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Found 6 results

  1. Fired up the KJ for some NY Strip Steaks last night. I'd have to say...best steak I've had, hands down. Got the steaks from a Stripling's General Store here in town. Seasoned with some Lane's BBQ Brisket rub. Put a block of Hickory in the fire. 1. Got the grill up to around 300º while seasoning. 2. First time using my ThermoPro wireless thermometer. It definitely gave me the flexibility of hanging out inside while getting up to temp! 3. Got the steaks to 125º and pulled them off and tented with aluminum foil. 4. Opened up the vents and aimed to get to 550-600º for the sear. 5. "I have made fire!" 6. Looking tasty! It smelled so good. 7. Plated with some spinach salad and a twice baked potato from Striplings. 8. Look at that color! I'd have to say...this is my fourth cook on my KJ since buying it for Father's Day and everything I make on it is amazing. My wife looked at my across the table while eating and said, "I see why you wanted to spend so much money on a grill. This is delicious!" If only she would have that logic when I try to convince her I want to buy a truck...haha
  2. Long before I knew such a thing as a ribeye existed, this used to be my favorite steak. When I saw my grocer had the bone-in version, I couldn't resist a trip down memory lane. bathed in salt, pepper and avacado oil. It been a week since I fired it up. Lump must have been damp, couldn't get a temp above 350°. Good thing i was grilling on the lowest level. resting along side some cinnamon, brown sugar, sweet potatos and carrots I roasted in the dutch oven a perfect medium rare toward the center
  3. Hi All, After watching all of the dry age endeavours, and really drooling over the pictures, I decided to give it a try! Got a sampler pack of UMAI bags One whole NY Strip Into the UMAI bag Into the fridge for 28 days After 28 days...opened and ready to cut into steaks! The steaks after slicing and trimming! Seasoned with kosher salt and fresh black pepper, then vacuum sealed for future meals. Half of the steaks are packaged with butter for a sous vide cook; the other half will be done on the kamado. We would eat them this weekend, but instead we are getting on this: And taking off to the Western Caribbean tomorrow for a week! I'm sure we will enjoy the steaks when we return! Thanks for looking!
  4. Well, Gurus, let's see if I can make this happen! A few years ago I went to Northern Italy for an academic conference. Very nice setting made even better by the great food. That memory served as the genesis for this evening's dinner. Here is the NY Strip about to go on the Primo. I've done a fine chop on some Basilico and a nice shred on some Parmesan cheese. Salt and pepper on the NY Strips. Primo is 400 F. The Parmesan and Basilico will go on right after the first f;ip. Here is the Cook after the only turn ... 3 - 4 minutes and then the flip. We're looking for a perfect medium rare. Asparagus just now goes on. Lightly basted with butter. We're going to let this ride for about 4 minuets until the Parmesan and Basilico are nice and melted and then pull, and let sit for about 5 minutes. The final product with a garlic lemon butter sauce. We're also having asparagus with the same butter sauce and a tossed salad garnished with pine nuts, parmesan, and a balsamic vinaigrette. This is right before Grace. Now on the plate! Almost ready to chow down! And now the results ... almost forgot to shoot this pic it was soooo good! And the end result of a wonderful steak cook! That was dinner this evening. Except for the butter sauce, a very healthy meal indeed! Y'all have fun now! Ciao bella!
  5. Today is my birthday so I am going to treat myself to some 1 1/2 in NY Strip Choice Steaks. I plan to reverse sear and I will be trying out my wife's new camera for pictures. I will complement the steaks with some Baked potatoes and a nice Salad. The family is coming over so this will be their first taste test of my steaks. My father is a stickler for a good steak so I am interested in his reaction. I will try to get the pictures posted tonight.
  6. I found some nicely-marbled 2" strips on sale today getting groceries, so it's steak night! I wanted to try one more poor-man's sous vide before I got my SV/PID controller. Last time (thread here) I was wanting for some smoke and flavor. So this time I tried smoking the steak for 10 minutes at ~150°. I lit just 4 coals and placed the apple wood chunk on the coals after the flame went out. After that, I sealed it up with some salt-free general seasoning (garlic/onion/etc) and a couple pats of butter This time instead of the two-pot on the stove method, I'm trying one pot on my crappy electric griddle. This thing is terrible for making breakfast, but it seems pretty adept at holding low water bath temps. The nice thing is it has a definite hot side and a cold side, which acts as a fine-tuning for the flaky thermostat it has. I'm going to keep the smoke on the Akorn going and do up some ABTs, corn, and baked potatoes, then crank it for a cast-iron sear on this steak. More pics to come...
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