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Found 5 results

  1. I'm not into sous vide (yet) but I found this technique to be an interesting way to tackle an old standard.
  2. Here is a tried and true method for Beef Ribs which produces deep and hearty color and flavor. It is a red wine reduction basted beef ribs dish. Start with a slightly sweet red wine, my preferred is Merlot. The sugars in the wine will help produce some nice caramel undertones in the meat. Add as sprig of fresh rosemary as you reduce the wine on a low simmer to about 1/4 (or preferably less) or its original volume. Remove the silver skins from the bone side of the beef ribs. Liberally apply the reduced red wine to the ribs, re-apply as needed during the smoking process. Get your Kamado stable at 225, use a medium-strength smoking wood. For this cook Jack Daniels oak staves from their aging barrels were used. The cook was performed with the diffuser placed in the lowest position. Cook time was a bit over 4 hours. Cook until the bend test is passed. Beef ribs typically cook a bit faster than pork ribs, due to a lower fat content. Serve with after resting about 15 minutes, which gives the juices a chance to redistribute. The finished ribs have a nice beefy earthy taste, and hold up well with side dishes which would normally be too strong to pair with pork ribs. A nice Cabernet pairs well with the ribs too.
  3. Beef Braised Ribs in a red wine reduction sauce was calling my name for dinner tonight. A few pounds of beef short ribs were at a good price at the store and were grabbed before they disappeared. Some "Cabernet Merlot" wine was also at a low price, so the deal was set. The Big Joe was cleaned out and filled with fresh lump charcoal in preparation of the cook. The X-Rack was put in the lowest position to get the KJ Cast Iron pot close to the coals. The lid was left open and a couple tablespoons of canola oil was added to the pot. When the pot got searing hot the short ribs were tossed in for searing. As one face of the ribs finished searing, they were rotated to put a new face down to the hot cast Iron. When seared on all sides, the ribs were pulled out and set to the side. With the juices from the ribs left in the pot, carrots, diced onion and chopped celery was added to the pot and stirred until the onion was golden. A tablespoon of flour was added into the pot and mixed with the contents. Then a couple tablespoons of tomato paste was added and mixed in. Finally 750 ml of the wine was added to the pot and mixed completely. The pot was left to simmer until the wine had reduced to about half its initial volume. Fresh Rosemary, Thyme, Oregano, salt and black pepper were added to the reduced sauce. The seared ribs were added to the hot mix to begin the braising, along with a cup of "Best Brown Sauce" for more beefy goodness. Link below: http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/16717-french-mother-sauce-brown-sauce/?hl=%2Bbrown+%2Bsauce The lid was put on the pot at this time. The ribs were allowed to braise for 2.5 hours which is when they were falling off the bone tender. The ribs were pulled out of the pot and set aside to rest. The vegetables were strained out of the drippings with the reduced wine, and a roux was made. The roux was expanded with beef broth, half and half and seasoned with salt and pepper. Mash potatoes were made with salt, pepper, butter and cream cheese. The gravy was ladled over the potatoes and served with the beef short ribs.
  4. I'm new to this forum and just sent in my intro topic for moderator review. After seeing some fantastic plates I wanted to showcase a filet mignon I made for the wife and I this past Saturday. Reduction was balsamic and merlot, 70/30 ratio with some finely chopped yellow onion and fresh rosemary simmered and reduced by half. I cooked the filet on the stove top med-high on both sides and finished it in a 400 degree oven all in my go to cast iron skillet. Potatoes were also done in cast iron... came out really good. She had a really rough week so the spurge on the filet was for her... I'm glad I didn't mess it up.
  5. Giving my first authentic, genuine, real-deal tri-tip a shot. I found it in the most unlikely of places: in one of the smallest un-remodeled Krogers still in existence in my area. I asked the butcher if he had heard of tri-tip and I was amazed at the response, something along the lines of "I am originally from California and I know exactly what you are talking about, how many do you need? We have over 50lbs of it here at the store." I decided to get one for now and one for later. Tonight's tri-tip weighs in at just over 3lbs. I was in the right place at the right time as I had called a much larger Kroger and they said they would need to special-order it, and of course they never called me back. I decided to prepare it just as John Setzler did in the "Kamado Joe Tri Tip with Whiskey Reduction" video. I trimmed off the excess fat and seasoned with garlic powder and Dizzy Pig's Raising the Steaks rub. I set the D&C system up on my ClassicJoe as John did in the video and I will be searing it in just a few minutes...the whiskey reduction is simmering. Stay tuned...more to come
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