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Found 11 results

  1. I went with a pineapple glazed pork tenderloin cooked to135 and served with a plate of grilled pineapple, watermelon, mango, strawberry and kiwi with a dressing for my salad. The salad challenge is tough because salad is a rare bird for dinner in my house. We do egg and tuna salads for different purposes, but generally they wind up in sandwiches or deviled eggs, not the star of the show. This was a fun challenge because I made two stabs at it and didn't post results because of epic fails. This cook was good. Brined a pork tenderloin in a brine of: 2 cans pineapple coconut nectar juice of 2 limes 2" sprig rosemary 1/4 c kosher salt Brined 4 hours, dried with paper towels and seasoned with Chupacabra Cajun seasoning. Then made a pineapple glaze for the pork tenderloin: 1/2 cup pineapple preservers 2 T honey 1 T Soy sauce 1 T minced ginger 2 minced garlic cloves the sprig of rosemary from the brine Cook all of that until you're happy you have a glaze. Dressing for fruit salad: juice from 2 limes honey 1/4 t cayenne salt The grilled fruit was watermelon. pineapple, kiwi, strawberries, pineapple and mango. It was a fun cook .
  2. Things you will need: About a 10" section of pork loin or a tenderloin 1 package of cream cheese some dried spinach cotton twine black pepper salt Ranch dressing dry mix your favorite dry rub (you can find my dry rub recipe in the rubs thread) 1. Get the cream cheese and pork to room temp. 2. Using a fork blend 2 tsp of the ranch dry mix in to the cream cheese. 3. "Flatten" your pork loin. Starting at the top cut it long wise to create a 3/4 flap and continue cutting the 3/4 flap until you have spiral cut that allows you to roll out the loin in to a flat sheet. 4. Using a spatula spread the cream cheese mix over the entire surface of the flattened loin 5. Sprinkle a few tbs (to taste) of the dried spinach over the entire surface. 6. Add fresh ground black pepper. 7. Dust with salt. 8. Roll the loin up in a spiral like you might do with a pin wheel and tie it. I start by putting a tight loop on one end, then on the other end, finally one in the middle. Then I take a very long piece and tie a loop on one end and then roll the loin and wrap it with the string abut every 1/2 inch from one side all the way to the other. Keep it taunt. Tie it off using one of the extra bits of string from the first loop you tied on the end. 9. Dust it with dry rub. 10. Cook it at about 300 using an indirect method until you reach an internal temp of 140. When you pull it, wrap it in foil, then in a towel and put it in your oven or in a cooler and let it rest for an hour. Once the rest is done, use a sharp knife and cut it in to thin pieces and serve. Yellow rice and steamed broccoli might go well along with some grilled mushrooms. Enjoy!
  3. Alright, I took a twin pack or pork tenderloins from the freezer to thaw yesterday but I didn't feel like grilling it today. So I cut each tenderloin up into chunks, seasoned them with salt and black pepper and lightly coated them with seasoned flour. I browned these while I diced some onions. When browned I removed the pork and added the onions to cook until tender. Next I added a lil more flour and cooked that down with the onions. Then I added some chicken base and water and simmered that until well incorporated and added the pork back to the pan and let it slowly simmer to cook. Simmering Time to eat! Not bad at all!!!!!!!
  4. Tried something new the other night using Robert Rothschild's Roasted Red Pepper and Onion sauce, which I had picked up at Costco a while back. First laid out the bacon, and coated with the red pepper sauce, then I added the pork tenderloin and wrapped it up. It was a bit sloppy looking both on the grill & plate, but it sure tasted good. I think I might use a bacon weave if I try this one again. BTW, these Rothschild sauces are really good, I've yet to try one I didn't like. The Roasted Pineapple & Habanero is also very good, carried by Costco intermittently.
  5. The other day I bought an 8# pork tenderloin from Costco, I cut it in half and froze half of it. I found a recipe for a Cuban style rotisserie pork tenderloin, it involved a lot of garlic and some citrus juice. The garlic really came through, the citrus juice not so much, but it was really, really, tasty. I think I let it go just a little long, the tenderloin was on the dry side, but the family really enjoyed it. It even went well on lunch salads throughout the week. I still think the JoeTisserie is a very expensive accessory, but I have cranked out some pretty solid dishes with it. It's nice to have it in the inventory. I am contemplating doing a turkey on it this year. The full write up with pictures is in this link: http://www.backyardmovies.net/cuban-pork-tenderloin-on-the-joetisserie/
  6. This is my entry into the “Fed in the Med!” Challenge. This is my first time making this but I thought I’d give them a whirl. I started out by buying some tenderloin from Costco. I then started gathering the ingredients for the filling. And then the ingredients for the glaze. Here are most of the ingredients. Minced the herbs. Sliced the Apricots and Sun Dried Tomatoes. Sautéed the OO and Garlic. Threw in 5 packed cups of baby spinach and sweated it down 3 minutes. I then stirred in the SD tomatoes and apricots. For the topping I zested a lemon. I added everything to a skillet, stirred and heated slightly. I took the 2 tenderloins out and sliced them in half I then covered them in plastic and lightly pounded they out to a more uniform thickness. I added the Feta cheese to the filling and stirred and then spread it out on the loins. I rolled them up and then tied them up with butchers twine. I then placed them in a roasting pan and then spread on the Pomegranate Balsamic Vinegar and Dijon mustard glaze. I then placed them in my preheated (to 375) kamado. After 45 minutes the I.T. was at 145 so I took them out and let them rest for 10 minutes. Here are the plates pics. Here’s the Money Shot! It was delicious and my wife loved it! It may have been first time making this but it will not be my last. Thanks for looking.
  7. A short break in the monsoon season allowed me to fire up the Vision for the first time in over a week. I cut a small pork tenderloin into bite sized cubes and marinated them in a garlic/teriyaki sauce for about 3 hours. Threaded the chunks onto a kabob, and made a second kabob of sliced peppers, sliced onion and cherry tomatoes. Plated over Trader Joe's brown rice, with a little of the same garlic/teriyaki sauce heated and drizzled over the top. The pork tasted great - very juicy, and cutting the tenderloin into pieces increased the surface area which really allowed the marinade to penetrate. There were no leftovers!
  8. Our friends from the north probably call this something else, but the US knows it as Canadian Bacon. I just tried this on a pork tenderloin and it worked very well; way better than I expected for a first try. I got the recipe from a fellow on another message board and who enjoys making his own sausages. He lives in Alaska and hunts a fair bit so he's gotten pretty good at Charcuterie. His recipe is for a full loin. As mentioned for a first time I used a tenderloin of just over one pound. I kept it in the cure for only five days and it was just right. For a full loin I'd follow the recipe as described. (And I had to mail order the Tender Quick - couldn't find any within 10 miles of my house.) Words below are his:
  9. Of you haven't tried this you should. I marinate the tenderloins in root beer for five hours or so, take them out of the gallon bag, put on a tray and sprinkle with a chipotle cinnamon rub. Throw them on the grill at 350 for about 45 minutes and you are good to go. Give the pork a. I've sweet taste while the chipotle gives it a nice little kick
  10. Pork Tenderloin and Grilled Vegetables (and a Charlie Daniel's cook) There was a good end result to this cook tonight but I think the devil demon himself got into Big (Red) Joe. All that was missing was a set of horns. Ever have one of those cooks where no matter what your experience level the fire, the temps, and the machine and even the food are just out of sorts and nothing you do seems to be right? Well tonight was one of those. It was a not a cruise control cook! After this cook I felt like I was in the Charlie Daniels song about the devil going down to Georgia. No fiddle, just a Kamado. And in the end I too managed to beat the devil. Nonetheless, we cooked a nice pork tenderloin seasoned with Kamado Joe Peach Rub, some grilled roma tomatoes and whole mushrooms both seasoned with olive oil, balsamic and dried organic basil and some basic grilled asparagus to round out the plate. Dinner is Served The KJ Peach Rub Seasoning on the Meat Started the tomatoes and mushrooms on the main grill grate first for about 5 minutes then removed and placed back in the olive oil and balsamic marinade. And the devil decided right then he wanted to try to flare up and burn them. And he managed to get some of the tomatoes to fall through the grill grid and some to stick. Arrrrrrrrrrrgh. The fight begins! Put the tenderloin on the main grid. Added the second grill grate and put the tomatoes and mushrooms with second side down as well as added the asparagus. The tenderloin is on a grate under the veggies. Tenderloin was turned once at 6 minutes and then cooked for about another 5 minutes until at 140-145. Temps were more or less 300 to 400 to 350 to where ever they wanted to be tonight. I wanted 375. The devil wanted his due. I removed the tomato and mushroom when I pulled veggie grate to turn the pork. Left asparagus on until the end. Used pecan wood for a flavor kick. Grilling the Meal (Trust me the pork is on the lower rack) Finished Tomato & Mushrooms Don't Forget the Asparagus And Now the Tenderloins are Done Nice and Juicy and a Great Flavor –Cooked Perfectly (The devil loses again!)
  11. So I found this recipe in an old recipe folder and decided to try it. I am glad I did as my family really enjoyed it. To start with take a pork tenderloin, not loin, and cut into 1 inch thick pieces. Then I seasoned with a BBQ rub and wrapped each piece with half a strip of bacon. Then I placed them on my grill, Chargriller Akorn Komado, with temp at 400 degrees using lump charcoal. I then made the Cherry glaze as follows: 1 can Cherry topping 1/4 cup soy sauce 2 tsp Worstershire 1 tsp ginger, I used fresh as I had it on hand 2 tsp onion powder or dehydrated onion 2 tsp spicy mustard Place everything in blender until smooth and then simmer for 10-15 minutes. This is what they look like when they are done. I only cook them until internal 145 degrees so they stayed nice and tender. I also did some steaks on the grill, but raised the temp to 650 degrees. Seasoned with a Montreal Steak seasoning.
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