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  1. Hi Pit Boss pitmasters, I made a charcoal basket for my Akorn but it turned out it'll fit over PIt Boss Kamado from Costco like a glove - a nice discovery from my neighbor. It makes two zone cooking very convenient. It's laser cut stainless steel and sits inside the fire bowl. The bottom tray is about 3" from the top of the grate. Pics attached. I bought an Akorn a few years back and started to make accessories for it as a hobby. Now it seems can go on as a little biz. Thanks for the support, mahalo!
  2. My neighbor was throwing out a Pit Boss K24 grill that a friend had given him so I took it off his hands as was considering purchasing one myself. Based on recommendations suggested on this forum, I replaced the felt seals on the vent, lid and bowl and replaced the thermometer. I also purchased the recommended OnlyFire cooking system with defector plates and a really good grill cover. I’m still learning but enjoying the experience and happy with the upgrades I made. The only frustration is that the grill is missing both side shelves and the lid handle. I can live without the latter but the side shelves would obviously be really useful. A photo is attached of what is attached to the grill. I've searched this forum, eBay, BBQ Guys & Amazon but have had no joy in finding what I need. Can anybody help with this request or make any recommendations of where to buy please? Thanks in advance.
  3. Last night was my first attempt at pizza on my new Pit Boss. All I can really say is: It was amazing!!!! So here we go: Set-up: Pit Boss factory deflector legs down Both racks installed Pampered chef pizza stone on top rack 550 F lower vent: one mark from wide open (3/4 open) Top vent: wide open So I picked up fresh dough from grocery store and spent a fortune at the anti-pasta bar on sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke, olives. etc... Prepped my first pizza with keeping dough really thin on my wooden pizza peel. With my Kamado cruising at 550F I sprinkled some corn meal on pizza stone and threw the pizza on. Since this was my first pizza, I decided to use a timer to get a feel for things. At the 5 minute mark I took a peak and it was almost there. Closed the lid and decided in an attempt to raise the deck temperature to finish off the top of pizza, I closed the top vent to just slighter below 1 for an additional minute or 2 and the pizza top finished off perfectly. It was such a success in my house I ended up making 2 more pizzas. For those wondering about the corn meal, well I've been doing this for years. It serves a couple purposes; it creates a small layer between stone. So if you have any hot-spots the Pizza is easy to spin around. It also reduces the chance of burning the bottom of pizza in the event your too hot or leave it too long. Try it out! Hope you enjoy the pictures.
  4. Hey all. Living in Scotland and well getting the ole Kamado (Early model Pit Boss K24) going and was looking for a cheap divide and conquer setup. Getting compatible bits for a non-KJ grill is a bit tricky in the UK and the price is bat sh!t crazy but I came across the brand Onlyfire but not the one listed for a Kamado as it seems they carry a premium price due to Kamado branding. Looking at many of the kettle grill versions there was only a 1/2" difference in size I can't believe that a factory would run off different models in 1/2 sizes not exactly a pair of shoes. Anyway, the "Onlyfire BBQ Cooking Grate System Fits for 22.5" Weber Kettle Grill and Other Similar Size Kettle Grills" fit perfectly in my K24 and cost £89. Hope this helps some UK Kamado users. Currently modding a stainless steel bowl as a cheap ash collector, but can't get my head around a £60 basket for charcoal....couldn't I use a cheap deep fryer chip basket?? Now next purchase Rotisserie that fits, anyone with a suggestion as I can't justify £200+ Mickey
  5. Until I get my grill shack built with a roof, I wanted a way to keep rain and snow out of my Louisiana grills 24 inch kamado top vent. Smokeware doesn't and won't make their version to fit. I do have one of the smokeware ones for my large grill dome and love it. I have searched extensively for a solution and found a possible solution. I got a 9 inch galvanized stove pipe cap for reasonable price that only requires the kamado gasket seal for snug fit. This does go over the existing vent top. I have yet to test but does fit nicely. I don't remember the guidelines as to if I can put the link here or not but is on Amazon for about 16 bucks. Cost more for shipping but still for around 35 dollars is a nice solution in my opinion.
  6. I just bought a new PB K24 from Costco 2 days ago. I tought it would be easier to find a suitable heat deflector (... and affordable). The original one is about 136$can (with shipping). I was looking at all the other topics related to the heat deflector, and it seems that the original one is not really appreciated. The problem is, most of the replacement solutions are from items are from the US or UK, but I can't find these items in Canada. I was looking for for the Vision XL spider (or any other spider), or even for the Saffire multi levels, but there's none on amazon.ca, homedepot.ca, ... I can't find any other solution. The Ceramic Grill Store, that most people are talking about, says on his website that they can deliver to Canada (+ some fees), but when I try to order, the only country available is US. I would like to have some help, or some other ideas available in Canada, instead of ordering the expensive original Pit Boss Heat Deflector!!!
  7. Hi all, I'm been trying to find someone who sells or ships spiders to canada for the pit boss. I want to set up for direct and indirect grilling can't find parts anywhere. Cermic grill store won't ship to canada ad their canadian distributor is sold out. Anyone here have any ideas????
  8. Anyone seen these yet? Just noticed on the Costco website today, wondering if the in store models are blue as well? That may derail my plan of buying a Pit Boss this year, because it won't match the deck. I think looks much the same as last year's otherwise, except for the side shelves. My Costco doesn't have much lawn and garden yet.
  9. I've posted some of this stuff before but figured I would consolidate a post with the accessories I use on my PB K24. I haven't spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars like some folks and know that others probably have better or different ways of accomplishing much of the same thing. I don't use any temp control gadget and don't really feel the need to. After gaining a couple years experience cooking on mine I can dial it in and maintain temps fairly easily. (BTW I did do the vent mods to eliminate any big leaks) Anyhow, these are the gizmos I use to help cook on the Pit Boss: Firebox Divider Charcoal Fire Grate for Most Standard Size Kamado Grills, 10.5-inch ~$35 I haven't even had a chance to use this yet but it looks well made and should help with two-zone cooking. I'm not certain this is really needed as I've been able to cope without it for the first few years doing two-zone cooks but hey it's a fun new gizmo. Pit Boss 76251 Heat Deflector, 24" ~$45 I know that these are now included standard with the grill. I had one break and PB/Danson's did replace without any problems. I use the OEM deflector a ton... it's used for all my Low and Slow Smokes (brisket, ribs, pork butt, etc), CI Dutch Oven cooks (roasts, stews, etc), pizza cooks, and all my baking. Half Moon Heat Deflector Plate ~$20 These are 15" diameter and work well on the main lower grate to cook on the upper grate. I use these for two-zone cooking and also for a 2nd deflector in some cases, like for cooking pizza. These don't fit inside the legs of the OEM upper rack perfectly (more on that later). Also, I've split the OEM upper grate into two half moon grates to allow easier maneuvering inside the grill. Indirect Cooking Rack, Extra Large ~$35 This is an accessory that I thought I would use a lot more when I purchased it. I still use it as a second rack for pizzas and such but it isn't something I wouldn't buy again. Unlike the OEM upper grate you can get the (2) half moons installed under it without any interference. IIRC this cooking rack is 15" diameter with the legs protruding out another few inches. Outdoor Gourmet 14 in Preseasoned Round Griddle ~$13 This is absolutely one of the best accessories that I own ( I actually have 2) for my Kamado. I use it as a pizza stone up on the upper rack with both sets of deflectors in place and it works absolutely fantastic. I also, use this on the lower rack directly over the coals to cook my Philly cheese-steak sandwich meat. Maverick ET-733 dual probe remote thermometer ~$35 I didn't provide a link because everyone has there own set-up for monitoring temps. Of course there's all the other normal cooking stuff, utensils and the like for the grill. Firebox Divider: OEM Deflector with OEM Grates: OEM Lower Grate with Half Moon Deflector and OEM Half Moon Grate: OEM Deflector and Lower Grate with (2) Half Moon Deflectors and Upper Rack: Same as above with Cast Iron Griddle ready for pizza:
  10. Hi, I wanted to get some feedback regarding which grill to get. I have boiled it down to a few options: 1) Primo round all-in-one $800 2) Pit boss k24 from Costco $599 3) Used BGE $800 The pit boss is considerably cheaper at $599, and I hear in August they usually go on clearance for $350. As primo owners, I was hoping to get some feedback on after owning the primo, do you believe it is still worth the premium? I have read some people have had issues with Primo honoring their warranties, so that is a concern as well. Would you buy the Pit Boss knowing what you know today? Or would you still fork up the extra $ for the primo? Are there any large differences between the design and quality of the aforementioned brands? I really appreciate any help you may be able to offer. Thanks!
  11. This past weekend, I did a spatchcock chicken on the Pit Boss. It was some of the juiciest chicken I've had and it came out really good. Spatchcock Chicken on the Pit Boss Kamado
  12. Hi everyone! So I am in the market for my 1st Kamado grill. Not looking to break the bank on a BGE or a KJ. Leaning towards the Pit Boss K24 once it shows up at Costco and hoping it is 599 in store as oppose to the 750 on their site. That being said I was in Academy yesterday and saw their Outdoor Gourmet. Looking at it on here the ones posted in the past seem to be different than the one they have now. Having not looked at a pit boss in person I fell this “new” Outdoor Gourmet resembles the pit boss a lot. They went from a 90 day warranty a few years ago to a 1 year warranty now. Still nowhere near as good as a lifetime. Here is the link. https://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/outdoor-gourmet™-kamado-ceramic-charcoal-grill Just thought i would share share and get your thoughts. I live across the street from academy so I can try to stop by tomorrow and get some pictures. Also it does come with a deflector plate.
  13. I've had great success with long smokes with my K24 and iGrill to monitor grate and meat temps. The iGrill allowed me to wirelessly monitor temps and make small adjustments to prevent swings and maintain that perfect range. Last week I attempted my second overnighter after the temps settled at 250 and woke up to 180 degree grate temp. The butt and brisket still turned out fantastic, it just took a little longer than it should because I had to bring the temp back up. As a result, I decided to pick up a PartyQ from BBQ Guru for those overnight occasions. I didn't see the need to get the more expensive options (models) since I already have the iGrill to monitor meat temps (wirelessly), and I really don't need the automatic lid opening detection since I can just shut it off when I open to baste the meat. I've done a lot of reading on the idiosyncrasies of its use and think this will definitely be the ticket. I'll let you guys know how it goes. Anyone else here use the PartyQ on their Pit Boss?
  14. Hi guys, does anyone have dramas with their temp control while using a Kick Ash Basket in their Pit Boss Kamados? I recently got one and since then i've been struggling to keep the temp below 300f. The picture here is the bottom vent when the Pit Boss is at 300f, I can barely shut it any further. I don't have any leaks through the gasket or top air vent so I don't think much air could be getting in there (I leave the bottom plate in too), and I don't have any dramas closing it all off to starve the charcoal. I light with a single fire lighter in the centre and #### down the vents about 50-100f before the target temp. Any ideas on what I can do to get it under control? Cheers in advance.
  15. Hello fellow kamado users. I'm new to kamado but have read they are the best in terms of efficient long term smoking. Looking forward to learning. I have just purchased a Pit Boss and await it's arrival this Wednesday. Previously I was pretty much Web kettle and occasional gas grill user. I am retired so in addition to enjoying my Harley throughout the southwest I also have time to explore the kamado BBQ world.Looking forward to learning and interacting with fellow kamado users.
  16. Over this past weekend I did my first beer can chicken on the kamado. I pretty much followed the recipe posted here in one of the forums, with a few variations. I think it turned out ok for my first attempt, although I think I left it on a few minutes more than i should have. Internal temperature at the breast got to 170-ish and the white meat turned out just a tad on the dry side. Not inedible dry, just that kind of dry where you can kind of tell it was on just a bit too long...dark meat was fine. Either way the kids and wife liked it - it was very flavorful. I'll definitely try again until I get it perfect!
  17. Hello all, I am new to this forum and Just purchased a 2017 Model of Pit Boss from Costco still at the $599.00 price from last year. After looking at the BGE and other Kamado grills for some time I decided to pull the plug and purchase this one. Assembly was easy, though the unit weighs a ton. The unit seems to be very well built in my opinion. Grill came packaged very nicely and was well secured in the box. This unit also came with a spider diffuser and cover. Things of change from the previous model in what I understand from researching this is, that the shelves are made of a type of solid sturdy plastic that seem very hefty and durable, unlike wood that needs lots of care if left in the elements, this should need very little care and time will tell if they hold up. The shelves if left to fall accidentally have a stop on them to keep them from hitting the Boss unlike previous models. There is now also a perforated door in the lower vent area along with a solid door. I did pinch in the guide rails on the lower vent to better prevent the unit from getting air when shut down. The first night of grilling on it we made two thin crust pizzas that the wife and I thoroughly enjoyed (probably more fun deciding what to use for ingredients and building it together though I was probably more excited to use the grill for the first time). Pizzas took about 6 minutes to get done and the temp gauge attached to grill lid registered 650, I will use my digital meter the next time to see how accurate this lid mount thermometer is, I understand that most are not good at providing accurate readings. I feel the grill heated up fairly quickly seeing the smaller amount of wood I used and the temp of 20 degrees outside. After shutting down the grill and then looking at it the next day, I had some of my wood left so I know that the fire is getting smothered adequately. I look forward to many more cooks and smokes on it in the very near future. Hope this helped with anybody looking at purchasing a Pit Boss in the future. Best of Luck with your grilling adventures.
  18. Hi and greetings from New Orleans, LA. I have been smoking and grilling now for over 30 years but have just purchased my first Kamado Grill. It's a Pit Boss K22 Kamado. I have used it twice for grilling and so far I'm blown away. The meat stays so tender and juicy. I can't wait to try smoking in it. I look forward to learning and sharing experiences with everyone here. Ez
  19. Hi Folks, I am new to ceramic charcoal barbecue. I am a long time Weber griller who has wanted to make to move to Kamado for the past year. I purchased my Pit Boss this past Saturday from Costco. I am very impressed with the Forum and what you are doing with your Kamados.
  20. So, I know many of you are looking for a good deflector solution for the Pit Boss. I believe I have the perfect solution, although it took a bit of work. You may be able to custom order one or get them to make a bunch for us if there is demand. What I got was the Ceramic Grill Store's Vision XL Spider. It sits in the notches in the firebox and puts a ring about 2 1/4" down below the main grate. You can then set a 16" stone or 2 half stones on the spider, and if you want, a 16" drip pan (also from CGS) on the stones. You could also set a 15-17" searing grate on it to get closer to the fire. The main grate sits on the firebox as normal with plenty of clearance from the drip pan below. Alternatively, you can flip the spider, and it will hold the main grid up near the felt line. What needs to be done to mod it? The Vision XL spider is 23" across and the PB internal is only 21.5, so you need to trim the 3 feet to get it down to about 20.5-21" or so. Also, the width of the legs is 18" which JUST fits in the PB fire bowl. I was worried about thermal expansion so I re-bent one of the legs to get it down to about 17 1/2" - 17 3/4" which leaves plenty of room. CGS may make one for you or start carrying it as a model if we give them these dimensions. Let me know if you need help with that. See pictures below and fire away any questions... Legs trimmed. Sitting in place. With 2 16" half stones 16" Stainless drip pan on stones Clearance from grid to drip pan rim and base. Upright and with Grid at felt line
  21. I'm looking to move up from my medium sized Vision to a larger grill. I use my M series all the time and it is usually big enough but it can get crowded and I'd like to move up - maybe just because I want a new toy but regardless that's what is on my mind. Have seen a couple of decent options locally - one is a Classic Joe in good condition with the accessories. The other option is to buy a Pit Boss 24 from a local warehouse that closes out stuff. I unfortunately cannot buy the Pit Boss directly from Costco as they don't have any but if so that would have been a good option since they would at least stand by it. In this case the warehouse seller wants $500 which isn't a great deal at all in my book since Costco had them on sale for less but it is what it is if I want a new grill and 500 for a big Kamado is still a decent price I suppose... I like the idea of the Kamado Joe better I think since it is a quality brand but am not sure if the Classic is much of a step up from my Vision M series. What would you pay for a gently used Classic? and if you could do it again would buy the classic or something else? Many thanks!
  22. Good Afternoon All, Wanted to introduce myself and first off say thanks - this forum has been a huge wealth of information and I wanted to thank this Kamado grilling community for being so dedicated to their art. About me quickly: Mid 30's, pilot in the military and brand new dad. I recently bought a Pit Boss 24" at Costco while they had them on sale in July. I've been waiting for years to get a new grill as my hand me down smoker sucked but I kept using it telling myself I would get one in my next move. That move got postponed a year and so Costco's sale was too good to pass up! Had to bite the bullet, granted I knew next to nothing about kamado's other than how versatile they are. I am glad I did. The Pit Boss seems a great introduction to ceramic grills and the value is hard to beat, plus paired with Costco's return policy(which I don't think I will have to use). I exclusively used this site to review other kamado's and read as much as I could about Pit Boss grills. I travel a lot for work so the grill sat in my garage for several weeks while I was gone. Got it half way built then my daughter decided she had had enough time in the oven and was born last week, pretty stoked she's pretty cute(but all parents say that). Finally got my brother-in-law over to the house to finish my set up last weekend and smoked three racks of ribs I bought from Costco. After the burn in and much trial and error trying to regulate temperature I am starting to get the hang of it - patience is obviously key. I will say I love grilling on this thing. It's awesome. Made tri-tip and have done some steaks as well. I use it every chance I get. Upgrades and accessories so far: -Pit Boss Heat Deflector -Replaced stock dome thermometer -Maverick wireless thermometer -Lava lock felt gasket upgrade - added another layer to the top vent and sealed around the bottom vent -Spider and two 16" half moon pizza stones from Ceramic Grill Store Any other recommended accessories? Looking forward to learning more and trying new and exciting recipes. Now if only I could figure out how high to fill the firebox... its been trial and error every time not blowing past my target temperature. Thanks! -Golikety
  23. So I'm planning on doing my first pizza cook this weekend and I was wondering what temps you guys have made pizzas at? My wife loves the crust on pizza you get from the super hot italian ovens so I was planning on temps in the range of 600 degrees. Too hot? Not hot enough? Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  24. Decided to smoke some ribs for the first cook, kept them at about 225 for 5 hrs. Wow! Can't believe how much difference the kamado makes. Paid about $15 for my ribs, very good meat, not sure if that's a good price, was about 3.2lbs.
  25. This looks like a Vision relabeled as a "Pit Boss" for Costco. Not bad for $599.
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