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Found 2 results

  1. Serious Barbecue - Adam Perry Lang APL Barbecue Sauce Page 362-363 One of our September 2013 recipes will be the APL BBQ Sauce as described on pages 362-363 of the Serious Barbecue book. This sauce is described as the 'perfect base' that can be tweaked with the addition of various other ingredients to go along with whatever is being cooked. This recipe is available on Adam Perry Lang's website HERE if you would like to have a look at it... Please post your discussion and results along with photos if possible in this thread!
  2. The Asian Market had some really nice sliced up boneless pork belly on sale and since I have wanted to cook pork belly for a while, about 4.5 lbs of bellies jumped right into the shopping cart. The Teaser Photos: A Plate Full of Pork Bellies Ready To Savor Dinner Time: Since we had some waffles left over from breakfast, my son decided to make his meal waffles and pork belly: THE DETAILS & RECIPES THE COOK This is how I cooked these great pork bellies(total cook time about 6 to 6.5 hours including mid-cook rest): Rinse and dry pork belly strips. Cross score the skin on the strips. Prepare and generously coat all sides with the overnight dry rub. Rest in fridge at least overnight. I cooked indirect in Big (Red) Joe) at 230 degrees or so until internal temperature in a representative slice reached 180 degrees. In this case that took about 4.5 hours. Added hickory wood chunks with the intent for our tastes of a heavier hickory smokiness. Then I removed the pork belly to a baking dish and tightly covered it with plastic wrap and let sit for 45-60 minutes until internal temps had dropped to around 120-130 degrees. This minor self-steaming step was intended to help tenderize as well as halt the cooking process in preparation for the saucing/glazing step. While in the baking dish and just before returning to the grill, generously sauce the belly strips all over with the APL BBQ Sauce and Maple Syrup mixture and return to Kamado at about 230 degrees. Let sauce glaze for about 45 minutes. Monitor internal temp and it should be climbing back toward the 180-185 degree point. The sauce should be glazing and developing a nice color and texture and still be a bit moist but not crisping or burning. At this point, baste the top and sides of the belly strip with the straight maple syrup. Adjust vents to start the heat to climb towards 270-275 over the next 30 minutes. After 10 minutes, to let the maple syrup on the top glaze a bit an set up, turn pork over and baste remaining sides with just the maple syrup. Continue the cook around the 270-275 degree point until the internal temps is about 195-200 degrees. At this stage the pork belly strips should be meltingly tender and have a beautiful and firmed up glaze that still has some moistness. Do not over cook them at this point. When eating, you may want to separate the skin from the belly strip, as it could be, depending on the skin and/or the cook particulars like a chewy candy piece or melt in your mouth. If chewy, it makes a great piece of “pork candy” to work on. Also, make sure you retain enough of the APL BBQ Sauce + the Maple Syrup as a table sauce for the pork belly. I had asked my wife to taste the sauce mix when I was combining the APL and maple syrup and she said if I did not save some for the table for dipping I was in big trouble. It does make a nice final optional touch on the pork on the plate. Detailed photos here: http://s1363.photobucket.com/user/smokehowze/library/PORK%20BELLY%20COOK%2010-5-13 THE RECIPES The Overnight Dry Rub Mix: ½ cup brown sugar 4 tsp paprika 2 tsp cumin 2 tsp salt 2 tsp black pepper 2 TBsp garlic powder 2 TBsp onion powder 2 tsp instant coffee First Layer of Glazing Sauce and Table Sauce (enough for 4.5 lbs pork belly strips + some table sauce) Generous ¼ cup of Adam Perry Lang Basic BBQ Sauce recipe (available here: http://www.adamperrylang.com/recipes/apl-bbq-sauce ) Generous ½ cup maple syrup (or more to taste) Second & Final Layer of Glazing Sauce ¼ cup maple syrup Salt Water Soaked and Roasted in the Husk Corn-on-The Cob For a side with this meal, I chose to serve roasted in the husk corn-on-the-cob. Soak corn in husks (trimmed of tassels and any loose husk) in large baking dish in salted water for at least 30 minutes or so turning periodically to get all the husk and corn saturated with the salt water. Put them on the grilling grate with the pork when the pork is first removed from the grill for its rest period. Since the temp is low the corn will slowly steam and cook for the remainder of the pork cook (about 2.5 hours). At the end, after the pork is finally removed open the vents and bump the temps from 275 up to about 325 and give the corn a last high temp blast for about 15 minutes. This will give the husk a bit of char. During the corn cook, whenever you open the Kamado to check or remove the pork, give the corn a swim in the salt water and return to the grill. Other To round out the dish, given the sweeter flavor profile of the pork, I made some serious deviled eggs, substituting for the usual cayenne pepper the use of Sriracha sauce. And, if desired, as you see – a nice mixed salad finishes out the plate. The all-around verdict for this cook was that the flavors, texture and visual impact of the pork bellies were outstanding. I would judge my first pork belly cook a total success and that I achieved the result on the pork I was looking for. I hope you might enjoy this recipe and cook as much as I have.
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