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Found 12 results

  1. Good afternoon, all- Has anybody used a rib rack on the Jr yet? Does it fit? Does it fit with St. Louis style spares? Wondering if I can use the Jr for a multiple rack cook. Thanks!
  2. I have a new found love for chuck roasts. Growing up always had them cooked in a crock pot and never thought about smoking them. My first try at low and slow was so-so and had me chasing temps for 2 or 3 hours. After a little research of all the great info on this site, my second attempt went much smoother. Started with about 3.5 lb chuck all rubbed up with some coffee infused SPOG: Went out to light up little red using ckreef's paper towel roll method and following all the advice here to make very small adjustments and wait 15 minutes between adjustments. About 40 minutes later I overshot my temp a little at 280 but time to throw on the meat: Brought temps down to about 220 but then settled in about 230 at the grate with these vent settings: The akorn's vents are really twitchy. A pencil lead width adjustment really swings the temp, but once you're dialed in, it stays put for hours. In my case about 6 hours and temp raised 30 degrees total. Never touched a vent or raised the lid once until the meat reached 195: All done and ready to rest: Rested about 30 minutes, sliced er up and chowed down. Last pic doesn't do justice. It was tender, juicy and tasted fantastic. I think the coffee rub is now my wife's favorite. Only short coming was the bark could have been more set. It was okay but I like it a little crustier. Any ideas? I heard spritzing actually helps set the bark during the initial 2 or 3 hours. Otherwise I was thrilled with the akorn jr. and its ability to hold a fairly low temp.
  3. Just added my second kamado to my lineup with an Akorn Jr. Have a family of four so I see myself using it a lot during the week. One thing I have not seen mentioned is a circular griddle made for the Akorn or even something "hacked" for it. Anyone know of anything that could work?
  4. I'm not looking for a wing basket or wing grate that will allow me to easily move party wings or Buffalo style wings back and forth from the grill. I hate having to pickup the wings off the grill individually. Any ideas or suggestions?
  5. Here in the Northeast, Walmarts are starting to clear out grills. As of today, half of the Walmarts in the local area are showing the Akorn at $139 and Jr at $74. To check inventory, see http://brickseek.com/walmart-inventory-checker Akorn SKU 40267083 Junior SKU: 52497353
  6. This was just me and the SWMBO so I decided to cook a nice Sunday dinner. Yesterday I picked up a meaty rack of spare ribs and hit them with some Tango Spices :Hot to Trot". The rub have some heat but it is balanced with some tasty flavors. Big thumb's up to Tango Joe! I lit my Akorn Jr and got it set for a ultra low and slow-- ran ~190 with some peach wood. I just wanted to get some some on the ribs so after two hours I pulled them to cool. Then I sealed the rack and cranked up the Anova. The ribs cooked in the bath for 20 hours at 150F. This afternoon I lit my KJ Classic and set it up for some two zone cooking. Heated the rack indirect, applied some ghost pepper sauce and firmed-up the sauce before throwing them over the open flame to give them a bit of char. Next time I will try the SV at 155F to render out more of the fat but the ribs as is were very tender and unreal moist. I always forget to take pics but I did manage to get a snap of a few of the ribs.
  7. Don't use the PK much anymore so I robbed the cart and gave to the Jr.
  8. Please help my brisket flat dried out. still was tender and tasted well. people enjoyed it but know there is room for improvement.https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=2rl1HIbGNKM
  9. Had the fire die out on an overnight pork butt cook. Ended up chucking the whole thing in the trash. Very disappointing, Tonight that gets fixed. Pictures to follow.
  10. @Likes Big Butts This was all his work, but I did stand around while he did stuff. I also helped to apply the rub (picture the movie ghost, he was Demi, I was Swayze). Came out great on the Akorn Jr. Really may have to get one off these things. Quick to get up to temps, hold temps, and is great for going from low and slow to searing. Love my Akorn Senior, just takes a bit longer to get up to temps from low and slow to sear for certain applications. Overall, a great group of grills, highly recommenced for those in the market at this price point.
  11. Hi gang, I'm up here in Portland Maine. Excited to announce that not only am I turning 39 on March 4th, but more importantly my Jr. should be here by then. I ordered the Black model from Lowes. I also ordered the jr stone from the factory. Pics to follow of course. Interested in noting weither the construction quality is any different on the newer models. I have been lurking a bit but this is my big out. Would love to have a ceramic but right now it's not in the cards. Any links or suggestions are biggly welcomed! Thanks gang. J
  12. I made the mistake of going down the BBQ aisle at my local Walmart last Friday. They have the Akorn Jr. in stock now and it's now doing this to me
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