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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I have been researched over months. First I was looking for a gas grill then weber kettle. Now finally I am seattled down to Kamado style grill. Akron or Kamander are my first choice now. How is the long term user's review on them, will they fall apart after 2-3 years or just some minor issues that doesn't effect the cooking ability. I have never bbq before. I hope I can sear some serious steak on these kamado grill. They are both on sale on my local walmart for 340 Canadian dollar(250 usd). Thanks!
  2. Hello Kamado Peeps So, I tried yet another brisket, this time I selected a good quality meat (Angus) and I only took the flat part. Overall, I was very happy, a little heavy handed with the pepper in my rub, that’s whats happens when you measure by eye, although the next day eaten with other treats it is pretty darn good. Pleased with the smoke ring and the bark, I used pecan and cherry wood. Also I think I need more work on my trimming the fat. I think I should have left her on for longer because the edges, being the thinner parts were more tender than the thicker parts. But again the next day the tenderness was well within an acceptable range, this may also be due to me only leaving her to rest for about 40min. I get so hungry during these cooks and cant wait to taste. · Cook time 6.5 hours 40min in foil with beef broth. · Dry rub 40/40 salt and pepper and 20 celery seed. · I did use mustard as a based coat. I inserted my thermometer after about 3 hours and at first the reading was too high and then this got me thinking that the probe was pushed threw hot external and that’s why the misleading reading. And took ages to drop. What is suggested in terms of inserting the thermometer, from start and / or through foil? Comments suggestions appreciated. Keep smoking…
  3. I had a great cook over the weekend. The preparation was a 10lb. Pork Butt with a mustard and dry rub. This was my first low and slow cook on the Char Griller Akorn. I started with a box full of lump charcoal and 6 nice chunks of pre soaked Hickory. I coated the butt with yellow mustard and a store bought rub the night before the cook and wrapped it in plastic wrap and put it in the fridge. The rub was a local BBQ restaurants, Sugarfire. Pretty standard rub. I got the Akorn up to 260F and then added the meat to the grill. This was also my first use of a BBQ Guru Party Q Thermostat. This device was great for the long cook time as it kept the temp within 10 degrees of the set point for the entire cook. Overall the cook went great, I added some more Hickory and charcoal at the 6 hour mark which was when the meat was at around 160F. I removed the meat after 10 hours or when the internal temp was just below 200F. From there I wrapped it in foil and a towel to rest for 2 hours. The meat was very juicy and tender. I recommend the PartyQ if you struggle with holding temp on your smoker for the low and slow cooks.
  4. It seems like my Akorn smokes very badly whenever I grill with it. It has been known to fill my patio up with smoke, and sometimes the food tastes like smoke so bad it is almost inedible. Other times it might smoke, but the food doesn't taste bad. Am I doing something wrong? Any feedback is appreciated.
  5. Thanks for the replies and warm welcome on my intro thread. Here is what I have planned out for tomorrow's first cook, and I'll need some input from the pros as this is my first time to use a Kamado style grill. Not really sure how to break/burn it in, but I am going to start a low/slow fire per the "definitive" guide on this forum using the two oil soaked cotton balls and try to land on 225..I'm going to be lenient with myself as I only have the built in thermo currently I'm also going to be fencing off our back deck and filling some beds with sand and gravel, so I'll be occupied while working on this break in and not bored (but I will be watching). Once I can hold 225, I'm going to go up in 25 degree increments as described by Ceramic Chef in my intro thread. Once it is good and hot towards the end of the day, I'm going to sear a couple of Prime NY Strips I picked up at the local market this morning (salt, pepper and butter only). If this is a terrible way to break one of these in, let me know...I'm literally going to be removing the interior stickers prior to lighting it tomorrow. On to my rookie questions: If I start with the size coal pile described in the low/slow fire starting guide should I have to add coals during the day? I am using Royal Oak USA lump coal, I've heard good things about burn/ash - this is decent enough right? Anything special I need to do to season the grates? After I shut it down, and it cools, what are the best practices prior to covering to sit? Also - need input on the following purchases I have lined up: CG smoking stone Drip pan and rack Maverick ET 733 thermometer (a how to on how you guys are routing the probes would be interesting for my untrained self) ThermoPOP Foodsafe/heat resistant gloves Thanks in advance for any help
  6. I had previously made a temperature controller for my full size Akorn. http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/3779-homemade-temp-controller/?hl=%2Brelay+%2Bcontroller Now that I sold the large Akorn and just use a JR., I decided to convert the controller for it. I reworked the flange so that it slides in the smaller grove of the JR. The original sliding door fits in the groove and holds the flange in place. I will see how it works on my next long, slow cook. Last Sunday I started a pork butt at 1 am on R2D2. I got a lot less sleep than when I used the temperature control unit on my large Akorn for overnight cooks. Hopefully this will work better.
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