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Found 7 results

  1. Used the small Vortex with a couple handfuls of KBB. Funny thing is that I used it in a 24" kamado. Everyone said I'd be underpowered. The inferno center makes for a great spot to roll stuff around and crisp it up..... Sting beans made with Don's Seasoning Delight, garlic, smoked salt & butter. Weird meal, I know.....but had some random stuff that cooked together really well. Using a light slather of mayo.....then dosing with Greek Rub and finishing on the grill with Plowboy's makes for the best wings I've ever made......according to the tribe. No heat, though....just good flavor.
  2. Limping around the grocery store yesterday like I was running on flat tires. Wore out from night shifts and not much sleep throughout the weekend. Couldn't figure out what I was going to cook for our dinner. Hit the meat section first...and schemed it up from there. "Beef....it's what's for dinner"....rang true in my head when I saw the flat iron steaks with insanely low sales price. Grabbed one and then bought a kale salad kit. As it turns out....they went out for Chinese food and let me lounge around in the recliner and watch some pre-season NFL action and nurse a cold one. That lonely flat iron steak had been soaking in Paymaster's Steak Marinade all day.....and it yelled at me when I opened the fridge for a reload...."Cook me now". So....a pair of reloads were grabbed along with that hollering flat iron steak and I headed outdoors and fired up the tunes and a grill. Used Kingsford & some sweet smelling mesquite chunks. I absolutely love mesquite on steaks. A couple slices of this steak went perfect with the sippin' suds. Slept like a king. Reheated some for my breakfast this morning. Mighty tasty. Eggs with parmesan, pepper & smoked salt. Kale salad kit with some extra parmesan, mozzarella & feta for wife's workday lunch.
  3. Hit Sam's couple days ago for a boatload of pork for a work party... And a Tri-Tip jumped up out of the cooler. First time I'd seen TT there, so I grabbed one. Rubbed it down with some grape seed oil and Oakridge Black Ops... Few hours in the fridge later, got some Fogo going, threw on some grape wood chunks and some oak chunks... Made a ring out of the coals and put my Vortex in, pointed small side down, meat over empty Vortex with coals and wood around it... Essentially indirect spinning now, for some smoke, at about 275. No clue how long it'll take, but I'll take the meat and spit off in a bit, put the coals on the inside of the Vortex, and crank it up for some high heat searing. Guess this is an attempt at a reverse sear rotisserie cook. Fingers crossed!i
  4. So I'm spinning a turkey breast on the JoeTisserrie today... Used my standard indirect-ish fire with the Weber charcoal baskets in font and back with no fire directly under the spit. I start tinkering around the patio, enjoying the cool weather, and see my Vortex. Wouldn't/shouldn't the Vortex be a GREAT companion to a rotisserie cook in a round shaped grill? Flip Vortex with small side down, big side up... Still focus more coals front and back, few on the sides. I had this "ah-hah" moment well into my current cook, but really anxious to try it. had my 7 y/o observing and stirring my injection as I was pumping the breasts full of butter, beer and seasoning... I said something about it being ready to "put on the spit"... Obvious response from a 7 year old... "Ewwww, why would you want to put 'SPIT' on it".
  5. Well, this isn't a review per se, but kind of a preview. Someone posed the question of hanging meat down through a top vent... I have and enjoy my Pit Barrel Cooker.... And I've been toying with this concept for Kamado for a while. THEN I watched one of Steven Raichlen's Project Smoke shows where he smoked a hanging beef tenderloin on a PBC. This was what pushed me toward filling this void in my grilling sub-conscience. My safety net here is my Vortex metal cone. That makes me think I can hang meat either direct over coals or indirect. The hangman apparatus is a "Chicken Rack" made by/for Kahuna Kamado's. The model of their Kamado is what they call 23" size, and the diameter of the GrillGrates is just under 21". All of this looks to be a great fit for my Big Joe. Locating one online and then getting correct item shipped was a challenge, but I won't get into the 'customer service' of the retailer I used. I spent $60 on the rack. The company website sells them for $80 (not sure of shipping). And I found a seller on eBay that sells them for $45. If I was starting over, I'd go the eBay route. Quality of the rack seems good enough. Definitely not up to snuff for a KJ product, or any of the other competitors. I mention KJ because I physically sat the rack on one of my SS half-grates, and the gauge and weight wasn't close. I'd guess about 60-70% as thick of gauge? The one big bar that goes over the top is almost as thick as the KJ rod, but the bottom grate is weaker. Not perfectly welded, but not too bad. The hanging hook would probably be best for poultry smaller than a turkey. But, the circle loop would take any smallish hanging hook. Set-up shown is with Vortex opening up with the small hole down and big hole up. Centers nicely on my KickAshBasket. Would spread coals and wood around outside of the Vortex inside the KAB. While I did not try the Chicken Rack with the D&C it would probably work. It does work perfectly withe the X-Rack, sitting on top of the fire-bowl-ring. The center rod of the Chicken Rack is just inside/smaller than the center circle of the X-Rack. I'm sure a person could cut and file the center ring out of the chicken-rack and your hanging area would be as waive as the center opening of the X-Rack. With the chicken rack basically at the top f the fire ring, the top of the rack is about 4 inches from the top opening of the top vent...which translates to ant an inch of space between top of rack and inside of lid. The top part goes into the two rod/pipe/joint spots with a set-screw (think that's what they're called) to secure it. So storage of the rack is almost flat (the X-spikes on the hanger part are maybe two inches wide), so this will store basically in the same space as my X-Rack. All things considered, it is a really great fit, I think! I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff, but was pretty excited to set up some new toys. Will hang something on it as soon as I can.
  6. Chicken wings and drummies seasoned with the Buffalo Wing Brat Seasoning. Onto the grill using the Vortex. The Vortex is setup in the high heat indirect cooking style and using a Grill Mat in the indirect cooking area for easy clean up. Once the chicken was almost done I tossed them in a little sauce and back on the grill for the sauce to set. I used Tastefully Simple Spicy Garlic Parmesan Wing Sauce. Love this stuff!! Wings done and MANY were enjoyed with MANY cold beers!!
  7. First time cooking a chicken like this with the Vortex. Used our XL BGE and the Large Vortex for this cook. Placed the Vortex in the center of the BGE with the wide end up with a tin pan in the center to catch the drippings. Added the lump all around the Vortex. Fired up the BGE and brought it to 375°. Chicken was in MH Poultry Brine for 8 hours, rinsed and patted dry and seasoned with a basic chicken rub and onto the beer can holder. I didn’t actually have any beer in the can, it was just there as a holder for the stand and chicken. Chicken took a little more than an hour to come up to temp. This was by far the BEST chicken on the BGE to date. Skin was perfectly crispy and the meat was incredibly moist. Tasted amazing and like it had come off a rotisserie, only better! I don’t think I will be doing whole chickens any other way from now on.
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