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Found 20 results

  1. I have been a long time member here, I started my Kamado 4 years ago on a BJ special Brinkman, now out of business. Well my firebox cracked as did my place setter, but that thing taught me a lot about cooking on a Kamado and ensuring how to seal it up and overcome that models challenges. Well today I join the Egghead club in a big way with the BGE XL. I am super stoked to get grilling on my new baby.
  2. Just purchased a new Kamado Joe Classic II from Atlanta Grill Company. I am coming into this with essentially no experiencing smoking and using charcoal... so any and all advice is appreciated. I have been looking at Kamado Joe covers and the ones from KJ are pretty pricey. Any recommendations for a cover that won't break the bank would be great. Thank you
  3. Hey all! New owner of a Kamado Joe. Been looking for a while but finally pulled the trigger with Atlanta Grilling Company's Father's Day sale. She arrived yesterday and still sitting in the garage as I need a couple buddies to come over to help move it out on the patio. I love to grill but fairly new to the kamado scene. Any suggestions for a first cook? Excited to be a part of this forum. Hoping to learn a lot!
  4. I'm really new to this Style of grilling So Hey everybody My name is Joe And I am one of those guys that has about 13 different grooves In store isn't happy I'm thinking that a kamado Joe Is the way to go But I would love to get some advice from some seasoned veterans.As I said before the kamado Joe seems to be the way to go The Big Green Egg I just don't think That I'm up for buying all the different attachments I would like to find something That has the attachments already there I know it if user plate is something I'm interested in And I know a 2 tiered rack Is something I'm interested I live in an apartment so Space is limited but always willing to make room For a new grill Thanks anyone with any information Thank you very much
  5. Hey Kamado Fans, I've recently inherited a antique Kinurra Yaki Kamado size #5 from my grandfather who purchased it new in the late 1950s while overseas. It is still factory wrapped, with cardboard padding around it, and rope holding all the pieces together. This thing is as good as it gets. It's currently in Burke, VA and I'm looking to sell it. If anyone is interested please email me: parkergriffo@gmail.com Cheers! -Parker
  6. I’m considering my first kamado purchase. I’ve been reading reviews, warranties, etc. and am seriously considering a Vision grill but I’m wondering if the S series with its lighter slot and dial air controls are a bit too much. The only negatives I’ve really found are around the S series struggles to hold low temperatures. Would it be better to just go with the (cheaper) B series from Sam’s Club? Is there any real advantage to stepping up to the S? Does the B series with the ash drawer have the same leak issues?
  7. Hey everyone, Got a new Akorn a few weeks ago, did my seasoning cook, and 3 cooks after that (2 OK, 1 fail). Still working on being comfortable with the temperature controls, and still hard to maintain a temperature for multiple hours. Regardless, love me new smoker.
  8. There is a lot of good info on this forum, glad i signed up. I just got the vision pro s series about 5 weeks ago and love it. Been working on the temp control, called vision and there gonna send me new gaskets. mine is just leaking smoke out of the top of the ash box. Takes some practice but getting the hang of it. My top vent i have to turn a little to get it to fit snug so the vent adjustments are not centered but no big deal.
  9. Hi, I've been a keen griller for many, many years, and have owned various gas and charcoal BBqs. I've currently got a Weber MasterTouch and Spirit gas grill, but I've been thinking about a Kamado for a good while now. After a lot of research I took the plunge this week and finally brought a Kamado ! I ending up going for a Monolith Classic (my shortlist was the Monolith or Kamado Joe), and picked it up Wednesday (it was an ex display model). Today I fired it up for the first time as the weather was kind (well for February in the UK anyway!) and did my first cook (just a spatchcock chicken and some corn). I was amazed how easy it was to light (much easier than using a chimney starter), but I was even more amazed by how easy it was to control the temperature and how stable it was. The results were very, very impressive. Lovely most chicken (I used a semi dry rub of Lemon, Onion, Garlic, Pepper, Salt, Cayenne...) and nice corn (although that was a tad overcooked for my taste). All done indirect, and I never opened the lid once during the cook. Overall I think this grill is going to get as much use as the weather here will permit, and I look forward to learning much as well as contributing to this forum !
  10. I am excited to have found this forum (actually recommended right from Char-Griller). I bought my Akorn about 2 weeks ago, and am learning to tweak in those temps for low and slow. I actually joined this forum yesterday, but my stuff got wiped out when the wrong backup was loaded. Anyways, can't wait to share and learn from what seems to be a great community!
  11. ndg_2000


    hi i have been looking at kamados for a couple of years and just couldn't stretch to buying one here in the uk they are £1300 for a large BGE and costco have just started stocking one at £560 which is a bit closer to my price range so i made one out of a beer keg. im looking for advice on low and slow cooks as this is something i haven't been able to do before with usual bbq's i have previously owned thanks nige ps its in the DIY section
  12. Grillings Good Folks, My name is David and I am new to Kamado cooking and so I'm looking forward to learning much about this new process from many of you. My experience is novice at best and this new interest is in part due to becoming a sales rep for Kamado Joe this past December for the Costco Roadshows. I'd like to put the word out on my schedule in case some of you may be interested in knowing my whereabouts of my Costco Roadshows. I do apologize if I have chosen the wrong place to post this information for you and respect any decision the moderators make. My intention is to post information on the Kamado Joe Brand, not to spam or become a nuisance to this forum in any way. I look forward to getting to know some of you and learning much more about Kamado style cooking. David Cantu
  13. Hi all, I purchased a KJ Classic yesterday and it is being delivered next week, in the meantime I've been researching accessories and have a couple questions. How necessary is having a vented chimney cap? My KJ will be sitting without any kind of overhead protection and I do plan on using it during winter. What are the pros and cons of having one on? The salesman told us that the heat deflector works as a pizza stone, everything I've read and watched says otherwise. Did I misunderstand him or can you use it in that capacity? If not, is there any disadvantage to buying a non-KJ pizza stone such as a pampered chef one or are they all the same? I have a innerflow cover and a Maverick dual probe meat thermometer ordered, what other accessories would you say are a must have for a first time KJ owner? Thanks for any advice, I'm really excited to get grilling and enjoying this great hobby!
  14. Hey there other kamado dragons, I just picked up my first grill ever. It was a tough choice and I was a hair away from choosing a texas style smoker grill. I'm glad I saw this sexy thing first. Gonna start er' up today! Quick question can I smoke anything without that dang 35 dolla stone?
  15. Hi All! I'm an old geezer who's cooked on charcoal and gas for many years. A Menards store here in SW Wisconsin had a red ACORN on sale so I figured now was the time. I've only used it once but I can see where kamado cooking is addictive. I'm looking forward to gleaning a lot of information from everybody. Mr Dave
  16. Hello to all, just wanted to introduce myself as I am new to the forum and looking forward to learning a lot from all the members. I have been cooking on a kamado joe black classic for a couple of years (actually I am a couple of hours into a Boston Butt cook as I type this), but never really got involved in a ceramic grill forum until now.
  17. Hi all, name is Chandra. I have been cooking all my life and generally didn't like charcoal grills, smoking etc. I was more apt to do American*southern*, French, Italian and Indian cooking more than outdoor stuff. However, one day a colleague had me over and made steak on a BGE. It was amazing and this wasn't a man who knew how to cook. I realized the sear was what made it so good. I then started looking into kamado style grills. I bought the akorn a few weeks back and have repeatedly cooked on it. I've made steak, burger, brisket, chicken, and tons of veggies. I'm in love. I will probably be buying a primo xl or kamado joe grill in the near future. I see now why ceramic units are better. The metal doesn't want to hold temp very well, and I stepped away from the grill to take care of my babies and it got way too hot and I feared it may start to break down. Anyway, pleasure to meet you all. I'm generally good with recipes etc so I will probably be posting lots of pics and recipes as time goes by and I experiment more.
  18. Hi folks, I got an Akorn grill as an early father's day gift. Not putting it together till next week, but I picked up some parts to do a few mods when I do. I'm a United Methodist preacher in Northwestern PA. I lead a cooperative of four small country churches. I'm a pretty fair amateur photographer and a moderator on the mu43.com photography forum. I have a Holland grill, but it is too hot to be used as a smoker - so time for a kamado. Looks like lots of good info here on the site.
  19. Determined Kamado acquisition a choice...DD narrowed it down, comment here & elsewhere brought hands-on experiential input. Real considerations settled themselves out. Currently leaning toward an Akorn, as portability is a must and it weighs-in at sub-100pounds and is not subject to chipping or outright cracking apart as it's 22gauge double wall steel, with a porcelain internal layer baked-on! Glad to see a community of experienced Kamado types exists & such a range of experience is shared! A.Z.
  20. I am really hung up on buying the latest and greatest. There is little info leading me to what's new, but it seems like the 6719 might be the newest model out (with the 6619 being the previous model) I made a phone call to one of the retailers that is listed on Char-Grillers' website and she carries model number 6620, but doesn't know what the newest version is. Can anyone help me, here? Am I getting too caught up in model #s? It seems like if char-griller went to the extent to change the model #, then something had to be tweaked to make I better. Right?
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