steak. Off we went to BJs and she decided on some beautiful, thick beef tenderloins. When she eats steak, she enjoys it with a plate of white rice, just like her mother does. Suffice to say that after daddy finished dinner last night, she had a huge smile on her face and a full tummy. I can never get enough when hearing her say that I'm the best dad in the world. Let's just say that this little one has me tightly wrapped around her finger! Here are the money shots from last night... Freshly cracked black pepper and Kosher salt - THAT'S IT! I let the salt work its magic for a minimum of 30 minutes before beginning the grilling process. A great indicator to look for is to begin cooking when the salt crystals have all dissolved. Into the preheated grill they go! 225 degrees is my preferred grill temperature. I don't mind taking a little more time when it comes to trying to achieve the maximum level of tenderness. Some folks prefer a higher starting grill temperature and that's okay, but I like to stick with what has always worked for me. Here they are, resting after first hitting an internal target temperature of 110 degrees, then searing each side for one minute (four times, to achieve the obligatory diamond char pattern) at a grill temperature of 800 degrees. Finally, a shot of the the top-to-bottom medium-rare goodness that exemplifies what the reverse sear process is all about! Enjoy the view and thank you for looking!
  3. First cook of the Snake River Farms steaks. I ordered the traditional cut ribeye for Z and the American Kobe filet for me. Z made a special request for gratin potatoes as a side. Here's how it all went down. Starting with a couple of gin and tonics while getting things set up: Steaks with a little kosher salt and pepper. My recipe for gratin potatoes calls for parboiling the potatoes in cream first: On the grill at 300° on the diffuser, but wide open as the temps continued to rise: Off the grill 20 mins later with the temp stabilized at 550° I tried something a little different today. Instead of grill marks, I wanted that all over meaty, crusty, steakhouse sear. So I used the solid CI griddle half. Z's steak was on and off at about 2 mins per side. Mine, being thicker, took a little longer (actually more sides), so when I pulled his, I dropped a handful of baby asparagus next to my steak. While I was managing steaks, Z was pulling together our salads: Field greens, sliced strawberries, candied pecans, blue cheese, and a garlic-lemon vinaigrette: The final plating: his ribeye, my filet, salads, and the fixin's Perfectly medium rare with a fantastic salty, meaty, slightly peppery crust: Note on the SRF steaks: I LOVED my filet. It was absolutely melt in the mouth tender with that buttery texture in the rare areas that I love. Z took a bite of mine but found it almost *too* buttery and said that it almost gave him the mouthfeel of ground beef. I disagree ... but that's cool. He equally LOVED his ribeye, found it marbled just right and the amount of sear on the fat gave it that creamy mouthfeel that he thought was perfect. I liked his but it tasted a little too fatty to me. So, obviously it's all personal taste. It was kind of fun to share bites and talk about our personal preferences and how they affect the cuts we prefer. I am pretty sure I'll stick with the filet or something similar for future orders for me, but Z is now very much wanting to try a couple of different cuts. He wants to try a NY Strip and possibly a bone in prime rib over the holidays. All in all, a very successful cook and meal tonight. Now I'm waiting for him to get home and text me that he made it ok. He is taking his daughter whitewater rafting on the Oconee tomorrow and I am hoping they have a fabulous time!!
  4. I happened to be near my butcher at the right time of day so I stopped in a picked up a couple PRIME beef tenderloin filets. Each was approx 8oz. In my opinion, the reverse sear method is the only way to consistently cook a steak to perfection. Every time. I set up the BGE Mini Max for indirect cooking and set my temp at 250F, I seasoned the filets with EVOO and Meat Church Holy Cow. The filets slowly came up to temp and I pulled them off once they reached 108IT. The plate setter was removed and both the top and bottom vents were opened wide. The filets were seared on each side for approx 2 minutes. The filets were removed and topped with a compound finishing butter (consisting of salt, minced garlic & minced chives) and tented with foil to rest. Final temp was 125IT after the foil was removed. Perfect Med Rare. These were so tenda that we didn't even need a knife. I think these Prime filets ruined us on Choice and Select cuts...
  5. Cooking the perfect steak has always been a holy grail of mine. I have found that the reverse sear method is truly a consistent method. I started off with my kamado at 250F indirect. I slowly cooked these filets using a Maverick ET732 to monitor the internal temp. Once the filets reached an IT of 115F I removed them from the grill uncovered, removed the ceramic diffuser and switched to direct grilling. I increased the temp to 600+ for a quick 1-1/2 minute sear on each side. This method yields a perfectly cooked steak every time.
  6. Kicking off my 30 Days of Grilling a day early with some fancy-shmancy food. Mostly I was wandering around Whole Foods looking for something to throw on the grill and saw that lobster tails were $6.99 each. So I snagged 2 of them, a NY Strip for H, and a filet for me. Got the grill up to 400 to cook the usual Sunday chicken drumsticks (more about those tomorrow) and threw on a couple of potatoes to bake. I let the temps get away from me a little and the outsides of the potatoes were burnt, so no eating the skin, but the insides were perfect. Then I put on a pan of mushrooms tossed in garlic and olive oil: The two lobster tails and the asparagus: When the tails and the asparagus came off, I splashed a little red wine into the 'shrooms: Doused the lobster and the asparagus with herbed butter and capers (totally inspired by @jackjumper101's cook): Opened up the grill to get it up to a little under 600° and threw on the steaks. H's strip was on and off before I could blink. My thick filet took a little longer - long enough to get a photo: About 2 mins on each side and then off to rest and plate up: It was absolutely perfect! And now I'm stuffed and not sure I'll have room for pie.
  7. So last night I fired up the kamado for some baked potatoes and reverse seared bacon wrapped filets for my MIL’s 87th Birthday dinner. I know I said in another post “Sorry no pics tonight” but since I’m always begging for pics from everyone else, I shamed myself into breaking out the camera. I set it up for direct / in-direct and fired it up for a 300 degree target temp. I put the potatoes in on the bottom level and the filets on the in-direct top level. (no pics of this) Potatoes were on for 5 minutes before I put my wife’s and MIL’s filets on for another 15 minutes. (With some Pecan and flipping every 5 minutes) After this I put my filets on the top level (along with the first ones) for another 20 minutes (again with some Pecan and flipping every 5 minutes) until the IT on mine hit 115. I open the vents wide open until I get a 450 reading on my dome. At this point I move the potatoes over and sear the filets for 5 per side. Here they are searing. And here are the money shots. OMG! Was this ever delicious! Yuuuuuuummmmyyyy!!!!
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