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  1. I was on Amazon today and found this. I don't recall ever seeing these settings posted in either manual I have for my two Jr's. Thought I'd post as a general guide. I've never operated my Jr's with the top vent totally closed before, almost but not completely as shown. FYI
  2. Saturday pizza has become a regular thing at our house, per my son’s request. I had a good thing going with the KJ Classic and a 15” stone setup, down to a science. But a few weeks ago decided to change it up and try pizzas on the Akorn Jr, half to use less charcoal on the high temp and half cause I had a steel I’d never used. And half just for the challenge....okay that’s three halves. But I digress....first couple weeks went okay, a little learning curve with the AkJ getting to temp MUCH faster and the possibility of overshooting temp, coupled with the steel getting and retaining heat much easier than the stone. Last weekend I burnt the crap out of the bottom of three of four pies (finally got it to cool down a bit by the last one...should have given more time after I charred the first). Having to wait a week for redemption is killing me, but I ordered the canning rack I’ve seen many use on here for the Junior setup, so fingers crossed tonight goes better. And I’ll definitely be watching my temps and shooting the steel with an IR thermometer. I’m hoping more separation of the steel and deflector in addition to getting the stew up higher in the dome makes the difference.
  3. My goal was to get this done last Friday, but life intervened. However, today is a beautiful Northwest day at the beach, and I could do this with the ingredients I had on hand. The recipe is for Brazilian Salmon Stew (Moqueca), and I used wild caught Coho Salmon portions, in a braise of chopped garlic, green pepper, onions, fresh tomatoes, cilantro, and the surprise ingredient, coconut milk. The salmon portions were skinless, then marinated in a mixture of lime juice, cumin, sweet paprika, s & p. I've never skinned salmon before, and it's a good thing I didn't have company as there wasn't enough salmon left for more than 2... The recipe called for layering the ingredients, but for just us I halved it, so ended up with only one layer, but no problem. Used my trusty thrift store stoneware pan, no extra smoke. Had to finish the meal with some garlic parmesan rolls from the freezer. Like I said, easy and Nummy, as my husband said, but so simple in the kamado. I used the dome as my casserole lid, so the salmon got a little color on it.
  4. I was happy to be home all day and get to make my own birthday dinner, inspired by @ckreef's zucchini gratin, and @keeperovdeflame's mayo corn. The pork sirloin chops were marinated in buttermilk, then rinsed and patted dry before applying a garlic and herb rub for a couple of hours. Sirloin doesn't take long to cook, so I did the gratin first, then the chops with the corn mixture on top. This is what it's all about. Lovely.
  5. This afternoon I opened up two pork tenderloins. I seasoned them with onion & garlic and stuffed basil leaves & pesto into the cuts before I tied them together. I wrapped them in a bacon weave and cooked them indirect at 350˚F for about 40 minutes. I went direct to crisp the bacon. They finished right where I wanted them to.
  6. I've been wanting to cook a turkey breast for a while now. It's much cheaper here to buy a whole bird than to buy a breast. I carved this one from a 12 lb. bird. The breast weight 4 lb.9 oz. I brined it for 20 hours using a 1 gallon solution. I decided to do the Disney brine for the drumsticks. They brined for 24 hours. The breast went on 45 minutes before the drumsticks and came off to rest at 160˚F The entire cook was 2-1/2 hours. The breast was extremely moist and the drum sticks came out exactly as described in the AmazingrRibs.com video. @toddwchandler I think this is about as close as you can come to cooking a whole turkey on an Akorn Jr. Here are a few pics, thanks for looking.
  7. Last night I cooked a steelhead trout. These fish are farmed off the south coast of the island and are great eating. It was a good time for a local brew as well. I used apple wood for smoke and mayonnaise to coat the skin. Previously I would have used a porcelain accessory pan with holes to allow the smoke through and minimize the skin sticking. Not necessary now. Cooked indirect for about 45 minutes LNS to an internal temp of 160˚F. Served with rice, green beans and salad. Great meal.
  8. When I cook a spatchcocked chicken I like high heat and a diffuser. This chicken was cooked at 450˚F. The skin is always crispy, I've never had an issue with the meat staying moist. I pat the skin dry with paper towel, season the underside of the bird, air dry for 4 hours, apply the rub and cook usually about 60-70 minutes. I use Club House Montreal Chicken. I had a couple of hitchhikers along for the ride using a canning rack. I tend to spatchcock my birds leaving the backbone in tact. I like the extra flavour the bone adds to the meat.
  9. Hi Everyone, I'm a brand new Akorn Jr. owner. I've been looking at different types of smokers for the last 2 months, everything from the Traeger, WSM and Kamado Joe. I finally pulled the trigger on the Jr. on a deal from Walmart (couldn't walk away from a $35 clearance price). I just picked it up and haven't even had time to assemble it, so I am brand new to the smoking world, looking to learn from everyone on this forum. I have been reading posts for the past week and my next two purchases or DIY will be the smoking stone and top rack. Thanks in advance everyone! Jason
  10. I hadn't thought about posting this when I took the photo but the method works well so thought I'd share it. I just did a normal stuffing of ground beef, basmati rice and salsa topped with some parmesan cheese. The peppers took the smoke real well and had a nice mild flavour. I used oak this time. I started them off at around 200˚F and took them up to 300˚F to finish. The tray underneath comes from a small Wilton toaster oven broiler pan. Some homemade sausage at the back
  11. Tonight I cooked some wings and thighs. I was not impressed with the way the wings were processed so decided not to give them any special attention. I dried and seasoned them and brought Jr. up to 400˚F. I decided to give them some mayonnaise so put the chicken in a bowl squirted on some on. I gave them a stir, and literally dumped them on the cooking grate indirect. Not one stuck. Part way through the cook I took them off and gave a bath in Franks Buffalo. Back in the grill and they still did not stick. A few pieces hit the hot zone and still did not stick although they did darken up some. This was the easiest chicken wing & thigh cook I've ever done.
  12. I've been using this steel screen now for a couple of years on Jr. #1 and made up a piece for the second Jr. Obviously it holds the smaller coals in place for a more effecient burn and prevents the larger coals from landing in the ash pan. Thought I'd pass on the idea..
  13. Seared these two prime rib roasts one at a time in the cast iron pan then cooked them together for supper. Medium well and Medium. It was an interesting cook on the Jr.
  14. Okay, so I couldn't help myself either Seriously, $74 is a great deal for this grill. I'll probably take it to my father's house for Sunday cooks and grab it now and then for tailgating. I got a lot of hickory (I sure hope it's really hickory) and I plan on cutting it into chunks. That much will last me a great while. Two bags of Royal Oak as well. Everything was less than the retail price of the Jr. alone. I call that a win.
  15. I sliced this pork loin almost in half and marinated it in Italian salad dressing for 8 hours. Laid in some asparagus, feta cheese, red onion, and mushroom. I tied the loin and loosely covered it with bacon. The potatoes were also marinated in olive oil with S&P. The steel pizza pan worked perfectly aboard my canning rack for the potatoes. I cooked the loin to 140˚ and let it rest for 5 minutes. The asparagus was perfect and the cheese held as it should.
  16. Those of us who cook for few in number may not want to pay for a huge brisket, let alone cook one, so that means we need to know how to cook a brisket flat when they can be found. I did just that when I found a 2+ pounder this week. Of course it has to be brined or marinated, and I did the Montreal Steak marinade packet for 24 hours in the fridge. Used pecan smoke, cooked at 300 degrees to 205 degrees temp, and then rested. As usual, I cooked in a vessel to catch the juices and fat. It is very tender, pulls beautifully, and just the right size for dinner tonight! Pretty yummy.
  17. Howdy! I purchased an Akorn Jr. To give low and slow smoking a try. Thus far I have done Drumsticks (brined them overnight), burgers, hot dogs, and ribeye steak. All have turned out pretty well but definitely learning! I do not yet own a smokestone, I have been making use of either a 12inch pizza pan or a 10ich stainless steel stove top cover wrapped in aluminum. For now I've been using a cheap wireless Expert Grill thermometer that I place on the center of the grill grate (and inside my steak when I was cooking it). For fuel I've been using Western BBQ Cooking Chunks such as Cherry and Hickory, lighting them with either a single brick of charcoal or the cottonball coated in alcohol method. Today I smoked some hotdogs for the second time using a combination of hickory and cherry wood with the 10" heat displacer set inside and a small pie tin full of water sitton ontop of it. I lit my valcano of breviously burnt wood chips combined with several fresh chunks using the cotton ball method. No problems there! Got the heat displacer in and the grate and placed the probe on the center of the grate and stealed it up. The heat rose and stabalized at 226 degrees where it sat for ten minutes. I then slowly opened it up and placed the hotdogs on the grate with half an onion and sealed it back up. Now, my temperature at the grate had gone down to 160 degrees! I suppose it was a combination of lost heat from opening the lid up and placing slightly aboce fridge temp meat inside the smoker. After 10 minutes of little change in the temp I opened the vents further up and it took almost 30 minutes to get back up in the 225-240 range. Basically half my hours worth of somoking was just getting the temp back into the range I wanted it at. The hitdogs turned out fine but I just felt like it could hVe gone better. Have others had trouble with the temp hanging down low after adding meat to the grill? Should I be adjusting my cooking times to make up for the loss of temperature? I want to try to get the most out of the smokey flavors. Also back when I cooked the steaks I had it reaching the internal temp I targeted for withing 30 minutes instead of the projected 1-1.5hours it should have taken at ruffly 225-260 range.
  18. Jr. was getting cold at night out on the patio so I bought him a new coat. Now he's a happy camper.
  19. I’ve been in a non-grilling funk but I now have a new Grillfriend who is slowly helping me get my grilling groove back on. To that end I’ve recently taken Jr. out for a couple of get to know you spins. Last week I just did a burn so I could judge the temperature swings / vent settings and season the grill grate. A few pics: Added only a few handfuls of lump. (I burned this until it was gone) I wiped down my grill grate with a light coating of grapeseed oil and lit Jr. up. Took him slowly up to 425 noting vent settings as I went and around 350 I sprayed on some more grapeseed oil. Here’s the grill grate with a decent seasoning on it now. Yesterday I did my first cook on him. Lit up a little larger load of lump this time. Once he was up to 275 I added some Kirkland all beef hotdogs. While they were cooking I got out the other ingredients. Among them was this Organic Saurerkraut I had sampled at Costco. (Good stuff) Hotdogs are done so I toasted the buns and brought everything in. Plated up a couple of Chicago dogs along with one with the saurerkraut and a Stone IPA. This was excellent!
  20. For my appetizer challenge, I wanted to do something simple and easy, but that had good presentation. I'm not having a party or company, so decided to make a "tapas" plate of mini sweet peppers stuffed with artichoke, spinach and parmesan dip and wrapped in bacon. I could have made the stuffing, but decided since I was making just a few, I'd purchase a deli version. These cooked about 30 minutes at 350, no extra smoke. I really liked the flavor profile and the sweetness of the peppers. Cooking them on a grate helped them stay in place, and putting it on a steel plate kept the bacon fat from burning.
  21. On Thursday I try to cook seafood, and with my quest for some one pan meals, I came across this roasted salmon, kale and cabbage recipe. I added the tomatoes and revised for kamado cooking. It was plenty for our dinner, maybe could have used a slice of crusty bread, but definitely on our menu rotation. The cabbage is soft and sweeter, and the kale is crispy when roasted, so the tomatoes give you that pop of juice. Being in the Northwest I used wild sockeye (could have used Copper River Salmon but didn't want to spend the money for the hype). I suppose other types of fish would work as well, but the salmon elevates the meal for sure. Note: I would caution that kale is sort of like brussel sprouts, many just don't like the flavor, but try it this way and see. Salmon with kale and cabbage one pan bake Serves 2 Ingredients 1/2 bunch kale, tough stems removed, leaves thinly sliced (about 2 cups) 1/2 head Nappa cabbage, thinly sliced (about 2 cups) 1/2 cup pear or other small tomatoes 6 tablespoons olive oil, divided Kosher salt 2 salmon fillets (4 to 6 ounces each) 1 teaspoon lemon zest plus 1 tablespoon juice 2 tablespoons chopped fresh dill 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard Directions Preheat kamado to 400ºF indirect heat. On a pizza pan or sheet pan, toss kale, tomatoes and cabbage with 2 tablespoons oil, and spread in an even layer; season with salt and pepper and bake 6 minutes. Season salmon with olive oil, salt and pepper, and add to baking sheet. Bake until salmon is cooked through, about 8-9 minutes. Meanwhile, whisk together lemon zest and juice, dill, mustard, and remaining 3 tablespoons oil. Season to taste with salt. Drizzle salmon and vegetables with dressing before serving.
  22. Much as I love chicken skin, I try not to eat it so usually not concerned if it's crispy or not. However, I watched an episode of Pitmasters All Stars where they did whole chicken, and that was the first time I'd heard the term "bite-through skin". It was a criteria for success, and only one contestant achieved it! Oh-oh, gotta try this. Did some online research and I had a couple of chicken breasts in the freezer, thawed them and wiped dry. Drizzled with olive oil and used a dry rub marinade of Montreal Chicken with a little extra salt. Set uncovered in fridge overnight and cooked at 375 for 45 min. Set on bed of onion slices to add flavor and moisture. Also basted once with melted butter the last 10 minutes. And you know what? I DID IT! Juicy meat, bite-through skin, just delicious. Next I will try it on a spatchcocked or half chicken. I just happened to have time to let them sit in the fridge, but another method was to pour boiling water over for a shorter time from prep to cook. This causes the pores to close up, same as drying. Next time...
  23. Most of you don't cook the way I do, but these lowly chicken thighs will be mighty tasty. Rubbed with Grill Mates Mojito Lime and started skin side down in the pan. After fat was rendered and skin crisp, flipped them over to finish. Special price $.49/lb, just couldn't leave them in the store.[
  24. I wrote to the company about keeping the Akorn Jr.'s available, and here is their reply: Thanks for the email and information. We will be getting the Jr.’s back they are just more of a seasonal grill and I don’t believe that there are any circulation out there at this time as I have tried to located one myself. I would be looking for them again around March which should be when they are coming back in stores. If you need any replacement parts though, we do have those and you would just need to give us a call at the number located below and we would be able to place the order for you. Thanks, Kyle Char-Griller Customer Service 912-638-4724
  25. Oh dear, my nephew served me cold smoked cheese he had made, and I drove home figuring out how I could do it in my kamado. I did the research, reviewed all posts on this forum, tried one way that failed, but finally was successful yesterday with using a steamer basket to hold the small chips/dust, and I set it inside a small veggie cooking basket for stability. Set this on the bottom of my cleaned out Jr. and lit the chips with a small piece of starter cube. I would have unlatched the ash basket if there was a need for more air flow, but with the vents all open it worked fine. I did some sharp cheddar, and now just waiting a week to get full flavor. I have also ordered the amaz-en smoke tray but might send it back as this seems to work pretty good for me. With temps below freezing, there was no problem with keeping heat below 90 degrees! Can't wait to make my next batch.
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