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Found 20 results

  1. Howdy Gurus! Here are a couple of recent quick cooks done here at ChezChef on my 19" KK, Beauty! First we have spiral cut chills dogs. No big deal except that I absolutely LOVE chili dogs. We have two types of dogs ... a few jalapeño sausages and a few hot links. Now to eat healthy, here is a burger and veggies, Brussels Sprout and last summer's corn. Thanks for looking. Both were quite sumptuous! Enjoy your cooks!
  2. Nope unfortunately this is not my KK. The 42" KK is now in production and this is the first one that has surfaced. The owner was kind enough to give me permission to post these pictures on the Guru because I knew you all would love to see them. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Wow kind of leaves you speechless.
  3. Pork Lollipop - just the money.
  4. The Bush Spices was awesome for rotisserie chicken. Super crispy skin. After everyone got some chicken I took the rest of the skin off and scarfed it up. No plated shot.
  5. Thought I would bring back a little fun from days gone by. Using a 19" KK table top model and Royal Oak lump I want to see how many cooks I can do without stirring the old lump before it clogs up and causes temperature problems. Started by cleaning out the KK and opening a new 17 lb bag of RO. I filled the firebox by dumping straight from the bag. Each subsequent cook I'll take a peak at the leftover lump and WITHOUT stirring it just top it off by dumping straight from the bag. I think I'll be able to go through at least 2 x 17 lb bags of RO before running into issues. We shall find out. Here is cook number 1. Here is cook number 2 with the lump leftover from the previous cook. Here is cook number 3 with the leftover lump from the previous cook. Check back often to see where this experiment goes.
  6. This didn't start out as an experiment but ended up being one. The Idea: because of the way a KK's firebox is setup it burns a cooler fire compared to other ceramic Kamados for a given temperature. I've noticed this looking at other people's cooks compared to mine and the size of the bed of coals for a given temperature. Because of a cooler fire it is a more moist cooking environment. The Experiment: at what point can I dry out a chicken done rotisserie style using my 19" Komodo Kamado. The Setup: 19" KK with built in rotisserie. 400* direct but with an infrared heat diffuser. I used the same brand chickens that are free range, no antibiotics (I'll post the name brand next time I run the experiment). Washed and dried the chickens. Cut the wings off for later use. Coated with a mixture of oil and seasonings. Note: since this didn't start out as an experiment I don't have pictures for my first 3 tests. (sorry) Test One: cooked for 1 hour 10 minutes (1:10). Although cooked through the skin was not crispy enough. Dark meat was so moist it was smushy. Test Two: cooked for 1:20. Skin was nice and crispy. Dark meat was just a little smushy. Test Three: cooked for 1:30. Skin nice and crispy. Proper texture on dark meat, tender and juicy. White meat still moist and tender. This is the cook Mrs skreef liked the best. Test Four: cooked for 1:40. Super crispy skin. Dark meat still tender and very juicy. White meat tender and moist but probably can't take much more time. This is the cook I liked the best. Cutting into the breast. Still moist and tender but not leaking juice. I mangled the leg quarter pulling it off the chicken. Dark meat has a good texture and extra juicy. Well haven't killed the chicken yet. Where do I go from here? 1:40 was getting close to the time limit to still have moist and tender white meat. Maybe next round I'll go for 500*. Stay tuned I cook a rotisserie chicken once every week or two.
  7. Howdy Gurus! Last night I did something a little unusual and thought I'd share with you good cooks. I had a pineapple sitting on the counter that needed to be sliced and used. I also had a couple of pork loin chops that I needed to cook. So, knowing that pork and pineapple go together well, I did the following. I sliced off the sides of the pineapple and laid out my pork chops on them, covered both sides with a little butt rub, and tied everything together with butchers' string. All trussed up and ready to put on Beauty! my 19" KK. On Beauty! @ 400F with a nice FOGO fire in the KK. Temps were rock steady at 400F the entire time of the cook ... about 40 minutes. Here are the pineapple pork chops after about 40 minutes @ 400F. Just a slight char of the strings which never really threatened to burn. After about 40 minutes the pork loin IT was 135. Dadgummit, I let the temps get away from me. I was looking for about and IT of 120-125F. The lesson learned was that the pineapple didn't provide much insulation and the pineapple pork loins cooked much quicker than I anticipated. Next time I'll reduce the heat in Beauty! to about 300-325F and not be in a rush to head out to a meeting up at church. Here's a pic of the pork loin that has been pulled and untrussed. The pork loin here is essentially cooked through and through. So, even though the pork loin was cooked, I decided to finish the reverse sear and let them rest. The pork IT going back on Beauty! was 120F and Beauty was rocking along at 550F. Here are the pork chops on Beauty! right before I pulled them to let them rest and plate. Here are the pork loin chops on the cutting board with a final IT of 140F. And finally here are the pork loins slides open. and ready to plate. There are s few tips that I would pass on after this cook. First, the pork loin chops should have been marinated in a solution of pineapple juice, soy sauce, minced garlic, minced ginger, and a little crushed black pepper. Second, I mistakenly thought that the pineapple skin slices would provide more insulation than they did. Third, running Beauty! at 400F was an attempt to hurry the process along; future cooks of this type should be done between 300-350F. The pork loin chops were tasty and you could taste a slight flavor of pineapple. Marinating the pork in the above marinade would have helped the flavor. I also think that I'll score the pineapple flesh that comes in contact with the pork to insure a better pineapple flavor. All in all, this cook, while interesting and tasty, could have been much better if I had not tried to do so much in such a compressed time frame as I allowed. This was my first time doing this cook and I should have known to leave some slack in the rope. Thanks for looking.
  8. Howdy Gurus! So it was a miserable evening to cook last evening. The temperature was only about 95F, but the humidity took the Heat Index to 110F! Just flat dadgummed miserable. It's forecast to be a Heat Index this evening of 115F or better this evening! HOWEVER, ever the trooper, I was not to be deterred (I had a couple or 3 or 4 COLD beers ...). Here is a cook of mini peppers, summer squashes, Vidalia onions, etc. 90/10 hamburger, and cottage cheese. Simple, quick, healthy, and easy! Here are the veggies on the flip side of the Grill Grates. The torpedo burgers on the main grate of TheBeast. And finally a couple of money shots. Here is a money shot with Pete The Salt Pig supervising (as usual!). Thanks for looking! All y'all be safe as temperatures rise. Stay hydrated!
  9. So, I get this box delivered to my front door from Blue Apron. It's not mine; the guy screwed up the address and dumped it on my porch. I know the lady, so I march down there a little after 5:00 when I know she'll be home. She smile and invites me in. Offers me beer and begins to open the package. It's a calzone dinner for 4. She's single and asks me if I would like to join her for dinner. I spammed as I have steaks I was going to grill. She doesn't take no for an answer. I tell her that we can use my kitchen, my kamados, and we pack up everything and march down to my house. The box is very well insulated, all the ingredients are well packed and present, and so we dive right in. I've never seen this service before, so I'm intrigued. Here are the instruction sheets, front and back: I'm impressed. These sheets are laminated and written in clear and concise language complete with pictures so that even I can't screw it up. Here are the ingredients packed in the box. All ingredients were fresh and of really good quality. My part of the deal was to just cook the calzones on TheBeast. We also deviated from the instructions by doing bacon wrapped asparagus on Beauty! Here are the calzones already on TheBeast. He was rocking right along at 475. I will say that the dough was hard to work with and get in any kind of shape for calzones. So, I just winged it and it was the best I could do. Here are the calzones right before I pulled them after 15 minutes. And the Money Shot. Finally, here is a shot of the calzone ready for dipping and eating. Total time from "CC, start your Komodo Kamado" to "That's all folks!" was about 90 minutes. So this was my very first experience with Blue Apron. It was really nice having everything sourced for you and at your fingertips. The quality of the food was quite good and I enjoyed everything about this meal. The only down side was the dough. Trying to shape the dough was quite frustrating, but as you can see, we got the job done. All In all, if I weren't wrapped around the axle with my KKs, this is a service I just might subscribe to. Thanks for looking.
  10. Hi All, Just to let you know, I've been quietly working on a comparison video of the Komodo Kamado 19.5" and the Big Green Egg. A short 1 minute preview (pictures only) has been posted on YouTube and is available here: http://youtu.be/GEhbYAGjBO8 The full video review will be available later this spring 2014. Cheers. KamadoCobra
  11. Hi All, I have been researching Kamado style grills for a few weeks now and decided I should probably start cheap (Akorn) and upgrade later however, I see this in my local craigslist. It looks to be an amazing buy if it is truly operational. Thoughts from the experts?
  12. The Soon_to-Be-Granddaughters were over the other evening for dinner. They had never had kabobs! They didn't even know what a kabob looked like! So we solved that situation in a hurry. I had four fresh chicken breasts, a bunch of bell peppers, some mushrooms, etc. and that is just perfect for a quick cook. We diced up the veggies and the chicken breasts. I'm having to teach this young ladies knife skills, how to light a fire, how to set temps, etc. Gurus, please start teaching your kids and grandkids these things at an early age. I'm staggered when I run across teens and young adults who can't boil water without a microwave! But, I digress ... So here are the veggies on a grate for cooking. I ALWAYS cook the veggies separately from the chicken, beef, etc. because they simply don't cook at the same rate. Here are the chicken kabobs as they went on the grate. These were strung together by the Ladies. Had to show the girls how to make certain you didn't skewer your fingers! This is a picture of the first turn of those kabobs. And these are the kabobs about to be pulled from the grate. The kabobs are about ready to march into the house and rest for 3-5 minutes. Cailey is holding the cook she supervised. And the money shot with my good buddy, Pete the Pink Salt Pig, supervising. The young ladies did a really good job on these. They ran the cook from lighting the fire to controlling temps to cook prep to the actual cook to plating the food. I think they did a heckuva job! Thanks for looking in! The Ladies and I appreciate it.
  13. Last night it was dark and stormy. Severe Weather Warnings all over the great State of Oklahoma. And once again, the City of Moore, OK was hit by a tornado. I'm convinced there is a fundamental force in the universe unknown to physicists that exists in Moore and trailer parks that just attracts tornados. Moore has been hit by tornados more times in the past 10 years than I can count. In any event, my soon-to-be-Granddaughters were over last night and wanted me to cook for them. You know the outcome on that deal. They wanted hamburger steaks and roasted potatoes with a tossed salad. Nothing else would suffice. And the weather was no excuse. Just pull Beauty! under the covered part of the patio and get cooking! SWMBOI just looked and laughed. Here are the potatoes going on Beauty! I just toss the small golden potatoes in some olive oil, melted butter, S&P, crushed Rosemary and Thyme, and a dash of Cajun seasoning A buddy of mine makes. It only takes about 20-25 minutes in a 400F kamado. The spuds are placed in the back to get them away from the direct heat. I was too dadgummed lazy to use my heat deflector. I also wanted just a wee bit of color on the taters. Here is the end product of that tater roast. Just as I took the taters off, here come the screaming tornado sirens. I know that the danger is 15 miles south in Moore. We have the best severe weather meteorologists in the world here in OKC. It's Moore getting hit and where I live all we have are strong straight line winds and BUCKETS of rain. Thankfully no hail. So, I sally forth back outside to put the hamburger steaks on Beauty! I get drenched in the process because I don't want to walk through the garage and dodge the cars hiding from the hail that never showed. Here are the hamburger steaks sitting pretty on Beauty! And here they are as they look when they are pulled off the grate. Finally, here's the money shot. All in all a very simple but wonderful meal. SMWBOI was happy, Cailey and Gracie were happy, and I didn't catch my death of cold wearing wet and cold clothes. Thanks for looking. Please remember the good Citizens of Moore in your prayers as they rebuild, again.
  14. I took on the cheaters version of Char Siu Pork this week and just cannot wait to make it again. Although I have made this before from scratch, I got some packets of powder marinade at the big W and sprinkled it on some pork Tenderloin. Cut into long strips, the tenderloin sat in the fridge in a baggie overnight. I will mention, I completely sweated the color and smell of the marinade. Figured it may turn into a pizza delivery evening if things went south. Started raised direct with a fire box portioning device burning only half batch of lump. About 375 Got some color and switched to just direct for additional char Direct with veggies Plated and Served! Cannot wait to make this again! May have to try this marinade on baby backs soon-
  15. This is a companion chart to the original comparison chart I posted last week. I thought of a couple more lines to add. **FYI: If no phone number is listed, this means that I was not able to find ANY phone number on the company website…If you can find an actual phone number for BGE or Primo, you’re doing better than I am. **Manufacturing Info was verified in print or by phone for each model. **None of these websites are volunteering much about where they’re made, with the exception of Primo which has “Made In USA” Plastered across the top of the page!! You can’t even do a Google search by brand and find out where they are made, they are all very secretive about all of this outsourcing. Quality/Price Gap: These are all manufactured in and imported from other countries (outsourced) to cut costs and drive profits. (**Except for Primo) - The reason CharGriller can sell for so much less is partially by cutting materials costs (steel as opposed to ceramic) and assembly time, but also partly because they are selling at a higher volume in big box stores like Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, Kroger, etc…As opposed to smaller/higher end boutique style shops like most of the other competitors. K-Joe is in Ace Hardware here, which is a fairly large store but it has nowhere near the traffic of the box stores. - Vision has also increased their exposure by going through Sams Club and Home Depot, which helps them sell at a lower cost through higher volume and exposure. Just an interesting article about Kamado's some may not have seen: 2011 New York Times Article w Brief United States Kamado History: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/07/13/dining/the-cult-of-the-big-green-egg-united-tastes.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0 Thx, Rob
  16. Good Saturday Morning, Gurus! Yesterday I did a turkey for a little get together here at Chez Chef. This was my first time using the CyberQ WiFi controller. I brined the turkey overnight and cooked it to an internal of about 155F. I injected a mixture of butter, garlic, thyme, rosemary, and a tad bit of maple syrup. Here's the guest of honor for the dinner party, Tom. Tom, meet the Gurus! Here are the contents of Tom's giblet pack and various other pieces/parts. From left to right we have the heart (i'm always amazed at how small the heart in any animal is relative to the body!), neck, (now from top to bottom), the plastic thing that keep the legs trussed up, trimmed fat & Pope's nose, and the single most useless invention of the late 20th century, the pop-up thermometer, continuing left to right we have the liver and finally the gizzard. All gone. I HATE giblet gravy and I HATE giblet dressing. Here's Tom joining the Polar Bear Club by taking a swim in some brine I made up especially for him ... salt, sugar, peppercorns, crushed cranberries, citrus peel, thyme, and rosemary. Tom all dried off after his overnight swim and about to be injected with the butter injection mentioned above. Two views of Tom all greased up, trussed up, and ready for his cook. Here's a pic of Tom with his new best plate friends ... roasted rosemary potatoes and roasted brussels sprouts that will be soon swimming in a nice mustard sauce. Jack ole Buddy, here's the money shot with a special shout out to you and Laura! "Pete the Pink Pig" will ALWAYS have a place of honor at my table until and unless you're present. Not shown is the Apple Cider based Cole Slaw that people rave about. I'll post that recipe in the recipe section. Finally, a shot of the surviving nit of desert ... a Blackberry Wine Cake. All in all a nice cook and a nice send off for Tom. Not one single tidbit left over for sammies during today's football action. Y'all have a great weekend!
  17. Today was a great day. I was able to set this up in my backyard. But first, let’s go back to the beginning. I hope you’ll bear with me on this first part, because I have relayed the story here and there, but I wanted to have the whole story in one place. This is my old grill. It’s a Kenmore propane grill, with a standard three burner set up, but the really nice feature this one had was the ability to also use charcoal. There’s a small tray on the inside that can be loaded with charcoal, which you lit with the gas burners. I know that some folks think that stuff from Sears is not the greatest, but we were really happy with this grill. I had the flexibility of cooking something quickly with propane, and could use charcoal for when I had time to get the charcoal going. But unfortunately, it died at the beginning of the summer, after a good 10 years of service. I thought about replacing the burners, but that would have been a very messy job that I just did not want to deal with. I started looking for another propane/charcoal combo, but there weren’t any quite like this model. And then I discovered kamados. After watching a bunch of John Setzler’s videos, I was convinced this was the way to go. At first, I was interested in a Kamado Joe Big Joe in red. I placed an order around Father’s Day, figuring that I might be able to be back to grilling by July 4. Well, July 4 came and went. Then the rest of July went by. Despite contacting Kamado Joe, both directly and through my dealer on numerous occasions, I never could get an answer as to when I could expect my grill. August came along. My family and I left for China for a three week vacation. I told my dealer that if my grill came while I was gone, to please hold it until I got back. No problem from their standpoint. I figured that would be great: we’d enjoy our vacation, and since we would be gone for three weeks, we were sure to come home and start using our brand new grill. During that trip, I had a lot of time to think about the grill, and to get more into the details of the various kamado grills that were out there. And that’s when I began to appreciate the features that were built into Komodo Kamado grills. I also began to read about issues with Kamado Joe grills that began to make me nervous: grills arriving after a long backorder wait with broken parts, and no parts being available to fix the situation; fireboxes cracking in use; bands holding the lids coming loose; less than perfect performance from the felt seals; misaligned lids, and so on. That’s when I started to really reconsider my choice. I had asked a couple of questions here before, but then I started to look into Komodo Kamados in earnest. While in China, I began to talk to Dennis Linkletter by email about the Komodo Kamado, and he was quite gracious in answering my questions, even though he was also on vacation at the same time for part of our dialogue, and even though I told him that I had a red Big Joe on order. The cost was one hurdle to get over. The other was the look of the Komodo Kamado. Granted, the look isn’t for everyone, including my wife at first. But after looking over the options on the KK website, we eventually settled on the same pebble black finish that CeramicChef had for his 32” Big Bad. There was only one catch: that finish wasn’t available at that time. Luckily, my wife seemed amenable to the Olive Gold pebble finish. After our three week trip, we got back home, and I checked in on my Kamado Joe order. Still no luck. Still no firm delivery date. I took that as a sign. I cancelled the order, called up Dennis, had a terrific conversation with him and placed the order. I still had to wait, but at least I knew where my grill was: on a ship on its way to the U.S. That placed me way ahead of where I was with the Big Joe. At the end of September, I got an email from Dennis. Good news: the ship with my grill made it to the Port of Los Angeles and cleared inspection. Bad news: this happened. A fire broke out at the Port of Los Angeles. Luckily, it was contained without too much damage or any loss of life. At this point, I could only enjoy the entertainment value of all of this. It was as if the forces of nature were determined to keep me from grilling some burgers and steaks for my family. The fire held up the processing of packages for a whole day. After that, there was a logjam of packages that needed processing. Eventually my grill made it to the Komodo Kamado warehouse, onto a truck, and on its way from L.A. to New Jersey. This turned out to be the smoothest part of the whole ordering process. Dennis sent me a tracking number for the grill, and I was able to track its progress across the country. The expected delivery date was Oct. 10. That’s right—tomorrow. I got a call from the trucking company yesterday to schedule a delivery time. I asked if they could bring it to my house today. They did. And at about 1:30 this afternoon, one day early, this came. The truck driver was nice enough to bring the crate up our driveway, around the house, and to our back patio.
  18. I just finished taking delivery on the Komodo Kamado Big Bad 32" we've been waiting for! Also got 40 boxes of coconut charcoal. First, let me say that Dennis Linkletter is a joy to work with. Second, This thing is MASSIVE! I can't begin to tell you what this thing looks like crated. The top of the crate is just shy of 5' and its width is 44". With all the accessories, it stands over my head, and I'm 6'1". Third, this thing is so well packed/crated. Now a scratch on the crate at all. This came from Indonesia and it looks as if it were assembled right here in OKC. Very, VERY impressive. Ok, I"m on a mission. Here is a beginner photo to whet your appetites. More to follow!
  19. Ok, Gurus, mea culpa, Mea Culpa, MEA MAXIMA CULPA! I finally got back to OKC after having to take care of 2 seriously sick friends. At my age, 60, I find that I'm to got-to-guy when friends get really ill. One buddy suffered a stroke and screwed things up so bad his wife broke her back and the other has a brain tumor that was removed. I'm at the age when friends are beginning to spend way too much time in the hospital and rehab. That said, I'm now safely ensconced in my own home, the KK BB is on the back porch, and i've done my first cook. NO! DAMNIT! I don't have pics of the first cook but it was a splash and dash ... frenched rack of lamb. It was simply delicious. Gurus, if you've never drenched a rack of anything, try it once in your life. It isn't that hard! I had just gotten back from Vancouver and taking care of a friend who suffered a pretty bad stroke when I got a call from a former colleague's girl friend. We were on faculty together at Tulane. She told me that he was out of recovery and doing fine. They got all the tumor and he is expected to make a complete recovery. WHAT? WTF? How come I wasn't clued in earlier. She said he didn't want to to worry. GEEZ, YA THINK?! IN any event, I called my buddies and bribed them with beer to get this KK BB moved to the back yard. They understood the urgency and came right over. It took 2 sheets of 4x8 sheet of 3/4" OSB (Oriented Strand Board) and us bucking those sheets, rolling the BB to the end of the sheet, moving the previous sheet, etc. all around the West side of my house. Now along the back side to the patio gate, and into the back yard and onto the patio. WHEW! We were all reminded that moving mass has a LOT of momentum and the Big Bad has a LOT of mass! Off to the airport and NOLA. Helped my buddy get back on his feet. He needs a bit of physical therapy as parts of his brain were damaged by surgery to get to the tumor. He'll be fine eventually, but will walk with a limp from now on. I got back in town last Monday (10/6) morning and had to see the doctor myself. Evaluation of my left shoulder. Finally home in the afternoon. Here are some pics I took that day. Most of these pics try and give you a feeling for the size of the BB. HUGE, MASSIVE, OVERWHELMING! In this first pic, I promise that my PRIMO XL is really behind the BB. It's back there, I swear to it. Let's move a little to the right and VOILA! There it is! Here both kamados are with the Primo in the foreground. Here is the opposite shot from the BB looking back at the Primo and showing you what an UGLY Fence looks like (it's soon to be replaced!). Same shot only with the lids in their upright and locked position .... Here is a head on shot. What you can't tell is that the KK BB Shelves are a full 6" higher than the Primo cart! Here is the Primo in front of the KK BB. Next is a head on shot with both lids closed and the Primo in front. The Primo is a good 9" shorter than the KK BB as shown here. FIRST FIRE! I'm about to run the KK BB up to 500F to absolutely cure the elastomeric grout that is between the tiles. In the process I'll see what it takes to hit 225, 250, 275, 300, 325, 350, 375, 400, 450, and finally 500F. YES, I really do practice what I preach! I've said it once, i'll say it again, YOU HAVE TO KNOW THE RESPONSE CHARACTERISTICS OF YOUR COOKER! IT's hard work, but only you can do it. Best to stay rested and hydrated .... And another view of my workspace ... Here is the lower vent setting for 350F ... For this work, I decided to use the left hand side of the air flow control manifold. I didn't think the right hand side would allow me to do gross tuning of 25F. Bom was I ever wrong! More on that later. Following are some shots of the KK BB and the Primo at 90 degrees to each other to try and give you some idea of the difference in size between the two cookers. And finally, after all was said and done, stowed, and everything shipshape, we have Mise En Place ... A place for everything and everything in its place! CoConut Charcoal stacked off in the corner of the garage ... Accessories properly stowed on shelves ... Pellets in their final resting place next to the CoCoNut Charcoal. Time to put the Boys to bed after a busy day, at least for one! More to follow on the response curve! Once again, I apologize for my absence. It couldn't be helped. At the end of each day I was simply too dadgummed tired to fired up the computer at each friend's house and get here. Up at 6:00 and most nights I didn't get back until 9:30 - 10:00 pm. I was worn out and I wasn't the one doing much work! It's good to be home and back among you great Gurus!
  20. Hi everyone, I’ve been asking questions for a while in the process of deciding on getting my first kamado grill, but didn’t feel like I should post here until I had actually bought one. I placed an order for a Komodo Kamado 23” Ultimate this week, which will be my first kamado grill. It’s on a boat on the way to the US, after which it needs to make its way to central NJ. My guess is that it will get to me in early October, right around my birthday. Although I didn’t really plan it this way, this will make a nice birthday present. One of the reasons I wound up ordering a grill from Komodo Kamado is that I had placed an order for a Kamado Joe Big Joe back in mid-June after my old grill finally died. Apparently Kamado Joe is having a hard time fulfilling orders this year (which is a good problem for them to have), and after most of the summer passed, I still didn’t have a good idea as to when I would be getting the Big Joe. One of their major online sellers lists the Big Joe as shipping in 4-6 weeks now. The waiting period gave me a lot of time to look into and think about other options and to ask questions, and ultimately I decided to cancel my order for the Big Joe and place an order for the 23” Ultimate. I’m really excited about putting the 23” Ultimate to use. I’ve had a lot of experience grilling throughout my life using your typical round Weber charcoal grill and various inexpensive gas grills, including the one that just died on me after 10 years of faithful service. I imagine this will be like going from driving a Kia (no disrespect to my old grill) straight to an Audi. I also want to acknowledge and thank some folks here that really helped me with this process. First is @karacooks, who may not remember this, but she really helped me in sorting out what overall size of kamado grill I would want/need. The second is @CeramicChef, who gave me really excellent insight and feedback on the ordering process. Finally, there’s John Setzler (@johnsetzler @John Setzler), whose videos convinced me that I needed to get a kamado grill in the first place. Now I just have to wait.
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